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This is an essential tool kit for the Highly Sensitive Soul.  This package provides everything you need to clear out negative beliefs you have about what it means to be sensitive.  This package provides tools to start each day and end each day in your highest vibration.  You will also be given techniques to work with your inner child when feeling triggered and ways to release tension and density that get trapped in the body.

Item 1: Morning “Raise Your Vibration” Meditation

This meditation is the perfect way to start your day.  Empaths and Sensitives often get overwhelmed by the energy and emotions of the collective.  This meditation will ensure that you will remain strong in your power throughout the day.

Item 2: Evening Grounding Meditation

In this evening meditation I activate different earth harmonic codes allowing a downdraft of energy to help release density and emotions that you may have acquired during your day.  This meditation will clear all density and reset your body back to its natural state of high vibration.

Item 3: Nurture your Inner Child

Often times when we feel triggered or overwhelmed it is due to a child part getting activated.  This meditation will help you to connect with your inner child.  Using this meditation on a regular basis can help you to strengthen the relationship with the innocent, creative, and playful part of you.

Item 4: Color Breathing

Color breathing is a powerful technique that can release tension from your body within minutes.  This meditation will increase your body awareness, put you in the present moment, and teach you how to find the zero point.  Using the power of your breath and color visualization tension and density will release quickly and powerfully in minutes.  Many of my clients say that this feels as relaxing as getting a massage.

Item 5 :Reclaiming your Power

In this audio I will activate earth harmonic codes to release negative beliefs that you may carry around being sensitive and empathic.  The downdrafts of energy will release the beliefs and density that you may be carrying personally or for the collective.  I will call in the power of the seven rays to bring in higher qualities to transform lower densities bringing your personality and ego into a higher vibrational alignment with your soul.

Item 6: First Aid for Anxiety “A Guide for the Highly Sensitive Soul”

PDF Format

“First Aid for Anxiety” is a PDF that includes quick and easy techniques for sensitives to address anxiety and overwhelm.  There are breathing techniques, meditations, and somatic release exercises that have the power to stop an anxiety attack in its tracks.  It is best to read through and practice the exercises in a calm state so that they become second nature and you can use them when necessary.

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A 60-minute Personal one-on-one Session with Kate O’Leary

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A One-on-One Transformational Coaching session with Kate allows you to release limiting core beliefs and take back your power and become the person you were born to be.  Access transformative earth energy to increase self-confidence, create, build and enhance loving relationships, create a healthy work life, master life balance, identify and release empathic co-dependency issues, live your purpose and reclaim your creative fire.


What Kate’s Clients Are Saying……



“This therapy is like taking a trip to moments of our lives, and perhaps, of lives where we have some unresolved trauma that is having an impact on the present. Our memories speak and take us to those moments where they are encapsulated, feelings, emotions that today disturb us. The most wonderful thing about this technique that Kate uses is that in a few seconds, with breathing, you transform the pain or emotion that weighs, in a subtle joy, in a relief for the Soul. Thanks to Kate and the wonderful tools she uses, I was able to reconnect with the joy that flows from the Heart.”

“Thank you, Kate, for all your support and help. You helped me work through a fog of grief and crippling anxiety. You taught me so much in just a few short months. I enjoy learning so many things from you. Your skills and knowledge were invaluable to me while trying to process a lot of grief and trauma. I appreciated your kindness, patience and positive assistance. I am also so grateful for your evening check-in calls and wading through all of my emails.  In our phone calls and in-person sessions, I found that your N.E.T technique was amazing. It really helped me open up and share more. Your loving kindness has helped me work through trauma. Truly an invaluable experience.”

 “I have been to counselors before, but there’s no one like Kate. In one session, Kate has been able to help me get past issues that kept me from moving forward in life that would have taken others many sessions if not months of sessions. Her calm, gentle and loving manner and her skills have helped me achieve goals I’ve been trying to achieve for years. I couldn’t be more grateful for her.”

“Thank you, Kate, for the healing gift you bring to the world. I have experienced profound healing ever since we began this journey. You are an amazing listener and have unlimited patience when I was “running around in circles”. Your sessions helped me shift my mindset and release negative belief patterns from my childhood. The inner child visualization work that you do has helped me connect deeper within myself. Thank you for being there for me and giving me support and encouragement through the difficult times. I am so glad to have met you. Looking forward to continuing this healing journey together.”

“Katie is a being of light that invites you to travel a magical path of rediscovery; the path that allows you to unlock blocks which allow the liberation of the soul. At the end of this unforgettable experience, I have a sweet taste of the journey traveled and an immense joy that accompanies me in the present.”

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