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Arcturian Pegasus Healing

3 Sessions in audio Download  (2 hours each)

with energy sessions in individual audio downloads

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Online Healing Retreat Master Series 1- 8

Plus Option 1

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Super Quantum Healing Package

Plus all of Gene’s Online Healing Retreats ( 9 series – over 54 hours of frequencies!)

What’s Included with Offer 1:

Arcturian Healing Method Webinar Immersion Series

3 Sessions – Audio Downloads

with energy sessions in individual audio downloads

Experience 3 Audio Download transmissions with Gene Ang. The goal of Presence Healing is to empower people to live their lives according to their highest selves. Gene Ang, Ph.D. offers healing sessions in the Arcturian Healing Method, a healing style created by Gene accessing divine cosmic energies for healing and life path acceleration.  This type of healing brings you to a fuller realization of the wholeness that is already within. As a result, physical, emotional, and mental healing can occur.

In this 3 part series of transmissions and group healing sessions, we will utilizing the Arcturian Healing Method Energies and unique Arcturian Transmissions to develop the various virtues in our subtle body system.  When these virtues are developed, they make the spiritual path more smooth and fulfilling and they also leave lasting imprints that last lifetime to lifetime.  Each day we will be receiving a unique Arcturian Healing Light Transmission supported by a host of Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies.  Each Arcturian  Light Transmission will help encode our subtle bodies and consciousness with the blueprint for various virtues.  When these virtues are developed within ourselves, they are perceived as a radiant subtle body aura.
The first part of each session will be a short discussion on the particular Arcturian   Light Transmission followed by the transmission itself which will last between 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Following the transmission, there will be a chance to ask and questions and to share your insight and experiences with the group.  There will also be discussion and topics to further develop these virtues on a practical level in our lives.
The Mastery Empowerment Course is meant to provide you with an energetic tool that you can continue to use. Repeated use of these transmissions through the mp3 recordings which you will be provided with at the end of the event can be used to purify the subtle bodies and consciousness on an on-going basis.  This leads to lasting imprints that last beyond just one particular lifetime.



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What’s Included in Offer 2:

Experience earlier Master Class Series 1 thru 8  with Gene Ang and the Arcturian Healing Frequencies.

Enjoy over 48 hours of Arcturian Healing Frequencies in this Online Healing Retreat Master Class series recorded and encoded with Healing Frequencies. Each series has three 2-hour episodes in MP3 audio downloads, plus, each of the Healing Frequency sessions within the audio programs have been edited into Healing Frequency segments so you can return to these Healing Frequencies and enjoy the specific session you want, without the discussion in between Healing Segments. Review the Master Classes below and Experience the Diversity of How these frequencies can amplify your intentions and manifesting abilities, as well as heal the physical body.

Online Healing Retreat Master Class #1 Arcturian Healing Method Series 1

Recorded Webcast and MP3 Download

This original Online Healing Retreat is 2 hours long and it introduces you to the Arcturian Healing Method via Gene Ang in a pre-recorded group session. This contains the Arcturian Blueprint Activation of the Adam Kadmon image so the Divine Self can physicalize in all dimensions, plus the Arcturian Regeneration of Cells and DNA, And the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge.

Experience the vibrations of indigo, violet, and a spiritual wave carrier energy. You’ll be exposed to these vibrations in this Online Healing Retreat in three activations:

  • The Arcturian Blueprint Activation – experience a frequency that allows you to align more closely to your divine Blueprint, or your Adam Kadmon image.
  • The Arcturian Regeneration of Cells Activation – experience a frequency to heal the body of phsycial symptoms at the cellular and DNA level.
  • The Arcturian Dimensional Bridge, this frequency helps to merge whatever dimension you are in with the Arcturian Dimension so you can receive energy for any place that needs assistance.

Online Healing Retreat Master Class #2 Increasing Clarity with the Arcturian & Metatron Healing Frequencies

3 Sessions in Pre-Recorded Webinar Home-study Course
Plus! Each Energy Session is extracted into it’s own MP3 for repeated listening


Session 1: Extracting Crystalized Thought Forms
In this on-line healing retreat we will discuss the importance and relevance of thought forms. What they are? How they influence us and others? And how we can extract strong crystallized thought forms from our energy field and consciousness? Then we will experience an in-depth energy treatment using various Arcturian Healing Method frequencies meant to extract unwanted and unhelpful thought forms. This will include Arcturian Blueprint Activation (ABA) as well as the crystallized thought form extraction protocol [Arcturian Freeze Frequency (AFF), Arcturian Extraction Frequency (AEF), and Arcturian Restore Frequence (ARF)].

