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Crystalline Light Code Activations
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PLUS LIVE Masterclass with Zoe

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Crystalline Light Code Activations

“Expand, Explore and Create in the Crystalline Light of Multi-Dimensional Living”

These activations will shake and release down from the root core of your emotional, physical and energetic being to unify, expand and ground into the crystalline grid for ascension alignment.

Here’s what’s included in option one

Item 1:  Crystalline Light Code Activations


Length of Program 5 X 90 minute pre-live recorded activations & Additional Channelled PDF for support.

Value of Program $333 (True Value) (Bonus includes a 2 hour workshop on how to activate crystals & PDF doc of my book Love Is The Answer)

These activations will shake and release down from the root core of your emotional, physical and energetic being to unify, expand and ground into the crystalline grid for ascension alignment.

This program was recorded live from activation portals of Hawaii, Canada, Vancouver Island & Mount Shasta.

Intended to be used over a 5 week period, leaving 3 months for full integration of the activations. You may listen to each recording as many times as you are guided to continue deepening your connection to the crystalline grid and your ascending hearts.

Using her gifts as a Crystalline Grid Activator, Zoe will guide you to step into the dimensional experience most aligned with your heart’s desire – that of the 5th dimensional frequencies and learning how to anchor this light into your daily physical lives.


Aligning with the accelerated timeline to your awakened ascension

Anchor your ascending light bodies into the crystalline grid to explore and create from this potential

Harmonise your light with Gaia, embracing the divine connection and grounding in your heaven on Earth



Crystalline alignment & higher self connection


Activation – Atlantis Crystal Blue Heart Opening


Activation – Golden dimensional rays of abundant receiving


Harmonising with Gaia and all creation


Expand, Anchor & Align with the divine flow

The Crystalline grid houses our complete potential to live presently, live with joy, live with love, live with harmony, live with compassion, live with integrity.

It holds us in a strong resonance with those vibrations that serve our highest goods at all times of life:

Resonating with love.

Resonating with unity consciousness.

Resonating with our higher selves.



5 x 90 minutes live recorded activations

Intention setting, activating meditations, ground in the light codes, call and embody our higher selves to help clear, transmute and anchor our new awareness into the crystalline grid.

Ascension alignment integration, light code and sound code activation.

Core healing of emotional and karmic wounds to remove old blockages, limiting beliefs and programming and replace them with new language and light codes to accelerate your timeline into ascension into 5-d and beyond.

Channeled messages from the collective consciousness of light, the elementals, angels and guides.

If this resonates with you – if this speaks to your soul – trust – trust in the process that you are meant to receive the frequency within these activations and step into the unknown of your crystalline creative potential.

“It is truly my humbling honour to guide you, expand with you and activate the one heart within us all. Stepping into the magical alignment to expand, explore and create in the Crystalline Light of Multi-Dimensional living. All my love”   ~ Zoe Davenport


Item Two: Crystalline Activation Workshop


Length of Program 2 hours  

This live recorded workshop dives deeper into the potential of crystals.  We learn how their activations can support us with our own ascending crystalline light bodies and accelerate potential timelines of reality.

So much has shifted energetically since 2012 and now the crystalline grid is fully functional – so too are the power of crystals coming back into play.

They have so much to teach us energetically and through their own LIGHT codes we can truly harness the potential of 5th dimensional living and above.

How does this relate on a human scale?,  Building grids and activating crystals with different intentions opens portals within their being to download more concentrated light source which amplifies and expands on the intended outcome.

This fun workshop includes:

Chakra crystalline activation meditation.

Light Language & Sound Activations

Learn how to open & activate crystals for different purposes – abundance, healing and more.

Channelled messages from the collective crystal kingdom.

Crystal grid creation & how to open, activate for expanded intentions.


Item Three: Love is the answer – A guide to awakening the heart and stepping into true authenticity


Length of Program – PDF BOOK 12 chapters  


Love is the answer – a guide to awakening the heart and stepping into true authenticity. It is ok if you have never done a meditation before, it is ok if you do not know what to expect from reading this book. It is ok if you are not already there yet or feel 100% love in your hearts, it is all ok. It is ok if you find change difficult, it is ok if you find fear a challenge, it is ok if you are hurting, it is all ok. This book reminds us of the love we are capable of through breaking down the false sense of self – ego, fears and limitations. This is an energy book, not a thinking book, designed to gently assist you on your continued journey of living with an awakened heart. Each chapter brings a renewed awareness that love is within you the whole time. Through daily meditations, affirmations, and journaling- you may step back into the truth of who you are to always follow your own heart, intuition and authenticity. This is my truth, and a gift of love to help guide you on a journey back to your hearts and back into alignment with your souls.




