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Full DOCUMENTED analysis of your names, including a one hour follow-up consultation.

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Two documented name analyses with one consultation.

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Offer 4



Service Of Creating Balanced Names For Your Forthcoming Baby With Full Documentation

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Includes creating your new names with full documentation plus a legal Change of Name Deed or Declaration

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It used to be an ancient Kabbalah tradition to change your names if your life was not going the way you had hoped and planned or poor health conditions were preventing you from reaching your goals.

What Does Your Name Say About You?

Unlock The Ancient Code.
Discover the Secrets Hidden Within Your Names and Start
Enriching Your Life Today!

Name Reality Provides the Missing Link!

Professional Name Analyst and Author of Name Reality, Lyon Zonamyari, clearly demonstrates everybody can gain from the incredible information revealed within a personal name analysis. Lyon says, not everybody needs to change their names, but for those who do, sometimes just changing the way you spell a name or changing middle names you rarely use can make a huge difference to the way your life pans out

Why Don’t More People Know About This… So Glad I Found This Method!

“I’ve studied astrology and numerology for 20 years and this is the first time I’ve seen this ancient method used. It’s much more accurate than both those practices combined utilizing not just the full name or prior names but also mother’s maiden name. I read the book and had a name analysis session with Lyon and I was amazed at how accurate the results were. It showed why certain years of my life were always met with turbulence just from the placement of a few unfortunate letters. After I saw the prediction for the next couple of years, I’ve decided to change my name with the help of Lyon in private sessions. So glad I found this method!”


Here’s what Name Reality can do for you:

  • Discover how your names influence the way you live your life.
  • Understand why the past happened the way it did.
  • Be prepared for what the future is going to bring.
  • Understand why some years are better than others.
  • Discover why some names promote introvert, extrovert or both.
  • Understand areas of your mental and physical health.
  • Determine how a marriage name change will affect you.

Use This Information to Take Control and Enrich Your Life — Knowledge Is Key!

Lyon Demonstrated How Our Names Produce a Vibration

“Throughout my professional years as a medical and homeopathic doctor, I have always known our names produce a vibration that reflects upon the conditions of our bodies. Until now, I have not been able to connect the two together, especially for patient diagnosis. The system Lyon has shown to me and demonstrated with the voluntary consent of my patients is conclusive evidence that the connection exists. Lyon was able to confirm medical issues that matched my diagnosis. In some cases, he added more information that was beneficial to both me and the patient. Lyon correctly quotes in his book; when conventional methods have failed to diagnose or cure a problem, this book can provide the missing link.”

~ DR. TITO PALACIO MD, Naturopath and Homeopathic Dean of Clinical Studies

Living Life Analyst and Best-Selling Author Lyon Zonamyari Helps People Change the Way They Live Their Lives!

Lyon Zonamyari introduces you to an almost lost and forgotten system that proves your given documented names affect your life, for better or worse. This is not a new hokey pokey theory, and this is not numerology. This system was originally used in ancient times by enlightened families to name their children for a prosperous happy and healthy life. It has been documented many times over the last several thousand years and was for the most part, kept a secret. When you see for yourself how accurate this system is, you will understand why it has been kept under wraps.

Lyon gathered all the available information and then extensively researched, updated and expanded the system with practical experience gained through analyzing hundreds of names and compiled everything into his two-hundred-page book titled Name Reality.

From birth, your given documented names create a blueprint that shapes and defines your character, your personality, your virtues, vices and both your mental and physical health, for better or worse. More amazing, the second part of this system reveals how letters from each of your names rotate at predetermined years, influencing events and the way you live your life. Incredible, maybe, but true!

Name Reality shows why some of us appear to live happy stress-free lives and others do not. Name Reality shows why some years you try so hard but cannot get ahead.

This incredible system can be your turning point if you need to understand yourself better, need to improve specific areas of your life or want to create a new vibrant, healthy, successful happy name for you or your baby.

Name Analysis Is for You If…

  • You can’t seem to gain any traction in your life and could use more supportive energy
  • You seem to be having a run of “bad luck” or no luck at all — and want to have Good Luck!
  • You’ve never liked one or more of your names and it resonates with you that it could be weighing you down
  • You like to be prepared for what’s coming in and gain an understanding of why your past happened the way it did
  • You are determined to figure out what is going on so that you can live the life you deserve

A full documented name analysis with life-long chart allows you to understand yourself better and thus take control of your future!

Name Analysis using Name Reality can provide the missing link!

Answered Questions That Have Gone Unanswered for Years

“Thank you so much, Lyon for the name evaluation. I learned so much through this method that answered my questions that have gone unanswered for years. After the past few years of really bad luck, I am so glad to see the reason isn’t me but my name. I was also able to see why certain years past have been difficult and painful for me. The good news is my name is something I can change, and I plan to purchase your services again in the near future. Many thanks and blessings for your work.”