Session 2: Releasing Emotional Wounds
In this on-line healing retreat, we will be addressing emotional wounds or scars that can be held from lifetime to lifetime. Sometimes referred to as samskaras in ancient Vedic yoga literature, these emotional scars can influence us without our conscious awareness. This will be the first time that the Arcturian Healing Method Level 5 frequencies coming from the Arcturian/Metatron devices will be used in a group setting. There is a particular frequency coming from both the Arcturians and Metatron, the Angelic being, that can efficiently extract and release these emotional wounds and scars. This can be life altering and life changing.

Session 3: Adjusting Our Timelines
We continue with day 3 of the on-line healing retreat by utilizing a different Arcturian/Metatron frequency meant to adjust or change our current timeline towards one that is more optimal. Our future is constantly changing depending on possible timelines which we can choose either to manifest or keep in potential. Certain nodal points in our life allow for rapid acceleration of our evolution and consciousness because they allow for a change onto a more optimal timeline. When this Causal Arcturian/Metatron (CAM) frequency is channeled on to a person it either stabilizes an existing timeline that is beneficial or creates a nodal point to allow the person to switch to a more beneficial and prosperous timeline.

Online Healing Retreat Master Class #3 Arcturian Healing Modalities: Healing, Wealthy, and Wise

3 Sessions in MP3 download
Plus! Each Energy Session is extracted into it’s own MP3 for repeated listening


This special three part on-line healing retreat centers around the 3 characteristics of a good life: healthy, wealthy, and wise. We will be utilizing a number of the Arcturian Healing Method frequencies for each of these intentions each in a unique protocol. In addition for each on-line healing retreat there will be a special 20 minute transmission from the Arcturians to rapidly develop each of those qualities in our lives.

Session 1:Healthy
In this on-line healing retreat we will be utilizing the array of various frequencies in the Arcturian Healing Method to completely overhaul our physical and etheric body. The retreat will utilize the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge to relax and center our system, then the three earth regenerative energies to cleanse, energize, and balance our etheric body, and then the Arcturian-Metatron Physical Device to revitilize and regenerate our system for youthfulness and vigor. Finally, we will use the same Arcturian-Metatronic Physical Device for a special longevity transmission to fully extend our life.

The last 20 minutes will be a unique transmission guided by the Arcturian Consciousness and Energy to balance and regenerate our physical and etheric bodies.

Session 2: Wealthy
The second on-line healing retreat will focus on abundance and prosperity. We will start by using the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge to relax and center our system. Then the ADB frequency will be used to clear all blockages towards a full expression of our abundance and prosperity. We will then use the Arcturian-Metatron Karmic Device to clear any karmic seeds holding us back from receiving and giving abundance. The same device will then be used to create positive karma for abundance and prosperity. The next phase will be to call in the Arcturian Golden Naga energies for golden abundance energy from the earth to imbue our energy field. We end this portion with the Arcturian Blueprint Activation frequency to bring through our new found abundance in alignment with our highest self and divine blueprint.

The last 20 minutes will be a unique transmission from the Arcturians to manifest our abundance and prosperity in all levels: Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Causal, Spiritual, and Divine.

Session 3: Wise
In this third and final on-line healing retreat we will be focusing on our awakening and developing our wisdom body. We start by relaxing, centering, cleansing, and energizing our subtle bodies and consciousness with the Arcturian Dimensionsl Bridge frequency. After this preparation we use the Arcturian Blueprint Activation to bring through our Divine Blueprint but this time for awakening to our True Self. From here we will be utilizing the Arcturian-Metatron Spiritual Device for clearing any ancestral patterns still holding us back from bringing through our highest potential. Then we will use the same device to access our Akashic Records energetically and bring through in packed form the information needed for our full awakening in this life.

The last 20 minutes will be a unique transmission guided by the Arcturian Consciousness to rapidly unfold our awakening in this life.

