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Ultimate Clearing Protocols
12 Modules

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After performing thousands of healing over a long period of time Christof noticed a pattern of certain characteristics, of imprints and wounds that he began creating protocols for.  He has created merged all these together to create his Ultimate Clearing Protocol that serves to accelerate you on your spiritual growth and Golden Path on Earth.

In this clearing and activation protocol you will experience deep energetic clearing of the subconscious beliefs that form blocks and barriers to your highest potential.  In this intensive process you will clear limiting programs held at Soul Level, Ancestral Level, and Experiential level.  You will clean, clear and charge your personal energy centres, and remove any imprinted programs still stored and held in each energy centre from your childhood conditioning still playing out today.

All of these can influence your ability to manifest your highest reality by preventing you from accessing the frequency bands necessary to attract into your reality the relevant People, Events, and Timelines that are needed to create your ultimate reality.  This advanced internal software cleansing protocol allows you to develop new internal DNA scripts for new outcomes bad around new potentials that are currently blocked to you due to your past, parental, and societal conditioning that have formed incongruent beliefs and thought processes keeping you locked at your current level of reality.

THE only way to change your reality is to change your external programming.  The Ultimate Clearing Protocol does just that.  It allows you to over ride your current operating system that generates your current results you are achieving for your life.    In the Ultimate Clearing Protocol you will be actually installed with a new Operating System for your Mind that allows you to think and process information in a faster cleaner more efficient way that is in alignment with your Goals, Plans and Higher Self.

Over the 12 modules you will clear:

Hara Healing – repair splits in hara line

  • activate meridians and circuitry system

1st Energy Centre Root chakra

  • Cleanse imprinted programs relating to safety, survival, security, feel safe in uncertainty,
  • restructure first chakra, connect cords into Earth chakra, get grounded and rooted
  • Release all poverty, victim and un-deservingness consciousness, Release all money malware programming (limiting beliefs regarding money)
  • Restructure first level of bio-energy – field etheric body

2nd Energy Centre Sacral Chakra

  • Cleanse imprinted programs relating to relationship, sexuality, relationships with parents, siblings, partners, children
  • restructure second chakra, Remove all tangled cords of past relationships embedded into second chakra, and bring into 100% flow
  • Clean emotional body
  • Clear auric field of attachments, entities, discarnate demons
  • Clear highest priority addictions
  • Clear Victim – Victimizer programming
  • Clear second level of bio-energy field – emotional body

3rd Energy Centre Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Cleanse imprinted programs relating to personal power, self esteem, self concept, need for approval, patriarchal imprinting
  • Restructure third chakra and bring into 100% flow
  • Balance will and emotional centres and move into flow
  • Restructure third level of bio-energy field – mental body

4th Energy Centre Heart Chakra

  • Cleanse imprinted programs relating to emotional neediness, love is outside you, not worthy or deserving of love, co-dependance programs
  • restructure 4th chakra, Remove all tangled cords of past relationships embedded into 4th chakra, and bring into 100% flow
  • Expectation – Disappoint – Blame complex
  • remove shielding and chest plates covering the heart
  • activate 9 pairs of internal chakras inside the heart
  • Activate the high heart chakra (8th chakra)
  • Clear forth level of bio-energy field – astral body

5th Energy Centre Throat Chakra

  • Cleanse imprinted programs relating to expressing and speaking your truth, being seen, trusting the divine, trusting guidance and intuition,
  • restructure 5th chakra, Remove all tangled cords of and bring into 100% flow
  • Activate causal body, connect to spiritual guides, initiate soul absorption and monadic integration for those that area ready.
  • Spiritual surgery with healing guides
  • Restructure fifth level of bio-energy field – causal body

6th Energy Centre Third Eye Chakra

  • Cleanse imprinted programs relating to manifesting vision, blockages to goals and dreams, false ceilings
  • Restructure 6th chakra, Remove all tangled cords of and bring into 100% flow
  • Brain balance between left and right hemispheres
  • Heart and Mind fields balance and merge
  • Angelic healing infusion
  • Clear six level of bio-energy field – celestial body

7th Energy Centre Crown Chakra

  • Cleanse imprinted programs relating to connection to Source, False God ideologies beliefs, Christ saviour model of redemption, armageddon software, false power energetics
  • Restructure 7th chakra, Remove all tangled cords of and bring into 100% flow
  • Remove any false light matrices
  • Restructure seventh level of bio-energy field – spirit body

Karma Clearing Ancestral Templates Clean Up

  • Clean highest priority ancestral karma paternal line
  • Clean highest priority ancestral karma maternal line

Karma Clearing Quantum Life Clean Up

  • Clean highest priority past / quantum life karma

Soul Level Clearing

  • Clean unnecessary soul contracts, healing, protection, soul mates,
  • Clear negative unjustified Karma
  • Source of consequences of all choices not in alignment with soul mission
  • Soul level fears and imprints
  • Galactic life trauma and memories
  • memory distortions

Unnatural Seal Removal

  • Remove un-natural seals locking DNA
  • 7 J – Seals,
  • Crucifixion Implants
  • Templar Seals,
  • Metatronic Implants,
  • Zeta Seals,
  • Alien / Inorganic implants
  • Crown of Thorns,
  • Tower of Babel Seals



