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Awakening the Shakti Within

Mastering the Flow of Light, Increasing your Radiance and Becoming Love

By Christel Hughes


Enter the World of Mysticism and Devotion…

Discover the underlying Vastness of the Universe that is your True Self…

Play in the Infinite Playground that leads to Illumination…


Light up your Life and Being…Become a channel for Divine Feminine Energy. For way too long, we’ve allowed the experience of life to harden and dampen our ‘Spiritual’ spirit. We’ve felt weird, different or like an outcast if we wanted to be creative, intuitive and flow energy. We’ve felt too guilty to take the time out of our busy lives to make real connections with others, the Divine and even with our own Higher Self. Spiritual exploration feels like a luxury to most. And most don’t want to really tell anyone what they are doing when they go on a spiritual retreat or quest into the deeper part of themselves.

The truth is that we are so Dis-Connected from the Truth of our being… sometimes we feel shamed by others for wanting to be more and feel more Connected to Source. It actually pains us when we are disconnected and there is always a deep feeling that something is missing within.

But you don’t need to feel that way — lonely, empty, lost or fearful. You can begin to open to the Light and start to feel a real knowing that the Divine is here for you, listening to you and right within you.

Now maybe you’ve done a lot of work and you’ve gotten to the point where you can ‘manage’ your feelings, emotions and thoughts, but you can’t sustain it without feeling like there is another level. You don’t want the job of managing energy anymore, you recognize now that you want to Master (not manage). You Know that you truly yearn to EMBODY Divinity, Truth, Oneness.

You want to break Free to the next level of FLOW. You want to understand and Feel the exhilarating feeling of Being Illuminated – Being Alive with the ever flowing bliss of the Universe – Being in the Knowing (beyond any doubt) – simply BEING.

You are ready to Awaken the Shakti Within ~ To dance and Flow with the Pure Essence of Divinity that has created All of creation. You’re ready to be One with the Divine. Welcome…

  • Increase Radiance & the Natural power of attraction
  • Stay in the Flow no matter what
  • Raise your vibration through magical key notes
  • Re-create moments of expansion, ‘emptiness’ and Shakti
  • Invoke underlying manifesting energies of the Universe
  • Remove obstructions to infinite Wisdom

Awakening the Shakti Within is about the ‘inner experience’ as a Dance with the Divine. What if you could take in the All that is…to elegantly evolve…make the evolutionary experience one that initiates Shakti power so that you can embody the waves of consciousness. This leads to a life of liberation and one of Bliss — you finally feel worthy of receiving because you know where and how the Divine flows through your body, mind and being.

Item 1: Awakening the Shakti Within

~ Mastering the Flow of Light, Increasing your Radiance and Becoming Love
Value ($1172)

  • Live Orientation/Intention ‘Dance with Shakti’ Session
  • 5 Live Shakti Awakening Sessions with
  • 5 Live ’Shakti Archetype Activations’ (1 per session)
  • Awakening the Shakti Within Membership site

Tap into the Divine essence of creation that animates all life. Discover the feeling of this presence within your own being so that you can deeply ‘Know’ the Truth of your being Divine. Trace and Follow the path of life force within your body, Learn to dance with this sacred vibrational spirit that brings form into manifestation through your humble supplication. Journey into your most Sacred Self to Become Love.

In this 5 week Live program, we’re going on a Divine Exploration within traveling with the Pure life force energy called Shakti. In this insightful journey, you will embody the 4 major soul vibrations that lead you to the Ultimate Creatrix Power of the Universe. Meeting the Creatrix will unlock your Magical spirit, connect you with the subtle Elementals and awaken the Oracle nature within.

You will feel what it’s like to dance the creation dance of the Universe and discover the alchemical nature of being in Oneness as Pure Love. As pure love you feel confident and worthy to shine and share your Radiance.

Get out of the energies that are holding you down and instead unleash your Divine passion…aligning with the direct Pulsating force of the Universe that dances you into Being. That is Shakti! She is the Primal life giving force that drives all of Creation and she lives within you ~ Discover & Awaken the Shakti Within.

  • Live Orientation/Intention ‘Dance with Shakti’ Session
  • 5 Live Shakti Awakening Sessions

Within each Shakti Awakening Session we will do:

  • ~ Exploratory guided journeys…where I lead you to playing, awakening & bonding with Shakti energy.
  • ~ Shakti downloads as I channel forth a greater level of Awareness of what Shakti is and where to find it within and how to use it for ‘snapping’ you out of the daily grind attitude that jails your spirit.

