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Offer 1


Personal Sonic Transmission
30-45 Minute Session

Offer 2


Dream-Weaver Activation Sessions
+ 3 Months of Support and Offer 1

Offer 1 Includes:

Personal Sonic Transmission

A 30-45 minute personal channeled Sonic Transmission specifically for You, expediting spiritual expansion, soul remembrance, and comprehensive healing. Feedback from these personal sonic journeys have included past life memories, activation of gifts and missions, healing of pain, shamanic journeys with animals and earth spirits, complete immersion in Source…


Plus 3 songs of Divine Source performed by Xi Amrita Stargazer in audio download.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Item 1: Dream-Weaver Activation Sessions

Skype or Phone
2 x 1.5 hour Private Sessions

Two complete 1-on-1 intuitive activation & prayer sessions with Xi – we share in Source Vibrations to bring forth your greatest desires and gifts to Manifest in your Life and Reality. We intuit every step in full
presence to move through blocks, limiting beliefs and past “looms” or time-lines which allow us shift into our True Desired Weave.

Item 2: Months of Dream-Weaver Support

Email transformation & Dream-Weaving Support
3 Months

Have a question? Concern? Just wanna talk about the crazy thing that happened that nobody else is gonna believe or understand? I got you! And I wanna hear about it! Email me any time for full-on Life
Transformation & Source Reconnection Support.

YES! I want Amrita’s special offer Option 2