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Miracle Body  

11 Frequency Transmissions

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Personal Session
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Offer 1 Includes 11 Transmissions:

If you could connect the dots, of ancient wisdom and science, through a powerful process based on quantum physics, that would align your DNA to your Miracle Body, and begin to experience ease in your body and life, how would that feel? These frequency programs are designed to do just that!

In order to access the Miracle Body, certain steps need to be taken.

There are 11 frequency transmissions here, offered in a way to help take those steps to a Miracle Body.

Item 1: ADRENAL BALANCE (4 Transmissions)

The ‘Adrenal Balance’ frequencies, are to balance the body, as many people have an underlying stress that contributes to inflammation. You may not even be aware of this stress, as it has become a norm, BUT your nervous system is imbalanced as a result, which then leads to inflammation. Inflammation is then a precursor to weight issues, health issues, and so much more.

There are 4 frequencies here to balance the chakras, and the respective elements in the body, as well as being boosted with the frequencies to ‘Express the Power in Your DNA’.

All frequencies are layered, with love, Source, and much much more.


Once the adrenals are balanced, you can now move to the next step, ‘Birth your Innate Self Love and Self Worth’ frequencies. When the body chemistry is balanced, this becomes the next natural step, and the frequencies are here to help you to begin to birth these aspects within yourself.

There are 4 frequencies here, to help you Birth your Innate Self Love and Self Worth.

When you begin listening to the frequencies your cells and DNA will begin to vibrate at this frequency.

The frequencies (silent) here have been recorded and then layered with more energy to help balance you, on many levels. They bring in the energy of the 7 chakras, as well as bringing in the energy of the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, connecting the chakras to the respective element.

Item 3: OPENING TO THE I AM PRESENCE (3 Transmissions)

This is followed by the ‘Opening to the I AM Presence’, which is a natural progression from Adrenal Balance, and Birth your Innate Self Love and Self Worth. Here, you begin to reawaken to the Miracle of you.

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Offer 2 Includes 30 Min 1-to-1 Session Plus Option 1 :

POWERFUL 30 min One to One Private Session with Charan Surdhar! Experience the combination of quantum physics, spirituality and ancient wisdom, to allow you to connect each cell in your body to the Miracle of YOU.

In the session:

  • What if you could get to the root cause of your issue?
  • And then clear it
  • Allowing your DNA to express from Source
  • Align each cell and its DNA to your innate intelligence
  • Express the Miracle within YOU

The one to one sessions are powerful, and many have experienced amazing results.

Charan, with her science background, and an understanding of how our DNA functions on a quantum level, helps you in the sessions to connect back to your magic.

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Here is what people say about Charan

“Thank you for your healing work, it is vital for our evolution.” BRUCE LIPTON

I worked with Charan in February 2012. I was expecting my first child after struggling to conceive for many years. Ten weeks into the pregnancy, we were notified that there seemed to be a genetic issue, as an ultrasound had showed significant nuchal edema which is often a marker for Down’s Syndrome.I came across Charan’s website by change and contacted her, and immediately had started work with her. She worked on the embryo in utero, myself and my husband. The next ultrasound and test was in 3 weeks. We were thrilled to hear that the results came back encouraging and subsequently the nuchal edema disappeared. The rest of the pregnancy proceeded smoothly. We are proud to say that we were blessed with a beautiful and health baby girl at full term in August 2012. I highly recommend Charan and the important work she is doing. She was a pleasure to work with. Thank you Charan for all your help. – Mother of the Child, USA.

I had been experiencing soreness and stinging in my breasts for a few weeks, then eventually I felt the discomfort mainly in my left breast and I felt a quite hard lumpy area with one pea-size lump being especially sore to touch. I was truly terrified, as my mother had had a double mastectomy. After my 30min session with Charan, I was comparing the texture and sensation of both breasts, and there was NO lump had disappeared and no more pain!!

I went to see the doctor anyway three days later. She examined me thoroughly and could find no sign of any suspicious lumps in the breasts or in the armpits. Now, one week later, I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary and everything seems normal I can hardly describe my relief and gratitude! – Anonymous

“Charan is a bit of a unicorn. She is a DNA scientist who practices metaphysical Healing that WORKS!

How amazing is that?

I asked her for help immediately when my right hip socket went out of place and pinched a nerve. I was a literally writhing on the floor in pain.

Today Charan worked with me for about 15 minutes and brought my pain to a zero. I’m up and walking. I can sit and stand without straining or groaning. The pain is gone!! Such a RELIEF!

I know that it can be difficult for us to get our minds around these miracles of physical healing. If you need relief from physical pain, schedule a time with her personally. It is a wonder to behold how effortlessly and lovingly she attunes you to your own healing Source energy.” ~ Jan Luther EFT Founding Master

My daughter was given a diagnosis  or “label” at birth of Cystic Fibrosis and we were told that she wouldn’t live to see 5 years old.  That was the worst day of my life. But our beliefs have actually created a miracle.  Charan has been a part of it. Charan’s work with epigenetics struck a chord with me.  We had several sessions, with Charan and the small manifestations of Cystic Fibrosis that my daughter was showing were gone. My daughter has maintained an amazing immune system since our treatments with Charan. Now, she is super healthy, happy, glorious. After the first treatment, the cough lessened, and after the 3rd or 4th treatment or session, the cough was gone.  And has NOT returned.… I have been amazed by Charan and her work. I am beyond grateful for the work that Charan has done for my daughter, well, for our whole family.  She is a light worker bringing light, goodness, healing, change to this planet. She is gifted and generous of spirit.  She is peaceful and patient and loving.  Her healing gift is truly amazing. MC