Create Your Passion Matrix

5th Dimensional Training
to Discover & Live Your Passion
& Create Revenue Streams to Support You


Passion Matrix Course

Create your Passion Matrix for New Earth

This is a 5th Dimensional Course for New Earth Creations.
This training and coaching program will show you exactly how to:

Discover & Live Your Passion!

Take the Next Step on your New Earth Business Journey

Cross that bridge from the corporate world into a self-owned business that expresses your Passion.

Monetize Your Passion with Essential Web & Software tools.

 Tools & techniques for Keeping Your Energy High – Creating In Joy – Being inspired from Within

How to create a self-sustaining income or revenue stream that supports your passion

The Passion Matrix is your own personal inventory of your life’s skills, talents and passions and weaving them together into your own map of new creations that come from the Heart. This is how we create with the Energies of New Earth!

Heart-Centered, Heart-Powered creations.




Are You ready to step into your Passion and Purpose?


Discover this powerful technique to
Create Your Passion Matrix


&  Generate Streams of Revenue to Support you!

Create your Passion Matrix for New Earth

       This Training is designed to meet you where you are at, and at any speed of evolution you desire.
Select from 3 Options to activate your Passion Matrix for New Earth!
Receive the Support & Guidance you need for a successful New Earth venture.

Offer 1


Passion Matrix Course
Audio Workshop & Quick-Start Guide
Online Class with videos, audios & helpful downloads

Offer 2


Passion Matrix Course with Personal Session

Personal Session for Higher Self Guidance

Only $197

Offer 3


Professional Coaching for New Earth Leaders

Business Training & Coaching Package

10 Hours of 5 Personal Sessions to Move Your Forward!


This is a hands-on course to move you forward in New Earth Creations so you can live your passion, create from higher dimensional frequencies & create self-sustaining revenue streams to support the service.


Option 1 Includes:


Item 1: Passion Matrix Workshop 3 Hour Audio Course Download

  • Discover Your Soul Path
  • Meditation & Exploration of Past, Present & Future Life Talents
  • Create Your Passion Matrix
  • Do you have a Healing or New Earth Service?
  • Would you like to live your passion?
  • Do you need help finding your Passion Flow?
  • Would you like to quit/change jobs?
  • Learn how to create your Passion Matrix
  • Generate ideas that you can do Today to express joy and passion
  • Cultivate streams of revenue to support you
  • Build your roadmap to New Earth Creations


The Passion Matrix Workshop

3 Hour Online Class in Audio and video download

The Passion Matrix Workshop – A New Earth Mastery Empowerment Course

 Learn how to Create Your Own Passion Matrix in this live online event that allows you to bring forth your New Earth Creations, Services, Products, Systems, Organizations while being fueled by your passion and utlilizing all of your skills and talents that bring you Joy! 

 Passion Flow is the New Cashflow!

Creating Your Passion Matrix

This is a hands-on course to discover and identify your talents, skills and passion that support you in creating New Earth businesses.  You will learn how you can use your Soul Path and passions to create your Passion Matrix.  This is a system that Lauren Galey used in her own life when leaving the television news industry.  Taking inventory of your life from a heart-centered, New Earth, perspective aligns you with your Soul as you create your passion matrix and see the bigger picture of the endless possibilities. You’ll even tap into skills and talents used in past, future and parallel lives.

This inner connection will allow for more guidance to flow through you as you live from living your joy and creating from a vibration that supports abundance and flow.   Once you create your New Earth business or service, you will be inspired by ways to generate self-sustaining income.

  • How to Use Your Soul Path Number for New Earth Creations
  • Why your Passion Matrix is the key to being in the Flow
  • Money Games for De-Programming poverty Consciousness

About Lauren Galey

Lauren Ellis Galey is a former television and radio news anchor & reporter now on a mission to assist in the expansion of consciousness and realization of New Earth.  After departing from the 3D matrix profession of mainstream media news, she ventured out on her own to use the power of media in an effective and beneficial way.  She has been interviewing interviewing teachers in consciousness and spirituality for the past 12 years.  