~ Plus 5 live ’Shakti Archetype Activation’ Sessions

Archetypes are ancient, Universal patterns of human nature that are embedded in the collective consciousness and are typically represented by a character, like the hero or the child. These repeating patterns of thoughts and action recur throughout differing groups of people and societies throughout the World establishing the basis for our individual consistent actions, habits, and behaviors as well as our collective belief systems and societal standards. Archetypes can be demonstrated with light or shadow aspects although the Archetypes themselves are neutral.

There are attributes of specific Archetypes that you can tap into and utilize to support you in your evolution. Through these Shakti Archetype Activations, you’ll be working with the major Archetypes that will guide you to the Ultimate Creatrix Power of the Universe. You’ll go through processes to embody the specific vibrations that lead to the Creatrix Archetype where you move, dance and flow as the magic wand of the Universe while bringing forth your Divine creations.

Live Activations of 5 Major Shakti Archetypes:

  • The Alchemist – Mastering the element of energy

  • The Magician – Discovering the magical power of mantra

  • The Knower – Deep Understanding and Discernment

  • The Seer – Increasing your Intuitive capacity

  • The Creatrix – Becoming the Magic Wand of the Universe

The Alchemist

Mastering the element of energy

The Magician

Discovering the Magical power of mantra

The Knower

Deep Understanding and Discernment

The Seer

Increasing your Intuitive capacity

The Creatrix

Becoming the Magic Wand of the Universe

Benefits of taking Awakening Shakti Within:

  • Expansion beyond the Self limitations of human existence
  • Connection to your Pure beingness
  • Closer to living your Authentic True being
  • Believing in yourself and the Divine support
  • Becoming Love within and sharing that Love
  • Leads to transcendental consciousness of the Creatrix ~ you as the Creative Magic wand of the Universe

Item 2: Sacred Heart Shakti Mantras

~ Embody Cosmic Seed Sounds to Infuse your aura with Light, Invoke & Contain Sacred Divine qualities and increase your connection with Shakti (the Feminine Power of the Universe)
Value: $664

  • Live calls – 8 week Sacred embodiment practice of the Heart

    • …Techniques drawn upon the traditions of the Ancients. These are the secrets to Activations within…inspiring evolutionary practices and rituals for connection.
  • 8 PDF’s – Shakti Mantra Yoga ~ Quest of the heart

    • Charge up your aura and chakras with Mantras! Mantra is pure power in sound form, bringing you abundance, health, happiness, success and spiritual liberation. Mantra is the power of God given to us as a tool to attain self-realization and illumination. Mantra bestows upon us all good things. We use Mantra to overcome obstacles, adversity, pain and suffering. Mantra can heal your body, protect you from evil eye, entities and bad spirits.

We use Mantra for:

  • Purification and alignment with Divine qualities
  • Development of Mind Power, Focus, Concentration
  • Building the Light Body for spiritual development and evolution
  • Protection from calamities, accidents, injuries and evil energies
  • Healing afflictions and improving health
  • Inner Peace, harmony and Flow
  • Transformation, Liberation, Illumination

Mantras create specific energy waves and eventually Quiet the Mind

Align with Wealth and Well-being…Mantra, when chanted sincerely, produces a state where the person vibrates at the rate completely in tune with the energy and spiritual state, represented by and contained within the Cosmic Seed Sound.

At a deep level within your mind, the subconscious is a collection of all the forms of primitive consciousnesses which exist throughout the physical and subtle bodies. Using mantra through chanting can excavate the crystallized energies stored in the DNA, organs and glands, transforming these bodily parts into repositories of Light. Eventually your being becomes the Light of Divine Bliss and Peace.

In this 8 week practice of Mantra Yoga we’ll focus specifically on the Shakti Bija (Seed) Mantras and the Shakti Goddesses that embody them.

This is a powerful devotional practice centered around the foundational Shakti Bija Mantras. These divine sounds are what create the very fabric of our Universe. Through chanting, inner exploration and recitation, we will activate the Shakti within us and align ourselves as powerful channels for the Divine Feminine that energizes our lives.

Learn Sacred Invocation

…techniques drawn upon the traditions of the Ancients. These are the secrets to Activations within…inspiring evolutionary practices and rituals for connection.

Generate energies for Embodiment

…inner strength, soulfulness, radiance, power and trust by infusing your aura with Pure Shakti.

Connect with 8 God/Goddess Archetypes

…seed mantras to infuse your being with vibrational expressions of Light.