  • co-dependancy
  • perpetrator – victim – rescuer programming
  • expectation – disappointment – blame programming
  • emotional neediness


  • un-deservedness
  • unworthiness
  • poverty consciousness
  • abundance blocks from ancestral line
  • negative soul level contracts preventing abundance
  • blind loyalty programming (tying you at the financial level of your parents)
  • vows (past life poverty vows)


  • inner voice critic clearing
  • self sabotage and negative loop pattern removal
  • highest priority ancestral  karmic imprints preventing abundance
  • current attachment removal
  • current judgement removal
  • clearing resistance
  • clearing blame
  • clearing fear of scarcity
  • clearing self sabotage
  • clearing doubt
  • fear of success
  • fear of growth
  • fear of taking risks
  • fear of rejection
  • DNA re-programming of fire letter sequences for abundance


  • Balance of 4 brain centres Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, Hypothalamus and Medulla Oblongata
  • Heart field and 4 brain centre synchronisation
  • Miasma and Cloud Clearing around brain
  • Hara Healing to increase field of intention
  • Clearing of negative thought forms (clearing thought forms of worry and anxiety)
  • Brain balance synchronisation of the left and right hemisphere
  • Opening of creative chakra’s of hips, planets in coccyx, and 2nd chakra

Here are what people have to say about Christof’s teachings….

“This was the most powerful session to date as far as the amount of energy I felt coursing through my body. It was like a sustained, intense electric current. When I ended the session, I felt various joint and muscle aches throughout my body and that a weight or burden had been lifted from me. Immediately afterward, and in the days since, there has been a shift, in what I would describe as my center of consciousness, from my head to the area around my heart. It’s like my awareness now emanates from my heart center with brings with it more peace, love and centeredness and less uncontrolled mental activity.

Thank you Christof and Akasha for all of the sessions you have facilitated this year. Each one has left me with measurable and sustained results. They are like rocket boosters for my spiritual practice”


“I stumbled upon Christof’s teachings in one of the tougher times in my life.

Even though I wasn’t entirely new to the subject, I was skeptical of how and if it would affect my being. From the moment I woke up in the morning I was plagued by very low frequency thoughts and emotions. So the first thing I started doing each morning was to listening to the free mini courses. One by one. They established a base of understanding my situation better. I moved on to take part in the DNA Regenesis program, which entirely turned my life around in a matter of a single month.

My Partner was the first to notice a change in my behavior, which at the time was crucial, since I had pushed our relationship to its absolute limit in the months leading up to this. The entire construct that my ego had built was about to collapse and I was faced with a radical life change. Overwhelming? Yes. I was facing what felt like a 200 ft wave about to tear me apart. But the teachings and clearings spoke to me. Louder and clearer than all the fearful chatter in my head.

They enabled me to tackle one topic at a time. At times it even felt like they slowed down time for me. My very own power was returned to me, thanks to these two people, I had never met in person. From the bottom of my heart, thank you two Christof and Akasha for providing such noble service to mankind. Absolutely everyone can benefit from this.”


“*THANK YOU* For developing the DNA RE-GENESIS protocol. I so much clearer and lighter, have more energy and need less sleep. I’m much more able to focus and have had some beautiful client sessions and synchronicities, and more clients contacting me wanting sessions. I’ve knuckled down to several tasks which I’d been putting off, and feel open and relaxed about the future.”


“My time spent with Christof and Akasha was life changing. My life long urge to seek and find my soul’s home brought me to these two amazing men. In our world of greed and self-centeredness I found the rarest of qualities in them, honesty, integrity, and deep compassion. They were able to see my true radiant ‘self’ hidden beneath the detritus of lifetimes. They helped me find the confidence to persevere, face my shadow-self and commune with my divine self. They also taught me how to wake up and embrace a daily spiritual practice that will sustain me throughout the rest of my life. Of all the courses I have taken with them DNA REGENESIS course allowed me the incredible joy of accessing my divine ability to heal myself. These amazing men have created a one of a kind protocol to help everyone heal themselves at their deepest soul and cellular level. It was a journey of a lifetime and I bless them.”


“I felt instantly the presence of energies surround my energetic field, I felt extremely safe and I saw myself lying underneath a gold pyramid frame with Christof and Akasha in each side of the pyramid working on a group of me. The vibration was so strong that my roller blind came flying up afterwards. So far I have had no massive “detoxing” physical shift symptoms but I instantly felt a sense of security and “realness” about life as if Ive unpeeled a layer. I have been completely grounded where usually I struggled to stay grounded and everything just feels emotionally perfect.”


“After the DNA Activation, I came to realize that I’ve let go of my attachment to my ego and body. I AM now completely aware that I’m from a higher vibration, working through a physical body to show as much love as I can to the world around me. I realize that i AM here solely for that purpose. It’s my mission while in this body to reach out to as many people as I can in order to remind them somehow that they are loved, worthy, eternal, appreciated, and powerful. I can do this unconditionally as I now realize that I’m a higher dimensional entity working through a physical body to ignite love throughout the cosmos. To raise the vibration of all that exists. I’m suddenly free of the ego that caused so much resistance before this empowerment session. I see who I really am outside the body and can’t imagine going back now that I get it. I’ve truly been liberated. I thank you so much for being such divine assistants in this process for me. This is monumental.”


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Ultimate Clearing Protocol: 12 Modules