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Create Your Passion Matrix
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Are You ready to step into your Passion and Purpose and create a flow of revenue to support you?


Discover this Heart-based Guide to
Create & Live Your Passion Matrix

Create your Passion Matrix for New Earth

       This Training is designed to meet you where you are at, and at any speed of evolution you desire.
Select from 2 Options to activate your Passion Matrix for New Earth!
Receive the Support & Guidance you need for a successful New Earth venture.

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Passion Matrix Online Course
Includes Video Training portal  and Media Production 101 Course

Passion Matrix Coaching to build your online business and brand.  Learn how to create a lead magnet, attract the perfect clients, and establish yourself online with key and vital tools to automate your business.   Yyou’ll have access to our video training portal where you can watch recorded coaching sessions and follow along at your own pace.


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Media Production 101  

Video Training Package and Media Labs for 1 year

Only $144

Value $777

This is a hands-on course to move you forward in New Earth Creations so you can live your passion, create from higher dimensional frequencies & create self-sustaining revenue streams to support the service.  Whether you are fresh out of college, leaving the corporate world or starting your encore career, this Passion Matrix system and coaching plan is your guide to how others have migrated to the New Earth Heart-Based system of business. 

Make a Quantum Leap in your New Earth Creations and Service by utilizing and implementing your Passion Matrix!  This  Coaching Course offers you the vital support you need to start your New Earth business and to connect with others and bring your Purpose – driven service, product or ogranization to life!

  • Create Your Passion Matrix Course &  Coaching Labs – ask your questions and put your plan into actioin!
  • Learn how to Build your Brand, Tell Your Story and Create Lead Magnets
  • Implement the essential online marketing tools in your business
  • Media Production 101 to teach you vital skills to get your message out
  • Enlightened Entrepreneur Quick Start Guide – a PDF of helpful business tools you need for online success

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  • Do you have a Healing or New Earth Service?
  • Would you like to live your passion?
  • Do you need help finding your Passion Flow?
  • Would you like to quit/change jobs?
  • Learn how to create your Passion Matrix
  • Generate ideas that you can do Today to express joy and passion
  • Cultivate streams of revenue to support you
  • Build your roadmap to New Earth Creations


 The Passion Matrix Coaching Program

 Learn how to Create Your Own Passion Matrix in this coaching and support package that allows you to bring forth your New Earth Creations, Services, Products, Systems, Organizations while being fueled by your passion and utlilizing all of your skills and talents that bring you Joy! 

4 LIVE SESSIONS:  JULY 10 , 17, 24, 31

12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET / 7pm GMT

90 minutes – 2 hours each – with recordings


Passion Flow is the New Cashflow!

Creating Your Passion Matrix

This is a hands-on course to discover and identify your talents, skills and passion that support you in creating New Earth businesses.  You will learn how you can use your Soul Path and passions to create your Passion Matrix.  This is a system that Lauren Galey used in her own life when leaving the television news industry.  Taking inventory of your life from a heart-centered, New Earth, perspective aligns you with your Soul as you create your passion matrix and see the bigger picture of the endless possibilities. You’ll even tap into skills and talents used in past, future and parallel lives.

If you are ready to step into your Passion, your Light Service, but you just need someone to help you get there with essential tools you need for online success, then you’ll want to take this training with Lauren Galey, who’s been operating several successful online businesses for the past 15 years.  She can share wisdom and you can ask her ANYTHING.


Session 1:  Create Your Special Unique Offering to the World, Identify Your Single Most important Message, Vital Business Tools Empowering Your business/service/mission with Sacred Geometry.

Session 2: Attract Your Ideal Perfect Clientsby learning how to speak to them in a way that attracts them to your service, presenting you as a vital guide who can help them.  You’ll learn 7 elements to include in your storytelling so that your message is consistent and directed specifically to those who need it.

Session 3: New Earth Business Plan – You’ll create a list of product or service ideas. We’ll continue to work with storybranding to attract perfect clients.  You will have the opportunity to share/present your PassionFlow plan in the final coaching session.

Session 4: Creating Revenue Streams on your Wisdom – How to create revenue streams from your ideas from your Passion Matrix.  List creation called You Know Something, Now Share It. This helps you identify all of your areas of expertise as we cover the 5Ws and the H:   How to share to your wisdom (blogs, youTube, podcasts, etc), Where to share it, Why you must share it, When to Share it and who to Share it with.


