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The Alfa

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The Alfa

Check your health status with a new unique technique – the Alfa!

The Alfa system analyses heart- and brain activity.
Control the efficiency of your therapy.
Find out how various activities affect your health. Before and after.

The Alfa is a simple to use, HRV system with several important functions, incl. an individual correction part by music.

The HRV device Alfa analyses heart and brain activity via the pulse and analyses how any kind of therapy or physical activity affects the body. It tells you what creates energy and what consumes energy in the body, which is important as if there’s less energy created than consumed, illness eventually develop. Among many other parameters, it also measures your stress level, 70% of all disease is due to stress, so this is also very important.

The Alfa comes with electrode clamps to measure your pulse and a software system, which you download to your computer from a usb stick. You don’t ever have to be online.

You’re receiving the absolute latest developed version.

This tool has an equivalent in the US, but costs twice as much ($ 6000). The Alfa is unrivalled in terms of value-for-money.

Technical requirements: The Alfa works on both Mac and PC. Requires minimal capacity (20 mb).

Return policy: Due to international hygiene regulations for wellness products used on the body, we only accept a return within 3 days of after receipt.

5  Important Reasons why you’d need the HRV Alfa system:

  1. The Alfa scans your vital parameters and transforms pathological frequencies into healthy ones, which you absorb via music!
  2. By analyzing the heart and brain activity via the pulse, it’s shows you how any kind of therapy or physical exercise affects the body.
  3. The Alfa also tells you which action creates energy and which consumes energy in the body, which is important as if there’s less energy created than consumed, illness eventually develop.
  4. Among many other parameters, it also measures your stress level. 70% of all disease is due to stress, so this is also very important to keep in check!
  5. The HRV Alfa system is very easy to use and incorporate into your daily routines.

The Alfa records the exact amplitude of your heartbeats to determine the intervals between successive heartbeats. It provides measurements in an accuracy margin of one millisecond with the highest precision capturing the length and intensity of every heartbeat – it’s quality at its best!

The Alfa system is very easy to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine. The Alfa offers the highest quality to the best price currently available on the planet!

The HRV Alfa system provides the best possible support and aid to understand what your body actually needs in order to create and maintain health and live longer. It also provides you with a unique, individually created, correction music module!

If you want to maintain or create a healthy body and psyche, this easy to use, high quality, HRV system is definitely for you!

Special Offer


The Alfa

What People Have To Say About the Alfa


The ALFA I have used the Alfa on many clients for several years and my appreciation for this system just keeps increasing. It makes my work so much easier as it facilitates for the client to understand more about his health.

One client told me: ”When I’ve done the Alfa test, I finally understand why I feel the way I do”.

I begin my session by talking about how the body functions; the importance of oxygenating the body, the hormone system, the brain and the nervous system. And after the Alfa diagnostics, the Alfa proves this to be true, which helps the client to relate to the presented information.

It’s also very exciting to see the use of the SmartBreathe and its results in Alfa – how the sympathetic nervous system’s markers worsen because the body initially reacts with stress when breathing with a high resistance, but when breathing relaxed with a low resistance shows improved Alfa markers.

Only after a few weeks of regularly using the SmartBreathe, Alfa shows that clients’ sleep, blood pressure and stress levels have improved.

Thus, the Alfa is also not only a generally efficient tool to measure various bodily parameters, in the case of SmartBreathe, it’s also easy to demonstrate the importance of correct breathing to the client.
Ann-Cathrine Olsson, therapist

I believe that such diagnostic equipment as the Alfa should be used much more in areas such as medical practice, including conventional medicine and sports medicine. I give great tributes to the Russian scientists for creating such an amazing diagnostic monitoring system!
Chukanova Galina, Assistant Professor

I have been working with Alpha for 3 years, during which time I can constantly monitor my condition, and when I see that my health level (adaptation) is decreasing, I intensify the work to correct these parameters. This way I can monitor my condition so as not to get sick. Fantastic opportunity. Alfa. This is the best purchase of my entire life.
Victor Engelgard

I am very satisfied with the work with the Alfa device, very simple and fast. You can control your condition at any time. Thanks to the Alfa, I was able to get rid of my high blood pressure problems. Whenever I saw that my nervous system was out of balance, I could bring it into balance with the help of meditation. I am very grateful to the manufacturers for such a wonderful device.
Pyotr Koval

The Alfa is our family doctor. We can always check our health and correct it with the help of the Alfa energy program. Sometimes it is enough to listen to a sound session only one time to normalize a condition. I can’t imagine how we could live without this doctor. Many thanks !
Marina Tal

