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(3) Group Power Healings

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5 Group Power Healings

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MP3 Self-Inquiry & Discernment Series

Offer 1 Includes 3 Group Power Healings:




The sacred powers of Group Energy unlock inner-knowing, accelerate individual healing and quicken embodiment.

Your path of awakening, healing and embodiment silently collaborates with all participants and Spirit, revealing the wisdom needed for each group session. Ambujam’s unique rapid-energy-clearings and direct spot-on guidance accelerates personal healing, affirms your inner knowing and anchors your True-Self. All participants heal and awaken at a rapid rate.



  • Your True-Self energizes and activates, reinforcing your truth within.
  • Core ego identities and complex past-life patterns free up and complete.
  • Personal karma reconciles, allowing new present choices.
  • You are leaped forward on your heart’s rightful path.

The Overview:

  • Each GPH meets YOU on your path of healing, self-awareness, embodiment and expressions of purpose.
  • Each GPH is one-of-a-kind, addressing the in-common life themes, awakening and rightful paths of all attending.
  • Spirit brings understanding and instant energetic releases to your past self, anchoring you into the True Self

Examples Of What Heals:

  • Root causes of present and past-life emotional patterns.
  • Karmic choices and behaviors.
  • Past and present Soul-significant relationships.
  • Notions of self and life.
  • Physical/emotional/spiritual traumas.
  • Family/generational/lineage traumas and ways of being.
  • Physical pain patterns.
  • Abuse/Enslavements.
  • Sexual traumas.
  • Rooted identities.
  • Funky-weird stuff that’s been challenging to name/stop/understand.

The Logistics:

Call in live or receive healings via proxy.

  • You’ll receive all GPH email announcements. Join the groups that resonate with you.
  • Sessions are done over US Conference Call and include a free recording. Sessions are 90 minutes. Call-in FREE from mobile, landline, Web, App, FREE Local International Numbers.
  • After registering, you’ll automatically receive all GPH sessions via proxy. (Proxy: Healing done on your behalf. You’ll receive all healing energies, leaps forward and support for your rightful path without needing to attend the live calls.
  • The call is muted except for Ambujam’s voice.
  • Ambujam begins by explaining the instructions for the session.
  • You relax and receive the healing for the first 60-70 minutes as Ambujam narrates the specific details of the healing.
  • When the healing is complete, Ambujam opens up the Q&A to answer any questions about the healing.

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Offer 2 Includes 5 Group Healing Sessions:

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Offer 3 includes Self Inquiry and Discernment Series 2018 in Mp3 format:

00  Intro:

  • Spirit has created this series for you to have direct, experiential inquiry into the nature of your mind emotions and
  • Discern the difference between mental thoughts, emotional reactions and heart centered choice and
  • Experience for yourself what the differences are and how to make choices that support, feed and nurture your
  • Every recording includes a short healing to support your embodiment and discernment.

01 Mind:

  • The first recording focuses on bringing your attention to the mind and its ideas of what the answers are to your question.
  • Youʼll get to know the mindʼs energy, characteristics and
  • Spirit will then bring healing, clearing and awakening to the

02  Emotions:

  • The second recording focuses on the emotions and what they feel you should do about your
  • Youʼll get to know their energies, characteristics and
  • Spirit will then bring healing, clearing and awakening to the

03  Heart:

  • The third recording focuses on the
  • Youʼll get to know your heartʼs energy, characteristics and qualities and what the heartʼs guidance is and feels like to your
  • Spirit will then bring healing, clearing and awakening to the heart

04  Overall Healing, Clearing, Support:

  • In the forth recording Spirit does an overall clearing, support, healing, balancing and anchoring you into yourself and your
  • Spirit brings through the energetics of clarity and discernment for continued support.

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