Offer 1


Language of Light Private session – 30 minutes

Offer 2


Language of Light Activation Recordings
7 Activations mp3 format

Offer 3


Both Offers 1 and 2
for one low price

Offer 1 Includes:

Pkg. 1 – Language of Light Private session “Rainbow Methods” – 30 minutes

  • This session will give you:   
  • How to work with the Rainbow Methods
  • A way to transcend the physical and be in the presence of the Divine
  • Love, support and specific Guidance for YOU
  • Activations, keys and codes that will help you release fear, raise your vibration and grow quickly
  • Information that you need right now in the moment.

One on one by ZOOM with recording of the session. Must be booked within 14 days of purchase. 

YES! I want Barbara’s special offer Option 1 for $97

Offer 2 Includes:

Pkg. 2 – Language of Light Activation Recordings.. 7 Activations mp3 format

This specific series of seven audio activations takes you on a journey of self discovery, self healing and vibration raising experiences. Each audio is less than 8 minutes. It will easily fit into your busy day. To receive the highest good for yourself, they are to be treated as sacred gifts. It is best to be in a safe, sacred space to fully experience these activations. Each audio holds a specific vibration for you. You will receive one new activation each week by email.  Listen to your activation daily until the next one comes to you, and so forth. Your vibration will be raised as you experience each one. One builds upon the other, so the cumulative effective is very powerful.

Even after the first activation you may notice a difference in your thoughts and how you think about yourself or others. After all of these activations you will surely see a difference in your life. It is because you have experienced more of your true self, received healing and have grown in unconditional love for yourself and others. You will notice very powerful changes in yourself.

Week 1-   The bonus -Heart Opening – This activation is important because it increases unconditional love for yourself and others. Once you love yourself more, you automatically love others more.

Releasing judgement – This Activation is important because you do need to release the old destructive energies before the new higher vibrations can come in.

Week 2- Gratitude – To have gratitude is important because it is a high vibration. When we keep ourselves in a high vibration we are then in the “attraction” mode. This is where all things can come to us easily.

Week 3 Awareness of the inner child– This Activation is important because in order to have a peaceful, joyful life and accomplish your goals you need a clear path without blocks, which may come from your inner child. Your Inner Child needs to be healed and happy in order to work with you without hindering you.

Week 4- Recognizing inner guidance – This Activation is important because this is the higher guidance that will help you in all areas of your life.  This gives you Guidance from a Higher perspective.

Week 5- Asking the right questions – This activation is important because you need to know what to ask in order to receive important information. It is crucial that we ask the right questions.

Week 6- Listening for answers – It is important because you will now be activated to learn the ways that answers come to you. You will now start to be aware of how and when answers come to you.

Week 7- Gift of understanding – When you can understand why someone does, what they do, you are less critical of them. This is important because with this activation we set ourselves free of judgment and instead can use that energy for our highest good.

YES! I want Barbara’s special offer Option 2 for $97

Offer 3 Includes Both Offer 1 and 2 for $147

YES! I want Barbara’s special offer Option 3 for $147

Here is what people have to say about Barbara Babish

From Janice Davies (Australia/New Zealand)

“***Highest Recommendation Ever for Dr. Rev. Barbara Marie Babish***

Barbara Marie took me aside, while I was in Los Angeles at the M2M event last March 2019.  She was led to pass on an important message to me from the Divine realms. She later called this the Language of Light session.  It is just one of her offerings. It was Amazing!!  I could feel God’s love coming through her to me.

Several other ladies then booked sessions with her that weekend.  All of us were given very special messages that gave us blessings for our current work, clarity, confidence, and direction about our next moves. Barbara Marie says that in the Language of Light session we are given “activations, key and codes” that our Higher Self will work with.  She taps into the Divine Source, God, Spirit, Guides, The Masters (or whatever you want to call them) and has been receiving Divine messages for 20 years.  She taps into ‘your specific guiding source’.

A few days ago (June 2019), I had another session with Barbara Marie using the Zoom system online. I had blockages from eons ago, that were removed. She also introduced me to The Way of the Rainbow: The Ultimate Meditation System which had been given to her by “The Present Ones” back in 2008. It teaches us how to tap into our higher guidance, raise our vibration, clear our fear, and so much more!   It is an amazing 7 step system!

To anyone who feels stuck, blocked, needs clarity, peace, direction, or answers, I VERY highly recommend The Language of Light session with Barbara Marie. Her sessions provide us with the highest purest source of love and guidance available. She communicates with the Divine on our behalf.”

You can read more on her website at:

From Danisa Peralta (U.S.A.)