A Message from Lauren Galey

Hello my New Earth Co-creators!  In my own personal journey of creating a service that brings out my heart-felt passion, I discovered I have a knack at creativity for New Earth services, systems and products, and helping others find creative expressions of passion while using all the talents and skills one has gained on this journey and all incarnations.As we move from the old 3D old Earth structures, systems and paradigms, and step into the higher frequencies of the 5th Dimension and Unity Consciousness, we will use these energies or state of consciousness to create with.I will show you my technique that I used to allow my passion to take priority in my life, creating a self-sustainable income , while serving others. If this is your mission too, then this technique will assist you here and now.We’ll take a meditative journey into our Sacred Heart Temple,  where we’ll review and explores skills and talents of this lifetime along with past and future lives.We’ll add this to our Passion Matrix and begin to weave an action plan fueled by your passion.

Join me to jump-start your New Earth Creations!

First, we’re going to talk about passion. Are you really living your passion or do you just think you are? We’ll take a mediative journey  that helps you discover and identify your many passions, even looking at what you loved to do as a child, and those things that you do where you get lost in time.Then we’ll do a list-building exercise which identifies your skills and talents, including writing, singing, dancing, sports, office work, typing, knowledge and efficiency with various software programs, cognitive abilities, business experience, any planetary experience you are great at and anything you know and perform like the back of your hand – you will list everything you are extremely efficient at it and you enjoy doing.With these two exercises in place, you’ll have a map in front of you in which you’ll Heart-Storm (brainstorm) about how you can weave a new Matrix of all your skills, talents and passions into something that you can monetize, earn an income from, and be rewarded for in an energetic exchange for your Service to Humanity and the Universe. This may be revealed immediately, or it may be revealed over time, in big or small doses. Regardless of how it unfolds, it will unfold, because it will be a creation of your Heart. Your Passion. And it will tune you in to your Authentic Self, doing that which makes your heart sing. And being provided for along the way!This inner connection will allow for more guidance to flow through you as you live from living your joy and creating from a vibration that supports abundance and flow.   Once you create your New Earth business or service, you will be inspired by ways to generate self-sustaining income.


Item 1:   Video Course:  Online Essentials to Monetize Your Passion: Must-Have Tools for your Website to automate and monetize your online business.

Item 2:  Audio Download: Connect to Your Higher Self Meditation

Item 3: Audio Download: Meditation to Access Past, Present & Future Life Passions & Talents

Item 4: Enlightened Entreprenuer Quick Start Guide – with helpful links for online business setup.

Item 5: Plant Music Bundle for Your Creativity (over 15 hours of Plant Music you can stream or download) Create a High Vibrational environment.

ITEM 6:  Media Production 101


This is  really an important workshop for professionals who desire to learn the vital and essential tools to record, edit and produce audio and video files. This is a must-have course for anyone who is doing online courses, group calls, or recording anything yet wishes to make simple and basic edits of the event recordings to produce professional-quality audios and videos.

This program teaches you how to record, edit and publish digital content. It’s a video and then half a dozen media labs that teach even more based on participant questions. You’ll have access to all live upcoming Media Labs for 1 year so you ask your questions and get specific training. You’ll learn valuable tips on audio and recording. Today’s technology supports abundant media creation, and this will guide you to creating professional quality audios and videos.

Learn the easy way to edit out mistakes, add cool title slides to videos, take out buzz on recordings and produce digital content like a Pro! 

You will learn how to use free software Audacity and inexpensive, high quality software Adobe Audition to edit your audio recordings.  You’ll learn tips the pros use in Audio Production! Plus we’ll cover a little bit about how to make simple edits to your video recordings.

How to Create:
Your Own Professional-quality recording studio using your computer
Online Events, Webinars, Radio Shows, Group Calls
Recorded Meditations & Activations with or without background music

How to Edit:
Recorded audio or video programs
Musical backgrounds into your programs
& Get Rid of Unwanted hums/buzzes and beeps

How to Produce:
Video and Audio programs for digital delivery
& Learn about online platforms for webinars, on-demand and pay-per-view

This is the class you’ve been waiting for! If you’re ready to launch yourself huge into the digital world of today’s new media communication of podcasts, webinars, youTube channels and on-demand videos and more, then start here and learn the basics of how you can give your recordings a professional feel and sound by learning a few powerful tricks of the trade.

