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60 to 90 MInute Private Session

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An Empathic Medium and Reflector Being, Catherine is a pure lunar essence aura, her purpose is to mirror or empathically channel Your Unique Blueprint and holographic design. We will review your destiny points, patterns and gifts! We will bring out the challenges you are here to master.

The guides will communicate to you directly, yes they show up in a session and are eager to assist you. We will tune into the best path to center you and walk you through your evolutionary karmic points and bring forth a message for understanding your Dharmic calling. Catherine will help you remember your unique true north path, the sacred law built into your design.

We will assist you to KNOW THYSELF!

When I work with a client, I look through the eyeglass of Astrology, Human Design, Gene Keys and Universal patterns to consider where the highest skills & purposes that are developing through these times. In other words, the cycles and potentials individually and our collective future trajectory!

I will complete all sessions with a full clearing, a removal of veils and outdated soul contracts. They are not going with us into New Earth. The cause, cords and contracts, the memories and shadows that block our courage and then lovingly re-connect with your Guidance teams. They are here to walk with you. It is time to remember who you are and why you are here!

We can also look into your partnerships and or loved ones.

This work is so timely and important to get you back to 0 point. Back to the heart of Yin.

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Here are people are saying about…

Thank you, Catherine, for the insights and guidance you brought through during the session, and for making it so fun, you are a delight. I feel energised about where I am and where I am headed. I loved the depth you were able to provide on my Human Design reading; it helped me understand so much about both past and current experiences and provided confirmation of my path going forward. Since the reading, I’ve been able to respond to things in a way that works best for my design and I must say, it has been amazing how much ease and grace I find myself experiencing each day. Thank goodness for reflectors, and what an amazing one you are!

I feel like I was this dolphin that had some stuff on me that was affecting my ability to swim and it kind of hurt, I had some internal stuff going on that was affecting my well being, and I had a little trouble with my sonar too and so I couldn’t navigate as well as possible.
I booked a session with Catherine expecting to get an introduction to my human design and maybe, if I was lucky, a few messages from my guides.
From the first word she spoke, I felt her kindness and love. She was so thorough, providing me with as much information as possible. She said that they said I did good work with her, but really, she did such good work with me. I feel like she got rid of the stuff affecting my ability to swim and helped me fine tune my sonar so I’m better at navigating now. I feel all shiny and new. I just finished transcribing the session. There are so many pearls and jewels, not to mention laughter and fun. Such a good time and so helpful.
Sylvia Kleinsmith

Thanks so much, Catherine, for the session on April 1st. You touched on a significant past life, the chapters of experience and learning in this lifetime, energy and health areas to pay attention to and you identified my guides and Ascended Masters currently working with me. You also communicated with my parents and identified significant potentials for a grandchild. You answered my questions about future aspirations and potentials. My wife was thrilled when you identified her strengths and energy needs and how we harmonize our energies.
Your upbeat and candid delivery was refreshing and we felt so inspired by the session.
Thanks, again,
Royal Burke