SO Carmelle Riley Sisters Collective

Offer 1

$85 USD* plus postage

Combined Hei Tiki Talisman with Hematite Necklace

*Plus Postage

Offer 2

$84 USD*

Crystal Astrology Wristlets

*Plus Postage

Offer 1 Includes:

Combined Hei Tiki Talisman with Hematite Necklace

Wear a Hei Tiki Taonga (treasure) to draw in more love, healing, connection and protection.

Hei Tiki are ancient talisman of protection for women associated with drawing fertility, prosperity and family wellbeing.   Our offer combines a Hei Tiki with a handmade strand.

Our Hei Tiki crystals have a specific protection and empowerment energy and can be used to enhance love, healing, protection and connection.

Choose 3 from a selection of Hei Tiki: Hematite (pictured) (magic), Black Obsidian (protection), White Howlite (balance), Lilac Amethyst (spirituality), Moonstone (reflection), Rose Quartz (love), Tiger Eye (oversight) Blue Sunstone (transcendence), or Green Aventurine (luck, opportunity).

Total Value: One hei tiki taonga, sterling silver hanger on silver plate hematite strand (48cm)

Tiki options:

  • Hematite (pictured above) – Magic, Magnetism
  • Rose Quartz (pale pink) – Self Love, Love
  • Howlite (white) – Healing, Balance, Peace, Calming
  • Tuhua – Black Obsidian – Protection from Negative Forces
  • Mahogany Obsidian (Red/Brown and Black) –Protection, unlocking of personal power
  • Lilac Amethyst (Lilac) – Spirituality
  • Aventurine (Light Green) – Fortune, Prosperity
  • Tiger Eye (brown) – Quantum Connectedness
  • Blue Goldstone – Transcending realms
  • Goldstone – Energising
  • Opalite Moonstone – Reflection
  • Red Jasper – Independence

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Offer 2 Includes:

Crystal Astrology Wristlets

Astrojewels are worn to draw your unique astrological gifts and powers to you.   This might be your sun, moon or rising energies.

We like to wear one on each, or two on our wrists.  They are perfect for challenging times, to aid healing and to bring confidence.   The crystals are aligned to the relevant zodiac sign.

You can choose 2 x wristlets from our collection of the 12 zodiac signs, to empower and release the magic creativity and abundance of your star and planetary energies and gifts.

Normal Price: $93.50 USD

Special Offer Price:  $84 plus postage

Example: This is the Cancer Astrojewel for those born between June 22-23 and July 21.

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Postage Rates
Everything is shipped from Christchurch, New Zealand

NZ to Australia                      $10 USD

NZ to Worldwide                    $20 USD,

Courier                                  $35 USD

Express Courier                    $55-65 USD