Create a Temple within

…Learn to use these sound seeds to inspire a sanctuary within that will become your temple of creation and connection.

Sacred Heart Infusion Week #1

Practice: Ascending Power of Pure Consciousness

Sacred Heart Infusion Week #2

Practice: Creative power of knowledge and guidance

Sacred Heart Infusion Week #3

Practice: Power of illumination and reflection

Sacred Heart Infusion Week #4

Practice: Power of reflection and devotion

Sacred Heart Infusion Week #5

Practice: Power of action, expression and transformation

Sacred Heart Infusion Week #6

Practice: Power of love and attraction

Sacred Heart Infusion Week #7

Practice: Power to purify, protect and remove negativity

Sacred Heart Infusion Week #8

Practice: Power to hold and conceive

~ 8 PDF’s – Shakti Mantra Yoga ~ Quest of the heart

PDF’s for each Goddess and corresponding Mantra that infuses the energy into your aura.


  • What it means to be intimately guided by the primordial essence ~ Shakti
  • The feeling of pulsation and power that continuously creates an Infinite space of beingness…beyond emotions, thoughts and feelings
  • The still point that leads to the heart of creativity in motion
  • The sacred practices that increase your chances of Illumination, equanimity & inner peace
  • What true sacred Feminine surrender is as an devotional practice
  • An Elegant exploration through communion and collaboration with Pure Light forces of the Universe

About Christel

Christel Hughes is a Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, Medium and Holistic Life coach, known by many as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”, specializing in self-development, energetic healing and rapid transformation for celebrities and individuals throughout the World. Most people know Christel for her lightning-fast and laser-focused Intuitive readings.

Christel’s work has broadened to include multiple programs and pathways to Higher Consciousness and Energetic Transformation. The Academy for the Soul was born through Christel Hughes, as the ‘Online School for Intuitive Arts’. Christel’s purpose is to bring and shine light into the world, and to operate as a conduit of Divine Truth, working with people as they identify and develop their gifts, and step into their purpose-work. The Academy for the Soul helps people discover and develop their Intuitive Gifts, and then share those gifts with the world as an offering.

Bonus Item: Exploratory Journey of Shakti Flow

1-1 Exploration Consultation & mini-Session with Amanda Hopkins ~

Identifying your Reinforcement Configurations & more…

Value: $94

Amanda Hopkins is known for her proficiency with identifying where energy flow is stifled, restricted and diminished in the body and supporting you in making those transformational shifts that will re-establish energy flow. Where flow is cut off, there is corresponding disconnection from Divine which leads to dis-ease within the body and an inability to access the inherent capacity of the body to heal, sustain vital health or feel supported and taken care of. As a result, connection with Universal life force energy, with Shakti energy, is severed leaving you feeling tired, vulnerable, unsafe and constantly watching over your shoulder for potential threats.

So in your 20 minute 1-on-1 exploratory journey with Amanda, she’s going to guide you into the deeper recesses of your Being supporting you to become intimately aware of the subtle sensations and movements that are occurring within the cells of your body. As you become more deeply connected in this way, a higher level of awareness of both your body and your own inner knowing is made available to you which aids in identifying where you are cut off from Divine support, preventing you from being in a full space of trust of the Divine and therefore restricting energy flow.

From that space of awareness Amanda will help you in identifying the following:

~ The number one reinforcement configuration that is shunting your flow of Shakti Energy.

A reinforcement configuration is a structure, construct or other such framework that locks disempowering, energy zapping patterns, behaviors and sabotaging habits in place which leave you feeling stuck and helpless to create lasting change.

~ Where in the body and energy fields this reinforcement configuration is being held

Here Amanda will identify the major system (immune system, circulatory system, etc) within the body that is being most greatly impacted including the percentage of impact

~ Amanda will tune into your central channel and identify your percentage of energy flow from head to toe

Through this exploratory journey you’ll clear the top 2 emotions that are creating disruptive flow through your central channel

You’ll leave this exploratory journey feeling lighter, more deeply connected within and with an expanded awareness that will enable you to know what steps are necessary for you to stabilize your physical body container to source and flow greater levels of Shakti energy.

About Amanda

Amanda is an Intuitive Energy Efficiency Expert, Academy Master Teacher with Academy for the Soul and a Certified Intuitive Strategist. With a blend of elegance and precision, Amanda guides people through the most efficient and effective transformational shifts that will ripple out into all areas of life, to support them in manifesting their desires, living their dreams and operating from their Truth.