In my practice, I always use Alpha to determine the health status and, depending on this, I choose the form of therapy. Without Alpha, the effectiveness of therapy would be less. I’m very happy with Alpha and can’t imagine how I could work without her
Natalya Primanskaya, Therapist

I have been using the Alfa for more than a year now, a database of more than 250 patients has been recruited…The Alpha complex contains everything that a practicing specialist needs for successful business development and even for his own research: the device is based on scientific developments and years of research, it is light and convenient to use, oversized, training is included, there is European certificate of quality – you can safely take abroad if you need to take part in a foreign conference, is non-invasive, the most important indicators of the body’s functioning are collected, it is easy to explain everything to the client, and, in addition to the main function of the examination, the device has many additional advantages.

I have been in nutritional medicine for over 10 years and have yet to meet anyone in the same niche who uses the same diagnostic equipment. And it’s a pity! Because, in my opinion, it is extremely useful for all nutritionists, and indeed specialists who are involved in restoring the health of patients “from the inside”. I have always wanted to be able to “see” how my appointments affect the clients’ bodies, and the sooner the better, in order to always hit the target with treatment.

I have a medical education, and the device “bribed” me by the fact that it is based on the method of analyzing heart rate variability. I always knew that the heart is the main indicator of any effects on the body, but I never thought that this method could be “packaged” into such a diagnostic complex! Respect is also aroused by the fact that before the creation of this device, many years of clinical research were carried out, confirming the reliability of heart rate indicators for changing conditions for the body. The studies involved people of different ages with different health conditions – a general database of indicators was collected. Such a truly scientific approach cannot leave indifferent a person who is directly related to medicine.

…The Alfa can show the effect of treatment in the shortest possible time. The very next day after the start of the patient’s appointment, you can see how the body reacts to changes in nutrition and taking medications – positively or negatively.

That is, the Alfa makes it possible not only to show the client that we have chosen the right path, but also to promptly adjust the treatment program if, for some reason, the wrong course was taken. And then you can compare “before” and “after” – this is the state in which a person came, but we have achieved this in 2 months of work.

The effectiveness of vitamins and supplements for skin health can be determined already at the first session – the device will show whether the body “accepts” the drug or not. Also, the indicators obtained can signal health problems that are not related to nutritional science. An experienced physician will immediately see this and recommend that you seek help from other specialists or additionally undergo a medical examination.

For a year, the Alfa has become my faithful assistant. If there is even the slightest doubt about the appointment of treatment, he helps to dispel them. For example, one patient suffered from acne. They began to understand, everything is not so scary in nutrition – in general, the girl ate very “cleanly”, judging by the conversation – there are no problems. Conducted a survey on the device – her energy pyramid is practically at zero and the indicators of the psycho-emotional state are disappointing. It turned out – chronic stress at work, and a dairy issue. The correct and effective treatment was selected.

Another interesting point for those who are fond of science – this device allows you to conduct your own research. The patient database is always at hand, the data will not be lost anywhere. Sometimes clients come with very interesting situations, you remember these cases, take control. Then another patient comes, and you understand that you have already seen something similar, but there are a number of differences. You start to analyze, compare, and eventually you come to a result and prescribe a treatment to the patient, which gives a positive effect in the shortest possible time.
Lilia Ahmedova, nutritional specialist

Our Institute acquired the diagnostic device Alfa in February this year, and we have so far carried out over 300 studies on this system. On the basis of the available data and empirical observations, it can be assumed that the diagnostics of the Alfa system make it possible to define more precisely the targets of corrective work and to present the clients with current, intermediate results of our work together, which increases the level of trust of the client, as he can see the improvement in his condition after each session…In addition…we have been able to analyze the wellbeing, psycho-emotional state, etc.) with Alfa’s markers for vegetative regulation, neurohumoral regulation, psycho-emotional state, adaptation, and we can see changes more clearly, which will allows us to improve the quality of our work in psychotherapy.
Dir. Smirnova Svetlana Sergeyevna, practical psychologist

…We find interesting the prospect of using such an approach to pre-operative determination of the degree of protection of the functional reserves of the cardiovascular system and estimation of the potential risk of perioperative complications in patients. The Alfa creates a non-invasive diagnostic method for computer estimation of heart rhythm variability, based on fractal neurodynamics, and is undoubtedly an objective marker of the functional state of the autonomic nervous system and can be recommended for practical use in clinical conditions.
Head of the Intensive Care and Intensive Care Department, K.M.N. Y.S. Fedorov

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The Alfa