Ready to Activate?

Move through the linear timeline – A live recorded 90-minute activation to accelerate your manifesting potential and ground into the higher frequencies.

Expanded Manifesting

We are in some of the most present moment exciting times known to the collective human experience. For we are awakening to the expansion of who we truly are, we are ascending from carbon based to crystalline structures, gaining access to the outer worlds and dimensions beyond time and space, beyond the constraints of the ego linear understandings.

Our consciousness is expanding, our physical DNA is upgrading, our emotional being is releasing and shedding lifetimes of stagnation and karmic imprints, our collective understanding/experience is moving into more fluid and lighter concepts. As we start to awaken and embody these truths and ascend, so too we are called to no longer reside within the limitations of “linear manifesting”. As we evolve the way we create evolves, for we are learning to create free from the limitations of karmic imprints, attachments to others, ego and expectations upon self.

Expanded manifesting is knowing deep within the heart our conscious choices of creation, it’s light, joyful, and gifts us the feeling of oneness and excitement in each moment.

We are called to co-create, collaborate, initiate, accept, allow and receive the dimensional experience our souls strive for, yarn for, and truly need to embody the higher realms, calling all upon the present moment, the power of NOW.


This online class is a 90 minute activation and additional channelled support to expand your energies ready to receive more. Great for those moments when you feel stuck or not sure what the next steps are.


 Live access to a monthly masterclass – When you sign up to this offer you will be invited to a live online masterclass with Zoe Davenport. you will be lead through the topic of the month in a sacred activation, join in on the Q&A and get to be in a live and interactive setting with your awakened community

These live masterclasses are held monthly so you get to join us for the month you sign up.

The previous classes have been on Advanced Channelling practice, Inner Child Healing, Crystal Activations, Self-love Energetics and other ascension topics. All live classess include a DNA activation and last around 90minutes – 2 hours. You will get access to the replay afterwards

YES! I want Zoe’s Special Offer (a $588 Value) for only $97

What People have to Say about Zoe Davenport…

“This 5-week program has been amazingly beautiful! In the sessions Zoe and the beings that she channels take you on a journey inward where you get the chance to truly feel your inner being and finally let go of all the ‘stuff’ that you are not. These beings that come through have an amazing energy that supports the entire process; making it so much easier to let go of everything we do not need anymore and then to feel and embrace who and what we truly are” I really really really recommend anyone that is in the ascension process to experience this 5-week program! Thank you so much Zoe”

Love from Simon from The Netherlands

“I participated in Zoe’s 5 week crystalline activation program, including a 1 hour private session in May 2017. From the very first activation I experienced Zoe holding beautiful loving space for the group, and waves of energy coming in. By the end of the call I was full to the brim with gorgeous, vibrant, expansive energy and I could feel a visceral change in my body. So much so I was struggling to drive after! Each week there was a lovely new activation experience with an injection of energy which helped me feel more consistently upgraded, expanded and in joy.

The program was supported by additional supplied channelled information and a wonderful facebook group where we all got to know, share and support each other. I loved that Zoe was very involved day to day in feeding back to the group for their personal questions and providing loving support for all. My 1:1 session brought further insights including practical steps and exercises to continue my work. Overall I have come away from working with Zoe with new knowledge, understanding, techniques and guidance. I feel amazing, and completely upgraded and moved on from where I was 5 weeks ago. One of the best things I have done this year! I’m very thankful, to Zoe and our beautiful group and all the beings of light and love for this divine experience”

Joanna – Australia

“Taking part of Zoe’s 5 week Activation program has been the best self-care I could have ever given to myself. Coming into it just feeling the call to attend and knowing pretty much nothing about Zoe or the program, I’m left with overwhelming feelings of expansion, spiritual growth, love and gratefulness.

Zoe guided our group so gracefully and lovingly through activations and meditations that were at times face-numbingly powerful and other times so gentle and nurturing. These past 5 weeks have brought more understanding and growth in so many levels, more than past ten years in total. Absolutely amazing experience and I highly recommend if you feel the call in your heart.”