“I just had a wonderful loving session with Barbara Marie and I want to tell her thank you very much because it was such an enlightening experience. I feel that anyone who goes to her will have a wonderful transcending experience. I found that I resonated a lot with the things she said and the messages that came through to her because she is a wonderful medium. What happened sometimes was I wouldn’t even say anything and and messages would come. One of them was from my grandmother and she told me I had contracts from many lifetimes ago. I felt that I got really good information and Barbara Marie actually confirmed some of the thoughts and experiences I have had in this lifetime. For example she told me about several gifts that I will be receiving. That just blew me away as far as what gifts I will be receiving such as the Claire type gifts. I noticed that I have something towards the sentiment side and I wondered is this real, am I making it up? She told me about past lives where I have these gifts and so she confirmed it.

Also the messages giving advice from my own guides in regards to how to meditate to be able to communicate with them myself. I was told that I will be able to hear them and even see them myself very soon.

One more thing that I wanted to share is that Barbara Marie, cares a lot about her clients because with our session there were messages that were coming through from my grandmother’s side. The message was very loving, so much so that, I started crying and also Barbara Marie started crying because she felt that such strong love flowing through her. There were many tears, but they were tears of love and joy.  I could literally feel it. It was palpable and I could feel the love coming through. It was very, very powerful. We both cried together and it was amazing.

I highly recommend Barbara Marie and I know you will get several aha moments and a lot of advice that you can apply in your life right away.”

Celine Chamard  (Canada) 

“It is part of my desire to travel around the world and meet great souls. I met one recently in Los Angeles, CA. As soon as I saw her I felt the need in my heart to have a session with her. I was looking for guidance and clarity for my life. The guidance I received help me make better decisions for my business, my finances and my relationships. It also helped to awaken my gifts and see great possibilities for my life.

Through her I felt the real support of Divine guidance and I am so grateful for that. One of the peak moments I had with her was when she told me I had three angels assisting me with my mission. One of their names is Celeste. What a great surprise. It was a great surprise because so many times in this past year the name Celeste popped up and I didn’t know who that was or why that name kept coming to me. When  Barbara Marie explained to me about Celeste and how she’s helping me it brought me so much light and so much joy in my heart.

Another peak will moment was when Barbara Marie used the language of light which is also very, very powerful!

So if you feel it in your heart I highly recommend that you book a session with Barbara Marie. I have been touched by her. I’ve been touched by her humility and her generosity and I have been touched by her luminous heart and soul. Having met her has been a blessing for me and my life and so would it be for you.”

Testimonials for the Way of the Rainbow Program:

Rev. Lisa Marie Teubel- Wisconsin


“ Before The Way of The Rainbow my life was like my Prayer/Meditations – haphazard. I never knew what kind of a day I was going to have until I had it. I needed something simple and easy….a system or a pattern to follow. After taking the course, I have a sustained Daily Practice that allows me to live my life in a state of Grace, Joy, Love, Abundance…basically the “Peace that Passeth All Understanding.” Of course, I also know that this choice is mine, each and every day. I am grateful for its simplicity, yet its Universal Wisdom continuously deepens. Each day is different, even exciting, and an adventure. I am loving it!”

Joyce- Canada

“ After learning to create a Rainbow, I find that I am much stronger in my personal power, especially when it comes to setting personal boundaries. I can now stand up for myself and it feels great! As an Angel Intuitive Guide, I am finding it easier to communicate with my Angels. I no longer “need” to use Angel cards to give messages to my clients.”

Heather- Canada

“I know that The Way of the Rainbow has given me a purpose to each day now. I feel that my days have meaning and the spirituality helps guide me through out. Without the Way of the Rainbow I would be a lost soul.”


Participant- U.S.A.

“ I found the activations to have a profound effect on me and my life. If the activation was for patience, I found I was more patient the very next day! If we were learning about releasing judgements, the very next day I was noticing where I had been judging. It is interesting how The Present Ones knew exactly what each of us needed.”


Participant – Canada

“I had goose bumps so many times during our calls or even while listening to the recordings. I do agree that The Present Ones, give us simple information and it is our responsibility to take action. I did that. I was diligent and dedicated and I reaped the rewards. I can now channel Divine Guidance for my clients and they love me for it

Meg McNally – U.S.A.

“The Way of the Rainbow taught me to connect with my guides, to ask and listen to what I needed to receive, and to open my connection to Source daily. Thank you Barbara Marie, for facilitating this course so beautifully.”


Rev. Lisa Marie Teubel – Wisconsin

I thank you again for bringing forth the Way of the Rainbow, for being a beautiful BEING of LIGHT and LOVE, for being my SISTER and for the invitation to join this group. I AM so grateful and honoured – words cannot express fully my gratitude and LOVE for you and the Way of the Rainbow.”


Kelly- Canada: “The Way of the Rainbow brought me a very unexpected healing. I have been suffering the loss of my mother for over 40 years. During the Rainbow sessions I was finally able to write my mother a letter. Even though I thought I dealt with her loss, the little girl in me needed to talk to my mother. During the Way of the Rainbow I was able to do this. The little girl in me was able to scream, yell, cry and release all that pent up energy, that I did not know was there. I feel the weight on my shoulders has been lifted! Thank you!”