Online Healing Retreat Master Class #4 Metatron, Melchizedek, and Arcturian (MMA)

3 (2 hour) Sessions in Online Webcasts
Plus! Each Energy Session is extracted into it’s own MP3 for repeated listening

This Master Series is the 4th series with the Arcturian Healing Frequencies. Our earlier Master Class Series 1, 2 & 3 are part of the package options below and can be experienced in any order.


In this Online Healing Retreat, we will be utilizing never before used healing frequencies from Metatron, Melchizedek, and the Arcturians. These frequencies come as part of the training in Level 6 of the Arcturian Healing Method which will be taught for the first time this Winter Solstice in December.

The three sessions consist of the following transmissions, healing frequencies, and consciousness evolution tools.

Session 1: The Metatron, Melchizedek, and Arcturian Transmission Ball
This is the anchoring session for this on-line healing retreat. I journeyed to Metatron, Melchizedek, and the Arcturians and received a unique transmission ball just for this session. It was filled with blue, purple, and violet energies swirling in a packed sphere. The purpose of this transmission is fourfold. First it will accelerate consciousness development. Second, it will increase intuition, clairvoyance, and sensing. Third, it will rapidly advance you on your spiritual path. Fourth, it will increase your healing abilities.

Session 2: Melchizedek Garment of Light Transmission
The second session is the Melchizedek Garment of Light Transmission. This transmission imbues your aura and subtle bodies with thousands of different light frequencies and raises the overall vibration of your consciousness. It also allows you to stay in resonance with Melchizedek, the qualities of this Being, and the angelic beings associated with Melchizedek.

On my journey to ask Melchizedek about this Online Healing Retreat, I saw him repeatedly take off the garments I was wearing. I realized this transmission will shed the current energy body and frequencies in our energy field and replace them with evolutionarily new frequencies for the coming age. It was symbolic of a literal transformation of our etheric, astral bodies, and higher bodies.

Session 3: Metatron, Melchizedek, and Arcturian (MMA) Mandala Frequency and Arcturian Primordial Awareness Frequency
The third session utilizes the Metatron, Melchizedek, and Arcturian (MMA) Mandala Frequency for healing. This frequency allows the spiritual beings associated with these three spiritual lineages to work with you on various healing intentions. Each spiritual being in this group or phalange of spirits has a particular speciality which is embodied in thousands of different healing frequencies which can possibly come through for you depending on what you need.

The second part of this session will utilize the Arcturian Primordial Awareness frequency for awakening to the deepest part of your consciousness before time existed. This process will help you to return and uncover your awareness to the deepest part of your consciousness. This is considered absolute healing or the return to our awareness of the Source within.

Online Healing Retreat Master Class Series #5 Quantum Holographic Healing Techniques

3 Sessions
2 Hours of Healing Transmissions in each session

3 Online Sessions Sessions with MP3 Downloads (2 hrs each)



Session 1 and 2: Quantum Holographic Healing Techniques
Learn 10 Quantum Holographic Healing Techniques in two sessions spanning 4 hours!

  1. Accessing the Field
  2. Torus of the Heart
  3. Time Travel
  4. Dimensions
  5. Spinning
  6. Resonance
  7. Frequency
  8. Symbols
  9. Embedding Intention (ie. Talisman Making) and the original technique
  10. Accessing the Light.

This class will contain 10 important concepts in energy medicine integrating concepts of quantum mechanics as applied to healing and transformation.

Session 3: Quantum Spoon Bending
Put the techniques you’ve learned in Session 1 and 2 to work in changing reality! This is a popular course by Gene Ang, who teaches you how to bend spoons using 6 different techniques based on quantum mechanics and torsion field physics. So why hold a spoon bending class? It is not only about bending spoons! The change in material reality demonstrated by the bent utensil is a model for change. The mechanisms used are all known healing techniques. Experience how to use these techniques in your own life for personal growth and transformation. Bring some simple utensils for this session and put your skills into action!

Online Healing Retreat Master Class Series 6
Arcturian Mer-Ka-Ba Transmissions: Activating the Jewel Body With Love

3 Sessions in Audio Download
2 Hours of Healing Transmissions in each session
Plus! Each Energy Session is extracted into it’s own MP3 for repeated listening


Arcturian Mer-Ka-Ba Transmissions: Activating the Jewel Body With Love 

The Arcturian Mer-Ka-Ba transmissions are meant to activate your 5 vehicles of consciousness with love. This activates and coordinates your consciousness to receive light and information from higher worlds and muliti-dimensional planes of reality and existence. The Mer-Ka-Ba is known as a vehicle of consciousness or chariot which can allow the spiritual practitioner the ability to journey into the other planes of existence. Mer means love. Ka means the etheric body (pranic body). Ba means the astral body. When the etheric body and astral body are infused with Love from the Divine then the person can travel in the inner worlds.

