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Angelica Rose: Connecting to Divine Love

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10 Minute Angel Message Session & Transformation eBook

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 Spiritual Journey to become “smarter” & a meditation

  Online Series:   Spiritual Journey from Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness

LIVE a life of Spiritual Freedom where Self-Defeating beliefs don’t control your life!

Series One: Spiritual Journey From Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness WITH meditation 43 minutes

Series Two: Letting go of Ego Control WITH meditation 42 Minutes

Series Three: Shifting energy to a more enlightened place WITH meditation 44 minutes

Series Four: Activating inner spirit by unraveling the  belief systems and moving into expansiveness WITH meditation 46 minutes

 These series will support the process of helping you live a greater peaceful, joyful, healthy, prosperous lifestyle

  • Experience higher conscious living and opening the heart to greater love and joy

  • Silence the chatting mind more efficiently

  • Learn how to increase inner awareness

  • Create a happy life

  • Let go of Ego Control creating a Universal Connection

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Offer 1 plus Transformation EBOOK & 10-minute Angel Message Session

What would happen if instead of the human form dying, your spirit continued the journey as a spiritual being having a spiritual experience in human form? Usually, when a human is complete with what he or she came to learn on Earth their human form dies. They finished what they came to learn on Earth in that expression form they are in and they move on to the next experience of their evolution. Their spiritual journey helps with deciding whether that entails incarnating on Earth as someone different or moving on. When one chooses to evolve spiritually, some come to a point in their life where they wake up and realize they are a spiritual being having a human experience. Imagine incarnating as an Angelic walk-in discovering a human incarnation for the first time. This book has channeled messages from Ascended Starseed Beings, Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters. You will have opportunities for deeper awareness into your own awakening to greater levels of love, peace, joy, prosperity, and vitality.

This book and EBook is about Angelica’s journey as an Angelic walk-in, incarnating for the 1st time on Earth. By Incarnating on Earth, she discovered true spiritual and emotional freedom. The book starts off with Angelica having a human experience as part of her purpose to elevate the vibration frequency from a fear and insecurity vibration to that of love so she can fulfill her Angelic purpose. The journey brings her to having an Angelic experience in the human form.


PLUS A 10 Minute Angel Messenger Session

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“Had my 1st reading with her. She didn’t ask a lot of questions I just told her my question and she had a very strong connection to me, to my situation and the people involved. She gave accurate insight and I felt really at peace after speaking with her.TY!!” Stevie T.

“I am preparing to open my first meditation centre, place of peace in the new year….can’t wait to see what the universe brings with this and your Angel Messenger Session that time has been a big catalyst to the reinvigoration. so well done and thank you.” Anthony C. Ireland

“Thank you so very much for a wonderful experience of cleansing my heart in the Energy Alignment Session! I loved it and I know it will offer more love, joy and peace in my heart ongoing, which I can share with others! I feel happier just thinking about it and feel lighter and more joyful. “You are very Special, Angelica!  I love the energy that you bring to your Sessions! Thank you for all that you bring to this world!” Catherine A. Canada

“Ever since our Activation Frequency and Energy Alignment Session, my life has shifted. I have never felt this happy. Life is easy. People take drugs to feel the way I am feeling. I am so grateful.” Mia S Chicago Illinois

Series 1 and 2 gave me the answers I forgot ….. I feel peace and harmony that what was not possible for me for a long time. Many thanks. I will order also 3and 4 series. The revised one is great the music behind is very nice

Simone O Europe