Tiina, Finland

“My experience with Zoe’s crystalline grid workshop was phenomenal to say the least. I experienced closure to many many things from my past which came to me in dreams following each of the workshop live calls. I had experienced nightmares for 40 years regarding a past trauma and in one of my dreams following an ascension call I came to terms with what happened and so my nightmares have stopped. This just blew my mind and was so astounding to me.

Other negative events were also brought up in dreams and resolved. One day after an ascension call I could not go outside for about 6 hours because all I could see in the air were twinkling bright lights like very bright light particles all over outside. They were so bright I couldn’t open my eyes. Another time I had a vision of a woman looking at me from the edge of a jungle and when our eyes met I knew she was me. Zoe kept saying that our higher self will combine with our body and so I feel like she was part of me returning home. I can honestly say that I am no longer the same person I was before the workshop. I’m different now. It’s hard to put into words but I feel lighter, less burdened, more sure of myself, and most of all connected to a higher source of knowledge and energy. Thank you Zoe!!”

Reba Christine Neyman

“I was introduced to Zoe from a friend and started with some heart opening meditations. It blew my mind. When I read her book “love is the answer” I felt like I could completely relate in so many ways. So then years later I stumbled upon this Crystalline Activation group and my whole being said yes. Recently I became very drawn to these gem stones and couldn’t figure out why.

So I needed some guidance. Thank you so much Zoe, the whole program was inspirational. Our facebook community was loving, supportive and open. Every week I felt some lightness, some weight off of me. So thank you again. Looking forward to your work in the future, sending lots of love”


Yolanda Curtis

If Zoe is in your path, say YES!  Trust, and see your life blossom as you dive deep within your own heart.

My higher self guided me straight into Zoe’s line of heart fire. The flow of synchronicities that led me to her were very powerful and in my face, and so I decided to follow my heart’s guidance and sign up.  Just finding her was a miracle. The first week alone was incrediblyy shifting as my energies adjusted to these higher frequencies that are natural flowing, as I powerfully adjusted with such a gentle yet powerful alignment activation deep within my being.  Everything that wasn’t in alignment with my soul magically dissolved so quickly. Zoe’s countenance/essence/energy and embodiment of pure divine heart space is a multi-dimensional tune-up that occurs on many dimensions not just the physical…. but also very much the physical.

I am able to see all the ways I was choosing against myself and operating from a place of fear.  I am tolerating a life where I keep my head down, work hard, suffer, and then suffer some more which is exactly what I am here to help the world recognize and shift.   Working with Zoe, she calls in the highest beings and her light encoded voice is so powerfully activating, and soul comforting and felt in such a harmonious/resonant way that immediately aligns every cell, infusing with light and then organize them to work together.  The light language penetrates on a vibrational level that also makes it easier to let go and heal on every level of being/consciousness/physicality. I am enjoying the journey and it is definitely the opposite way my ego would lead me -in a comfort zone rut that leads nowhere… and this is precisely why my higher self appointed Zoe to appear in my world as a guide, and support as I allow myself the divine feminine space to receive and simply BE who I am – without apology, guilt, shame, and doubting who I am which is magnificently joyful and powerful and here to impact billions of souls on the planet at this time of great shifting.

Not for the meek, to work with Zoe you have to be READY to play and also face your darkest shadows, but the reward is far brighter than any shadow on the wall… It is time to  start enjoying the ascension journey opening to MORE, always expanding, always brightening, alway changing. We are here to live in JOY, abundance, freedom, peace and pure bliss and really here to help one another and the earth as guardians.   Zoe is a beautiful divine support, sister and Light on this planet who truly understands what it is to be human and divine being and how to navigate through releasing the old stories and allowing the new. She comes from a place of wisdom and surrender that is wonderful to align with; she is dedicated as a way shower by BEING and embodying an open state of Love in order to be able to simply align with it within ourselves.  It’s a magnificent honor to have the opportunity to experience this level of accelerated heart expansion, especially since I have deep soul connections with Glastonbury. I know this is just the beginning of my life living with an open heart as I step into my full power. Zoe will help you stop playing small and trust the sacred meaning of your life and how easy it is to find your way into creating with your heart rather than blocking your own blessings and infinite support from source.

I am excited to see my life as a butterfly to unfold as I let go the old cocoon I once lived in, and fearlessly stretch my wings to enjoy crystalline golden frequency/and bring heaven where I AM.  Zoe is a master at helping others to align, recognize and master the truth of who we are and here to BE and HOW to practically do that on a quickly shifting earth… In love, JOY and service

Intuitive Yoga Instructor