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“10 Practical Steps to Rejuvenation” is a unique, and the first ever, all-encompassing program for anyone who wants to create and maintain YOUTH and GREAT HEALTH on their own.

This is the only program in the world that can rejuvenate you effectively on a cellular level AND increase your body’s resources by a whopping 240%!

Want to look younger but don’t want to undergo expensive, repetitive and painful cosmetic treatments or surgery?
This program will help you change your thoughts and approach to rejuvenation and health completely – an approach that is the only way to real and lasting effects.
True rejuvenation comes from the inside, and your looks are mainly a result of the condition of your hormone system, of your gastro-intestinal tract and other organs – your skin is entirely dependent on how well your inner organs function!
So, if you want a real full body rejuvenation and look much younger than you are on paper – and super charge your health at the same time – this unique program can provide you with the true fountain of youth!


The 10 Steps…


Step 1:  Give your cells the correct information

You will learn how the subconscious harbors all our programs which control our life, our aging and our physiology and how to change these programs by learning how to access your subconscious mind and affect or eliminate negative programming, and in their place inserting positive programming.


Step 2:   Correct breathing

You will learn to oxygenize your blood, to create the perfect level of acidity level in the blood and use a specifically created type of breathing exercises – all which will greatly improve the condition of your cardiovascular system, blood circulation and de-stress your body.


Step 3:  Pure and active water

You will learn all about how to structure all your bodily fluids (lymph, cellular fluids, blood) so that your cells are able to absorb information, nutrients and oxygen and detox easier. You will learn about the benefits of ionizing your drinking water and the amazing benefits of acid water and how to create it.


Step 4:  Correct nutrition

You will learn how to eat the right proportions of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, to balance the intake of vitamins and minerals and learn how to improve the important production of gastric juice.


Step 5:  Restore the energy flow in your body

You will learn about the 2 different types of energy which the body needs and how to restore the energy flow in the body and how to balance the creation and consumption of energy – with the help of specially created energetic exercises and animations.


Step 6:  Improve and restore your body’s aquatic environment

You will learn why health problems arise in the first place. You will learn how to remove stagnations and structure your fluids with the aid of specific breathing exercises and using the right kind of water. You will also learn how to improve the body’s environment with the help of mental exercises and a sacred geometric symbol.                                             


Step 7:  Increase the amount of healthy bacteria

You will  learn why good bacteria is of vital importance for health – how it affects every single parameter in the body. You will learn which foods are giving you probiotics and prebiotics and how to make the body absorb these better.


Step 8:  Improve your cellular communication

You will learn in which ways your cells communicate, and why it is so important to improve this communication. You will learn how to do this with the help of a sacred symbol and quantum approaches, which tune and restructure the body’s energy so that the cellular communication is restored.


Step 9: Improve your cardiovascular system

You will learn about the 4 major reasons for health problems in the cardiovascular system and which foods, vitamins and minerals can support it. You will learn about different breathing exercises which balance a high or low blood pressure.


Step 10:  Improve your spine

You will learn why spinal health problems occur in the first place, why these problems can affect and cause imbalances in any organ or body part. You will learn how you can improve the health and strength of your spine, improve blood circulation and reduce spinal tension significantly – with the aid of specifically created anaerobic and energetic exercises.

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For 6 months, I’ve implemented Boris’ ”Stop aging” project and have had amazing success, both with my health and my personal development. Over 24 years, I’ve had health problems due to a serious accident. Constant pain in my entire body, visiting multiple doctors, having mutiple diagnoses and many different kinds of drugs prescribed…but only with occasional and temporary effects. When I met Boris I immediately sensed ”this is a man who really sees the entirety of the situation and has the knowledge to convey a message of health and wellbeing that LASTS. 
Boris presents the solution so clearly and easily how I, myself, can learn to solve my problems. No one can do the job for me and Boris’ concept and tools have made my journey back to health exciting, educative, revolutionary and incredibly developing on every level. Now, I have more energy, less pain and feel happy and positive again, and most of all, I feel 100% confident with the tools and the concept Boris has taught me. Now, I know exactly what to in order do to take charge of the rest of my life. I know that my health is improving day by day and my quality of life and joy have returned.
Just recently, I was able to treat a severe pneumonia entirely without antibiotics – only using Boris’ treatement methods – this was an incredibly important victory for me! Only YOU are responsible for your health and wellbeing, but Boris has the answers to HOW and WHY! 
You rock Boris!
Love from Helena

