Going Beyond 3D


Private 30 minute session with Althea Provost, over Skype international or in-person or by phone (USA)

Exploring Self-Mastery Consciousness (Private 30 MInute Session)

Value of Program $150

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Private 30-minute session with Althea Provost, by Phone, Zoom or Skype.  Althea shares intuitive insight to assist YOU in fine-tuning your energy, illuminate empowered choices, deepen your insight, and integrate your knowing.


Laser Like Focus

I immediately felt at ease with Althea as she guided my session with such grace and care. The energy work that she is doing is unlike anything I have experienced as it’s on another level. As we progressed through the session I would continue to feel lighter and lighter, yet more grounded and calm. It is through Althea’s intuitive guidance, laser like focus and larger than this world abilities that I am now easily able to tap into my own deeper knowing and understanding. She helped me to flip the switch (so to speak) and not only feel the difference between 5th-6th dimensional consciousness vs. the 3rd, but to release the denser energies that have held me down in the past (namely guilt and shame). What a profound gift I get to experience daily. Her work is that powerful. As you can tell, I highly recommend her. – Suzanne Pittman

Life-Changing Experience

In a world of distractions and constant competition for our attention, we have fallen far from our true selves. But for those seeking to reconnect with their souls’ essence, they will have to look no further than Althea Provost. Through grace and humility, Althea will bind the Divine You with the Earthly You and orchestrate a conversion with your inner Divinity. She will guide you back to your soul giving you the glorious opportunity to speak with Your Higher Self through her, and through the power of “Asking”! Along with this unique gift, Althea will realign your energies and remove unwanted disharmony from your Auric field, birthing the new you into this reality. I can happily state that this was a life-changing experience for me and one which I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. Tom, Ireland

Insightful and Delightful

I had my first reading with Althea today. I say “first” because I found her so insightful and delightful that I’m sure to return for more. Her authenticity is indisputable, her energy a thing to behold and a joy to enter. She got me; her interpretation of my higher self (with whom she conversed) felt exactly right, and the “advice” she brought back from those conversations was wise and prescient. The energy exchange between us was balanced and joyful even as she looked at all my difficult “stuff.” I asked for specific help in several areas and time will tell how it plays out, but the delicious experience, elevation of mood, basking comfort, and soaring insights already are worth more than I paid her. – Emma Taylor, New York

Insightful and Empowering!

I highly recommend you connect with Althea! Her energy and joy infuse you with enthusiasm to keep on. Her suggestions and recommendations were insightful and empowering! She reminds you that who you are already knows and you can do this! You’ve got it! Go for it! Connect today! -LuAnne, fellow Starseed

Exceptionally Effective

The phrase that comes to mind when I think of the energy work that I have received from Althea is “exceptionally effective”. One of my favorite things about her is that there is no way to hide from myself in her presence. I have had both in person sessions both in person and on the phone.The results have been equally effective. Energy work is not a new thing for me. I have been involved in energy work both as a healer and as a facilitator for three decades. Althea knocked my socks off. She’s the real deal. -Mireya Rinna, Colorado

Brings laughter and lightness to each session

My name is Isabel, and I have been fortunate enough to meet Althea two years ago. I found her to be a very gifted person. I wanted to work with her immediately. She has helped me move energy in my life in geometric ways by shifting and removing energetic blocks. Working with her is an exciting experience. I can feel the magic of the energy she brings to each session. I have worked with many people before, and her talents are very special. She is a gift. She is fun and exciting to work with and brings laughter and lightness to each session. – Isabel Tartaglia, Connecticut

YES I want a Private 30 MInute session with Althea Provost, over Skype international or in-person or by phone (USA).