A Message from Lauren Galey

Hello my New Earth Co-creators!  In my own personal journey of creating a service that brings out my heart-felt passion, I discovered I have a knack at creativity for New Earth services, systems and products, and helping others find creative expressions of passion while using all the talents and skills one has gained on this journey and all incarnations.

As we move from the old 3D old Earth structures, systems and paradigms, and step into the higher frequencies of the 5th Dimension and Unity Consciousness, we will use these energies or state of consciousness to create with.

I will show you my technique that I used to allow my passion to take priority in my life, creating a self-sustainable income , while serving others. If this is your mission too, then this technique will assist you here and now.

We’ll take a meditative journey into our Sacred Heart Temple,  where we’ll review and explores skills and talents of this lifetime along with past and future lives.

We’ll add this to our Passion Matrix and begin to weave an action plan fueled by your passion.

Join me to jump-start your New Earth Creations!

First, we’re going to talk about passion. Are you really living your passion or do you just think you are? We’ll take a mediative journey  that helps you discover and identify your many passions, even looking at what you loved to do as a child, and those things that you do where you get lost in time.

Then we’ll do a list-building exercise which identifies your skills and talents, including writing, singing, dancing, sports, office work, typing, knowledge and efficiency with various software programs, cognitive abilities, business experience, any planetary experience you are great at and anything you know and perform like the back of your hand – you will list everything you are extremely efficient at it and you enjoy doing.

With these two exercises in place, you’ll have a map in front of you in which you’ll Heart-Storm (brainstorm) about how you can weave a new Matrix of all your skills, talents and passions into something that you can monetize, earn an income from, and be rewarded for in an energetic exchange for your Service to Humanity and the Universe. This may be revealed immediately, or it may be revealed over time, in big or small doses. Regardless of how it unfolds, it will unfold, because it will be a creation of your Heart. Your Passion. And it will tune you in to your Authentic Self, doing that which makes your heart sing. And being provided for along the way!


  • Create a Passion Matrix: List building exercises and meditation  to discover yourpassion, skills, talents and all things you do with great ease, efficiency and joy.
  • Weave a Plan of Action based on your Passion Matrix
  • Understand Your Soul Path Number
  • Live online workshop to share your passion matrix with others

Item 2:  Live Interactive Group Webinars

Share your Passion Matrix. Live Group Interactive Webinars to assist in the Integration and Implementation of your Passion Matrix

Join us on Select Saturdays every month for:

  • Group Review of Your Passion Matrix
  • Cultivate ideas
  • Group sharing and motivation to keep you moving forward
  • Enjoy this monthly meeting as often as you like. Recordings included if you can’t join live.

This is a wonderful way to tap into the group energy to give and receive ideas for New Earth Creations.  Come each month to advance your Passion Matrix into Manifestation. We begin by doing what we love first, and the inspiration for how to create revenue streams follows. The group synergy will not only motivate you to take action but it offers accountability to just “get er done”.

Item 3:  Video Course:  Online Essentials to Monetize Your Passion: Must-Have Tools for your Website to automate and monetize your online business.

Item 4:  Audio Download: Connect to Your Higher Self Meditation

Item 5: Audio Download: Meditation to Access Past, Present & Future Life Passions & Talents

YES! I want the Passion Matrix Course Option 1 for $97

Option 2 Includes:

Item 1: Everything in Option 1 PLUS a Personal Session (90-minutes to 2 hours)

Personal sessions with Lauren are a fast-track to implementing your Passion Matrix.  In a 90-minute to 2-hour session via zoom or phone, you’ll discuss your specific action plan of next steps to get you started in doing what you love and creating revenue streams along the way.   Each Soul has a unique path on this journey of Love-Expression, and Lauren will assist you heart-storming ideas, connecting the dots of your Passion Matrix, and offering advice on any aspect of your business you need assistance with – be it how to create and market physical products or digital products and services.

