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Deep Dive into Dolphin and Whale Wisdom

21-Day Online Course, MP3 downloads, LIVE Calls, Zoom Personal Session & MORE!!

Special Offer Includes:

The Dolphins and Whales are here to teach us how to live in Joy, Play and to Go with the Flow to easily surf through challenges. They teach us to Be in the present moment, Live in true Unity/Community, Embrace the natural flow of Abundance and express and receive Unconditional Love.  This package will help you learn to incorporate and master the life skills of the Dolphins and Whales easily into your daily life.

Here’s what’s included: 

Item 1: 21 Days of Dolphin and Whale Wisdom online course

This course includes both a video teaching and an audio guided meditation.

Length of Program: 21 days.  Each morning the participant will receive an email with a link to both the video and audio for that day.

Value of Program: $97

Learn the Wisdom of the Dolphins and Whales, right in your own home.  Feel the joyful energy of the Dolphins and be inspired by the awesome energy of the Whales.  Effortlessly dive into the deep wisdom of the Dolphins and Whales.  Never feel alone or isolated again as you become a member of the Dolphin and Whale Soul Pod.

Item 2:  Meet Your Dolphin Spirit Guide Meditation

Audio live call with links to the recording emailed out to you.

Length of Program:  These sessions are held on one day the last weekend of each month for about an hour.

Value of Program:  $20

Receiving the gentle energy from the Dolphins is a joyful and relaxing healing experience. A Dolphin Energy Healing session can help you with physical, emotional, mental stress and spiritual challenges. These sessions will be done live via tele-conference calls.  Anne will channel the healing energy of the dolphins, whales and whoever else chooses to share with us.  Anne will share the messages she receives during the session for the group.

Item 3:  Being Whale Meditation

Audio recording

Length of Program:  20 minutes

Value of Program:  $20

A guided meditation led by Anne Gordon de Barrigón to meet and merge with the heart of mother Humpback whale.  In this meditation you will literally merge with the whale and actually feel and experience what it is like to Be Whale.  Your heart will be expanded to the size of a whale heart with the love and grace you will come to know in this meditation.

Item 4: Wisdom from the Sea Guidebook, Channeled Wisdom from Dolphins and Whales

Pdf download

Length of Program:  96 pages

Value of Program:  $20

A compilation of Whale and Dolphin Wisdom messages received over the years by Anne Gordon de Barrigón during meditations and Dolphin Energy Healing sessions.

This is a message that Anne received on October 5, 2010 from the Dolphins: “We are happy you have heard our call to share our messages with the world and all those open to hear and receive them.  We hope to help you reconnect to your inner Joy and we are inviting you to play every day like you did as a child.  We welcome you to receive our messages of Love and Joy.  Our messages will help you to open your heart and embrace life to the fullest. We are very excited and very grateful to Anne who has agreed to share our messages and Dolphin Magic with you all.”

From the whales on the same day: “The Humpback whales welcome you and invite you to dive deep within yourself to reconnect to your soul and higher self through the messages and wisdom they will be sharing with you through this medium.”

Item 5: Dolphin Dialogue- 1 on 1 session with Anne

Live Zoom call

Length of Program  15 minute laser-focused Dolphin Energy Healing session

Value of Program $75

Do you dream of a deep and healing connection with the dolphins?  Do you wish you could receive their powerful healing energy and hear the wisdom they have to share with you to improve your life?

A Dolphin Dialogue is a perfect way for you to receive guidance, messages just for you and receive their deep healing energy.

Each session will last 15 minutes.  You will receive a highly concentrated Dolphin Energy Healing session where Anne will channel their healing energy and share their messages from the Dolphins as she receives them.  The Dolphins know exactly what you need and with laser precision go right to the root of the problem to rapidly help you to take the action required to bring you back into health, joy, a state of calm and strong inner strength and confidence.


