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The Angel Gift Series

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Everything in Special Offer 1 + 1 hour individual channeling session with Adria

Special Offer #1: The Angel Gift Series

1) The Brilliant Present: Angel Gifts Series #1

Angels Raphael and Ariel speak about the sea change that occurred in 2018-2020 for humanity, and how we have come out of imprisonment into freedom. Video, audio, and written transcripts.

~ “Freedom Walker” video mp4, 1 minute – Angel Raphael talks about walking into your own freedom

~ “You are Free” video mp4, 3 minutes – Angel Raphael talks about a freedom so complete it is as if you were in between lifetimes

~ “Experimenting & Learning in a Playful Way” – Angel Raphael, audio mp3, 7 minutes

~ “We Have Already Arrived” – Angel Raphael talks about a completely new way of being, and physical symptoms of that, audio mp3, 12 minutes

~ “Freedom” PDF, 7 pages
“You have arrived. And that is where some of the confusion comes, because you have been pushing towards this goal for so many lifetimes, and now here you are. The goal is achieved. So what the heck do you do with yourself? And that is the moment that we find ourselves in. The strange bewilderment of having won the war, and no longer having a battle to fight.” – Angel Raphael

~ “Rebalancing of Light” PDF, 2 pages
“It is a rebalancing of light. You have as a human species been acknowledging the dark aspects of light for some centuries now. And now it is just as if you have turned over onto the other side of the rotating planet onto the side that is light. And now the human bodies and souls wish to be vehicles for this light.” – Angel Raphael

~ “Ascension Event & Beautiful Upheaval” PDF, 2 pages
“From our point of view, it is such a beautiful, beautiful upheaval. To use the metaphor of a prison, if humanity were inside and some beneficial beings, angels among them, were ripping down the walls of the outer prison… It’s quite noisy, and there’s debris falling, and it seems quite chaotic. But isn’t it lovely that you’re free?” – Angel Ariel


What are Angels? Angel Gifts Series #3

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of angels is, and how you can best communicate with them?
Angel Raphael channeled through Adria Wind Horse Estribou. Video, audio, and written transcripts.

~ “Primary Functions of Angels” PDF, 2 pages
“Those are the three primary functions of angel: messenger, manipulator of light, and beacon toward enlightenment.” – Angel Raphael

~ “Angels are More Present Now” video mp4, 2 1/2 minutes – Angel Raphael talks about how the angels are more present now given how much change is occurring

~ “Angels are Evolving” – Angel Raphael, audio mp3, 2 1/2 minutes
“Right now angels are having the celebration of their lifetimes.” – Angel Raphael

~ “Call Upon Your Angels” PDF, 3 pages
Angel Raphael speaks about how to ask angels for help.

~ “Seeing Angels” – Angel Raphael, audio mp3, 6 minutes
Angel Raphael talks about how angels communicate with different people.

~ “Angel Numbers” PDF, 1 page
“ this very magical outcome, chemical effect” – Angel Raphael

~ “Not Above” PDF, 1 page
“From angelic perspective, there is not a hierarchy of light.”– Angel Raphael

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Three Live Angel Channeling Group Calls Angel Conversations

Three (3) Monthly Live Calls (audio by phone or computer) + replay recording

Saturday, February 27, ​7 am HST/9 am Pacific/10 am Arizona / 11 am Central / 12 pm Eastern

Saturday, March 27, 10 am Pacific/10 am Arizona / 12 pm Central / 1 pm Eastern

Saturday, April 24, 10 am Pacific/10 am Arizona / 12 pm Central / 1 pm Eastern

The angels have specific messages and guidance for us about what is going on energetically on the planet, and with us, and how best to navigate what’s going on right now.
This will be a channeling session with angels speaking through Adria Wind Horse Estribou, conscious channel. The angels who speak most frequently are Archangels Raphael and Ariel, and other angels speak from time to time.
The first portion of the teleconference will be a message from one (or more) of the angels for the group. Then there will be time for individual questions for the angels of either global or personal nature. Sessions will last from 60-90 minutes depending on the questions asked. A recording will be provided to you after the call.

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Special Offer #2: Special Offer 21 Hour Private Session + Angel Gifts Series (#1 & #3) + Three Live Angel Channeling Group Calls

Everything in special offer 1 + 1 hour individual channeling session with Adria

Individual one (1) hour session angels channeled through Adria Wind Horse Estribou.

Individual sessions conducted via Zoom (computer or phone audio) and recorded.

The perspective the angels bring is quite different than looking into the future from a psychic viewpoint to see what are the probable outcomes in your future. The perspective the angels bring is quite comforting and different from day-to-day reality. The angels’ viewpoint often centers around the wishes of your own heart, in this and other lifetimes, and how the circumstances coming into your life are placed there for particular reasons.
This perspective can give you more insight into personal relationships, financial dynamics, work decisions… giving you more information about past life connections and soul purpose reasons for things happening as they are. So that as you move forward with decisions on creating your future you have all the information you need.
What is causing the sense of upheaval in my life? for example. Is it earth changes? Is it a particular relationship dynamic? And what is behind that? Is it my own need to break free into something new? Or, is it time to weather the changes and stand strong? What are the best healing modalities for what I face right now? What are my gifts? These are the kind of perspectives that the angels bring. ​

Missing pieces of information and angelic perspective can help you to better understand how to move forward as you embrace your present and create your future.

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What People Have to Say About Adria

“What a message! And how precise it is to how I currently feel! Thank you . . . Such insight and I feel more understanding about what is happening at the moment.” – Erica, Australia


“My conversation with Raphael is still resonating within consciousness and I know my life has experienced another beautiful shift, not unlike meeting my Tibetan lama or my awakening to the truth of Being…I am so excited to have this new pointing towards the higher dimensions, I am refreshed. Thank you for facilitating this shift in my consciousness of angel as a concept to angel as a direct experience of the true nature of reality.”

​- Gordon, New York


“I cannot thank you enough for the incredible gifts you bring to the planet through your messages from the Angels. My life completely shifted after I started listening to their beautiful advice.” – Jean, Hawaii