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Awakening the Lemurian Within

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Personal Session with Sacred Circle

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Lemurian Unity Circles
3 Zoom Seminars

Letina works with Whale Unity Heart, and together they ‘Awaken the Lemurian Within’. All the offers below have been created around the principle of Lemurian Re-birthing – bringing the intuitive, multidimensional, healing gifts and talents of lightworkers out into the world today. Bringing lightworkers out of their spiritual closet.

The whales say, no matter where we are on our ascension journey, they will meet us there. They ask us to swim in the clear waters of their slip stream and allow them to do the heavy lifting for us.

Together we now rebirth the Lemurian souls who are awakening now all over the world.

Offer 1: Personal Session

Item 1: Personal Session – Lemurian Soul Remembrance Session

1.5  hour personal session one on one with Letina.  Go very deep with Letina and get your questions answered. Guidance from the Whales will meet with your Soul to journey back to Lemuria to uncover your gifts and rebirth them in this world. Very much about rebirthing your Lemurian Gifts, meeting the Highest Needs of your Soul and what you need to hear today.  Channeled Guidance takes you on a deep meditative journey back to the shores of Lemuria or a very sacred space where you will be shown working with your skills during that time and space.

Item 2: Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circles

(For women only)

Digital Format : Delivery by Zoom platform

Length of program: Each Zoom session will be approx. 2 hours. Sessions will be recorded and delivered to clients after the session is completed.


MONDAY October 19, 2020. 10 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

A circle of healing and remembrance facilitated by Letina. Come with the intention to re-connect with your soul sisters, and spiritual tribe and to enliven a remembrance of a time long ago, when our intuitive gifts were acknowledged and revered. You will connect with your soul family, feel your spiritual tribe around you, and be astounded at how we gather together with ease and grace.

Our gentle, loving and healing space is set for you to awaken your intuitive gifts in a safe and supportive environment. There is nothing you need to do. There is nothing you need to have. Just be.

We meet each other in this space, all sisters. In a way that we could not orchestrate on our own. There is a grand plan that brings us together again, and it has to do with healing for ourselves, for our families, friends and love ones, and in turn a re-balancing of Gaia. We meet now because it is the right time.

We gather to remember, to create a very special space where we can just be.

A gentle mediation to open our energy centres, and feel the loving connections around us.

Be guided through the Lemurian Sisterhood Spiral Initiation meditation.

Sharing of experiences, and discussion of relevant spiritual topics.

Spirit healings, group healings, group readings and individual readings.

Light language blessings and energy transmissions for the circle.

Receive channelled messages from our Pleiadian Star Mothers, and our beloved Whale Unity Heart – the heart of the whale consciousness.

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Offer 2: 3 Zoom Seminars

Item 1: “Lemurian Unity Circles – Lessons from the Whales of Lemuria” x 3

(For women and men)

Digital Format : Delivery by Zoom platform

Length of program: Each Zoom session will be approx. 1.5 hours. Sessions will be recorded and delivered to clients after the session is completed.


Monday 9 November 2020, 10 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Monday 16 November 2020, 10 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time

Monday 23 November 2020, 10 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time

The powerful Language of Lemurian Unity has been given to specifically awaken the Lemurian within, and to rebirth the Lemurian souls who are waking up across Gaia today.

Letina will use this language that delivers filaments of light, to present the stories of the Whales of Lemuria. These are channeled stories that we live by, that open our hearts to the love and compassion the whales have for humanity.

Over three sessions that will be recorded for you, sit in sacred circle with Letina and her guides The Whale Unity Heart, as they present stories of awakening that encourage us to listen to our souls calling, our heart’s guidance, and recognize the many synchronicitous blessings our life presents to us every day.

These channeled messages, combined with ancient Lemurian light language, allow the bubbling up of your Lemurian Akash – awakening you to the fullness of your ancient soul.

Come together and meet your Lemurian soul tribe and share soul space with the Whales of Lemuria.

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What People have to Say…

Dianne Harris

I have known Letina for over 10 years and within that time I have seen her blossom into her true calling as a gifted healer, and light worker.

Her dedication and respect for her craft is amazing and this carries through into all the work she does.

I have had the privilege of healing sessions with Letina and her helpers (The Whales) and they have been truly transformative, full of wisdom, love and incredible insight, which was exactly what was needed at the time.

Letina has the gift to hold you in a safe, loving and compassionate energy that she creates.


Thank you Letina,

That was so powerful. I’ve never shared distance gatherings in a mediation style forum before as I always prefer being physically in the same space. Last night was the first time and the energy was very powerful, potent and dynamic and very gentle and soft all at the same time.


Thank you for linking us into the energy and holding the space for us.

You are amazing and your energy so beautiful.


Having been a participant in a number of Letina’s Lemurian Circles I have found that she has a wonderful gift for receiving divine energy.

It is this energy that raises one’s consciousness to a higher frequency whereby one can experience an all encompassing oneness, healing and love.

Also it is Letina’s ability to channel, that brings forth that divine guidance and wisdom.

Wonderful! In gratitude.


My spiritual awakening began 6 years ago upon meeting Letina.

It was during one of our first conversations where we shared our views on the topic of spirituality, that I opened up about recent activity with spirit and how unprepared, and alarmed I felt in this new world.

Letina supportively shared her philosophies of the healing arts, her own relationship with spirit, and modalities which resonated with her.

Encouraging me to explore further, she equipped me with the understanding of the power of positive intention, its relationship to self, spirit and influence on today’s modern world.


Letina is a truly gifted healer.

I have had a series of 6 sessions and they have been truly transformational.

Gentle, caring and fiercely loyal to all aspects of my soul Letina has gently guided me to find what treasures lay hidden underneath the ego to find what is is that my heart is longing to express and then how to express these gifts in my everyday life.

So thank-you Letina with all my heart.

Deanna Myson

Working with Letina has been such a blessing and gift for me. She is a powerful channeler and healer. I immediately felt safe in her presence.

Letina masterfully and lovingly gets to the heart of the matter. Working through the Lemurian Rebirthing process has opened me up in ways I could not imagine.

I spent most of my life in fear of reclaiming my power.  The responsibility seemed so overwhelming/daunting at times. The tools that I received in our sessions were powerful and empowering. Each week’s meditation was exactly what I needed in that moment.

I am now willing to embrace my inner goddess and for that I am eternally grateful to Letina and her guides.


Thank you so much Letina!! It was beyond words the experience we had… I am so eager and open to receive all that is flowing in now. I am so excited that I cant wait for all the unfolding, I feel like a child waiting to open the presents…

I thank you, my guides, and the Pleiadian Star Mothers as I finally feel purposeful…



Letina organised a beautiful retreat and everything was taken care of with love and attention to detail.

We visualised contact with gentle whales and were richly rewarded with many visits from our ocean friends.

It was an amazing time of meditation, reflection and association with like-minded goddesses and a unique opportunity to focus on personal and spiritual growth and I was honoured to be part of raising the vibration of our world.


Joining Letina and nine other amazing souls on this journey to connect with the energy and wisdom of the whales, was an opportunity that I came across a short time ago.

Letina coordinated and facilitated an experience that all of us will remember for this lifetime and beyond. Letina found the perfect catamaran, captain and crew to keep us safe, well fed and certainly finding the “good” whales for us to swim with.

We not only saw the whales up close, they shared their energy and love with us in the water as well with a gentle touch.

My deepest gratitude and affection for Letina.  I hope to join the group again next year as it is definitely a trip to experience again.

Highly recommending this special soul Letina and her sacred whale retreat to Hervey Bay.