This series of 3 transmissions will utilize a special Arcturian Blue and Purple Sapphire Jewel that will be energetically encoded into each participants heart area. This Arcturian Mer-Ka-Ba Jewel will then infuse all 5 consciousness vehicles (physical, etheric, astral, causal, and spiritual) with Divine Love. After completion of the 3 transmissions, participants will have greater capacity to travel in the inner world, hear the inner voice from their Higher Self, connect more strongly with Higher Beings and their Guides, and receive packed information (downloads and uploads) communicated between themselves and spiritual beings. In addition, participants will develop their compassion and desire and ability for selfless service for all sentient beings.

  • Transmission 1 (day 1): Encodes the Arcturian Mer-Ka-Ba Jewel in your heart and begins the process of love infusion into the physical and etheric body.
  • Transmission 2 (day 2): Further activation of the light infusion into the astral and causal bodies.
  • Transmission 3 (day 3): Complete activation of the spiritual body and coordination among all five bodies with inner world flight and communication.

Each day of the on-line healing retreat will consist of use of the Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies to prepare the subtle bodies to receive the transmission, the transmission itself, followed by Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies to integrate the transmission. There will be time for questions, answers, and discussion after each energy session.

Online Healing Retreat: Arcturian Healing Modalities Master Class 7

The Cloaks of Christ: Resonating with the Subtle Bodies of the Solar Logos


There is a profound revelation stated by Rudolf Steiner, the Rosicrucian teacher and master, regarding the capacity to weave the subtle bodies of Christ into the subtle bodies of humanity. Below are a few insights and excerpts from his esoteric lessons to his private school (Esoteric Lesson, Dusseldorf, April 19, 1909):

We have seen that in the fourth and fifth centuries, until the fourteenth century, copies of the etheric and astral bodies of Christ were bestowed upon personalities who in this way kept the spirit of true Christianity alive. . .

All these people with the gift of an astral body or etheric body [from Christ] were notable for their deep humility, because they were conscious of the fact that the great truths that they proclaimed came to them as enlightenment, as grace, that they could not understand with their “I.”

Until approximately six hundred years after Christ the great teachers of the church, for example, Augustine, could regard the Christian truths only as a gift of grace. This is connected with the fact that they received copies of the etheric body of Jesus of Nazareth interwoven into their own etheric body. . . Later these teachers received copies of the astral body of Jesus of Nazareth interwoven into their astral body. Francis of Assisi had such an astral body.

In this on-line healing retreat called, the Cloaks of Christ: Resonating with the Subtle Bodies of the Solar Logos, we too will be humbly asking and downloading the etheric, astral, and I AM presence of the Solar Logos or Christ Being just like the early Christian teachers. Each session will focus on a different subtle body of Christ. The session will be supported in the beginning and ending with Arcturian Healing Method frequencies and consciousness to help prepare our subtle bodies for the resonance download and transfer and also for the complete and balanced integration of this interweaving of subtle bodies.

This is also an ideal time to hold such an event with the advent of the Winter Solstice and the coming of the I AM Presence of the Solar Logos or Christ Consciousness.

  • Session 1: Resonating and Downloading the Etheric Body of Christ
  • Session 2: Resonating and Downloading the Astral Body of Christ
  • Session 3: Resonating and Downloading the I AM Presence of Christ

The Solar Logos or Christ Being acts as a fractal emanation of the Godhead in which we, as humanity, can interact with easily. By resonating with the Christ Being, we resonate with the Godhead, and subsequently with our true identity as spiritual beings.

Each session will include 90 minutes of the energy and frequency transfer followed by a discussion with questions, answers, and insights from the group.

Online Healing Retreat: Arcturian Healing Modalities Master Class 8

The Zermatt 7 Golden Lion Transmissions in Audio Download

Join Gene Ang in this 3-part series of frequency tranmissions with the Arcturian Healing Frequencies plus the new frequencies from the starship sightings in Zermatt, Switzerland in February 2018. These are new frequencies to be received and unpacked within us and also more frequencies from the Arcturians, Metatron and Melchizedek.