By following the recommendations for health and anti-aging offered in Boris’ Anti-age project, you can reduce your age dramatically. I’m soon to be 50 and have now, after 6 months of participating in his program, rejuvenated the functions of my cells to such a degree that they now operate on the level I had when I was 30, and the elasiticity in both the large and the small blood vessels are that of a 20 year old. My average puls is 45 beats per minute. My nervous system is completely balanced and the internal stress level is only 10% (considered a normal average). Thanks to this, my energy levels in the physical and mental body have maximized to a 100%. When the body achieves these kind of levels, it has practically become self-healing and balances itself, if imbalances occur. It is important to maintain a balanced, realistic and positive attitude towards life, to believe that rejuvenation IS possible and that the body has the innate power to heal ITSELF. The power of thought together with focused emotions and visualizations, which reach the subconscious, are the keys to success. For a long time, I was given the wrong drugs and dosages by conventional ”health”care, which damaged my liver. Today, my body has healed spontanelously and my liver is now completely restored! 

I have been participating in the anti-aging project for some months, and I sense a noticable difference in my body. Earlier in life, I went through a major life crisis, which got my parameters to plummet dramatically. I then attended one of Boris’ lecures where he measured my levels and confirmed that they had hit rock bottom and that my biological age was 74 (on paper, I was only 69). I began applying his methods, and now, my biological age is 54. I use the anti-aging exercises every day, and my general condition has improved dramatically, I no longer have migraines or even colds.

I’m about to celebrate my 61st birthday. I have followed the anti-aging program for 85 days now, and as a result I have lost more than 6 lb, keep reenergizing my body automatically, have increased my muscle strength in legs and stomach and have exceptionally stable levels on all health parameters when I measure them – and I today, my biological age is 31 ! 
The Stop Aging- methology is absolutely logical considering how our ”working machine”, the body, operates. The genius part of this concept is that it is adapted to the needs of the modern person who lacks that extra time. In short, if you want to prevent disease and aging and maintain good health – and radically boost your health – I really recommend this concept. It is easy to do and effective. 

I have participated in Boris’ seminar ”Stop Aging” and is super content – although I had to travel a great distance to the classes, all the way from Finland. This program is very unusual, incredibly rich in content – it covers correct thinking and breathing, physcical exercises, nutrition etc… One of the great bonuses was that no drugs or medicines were involved. I have now realized the importance of never storing worries. As a result, I’m much happier with my life, in which I’ve implemented some positive changes thanks my new higher energy levels. I have also lost a few pounds and feel physcially much stronger. I will continue applying the steps in this concept and expect to live healthily for 110-120 years. 
Inga, in Esbo, Finland

Every morning when I wake up, I think ”Awesome! I can get up and to my exercises!” …The exercises enerigize me and give me satisfaction both to my body and my soul. 
Barbro, 57 years old (measured biological age: 33)

I’m absolutely fascinated by Boris’ anti-aging concept – amazed that it can be so easy to take care of, maintain and improve your health in such a short time. The concept is so easy and effective thanks to that the exercises are easily incorporated into your daily life without much extra effort. Almost immediately, my sleep improved and thereby my energy levels. Then I lost 8 lb without changing my diet, and suddenly the wart on my foot of many years disappeared! … 
I am truly incredibly grateful and praise Boris Aranovich for, in my mind, being one of the best teachers alive.

YES! I want Boris’s Special Offer for $147