Her purpose is to aid people in aligning their ideal Spiritual energetic state with their practical, Physical Reality. Amanda is sought after for her ability to rapidly identify energy deficiencies in the body and energy field. She’s known by most for her intuitive ability to quickly zoom into the core of an issue and deliver the precise, most effective steps to make an instant shift.

She provides a unique combination of cutting edge tools and techniques that empower people to take charge of their lives and energy. Her work is designed to create greater ease, expand possibilities, and increase the capacity for achievement in all life areas!

The practices, processes and exercises in this program are designed to open doorways into the subtle energy that dances at the core of your heart, body, mind and the Universe.

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What people are saying about Christel


Christel is a brilliant light and a real pleasure to work with. At my personal session I had many ideas for my soul purpose and mission but hadn’t seen an effective way to unite different aspects. Christel held a strong and compassionate container and guided me through uncovering my soul-level gifts and seeing possibilities there that I hadn’t considered or known about. That day it felt like we breathed divine sparks over the embers of my purpose work and I was delighted at how it lit up and came to life with great new dimension. Christel’s breadth of experience, heart-centeredness, insights, and vision are remarkable and she is, simply phenomenal!

~ Anonynymous

Thank you, this helped me in more ways that one. The Pineal gland if you didn’t know and Christel I don’t think you mentioned effects: Secretion of the Hormone Melatonin, Regulation of Endocrine Functions, Conversion of Nervous System Signals to Endocrine Signals. This has made a huge difference in my life!

~ Theresa

To work with Christel is to receive the Gift of Clarity, heartfully wrapped in focused Truth, Compassion and Love. She has the remarkable ability to pierce through what felt like confusion and chaos, to identify the aspects that have been causing separation from Highest Guidance, and to brilliantly guide us in transforming that previously-disturbing energy into energy aligned with our Higher Self.

~ Hanalea Joy

Christel is a very powerful force for truth on the phone and online, but in person she is off the charts. I had an in-person session with her that resulted in a profound internal shift that I still feel and hold close long after the session. If you get the chance to work with Christel in person, I would jump at the opportunity!

~ Deb Regan, Intuitive Space Clearing Specialist

When I first found Christel Hughes, I was over-sensitive and just looking for a way to stop other people’s energies from entering my space. She taught me how to protect my boundaries and a lot more. Christel helped me open doors I would never have been able to do on my own. With her high level intuitive abilities, Christel helped me identify my blocks, clear them, as well as help other people clear their blocks. Christel has also gifted me with identifying my own intuitive gifts and setting me on a path to fulfill my purpose work. Her support has me creating in a way I would never have had the nerve to do on my own. I can’t wait for our next adventure of me introducing myself to the world! Christel’s light is so very bright—what a treasure I have found! In much love and gratitude.

~ LDChown

Since working with Christel, I have shifted into a place where I have greater acceptance of myself; I have much more self-confidence and self-esteem than I ever thought would be possible. I have been able to break out of my endless cycle of self-defeating patterns. This whole process has put me on a path to more easily identify as my higher self, become more intuitive, and be more on purpose using my gifts and talents.

~ Lynne

I feel like I have made huge progress since you did my intuitive group reading on 16 Nov! It was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me so thank you from the bottom of my heart for flicking my light switch on. You have changed my life and I am more grateful to you than words can ever express.

~ Rachel

The Intuitive Assessment given by Christel Hughes was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever participated in. Christel has the natural ability to literally tap into your Higher Self and give these meticulous details about your gifts, how you flow energy, precisely where there are blockages and mis-directed energy flows within your Energetic Field, where your awareness is in terms of: are you living too much in the past or the future and are you stuck in your ways or too spacey. Besides the all the relevant wisdom I gained, I came out of my Intuitive Assessment session with a great sense of pride and self-confidence about my true authentic self.

~ Cindy

Thank you so much for your time. In the past I have been told similar things but never what to do to correct or heal the blocked areas. You have been such a wonderful help in that area and I truly appreciate your help. I have good direction and now know what to do and what to work on. Many Blessings to you.

~ Kim

I got the most amazing reading and guidance from Christel Ella Marie Hughes last night. If you really want to know what’s standing in the way of you being your most BRILLIANT and AUTHENTIC self, you should work with her!

~ Dulani

You are a star, shining brightly enough that those who you encounter clearly see their own paths. I am grateful that I was lead to connect w/ you. You are inspiration, even to those who inspire, and your talents are a present reminder of just how good God is. I celebrate you, I pray for you and I see the Light you. Thank you.

~ Jerome