Readings Over 90% Accurate and Advice Very Helpful

“I had a consultation with Lyon Zonamyari yesterday. It was such a pleasure speaking with him. His readings of my personality and life events were over 90% accurate and the advice was so helpful. I had been thinking about changing back to my maiden name and that is what I will do now that I have had this consultation.”


What Is Name Reality?

Name Reality is a mathematical formula used to calculate a person’s character and life events. In a nutshell, there are 64 personality types dividing the human race, just as there are 64 fundamental forces that constitute the action of the Universe. You may have seen the numbers 1 to 64 before. There are 64 codons that make up human DNA. There are 64 hexagrams in the I-Ching and there are 64 squares on a chess board. It is recognized as a powerful mathematical force.

Each of your documented names is represented by two of these personalities including your mother’s maiden name and the number of the day you were born.

You can see how by a quick mathematical calculation, the odds of another person having the same personality combination as you — is one in 200 billion. Similar as the odds of two people having the same DNA or fingerprints, this system is incredibly accurate.

Any one name for the most is good. Just as you can touch any one key on a piano and it will sound good. When you press two or more keys at the same time or play with two hands, it is important you press the right keys. If you press the right combination of keys, you produce beautiful music.

If you press the wrong combination of keys, at best you are out of tune, or worst, you become a dreadful noise. Your names apply a similar action.

The second part of Name Reality reveals how letters in your names change and rotate on your birthday. Using the mathematical formula, you can calculate a life chart showing which letters are active in what year. Every letter has a definition. Some are good, and some are not so good. Again, it is the combination of these three or four letters, one from each of your names that dictate influences for that year of your life.

For example:

  • F, H, U, V, W, and X can have a negative influence.
  • C, G, J, K, L, N, P, Q, Y, and Z tend to have a positive influence.
  • A, B, D, E, I, M, O, R, S, and T can swing either way depending upon the positive or negative from other letters active in the same year.

Name Analysis Testimonial for Lyon Zonamyari, the Names Doctor

Holistic physician and healer Dr. Karen Kan describes her personal experience with getting her name analyzed by Lyon Zonamyari.

Essential Work If One Is on the Self-Development Path

“Synchronicity brought Lyon and his work into my life journey. I look forward to further studying of his material. It is not only interesting but essential if one is on the self-development path in order to gain a full understanding of the Universal influences affecting our lives. I am grateful for every second you have given to me both personally and with your work.”


Your Help Was One of the Keys to My Awakening

“Lyon, your help was one of the keys to my awakening. Your work is so incredibly important!! I just didn’t see it before. Thank you for your tireless efforts! Namaste.”


Have a Better Understanding of Myself, My Behavior & My Relationship with My Late Husband

“Thank you for the recent reading you gave me. Though I’ve had traditional numerology readings done before, I found the information you gave me new & very valuable. I now have a better understanding of myself, my behavior & my relationship with my late husband. I’ve found you to be extremely generous with your time & the supplemental information & tools you so generously gave me, honestly, I’ve never seen this before. I would highly recommend you, & will contact you, should I remarry & consider making any possible changes to my name again. Many thanks.”


What a difference

“I want to thank you for making such a big difference in the life of my daughter, now Casey. What a difference I have noticed in her happiness quotient and attitude toward her future! I am indeed fortunate to have such a bright and dedicate-to-learning daughter and you brought out the best in her. She no longer has such a difficult life and her four siblings and family are most enthusiastic about that!”

~ NANCY P., 2018

My life has definitely changed for the better

“I had a private consultation with the Author just before the book was finished and had my name changed. It’s been an amazing process. I can say that my life has definitely changed for the better. Lyon worked with me to find the best match for me and was extremely helpful and patient with me during the process. He is now looking into my children’s names as well. If you have an open mind then this book is definitely for you. I highly recommend it. It’s also a great gift for expecting parents or anyone you know who struggles with life, addictions, health problems or plain bad luck. Enjoy it.”


Your book and advice have changed my life!

“You were right, my vibrations have drastically changed and what is funny is that some of my opinions are shifting as well. In a good way.”


I feel very good about myself and people around me can also see it.

“I contacted Lyon for a name analysis and then decided a name modification would be in my best interest. Lyon worked with me to modify the spelling of my first name whilst keeping the same sound and then created middle names to balance with my original surname. It has only been three months since the official name change but I feel very good about myself and people around me can also see it. We are now exploring names of other family members.”

