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12 Week Program with Maintenance

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All Natural First Aid Kit
(4 Formulas: Emergency, Inflammation, No Pain/Itch, Transitions)

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For Pets: Well Pet & X Factor

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Option 1: 12-Week Program with Maintenance

The Original AltWaters™ System is a first-on-the-planet, a deep cellular cleanse with the capability of bringing the body back to a normal alkaline pH where no disease can survive. Disease thrives in an acid terrain!

The AltWaters™ System is all-natural with water-based formulas that are non-allergenic and safe for even newborns…and this takes only 12 weeks to complete! It’s as easy as drinking a quart of water a day!

In addition, the AltWaters™ System may be the only therapy that deals with electro-sensitivity, a serious problem not yet addressed by western medicine or most other alternative therapies.

So effective, this system never-in-a-lifetime needs to be repeated. A simple maintenance is used as prevention against a return of chronic issues!

AltWaters™ Formulas

10 Facts You Should Know
The AltWaters™ formulas were developed over a three decade span of working closely with clients to meet their specific health needs. They were designed to neutralize negative frequencies not only at the physical level, but mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels as well.

The base for the AltWaters™ formulas is Microcluster water. This is water with a memory. The smaller clusters are hex-shaped to fit more easily through the pores of the cells.

AltWaters™ formulas are “programmed” or imprinted with the frequencies of multiple herbs and other “naturals”. No actual product is in the water—o nly the frequencies/vibrations of the item.

Each AltWaters™ formulas may contain imprints of anywhere from 120 to thousands of frequencies (designed to match the most subtle electric of the human harmonic electric body, and measured in milliVolts).

The AltWaters™ formulas are made through a vortex process* in a base of MicroCluster water.**

The AltWaters™ System is easy to use. Each formula is added to one quart of pure water (not tap or distilled) to drink throughout a day. You may drink half in the morning and half in the afternoon. Each formula lasts for seven days. We recommend drinking room-temperature water.

With every swallow of water the imprinted frequencies are “read” through the protein-mucous membrane lining of the mouth and esophagus. They are then instantly “broadcast” to every cell in the body that needs them.

Because the body is self-diagnosing, only the frequencies that are needed are read. The dosage is therefore the same for a newborn infant or any adult.

The AltWaters™ formulas are designed to neutralize negatives at the cellular, molecular, atomic and subatomic levels of the body. Neutralizing frequencies also work at the subtle levels of the Infinite Energy Fields, as well as p ast and present lifetimes to unlock the most difficult.

When frequencies reach an intuited “Radical Wellness 100%”, cellular repair/regeneration can, be completed—given sufficient water and time.

Important: A simple Preventive Maintenance program of 3 formulas used daily is imperative to keep daily toxins from accumulating to the level of retoxifying the body.

 * “Vibrationally programmed water”
 ** “The Story of MicroCrystalline Technology”


“When the Cells are 100% Clean, You are 100% Intuitive” ~ Carol Keppler

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Offer 2 Includes:

All Natural First Aid Kit (four formulas: Emergency, Inflammation, No Pain/Itch, Transitions)

A handy and powerful package of formulas that create an all natural first aid kit.

ITEM 1: Emergency:

AltWaters™ Emergency (2 fl. oz.)…crisis intervention

When a crisis hits, this is the formula to have on hand, whether at home, work or vacation, and especially on camping trips. Because Emergency restores the body’s vital signs, it could save your life.

  • Depressed vital signs can be hazardous to your health
  • Temperature regulation
  • Blood pressure
  • Respiration
  • Pulse /Heart beat
  • Shock/Electric
  • Drug or medication overdose
  • Food poisoning
  • Cerebral fluid flow/Blocked cranial- sacral flow
  • Nervous tics (w/obscene language)
  • Structure spine/spinal cord
  • Hyperactivity
  • Seizures
  • Symptoms of stroke/heart events
  • Trauma
  • Fainting
  • Post traumatic shock
  • Concussions
  • Lightning strike/Electric shock
  • Accidents/Injuries
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Asthma attacks
  • Poisonous insects, reptiles, plants
  • Blood clots/blood viscosity
  • Bruises

Crisis: Use 5 half-droppers of Emergency in the mouth then 1 h.d. every five minutes for 30 minutes. Then use 10 h.d. a day until symptoms clear. Or use 10 h.d. of Emergency in a glass or cup of pure water, not distilled or tap, and sip over a one-hour period. Then use 10 h.d. a day until symptoms clear. Call for an EnergyScan to find the “root cause”.

