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Awakening Your Divine Blueprint

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Online 30 day pre-recorded class, “Hacking Sabotage”

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Personalized Divine Blueprint Activation
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Offer 1


30 minute one-on-one session with Aurora via Zoom:
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Online 30 day pre-recorded class, “Hacking Sabotage”:

This package is filled with processes for shifting patterns of behavior and beliefs that we are ready to release.  In order to make activations meaningful, we are asked to concurrently do the inner work. I have been guided to offer this class so that we can be in our greatest alignment as we embrace the coming on line of our Christ coding and upgrades so that we may truly embody our highest levels of Source and our soul.

In addition, each person will receive one personalized MP3 sound/ light language activation made for their journey and growth.

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This Special Offer 2 Includes Offer 1:

Personalized Divine Blueprint Activation:

Personalized Divine Blueprint Activations are specific to the 2020 timelines of accelerated change. As we continue to navigate uncertainty, these activations are the perfect tool to align us to our greatest potentials for co-creation and manifestation. By combining geometry with light language, color, movement and sound, our consciousness can bypass the ego and move into a receptive state of empowerment and joy!

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This Special Offer 3 Includes Offer 2:

30 minute one-on-one session with Aurora via Zoom:

Received a personalized channeled message from The ELders of the Cosmos to assist in bringing forth whatever is called for in assisting you continue your life’s journey into purpose and connection.

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What People Have to Say About...

“Thank you for this gift of activation.  The title alone spoke to my entire being.  I immediately felt my solar plexus being activated and ease of grace and a spark if excitement came over me.  I could feel the movement of time with the timelessness and my mind relaxed. The gift of being seen is in itself healing, coupled with the tuft of grounding through the design is affirming. Every time I spend time with it, I receive more and I feel a deepen, almost like an ancient doorway of portal awaiting to show me more. I feel great sense of harmony and feel gratitude for it’s presence and what it reflects and activates in my life.”

– Jill S., healer, artist, visionary soul.


“Meditating with my Animated Heart Intelligence Activator, has been different than any other experience I have had.  So often I live either in the past or the future and this heart activator has given me a view into living my life in the moment.  It draws my heart deep into the ancients, to the future, bringing me this moment in time.  To combined the ancient’s wisdom, with the future possibilities to honor my life’s choices to truly walk and embrace all of who I am in this moment of time. Thank you, Aurora, for sharing and honoring your gifts, this is amazing!!”

–  DMarie