Whether you are seasoned at online and live events, or if you desire to step up into hosting your own events, this course gives you with missing tips and techniques to show you how to make simple edits on your recordings, what the best recording online platforms are and how to create a revenue stream from on-demand or digital downloadable events.

Most of the time, you just need a quick edit to the front or back end of your event recordings. Or perhaps to edit out an interruption or unrelevant information. You’ll learn how to make these edits and produce a buttoned-up and professional digital product!You can also use this edit time to add your own show graphics or product pitches or website plugs.


I love how the walls have literally come down on media controls, and now each one of us have the ability to create using the powerful tools of audio and video. As a media professional working in television and radio in the early ’90s, I was in a world where one could not touch a television camera unless you were in the Radio and Television Union. Today, not only do we have high-quality video cameras on most, if not all, smart phones, we also have a FREE service that allows us to post videos AND earn money off those who view them. Not to mention the huge niche market of followers available to see your YouTube channel!It’s amazing and yet, overwhelming, because as simple as it may sound to record and produce our dreams, teachings, insights and more into video and audio, it’s not so easy. And there are a few tricks of the trade that will be highly beneficial in coming across in a professional quality for your teachings and offerings.

That’s why I’ve created this course especially for you: the one who wants to record or is currently recording your own teachings, online events and group calls. I’ve met so many who are talented in singing, toning, meditations, and who are following the call of their hearts to step up and teach, or be a wayshower to others.

The biggest challenge I see them all having is the ability to edit out minor mistakes, buzzes or maybe they want to insert a beautiful title slide or graphic in their video. Sometimes, they have questionson how to create live online events, or simiply where and how to post videos online. And this is where I am following the call of my heart to step up and help you.

I am sharing this knowledge with you so we can bring forth a beautiful world, using all of our skills, talents and passions as we do so. We will be supported when we do this and I AM here to support you NOW.

This course is called Media Production 101 — and it will give you the confidence and professional edge you need to build your library of digital offerings. You’ll learn about the variuos platforms to use for your group calls, online teachings, gathering, or even how to pre-record events and audio or video programs for on-demand or pay-per-view.

I look forward to assisting you in bringing forth your New Earth Creations with a classy, professional touch on a shoestring budget!

Blessings and love,


About Lauren Galey

Lauren Ellis Galey is a former television and radio news anchor & reporter now on a mission to assist in the expansion of consciousness and realization of New Earth.  After departing from the 3D matrix profession of mainstream media news, she ventured out on her own to use the power of media in an effective and beneficial way.  She has been interviewing interviewing teachers in consciousness and spirituality for the past 12 years.  

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Option 2 Includes:

Media Production 101 Course with Media Labs

One Time Enrollment Fee: $144

VIDEO TRAINING COURSE to learn media production skills – for any level!

This package also includes 15 Media Lab trainings (recorded), Course Materials, helpful business links  

YES! I want Media Production 101 – Only for $144

Offer 1


Passion Matrix Coaching Program – 4 weeks
Includes Video Training portal  and Media Production 101 Course

Passion Matrix Coaching to build your online business and brand.  Learn how to create a lead magnet, attract the perfect clients, and establish yourself online with key and vital tools to automate your business.   You’ll have access to our video training portal where you can watch recorded coaching sessions and follow along at your own pace.


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Offer 2


Media Production 101  

Video Training Package and Media Labs  

Only $144

Value $777

New Earth Leader Option:

Everything in Option 1 PLUS  Professional Coaching for New Earth Leaders

 Regular price: $1500 


Limited Space due to focused and dedicated attention to each participant



 10 hours – 5 calls. (90 min – 2 hours each)  Empower Yourself. Empower your Business.

In 5 one-on-one consulting sessions, you will receive guidance on action steps that get your online business launched and out to the world. You will learn an online marketing system that builds your audience and community.  This special coaching package is designed especially for someone who already knows their passion and life skills, yet desires to take tremendous action in launching the New EArth Business!