~ RAJINY N., 2017

My life my whole approach is so much more focused and confident

“I first heard Lyon in an interview with Lauren Galey. I was fascinated so decided to buy the book and have a session with Lyon. As it turned out my name had a lot of difficult aspects to it which explains why I have put a lot of effort into creating things in my life which would never usually eventuate, leaving me feeling frustrated and drained. I also always felt oversensitive to everything which made it hard to relax and to put myself out into the world – my name had an abundance of i’s and e’s which are not a great combination. So I decided to change my name which was a simple process as I took on my married name and then changed my middle name to add in extra benefits and kept my first name. This was an easy solution that made a big difference. I have found that as time goes on and I change more and more documentation that my energy is changing. I no longer feel oversensitive and feel very calm in the world. As a result, I can function more clearly and am now in the process of creating the life I really want – which was something I really struggled with before. I am more able to express myself in the world and feel comfortable about creating a new business that I feel will be very successful as my whole approach is so much more focused and confident. I am very happy with the changes and enjoy my life so much more. It is definitely worth doing if you have a difficult name like I did. Thanks so much.

Warm regards,”
~ JANINE JOY, 2017

I changed my name at the age of 74.

“I changed my name at the age of 74. Really unbelievable the change in my life.”


My life has taken a new direction

“I changed my name and so did my son. Lyon dropped his middle name and gave him new powerful initials and he has just secured a new contract for his sports career getting him picked out of 1,000’s of other similarly talented hopefuls. My life has taken a new direction too and I am excited about the forthcoming events.

I found Lyon to be very personable and generous with his time.

Looking at names for a baby, this book is a must if you want the best opportunities for your child.”


Changing my name has been a wonderful process and I am so happy I did it!

“I consulted Lyon Zonamyari several months ago for a name analysis. When I discovered how accurate this system is I decided to legally change my name.

Lyon was great to work with. He was helpful and encouraging throughout the entire process. His book Name Reality has the information, but for people who are really interested in this, I suggest consulting with Lyon who applies the information with skill, and can show you how to create the very best options. Lyon is light and fun; he is knowledgeable, generous with his time, and intuitive. He also listens to each individual client and helps them choose a name that they feel really comfortable with. He was a great guide for helping me change my name.

Changing my name has been a wonderful process and I am so happy I did it!

It surprises me how much I am doing things now that I would not have done before. For example, I made a speech to the state senators the other day in front of 200 people to oppose the legislation. Plus, my son got to see me stand up for my rights and speak which I thought was pretty cool. He is also resonating with his new names being changed when we can finalize the papers.

In addition to more confidence, other changes have occurred since I changed my name. For example, I always knew I had a lung weakness since I had pneumonia as a child. Throughout my life a common cold would regularly go to my lungs and turn into a month-long cough (later I found out that my previous names indicated a lung weakness). I have not had one lung infection or cough since I changed my name even though a whole winter has gone by and we are already toward the end of April!

Also, I have noticed I experience more inner peace, having a positive effect on my sense of self and my relationships.

Thank you Lyon!,”
~ J.T., OSTEOPATH, 2017.

It Can Change One’s Life for the Better

“Love it Lyon. People will want to find out about your unique name knowledge and how it can change one’s life for the better. I definitely endorse your brilliant work. Congratulations Lyon!”


You have helped me personally as well as many other

“I am a great admirer of your work, and I know you have helped me personally as well as many others. It’s not the most well-known field, yet everything has energy, and carries spiritual weight. In the Kabbalistic tradition, people undergoing strife, or serious illness, would change their names to affect their destiny. So it is in our mystical traditions.”


Offer 1 Includes:


Full Documented Name Analysis with Follow up Consultation.

Name analysis is a one-time service. Some systems that look into your life have you going back for more information over and over, each time with another fee to pay. This System that Lyon uses is all inclusive and spans a lifetime.

Upon purchase of this special offer, you will receive a detailed questionnaire to answer and send back to Lyon. Lyon will prepare an extensive file with full personalized documentation relating to all your names and a 99-year lifetime chart, together with MP3 voice recordings giving an overview of your personalities and guidance on how to use your events chart.

There are 64 unique personalities dividing the human race. Each name has two personalities. Every name you have is the result of both these personalities. In turn, you are the combination of the personalities from all of your names. This goes further to include your mother’s maiden name and the number and the day you were born. Every one of us is the combination of at least 7 personalities or 9 if you have a middle name and more if you married and took your husband’s name.

Your Full Analysis includes a personality description sheet for each of your name’s personalities with the following information:

  • General Description
  • Positive Attributes
  • Career Impact
  • Love Impact
  • Negative Attributes
  • Lowest Expression
  • Health Impact

The 99-year events chart starts at birth through your 99th year. By looking at the chart, you can see which letters from your names are active during any given year. Used in conjunction with the letter by letter analysis document, you will understand what type of energy is coming from each applicable letter in your name — positive, neutral, or negative — each year.

This package includes a valuable one-hour consultation with Lyon to discuss all areas of your life, past, present and future. Lyon will guide you through this system step by step, pinpointing difficult times you have experienced and show you ways to counterbalance future occurrences.