Three consecutive sessions about two hours each.

Zermatt 7 Golden Lion Transmissions
The following on-line healing retreat will be the first in a series of transmissions coming from the Inter-dimensional Beings that appeared in Zermatt, Switzerland (home of the Matterhorn) as light craft to Gene and three other people during February 2018.  The Beings behind these appearances look like Golden Lions in the inner world and will be referred to as the Zermatt 7 Golden Lion Beings.
These 7 transmissions correspond to the 7 power ups of light seen during the light craft sighting.  These power ups transfer a tremendous amount of packed energetic information to people who view them.  In the on-line healing retreat we will be experiencing the download of all 7 transmissions.  The first day we will experience two transmissions, followed by two more on the second day, and three on the third day of the on-line healing retreat.
Below is a summary of each transmission:
1) Transmission 1-focusing on a Galactic Red Vibration and emphasizing development of the root chakra.
2) Transmission 2-focusing on a Galactic Orange Vibration and emphasizing development of the sacral chakra.
3) Transmission 3-focusing on a Galactic Yellow Vibration and emphasizing development of the solar plexus chakra.
4) Transmission 4-focusing on a Galactic Green Vibration and emphasizing development of the heart chakra.
5) Transmission 5-focusing on a Galactic Blue Vibration and emphasizing development of the throat chakra.
6) Transmission 6-focusing on a Galactic Indigo Vibration and emphasizing development of the third eye chakra.
7) Transmission 7-focusing on a Galactic Violet Vibration and emphasizing development of the crown chakra.
The purpose of all seven transmissions is to accelerate your consciousness and make it more galactic, multi-dimensional, and multi-universal.  These transmissions will also help you to connect to your other parallel lives in simultaneous dimensions and universes.  Supporting each session during the on-line healing retreat will be use of advanced Arcturian Healing Method frequencies to prepare and then integrate your system to these high voltage and galactic frequencies.  After the energy portion of the retreat, we will have a period for questions, answers, and discussion on the galactic nature of the transmissions and their purpose for humanity during this time.

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What’s Included in Offer 3:

Gene Ang’s Super Quantum Healing Method

Learn over 10 techniques to make metal soft demonstrating to yourself that there is more to physical reality than meets the eye. Also the book covers in-depth the application of the techniques to healing and other aspects of transformation in your life.

Quantum Spoon Bending: a Model for Healing and Transformation 2.5 Hour Online Video
Value $55

Learn to bend spoons using 6 different techniques based on quantum mechanics and torsion field physics. So why hold a spoon bending class? It is not only about bending spoons! The change in material reality demonstrated by the bent utensil is a model for change. The mechanisms used are all known healing techniques. Experience how to use these techniques in your own life for personal growth and transformation.

Preview of class:

Transpersonal Chakra 2.5 Hour Online Video
Value $75

This evening seminar is an in-depth study and practice utilizing and integrating the 3 chakras above the body and 3 chakras below the body with the entire energy field. The seminar starts by understanding the structure and function of these transpersonal energy centers and how they relate to the energy centers found within the physical body. Next we will learn an advanced energy practices that utilize these transpersonal chakras: the Vesica Piscis Meditation.

The Vesica Piscis Meditation coordinates the activation of the 3 upper transpersonal chakras with the 3 lower transpersonal chakras. This allows for a balanced development of the energy field both above and below the energy body. This meditation further builds the sacred geometrical form of the vesica piscis into the energy field which acts as an inter-dimensional gateway for meditation and consciousness travel in the inner worlds.

The third part of the seminar is a discussion of the high frequency light and information called the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge (ADB). This healing energy is taught and transmitted in level 3 of the Arcturian Healing Method. The Arcturian Dimensional Bridge fully brings in the trans-dimensional space of consciousness and energy referred to as the Arcturian dimension into the dimension where the healing is taking place. This allows for rapid transformations in consciousness and energy for participants. In this video, participants will receive a full group healing (45 minutes) using the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge in which they can work on an issue on any level (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual).