Sensitive? A very small number of people may be hyper-sensitive therefore using this formula allows the release of chaotic electric too quickly. This is not harmful, but can be uncomfortable (headache/feeling of anxiety). Slow the process to 1 half-dropper of formula (or if hyper-electrosensitive,1-3 drops) to 1 quart of water. Or call for personalized directions.

ITEM 2: Inflamattion:AltWaters™ Inflammation (2 fl. oz.)…for any reason

A unique formula that contains the frequencies of multiple herbs and other “naturals” that are known to clear the inflammation that can cause pain.

Helps reduce inflammation due to:

  • sports injuries
  • accidents
  • Systemic/location-specific for both long-standing or new inflammatory issues:
  • bones
  • muscles
  • ligaments
  • tendons
  • cartilage
  • nerves
  • soft tissue
  • joints
  • Pain relief as inflammation subsides.

Item 3: No Pain/No Itch

ITEM 3: AltWaters™ NoPain/NoItch (2 fl. oz.)… taking the edge off

Pain, whether from injury, disease, burns, surgery, toothaches or sports — in the past we would have used aspirin, rub-on ointment or medications that could even be toxic to the body. Now you can use a non-toxic formula to either take the place of pain medications (including morphine), or allow you to use less medication. Use NoPain/NoItch for even the most serious pain without harmful side-effects because it’s water-based! This amazing formula also controls itching.


For Pain: For the first three days use 10 half-droppers of NoPain/NoItch in a quart of pure water. Drink throughout the day, and night, if necessary. Thereafter, use 1-2 h.d. in a quart of pure water, as needed.

For Itching: Internal-Same as above, then use externally.

Step 1: Use 3 drops of NoPain/NoItch per pint/quart/gallon of pure water and rub or spritz on affected areas of the skin as needed.

Step 2: While skin is still damp, rub on “Cornhusker’s Lotion”, an excellent plant glycerin for healing skin (supermarket or drugstore).

Step 3: Massage grapeseed oil into the skin. Always massage toward the heart to move lymph. This will help with the shedding of the dry/dead cells.

ITEM 4: AltWaters™ Transitions (2 fl. oz.)…smoothes life’s changes

There are times over a lifetime – times of change, when it would help to have a “magic potion” to help alleviate the stress and strain we naturally experience. Transitions is your answer…

  • Leap of faith!
  • Any change
  • Birth (mother/child)
  • Death/dying/“letting go” (person, family, pet, etc.)
  • Puberty/menopause
  • New job/loss of job
  • Eases fear of the unknown
  • Moving/leaving home
  • Operations/illness
  • Marriage/divorce
  • Retirement
  • Empty-nest syndrome
  • Helpful in moving away from addictive behavior
  • Helps balance male/female energies
  • Shift work

Directions: Use 10 half-droppers of Transitions in a quart of pure water, not distilled or tap. Drink over an 8-hour period for 3 to 7 days.

Maintenance: Use 1 to 2 h.d. in a quart of pure water as needed.

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Offer 3 Includes:

AltWaters™ WellPet (2 fl. oz.)…your Vet-in-a-bottle

The AltWaters™ Formulas have been credited with helping many pets recover from health conditions that have defied both conventional medical treatment and non-traditional modalities.

The frequencies of thousands of herbs and other “naturals” have been programmed into the micro-crystalline water the formulas, developed for animals. This is a big improvement in the way illness is treated now, more often than not, without harmful drugs and surgery.

Seven formulas in one: a nutrition booster, plus low-level detoxification, anti-microbial, worms, calcification, inflammation and even “personality problems”.

WellPet is a multi-purpose formula that can be used for any animal, bird or reptile no matter what size, age, or breed.

  • Better utilization of nutrition
  • Clears low level toxins
  • Eliminates microbes
  • Amps frequencies of major organs / systems
  • Allergies
  • Inflammation
  • Eliminates hardened mucus (may be coughed up)
  • Worms/parasites
  • Breaks-up calcification/adds good calcium
  • Finicky eaters
  • Skin, warts and rashes
  • Relieves body trauma
  • Eases emotional trauma
  • Modifies negative personality traits/emotions
  • Balances pH

To improve health: Use 5 half-droppers of WellPet (2x day) for 7 days in food (that you know will be eaten) or directly in mouth.
Maintenance: Use 2 h.d. of WellPet 1x a week.

Note: If health challenges persist, call for an intuitive reading. Other formulas are available, which could be helpful for any unresolved symptoms. Ask about a PetScan.

Note: If putting directly in mouth, put the amount of drops in a separate container and use a plastic dropper, to avoid contamination of original bottle.

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