Your Dolphin Dialogues  can be used for

  • Health challenges
  • Mental blocks
  • Emotional struggles
  • Spiritual growth
  • Gaining clarity in making decisions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Boosting self-esteem and confidence
  • Recovering Joy
  • Deepening your relationship with the Dolphins
  • and so much more!


Item 6: Dolphin Journal

Pdf download

Length of Program  142 pages

Value of Program $20

Do you love Dolphins?  Do you wish you could live like they do?   With your Dolphin Journal you will learn how to live in deep Joy, go with the Flow, the freedom of Transparency, the meaning of Unconditional Love and more.  Your Dolphin Journal is your personal Playbook for living your live beyond your wildest dreams!

Your Dolphin Journal is filled with wisdom channeled direct from the Dolphins to inspire you to dive deep into connection with them.  Get ready to play, have fun, and let your creativity flow!


Item 7:  Top 10 Places to Swim with Wild Dolphins Guide

Pdf download

Length of Program  14 pages

Value of Program $10

Do you dream of swimming with wild dolphins?  In this guide you will learn the top 10 places in the world to swim with wild dolphins.

  • Insider tips about each location.
  • Where and how to locate each destination.
  • The best and most responsible tour operators.
  • Suggestions on how to swim responsibly with wild dolphins.

A list of 10 locations around the world where you can easily make your dreams of swimming with wild dolphins come true.


Item 8:  $200 discount on any Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat

$200 off the price of any of my Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats.

Length of Program  Most retreats are 7 days.

Value of Program $200

Choose from a Humpback whale and dolphin wisdom retreat in the Pearl Islands of Panama, an Ancient Wisdom retreat with the Humpback whales, dolphins and indigenous Emberá tribe in Panama, Living the Dolphin Way retreat in Bimini to swim with wild dolphins, Conscious Living with the Dolphins near Kona, Hawaii to swim with wild dolphins and see Humpback whales, Gifts from the Gray whales retreat with a day of Blue whale watching in Baja, Mexico and Return to Lemuria in Mo’orea, French Polynesia to swim with friendly Humpback whales.  Apply your $200 discount to any of the above retreats.

Item 9:  Whale School of Wealth, Open to Abundance online program

Video format

Length of Program  Each module is about 1 hour in length

Value of Program $97

5 recorded modules teaching how whales represent abundance, being the largest animals on Earth, they eat the smallest and they always have enough.  Lessons are based on merging with nature, surfing through challenges with ease and grace, creating your own abundance and maintaining the flow even in lean times.  Comes with a private FB group.

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What People have to Say about Anne and the Dolphins.

“Anne was able to help to heal my heart. I felt myself rise to a different frequency.”
Dolphin Energy Healing  Miami FL

“In my work with dolphins and whales, I have been told again and again that they are healers and love working with people. Anne Gordon is a gifted facilitator of this special healing energy and I am excited that it is now available to everyone. Before my dolphin healing energy session with Anne, I was scheduled for knee surgery. After, my knee felt so good that I cancelled the operation. One month later, my knee still feels great!! Who knows what these dolphins can do? – Mary Getten, Animal Communicator & Author: Communicating With Orcas.

“I was blessed to swim with wild dolphins and whales around the world for a decade and learned a good deal about the intelligence and nature of these cetaceans and other sea creatures. Anne Gordon’s readings, based on turning into the energies and feedback of the dolphins and whales, sounds at first to be on the edge of “woo woo.” But I was pleasantly surprised by how correct, grounded and accurate all of her images and insights were when she did a reading for me. What surprised me most is that she saw images of me doing the things I had actually done in the water while swimming with marine life, accompanied by the same kinds of messages I received directly from the dolphins and whales. My reading with Anne was so uncannily accurate that it earned my full trust, not only of her readings, but of Anne as a psychic and healer.” -Bobbie Sandoz-Merrill, Author: In the Presence of High Beings, What Dolphins Want you to Know (previously Listening to Wild Dolphins)