Preview of the class

Uncollapsing the Wave 2.5 Hour Online Video
Value $45

Quantum Physics states that all things are arising out of the quantum void. This quantum void or zero point energy contains all possible outcomes and infinite potential. However, as soon as consciousness views a particular outcome then all these infinite possibilities collapse into that particular case. In Quantum Physics terms this is called collapsing the wave function.

Is it possible to go beyond this? Is it possible to go in the reverse direction? Any particular situation like a health condition or problem is similar to having the infinite possibilities of the quantum void collapsed into a particular wave function or condition. Is it possible to uncollapse that particular wave function and revert back to the infinite possibilities again? If so, this would allow for change on an enormous level.

In this video we go through these possibilities in the context of healing and transformation and look at practical techniques to allow you to uncollapse events and allow for unlimited possibilities in your life and the life of others. We will go through various attitudes and states of consciousness that allow for this to happen and also areas in the energy body that used as a focal point can allow for this infinite change. You will go away with both a theoretical understanding of this phenomenon as well as practical techniques.

Preview of the class

PLUS Bonus Transmissions:

Mt. Shasta 2017: Superhuman Transmissions mp3s

This is a recording of the classes, discussions, meditations, and activations done during the 5-day Mt. Shasta retreat.  The topic of the retreat focused on bringing forth the best in you in a way never before imagined.  We utilized a multi-dimensional 7 Planes of Nature Model to explain the current human and what an acceleration of evolution in consciousness would look like now.

These recordings allow you to participate in the information field of the class, learn the material and practices during the retreat, and experience the energy of 5 transmissions done at Mt. Shasta.  This package includes over 10 hours of discussion and talks and 4 hours of energy transmissions and meditations.

Highlights of what you receive include:

  • 5 energy transmissions (45 minutes each) done using the Arcturian Frequencies and Consciousness done in the Mt. Shasta energy field.  Each transmission sequentially develops your subtle bodies to uncover your spiritual abilities and powers
  • 1 unique transmission include in the 5 above that is guided by Metatron energy and consciousness.
  • An in-depth discussion of spiritual gifts or spiritual powers (siddhis) and how to develop them in your spiritual practice.
  • A discussion on which areas of your human energy field develop your spiritual gifts.
  • The energy transmissions can be used to actively meditate and develop your subtle bodies and spiritual gifts.  Gene guides you in the practice in each transmission.
  • A dynamic breathing practice that allows you to quickly build your etheric body and physical vitality.
  • A lecture on how to conduct Extraterrestrial Contact at Mt. Shasta and other related sacred sites.

If you want to experience the energy and information of Mt. Shasta, this package is exactly for you.  To order click the link below .You will be immediately sent download instructions for all the mp3s.

Plus the latest Online Healing Retreats


3 Sessions in MP3 download


In this Online Healing Retreat (OHR) we will be focusing on using a whole new array of Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies just starting to materialize on the planet. This series of frequencies, the Arcturian Upper Echelon Frequencies, is the next level of frequencies in the Arcturian Healing Method. The purpose of this OHR is to systematically expose you to the entire range of the Arcturian Upper Echelon Frequencies three times. Each session will raise your vibration to a new level. After three sessions, you will have experienced the full range of Upper Echelon Frequencies in three subsequent deepening and heightening ways.

In each session, we will first prepare our subtle bodies and consciousness using previously used and downloaded Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies. Then we will go through in a systematic way the use of Upper Echelon Frequency 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. These are the six Upper Echelon Frequencies currently downloading onto the planet now. Each frequency takes your current state of consciousness and vibration and raises it to the next level. In total by the end of the session, your frequency and vibration will be raised 6 times. Because we will be doing this three times in total (3 sessions), your vibration will be raised a total of 18 times which in numerology would equate to the number 9 (1+8=9). The number 9 is a number of completion. To conclude each session, we will use Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies to integrate and materialize the changes that have occurred in your system.

The purpose of this OHR using these frequencies is threefold:

  • To help us be of greater service.
  • To bring to our full awareness this relative reality and its dreamlike nature.
  • To bring to our awareness our true nature beyond space and time.

The Arcturian 5 Platonic Solids On-line Healing Retreat: Deepening the Meaning of Manifestation

3 Sessions

During this 3 session Online Healing Retreat, we will be experiencing and utilizing the Arcturian 5 Platonic Solids Healing Frequencies to aid in our powers of manifestation.  Each of the three days will be dedicated to infusing our subtle bodies with each of the Arcturian 5 Platonic Solids Healing Frequencies.  This is the first time we will be utilizing these frequencies in a public setting.