This very detailed personalized analysis provides electronic documentation of all your legal names, together with your lifetime ninety-nine-year events chart and my voice recordings with both an overview for the balance of your names and the letter combinations in your events chart. This information allows you to read, view and understand your life from birth, now and beyond. The follow-up consultation usually runs for at least one hour, mostly discussing your life events chart and to answer any and all questions you may have. I read your future projections so you know when to take advantage of the good times and teach you ways to minimize potential negative forecasts.

YES! I want Lyon’s special offer Option 1 for $197

Offer 2 Includes:


Research shows that even if you have balanced names and a positive events chart, if your partner or somebody emotionally close to you does not, their negative chart can reflect upon you. The same works in reverse where your positive chart can assist or soften the negatives for your partner. This can also apply to business partners. An additional documented analysis processed at the same time as your personal analysis to cross-reference and discuss the charts for you and your partner is available.

YES! I want Lyon’s special offer Option 2 for $350

Total Value: $600

Offer 3 Includes:


Business names. I can work with you to create or modify your business name to balance suitably with the type of work you specialize in. This also includes a favorable website name and primary email address. I also consider Face Book names, phone numbers and more.

YES! I want Lyon’s special offer Option 3 for $394

Total Value: $550

Offer 4 Includes:


Baby Names. If you are expecting a baby, this is the perfect time to explore the potential of this incredible name system. The more you have studied my book and understand the basics, the faster we can create names for your new born. I can guide you step by step through this process. Ultimately, the final choice of name is always yours. Creating names can run into many hours over several days.

YES! I want Lyon’s special offer Option 4 for $491

Total Value: $650

Offer 5 Includes:


Lyon provides a complete service working with you to change or modify your names. Lyon guides you step by step through this process. Ultimately, the final choice of names is always yours. Creating, changing or modifying your names can often require 15 to 20 hours of your time and my time over several days or weeks.

Full service to create the perfect names combination for you.

Change or Modify Your Names in most cases requires a name analysis of your life from birth to the present day as per Option 1 and included in Option 5B. It is important you fully understand everything about yourself before you work with Lyon to create a healthy happy vibrant combination of new names. You must keep your original strengths, lose any weak areas and introduce new vibrant balanced energy. Lyon provides a complete service, working with you to change or modify your names. The more you have studied his book Name Reality and understand the basics, the faster you can work together creating new names. Lyon can guide you step by step through this process. Ultimately, the final choice of names is always yours. Creating, changing or modifying a name can run into many hours over several days or weeks. Lyon is offering this flat fee rate regardless of the hours it takes to create new names with full documentation including a legal Change of Name Deed for UK residents or a Declaration Document for other countries. Most countries outside of the UK require you to make your legal application formal at the local courthouse or city hall for a fee that varies from state to state or country to country. You do not need lawyer representation to legalize your new names. Check online or at your local courthouse what procedure applies to you.

Change your name, change your life.

If you are in the small group of people who have never liked their names and intuitively know your names have created disruption and you want to forgo the name analysis and go directly to the name change service, you can.

If that’s the case with you, you can choose Option 5a.

YES! I want Lyon’s special offer Option 5a for $698

Total Value: $975

YES! I want Lyon’s special offer Option 5b for $896

Total Value: $1325



My name analysis was so accurate I decided to modify my middle names.

“I have to thank Lyon for the wonderful, generous service he provided. Finding a positive new name with this system was a genuinely enjoyable experience and Lyon’s explanations were always clear and helpful. With Thanks.”


Opened the Door to a Place I’m Really Interested in Exploring

“I just had my name analysis session with Lyon. I had a great experience. I first heard of him on your show last week and right away felt drawn to work with him and my name. Our session together has helped me on my path, in that it affirmed through some synchronicities, that I am on track. It also opened the door to a place I’m real interested in exploring. Lyon was a pleasure to work with, sharing his insight quite freely. Thanks for the fun and meaningful session, and for your role in this journey of mine.”


Who Knew a Name Could Change the Way Your Life Pans Out

“You really blew me away today. Who knew a name could change the way your life pans out. I really am amazed!”


Helped Me Understand What I’m in for, and Why?

“Thank you for dissecting my name and helping me better understand what I’m in for and why! Thanks too for The Power of Words article. I’ve shared it with many friends who also enjoyed it. So much great information!”


Amazed at the Accuracy

“Well a few weeks ago I crossed paths with another amazing soul. His name is Lyon Zonamyari! Now let me just say he’s gifted in healing, and name analysis. After sending a few messages back and forth I felt as if our paths crossed for a reason. He suggested a name analysis, and can I just say that I’m amazed at the accuracy and amount of information he provided. He was very thorough and explained anything I had further questions about. He explained trails that I went through and also moments of joy. He is a very kind soul and gifted as well.”