“I’m on a mission for New Earth and that’s why I’ve created this program that supports New Earth Creations.  New Earth is birthed from within us, and it begins by doing what we love, in Joy. The tools and technology that assist us today allow us creative ways to live our passion and create streams of revenue to support our service.  If you need advice on how to step away from the old 3D Matrix and into your own Passion Matrix of doing what you love, then I invite you to this course.” ~ Lauren Galey


Lauren Galey will assist you in self-evolution and connection to your Higher Self.  These powerful sessions follow a proven method that connects you with your Higher Self to uncover your life’s mission and purpose.  Along the way, you’ll discover and dissolve any blocks, whether conscious or unconscious, that keep you from fulfilling your role of living in Joy, Love, Peace, Harmony and Unity.

Your session will focus on your intentions and clearing the path for you to accelerate your journey in this ever-present now moment.    Using Lauren Galey’s self-proven Passion Matrix,  you will create your own personal road map  of how to create streams of income from your heart-centered passion(s) and joy-filled interests.

Today’s technology in a digital online world offers a huge variety of opportunities to earn income from the products and services you create from the Love of Your Sacred Heart., and by doing what you love.  You’ learn the first action steps to take to begin the journey of Love!

How you’ll benefit from these personal sessions :

  • Turn Your Passionflow into Cashflow
  • Experience & Create with Quantum Consciousness
  • Attune & Connect to Your Higher Self
  • Download your Life Purpose
  • Live in Joy & Create Reality in 100% Truth, Trust and Passion
  • Cultivate & Amplify Self-Love
  • Release the Energy of Fear & Lack Programming
  • Amplify Your Love Vibration in every moment
  • Create and Rejuvenate in the Temple of Your Sacred Heart

A  Mesasge From Lauren Galey

 Let the Sound of my voice unravel you from the old 3D Matrix so you can truly step forth on your New Earth Mission. These personal sessions with me will assist you in Shining the Bright Light of your Soul.  It is my New Earth mission to assist anyone and everyone who wish to begin taking the action steps necessary to create from passion, love and joy that flow from the Heart.

We forgot or suppressed the playful and ambitious dreams of our childhood when we became young adults, venturing out into the world of career or the workforce.  The effort to put a roof over our heads and survive in a greedy, competitive 3D world took over our dreams of doing and creating from what we Love.  Now in this ever-present now moment,  it’s time to return to this love, expressing from our Sacred Hearts and using all of our skills and talents from this life and past lives to truly BE that which we already are – Great Co-Creators of Love & Light.

Let me help you Live & Create New Earth!  



ITEM 2: BONUS: Media Production 101 Video & Audio Course (3 hours) 

YES! I want Lauren’s special offer Option 2

Option 3 Includes:

Everything in Option 1 PLUS  Professional Coaching for New Earth Leaders

 Regular price: $1500 


Limited Space due to focused and dedicated attention to each participant



 10 hours – 5 calls. (90 min – 2 hours each)  Empower Yourself. Empower your Business.

In 5 one-on-one consulting sessions, you will receive guidance on action steps that get your online business launched and out to the world. You will learn an online marketing system that builds your audience and community.  This special coaching package is designed especially for someone who already knows their passion and life skills, yet desires to take tremendous action in launching the New EArth Business!



This package has all the support you need to make great leaps forward on your Passion Matrix or New Earth Creation.   You’ll get 5 sessions with Lauren, scheduled whenever you like.   Talk about business, create ideas, receive advice on what technology to use, how to set up your website, automate your online business or how to sell products and services globally.  Ask Lauren anything! She is a successful entrepreneur with creative ideas that will help you in your own unique expression of Passion on New Earth!

Option:  Calls in this package can include a New Earth Spiritual Hypnosis session to connect with your Higher Self and explore your skills and talents from past lives, future lives, and off-planet lives. Let your Higher Self lead the way as it offers you guidance on your questions!

This is a 6-week challenge for you to BE & DO your Passion. 

YES! I want Lauren’s Special Offer 3!