SO Ambujam Rose Group Power Blasts

Offer 1


2 LIVE 30-min Group Power Blasts +
Pre-recorded live Group Power Blast (2 Hours)

Offer 2


LIVE Group Power Blast (3) Series: Plus Pre-recorded Power Blast in Option 1

Offer 1 Includes (2) LIVE 30-min Group Power Blasts + Pre-recorded live Group Power Blast: Empower, Strengthen, Accelerated Release For 2020 Threshold

What are Group Power Blasts?

Group Power Blasts are quick and deep clearing, healing and self-embodiment sessions designed to foundationally align you’re human with your true-self. Each session focuses on unique topics to clear and reconcile the old self and activate and embody your true-self. The Group’s collaborative energy always brings the specific life-themes for healing, path information for guidance and significant aspects of yourself for activations. 

All pre-recorded live group sessions are imbued with the healing energies that came through. Spirit sets up the recordings to meet you where you are the moment you listen. Listen to the MP3’s like they are live session, partner with them, take the inward journey and let them do their magic with you.

MP3 Empower, Strengthen, Accelerated Release For 2020 Threshold Description:

Well, the 2020 Threshold has begun. It started on Feb. 3rd and is continuing… This Threshold takes us to our New Earth, to physically becoming our true-selves and living as and in higher consciousness. We will create this New Earth together. In this moment, this Threshold looks like it continues through the 3rd week-ish of February, then we’ll be ‘out’ and will know more then.  This Threshold looks like a long tunnel or corridor we’re gliding through, with layers upon layers of energies and consciousness on both sides of the ‘walls.’ These layers are clearing massive/deep old stuff out and bringing our light/truth-self within forth.


Spirit is offers this 30-minute Group Power Blast to help this movement through the threshold be smoother, strengthening and empowering your energy. We’ll catch-up your human consciousness to these movements, accelerate this clearing and help your light/true-self come forward faster/easier:

  • Accelerate clearing and healing.
  • Align and connect with the Threshold shifts.
  • Physical and emotional clearing, healing and support.
  • Guidance for the path.
  • Activate yourself.
  • Leaps Forward.

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Offer 2 Includes LIVE Group Power Blast (3) Series:

Living As The Awakened Human, The Awakened Heart


+ Pre-recorded live Group Power Blast: Empower, Strengthen, Accelerated Release For 2020 Threshold

+ Pre-Recorded live 2-hour Group Power Healing: Remove Blocks To Receiving


LIVE Group Power Blast (3) Series Description:

Living As The Awakened Human, The Awakened Heart



  • To clear the old ego, emotional, energetic layers on top of true-self fast.
  • Activate the foundational wholeness and truth within you.
  • Bring your spiritual heart energy forward and embody you in the deeper layers of truth within.
  • Support, nourish, strengthen your heart’s truth and rightful path.

This group series is designed to help you awaken into who you are much easier with less friction by clearing the old layers faster, aligning you with the deep unity consciousness of 2020 and supporting you in being in the world as your truth intends. Each session will meet you where you are on your path of awakening, embodiment and expression of purposes. The Group’s collaborative energy will bring the specific life-themes, issues, ego-identities, old consciousness and complex energetic patterns for accelerated clearing healing, awakening and release. The first (2) sessions are 30 minutes. The last session is 60 minutes: 30-40 minutes of healing and then Q&A to share your experience of the series. A private Facebook group will also be offered to connect to others and share your experiences of the series. Free downloads never expire!


Spirit holds the group in a healing/supporting field for the entire series until series completes.

  • This sacred, divine field only serves and supports your true Being in whatever ways you truly need for your path. (Including if your Being does not want this too 🙂
  • Your Being regulates everything, so nothing is needed, just go about your normal daily activities. Feel free to join any additional healings offered during this series.


Each Group Power Blast sessions consists of:

  • Healing and clearing of built-up layers of fear, karma, past-life issues and choices, ego-identities, complex-energetic-root structures and old choices on top of your true-self.
  • Activating, awakening and embodying your true-self.
  • Activating, energizing and embodying your heart’s truth and rightful path.
  • Aligning with 2020 energies.
  • 2020 energies support and guidance.
  • Impromptu healings.