Session 1 :  we will be using the Arcturian Tetrahedral Fire Frequency and the Arcturian Icosahedral Air Frequency.  After each session with the healing energies we will discuss the basis of utilizing these shapes, elements, and frequencies in manifesting our thought forms into physical reality.

Session 2: continues our journey by utilizing and exposing our Fields to the Arcturian Octahedral Water Frequency and the Arcturian Cube Earth Frequency.  Here we continue the densification of the fine matter of thought into the densified matter of the physical plane.  We will also discuss the mysteries of the water and earth element and their corresponding Platonic shapes.

Session 3: concludes with the Arcturian Dodecahedral Etheric Frequency.  Perhaps the ultimate Platonic Solid and Element, the Dodecahedral shape and frequency embodies all the other shapes and elements and signifies the use of the etheric dimension.  We will imbue our subtle bodies and consciousness with the Arcturian Dodecahedral Etheric Frequency and then discuss the use of this shape in manifesting from the spiritual realms into the physical realm.

In summary these are the 5 Arcturian Platonic Solid Frequencies you will experience and be able to use afterwards through the mp3 recordings:

  1. The Arcturian Tetrahedral Fire Frequency- utilize the warmth ether in your creations.
  2. The Arcturian Icosahedral Air Frequency- utilize the light ether in your manifesting abilities.
  3. The Arcturian Octahedral Water Freqency- utilize the chemical ether in densifying your thought forms.
  4. The Arcturian Cube Earth Frequency- finally manifest through the life ether into the physical plane.
  5. The Arcturian Dodecahedral Ether Frequency-manifest with the multi-faceted overall frequency of creation

Also included in the three days will be a discussion of the Fifth Moral Ether and the Physic of the Etheric as espoused by Rudolf Steiner in explaining how cycles of creation and the densification of spiritual thought processes into the physical domain occur.

This series will be beneficial for people seeking the following objectives:

  1. If you want an energy tool to aid in your manifestation work not commonly available at this point in time.
  2. If you want to deepen your understanding of the processes of creation.
  3. If you want to begin working with sacred geometry from the Arcturian perspective.
  4. If you want to heal aspects of your life from an intentional and thought form point of view.

Online Healing Retreat: The Solar Logos Transmissions
3 Live Sessions – 90 minutes each

In this three part series, we will be making a deeper connection with the being of the sun known as the Solar Logos.  The Solar Logos is also known as the Christ Being and through the ages and different cultures has been referred to as Ahura Mazdao and acts as a fractal emanation pattern of the Godhead which humanity can relate to.  We can go into deeper resonance with the information field of the Solar Logos in order to develop and bring through our own Higher Self.

There are three Solar Logos transmissions meant to fully prepare us for this time of initiation during the month of December.  The first transmission is called the Clearing of Obstacles and is meant to help cleanse all the subtle bodies (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine) of traumas incurred in this life as well as past lives.  This helps us to be able to fully receive the divine energies and frequencies in transmission 2 and 3.

The second transmission is called the Chalice of the Heart.  In this transmission, the Solar Logos energies and consciousness will further open the 6 out of the 12 petals in the heart chakra.  The framework we are using here is that the heart chakra contains 12 lotus petals.  So far in humanity 6 of these petals or sections are already open.  The work of humanity is to open the remaining 6.  This transmission accelerates and aids the development of each person to further open fully these remaining 6 lotus petals of the heart.

The third transmission is a culmination transmission called the Christic Coordination.  In this transmission the heart center; the center for feeling and compassion, is coordinated with the head center; the center for intelligence and clairvoyance, and the belly center; the center for will and action.  All 3 centers are then coordinated and connected to the first chakra above the head which is the center for our incarnated soul or Higher Self.  The first chakra above the head is also the communication point for the conversation or connection with our Holy Guardian Angel.  From this first center above the head we are further able to communicate with our other Guides and Higher Beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  These include the Angels, Archangels, Archai, Elohim, Dynamis, Kyriotetes, Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim.

This series of transmission is meant to fully connect us to our Higher Self so that we can be of greater service to other people, other beings, and the planet.

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