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Awakening to Eternal Joy
7 Hour Audio Programm

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Awakening Eternal Joy

“Exploring the 6 Essential Insights of Heart-Centered Consciousness”

Would you like to have more of what you want while living in alignment with the will of the Universe? Are you ready to activate the light of your highest potential? Isn’t it time to transform the ups and downs of life into a paradise of Divine perfection? If so, please join author and spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn for a life-changing adventure to awaken the eternal joy of a new spiritual paradigm.

If you are ready to invite greater clarity, profound healing, timeless passion, and eternal joy into all aspects of your life, this collection of teachings acts as roadmap that returns you home to the love that you are.

This special package of teachings includes 7 hours of energetically-fueled downloads, this never-before-released collection of teachings clarifies all aspects of the spiritual journey with humor, compassion, and ease, including:

Listing of Sessions

Track #1 – Only Love Can Free You
1 hr. 34 mins.
Through Matt’s humor and direct transmission of presence at this first-ever soul gathering in Sedona, AZ, you will experience the dissolving of old spiritual paradigms, where the notion of fear and superstition are unraveled by the radiance of love. If you are ready to take a quantum leap into a new horizon of unity-consciousness, then this download is an ideal companion for your journey ahead.
During this transmission, you will:

  • Realize the deeper meaning of karma and how it relates to the evolution of your journey
  • Explore the true essence of life at a higher vibration from a heart-centered perspective
  • Learn how to embrace each moment with honesty, humility, and joy
  • Discover the grace of love in action beyond all ideas, conclusions, and understandings

Track #2 – The Ecstasy of Freedom
1 hr. 2 mins.
Enter the heart of surrender with renewed faith and ecstatic ease through this humorous and clarifying teaching. Feel what it’s like to relinquish attachments to outcome, so any internal conflict can be resolved with compassion and grace. If you are ready to ease the overactive mind and invite more peace, harmony, and joy into your life, this transmission is essential listening for all spiritual beings.
During this transmission, you will:

  • Learn how to surrender in the most thoughtful and gentle way
  • Experience the undeniable beauty of harmony in action
  • Enter the doorway of awakening to discover the ecstasy dwelling in every breath
  • Honor the physical body as magnificent decoration of emptiness in form

Track #3 – The Perfect Question
1 hr. 23 mins.
What if the perfect question is not an idea that leads you in search of answers, but a curiosity that awakens insight and unravels misunderstandings – just by asking it? This transmission is an opportunity to discard self-defeating beliefs and judgments to assist you in remembering the truth of your divine nature. If you are ready to embrace the light of your highest potential, no matter how you think, act, or feel, this download is perfect for your journey. Included in this download: a deeper understanding of how energy works in personal encounters, the “seven most important words,” as well as a powerful healing process that releases attachment to the old paradigm as an entry point into 5th dimensional unity-consciousness.
During this transmission, you will:

  • Uncover the perfect question that redirects your attention back to Source
  • Explore self-realization without needing anything to prove, maintain, or believe
  • Reclaim your power as a living expression of divinity in form
  • Learn how to transform your reality as an energetically-sensitive soul
  • Understand what it really means to return to love

Track #4 – The Flow of Divine Perfection
56 mins.
When consciousness awakens, the ever-changing circumstances of life reveal a flow of Divine perfection throughout all time and space.  As you harmonize and merge into it, your life transforms each pitfall of victimhood into moments of profound growth and expansion. If you are ready to enter the most exciting chapters of existence and awaken the flow of Divine perfection within you, then this transmission is essential listening for the evolution of your soul.
During this transmission, you will:

  • Explore the unconditional peace, joy, and harmony of Universal will
  • Venture beyond the limiting view of victim consciousness with simplicity and ease
  • Unravel self-defeating beliefs so that everything in life becomes proof of infinite wellness
  • Decode the deeper meaning of pain and discomfort as powerful catalysts of transformation

Track #5 – Seeing Beyond the Matrix
1 hr. 14 mins.
Awakening is a transition from the ups and downs of human being to the liberated joy of being Divine. As this occurs, it is not for the purpose of denying your human adventure, but to discover a divine reality that experiences itself in physical form. If you are ready to relinquish beliefs in control and embrace the deepest meaning of being human, then this transmission acts as your invitation to see beyond the matrix.
During this transmission, you will:

  • Learn how to navigate your spiritual journey from a 5D perspective
  • Explore the true purpose of thoughts and how they can help you awaken
  • Make peace with each emotional reaction to free you from the grip of judgment
  • Discover the nature of consciousness as the most reliable technology in existence

Track #6 – The Cosmic Joke
52 mins.
Explore your fully-embodied potential in a humorous and heart-centered way to awaken the truth of who you really are. This download is an opportunity to transform all aspects of your life with the true peace, liberation, and relief of Universal Will. If you are ready to enter a new timeline of happiness, harmony, inspiration, and joy, then this transmission is an ideal companion for the evolution of your journey.

During this transmission, you will:

  • Understand why patterns of energetic clearing seems so endless
  • Discover the true passion of your soul to resolve all worries and concerns
  • Learn to ground your spiritual growth and expansion with heart-centered joy
  • Remember the essential role of the world in awakening your highest potential

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