LIVE Group Series Dates and Times:


Session #1: 

  • Tuesday April 7th 7:00p-7:30p EST
    No Q&A

Session #2: 

  • Tuesday April 21st 7:00p-7:30p EST
    No Q&A

Session #3: 

  • Tuesday April 28th 7:00p-8:00p EST



How To Attend Package B Series:

  1. After successful payment, you’ll receive a private link to sign-up to Ambujam’s form.
  2. After signing up to Ambujam’s form, you’ll receive the Zoom webinar call info for each session.
  3. You’ll automatically receive all sessions via proxy. It’s your choice to call into the live session.
  4. Free replay/downloads are posted after each session and never expire!

MP3 Remove Blocks To Receiving 2-hour Group Power Healing Description:

Spirit never just focuses on one thing and this deep 90-minute healing will be no different. They have lots up their sleeves and this topic is the way into what awaits you for accelerated healing, awakening and embodiment.

Sprit knows that by removing blocks to receiving at this time, it will help you not only receive what you need, feel more trusting and aligned with yourself and your life, but will also help you embody your the deeper/larger energies and consciousness of your true-self more easily. 2020 is bringing us into our greatness, light, unity, oneness and power. As we turn on in this way, we’re bumping up  against many old energy within, blocks to receiving being just a short list. Remove blocks to receiving so you can move though these changes easier.

  • Truly align with and embody receiving in fuller/truer ways.
  • Naturally feel/be more trusting and aligned with yourself and your life.
  • Embody your 2020 changes, unique inner-energies and consciousness of your true-self more easily.
  • + Impromptu healings

YES! I want Ambujam’s special offer Option 2 for $227

Group Power Healing Testimonials:


“Absolutely transformational! The fastest way I found to uncover who one truly is! Blocks, fears, traumas…..everything that needs to go from way, way, way, back. You just have to sit and be and Spirit does the rest! AMAZING! I wholeheartedly recommend Ambujam’s Group Power Healing sessions to anyone wanting to free themselves!”

Gwyneth, UK


“I started attending Group Power Healings a few months ago and my life has ALREADY dramatically changed. I had allergies that would turn into sinus infection, one after another for more than 10 years. After one Group Power Healing the allergy is gone! I can finally Breathe! Each Group Power Healing feels like she’s speaking directly to me and I feel so much love. Ambujam is a gem. I recommend her work to anyone who wants to know the truth about themselves.”

Carole, UT


“Ambujam is a powerhouse! She goes straight into the energy that needs to be shifted out. Highly recommend her incredible Group Power Healings to everyone because they speak directly to you! There has been a huge releasing shift within me, an upgrading of my consciousness and understanding, as well as a reduction in physical aches and pains. Magic!!”

Julie, AU


“I have participated in Group Power Healings just recently with amazing and sometime subtle results that grow and expand over time. I feel like she’s speaking directly to my being every time I attend. Her ability to connect with the group consciousness, our teams, guides and the higher realms is truly amazing! The guidance, clearings and healings are spot on!  If you are looking to connect with someone whom is the real deal, authentic, funny, loving and kind please be open and allow yourself to receive healings from the Divine through Ambujam.”

Maggie, NC


“If you want to receive tangible quantum up-leveling with ease and grace, Ambujam’s Group Power Healings deliver and more. They are powerful, fast, and provide the individual the perfect heart-based, heart-aligned experience for where you are now and leap you into the next level.”



“Ambujam’s Group Power Healings are one of a kind! Having attended many, I always feel deep peace inside after a session. Always spot on! An enlightening experience, helping you CONSCIOUSLY grow. She greatly assists the soul’ s ascension path in a way that can be truly felt as profound change in “real life” on many levels!”

Barbara, Germany


“In a world overwrought with anguish, chaos, uncertainty and flat out fear, Ambujam’s Group Power Healings reconnect me to a universal knowing, an unequivocal understanding that love, peace, and the possibility for personal acceptance are truly the ingredients in each one of our cells. Ambujam holds my hand and leads me to that place.”

Kristin, VT