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Clear All Your Weight Issues Fast!
With “Source” Energy Clearings

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Dawn Crystal: Clear All Your Weight Issues Fast!
With “Source” Energy Clearings

10 Audio Programs

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Complete Dental Health Clearings & Activations for Life

6 Sonic Audio Programs

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Offer 1: Dawn Crystal: Clear All Your Weight Issues Fast!
With “Source” Energy Clearings

10 Audio Programs

Are You Ready to Shift Your Chronic Weight Conditions Fast!!!
Transform your Life Now!!! Today!!!

Enter a New Era of Healing and Wellness and Upgrade your Physical, Energetic, and Emotional Being Today!

Experience “God Creator” Energy channeled through Dawn Crystal’s “Voice”. The most Powerful & Fastest Healing Frequencies to Hit Planet Earth!!!

These “God” Sound Frequencies are changing the Lives of Thousands of people Globally Everyday who experience Dawn’s Miraculous Healing Gifts!

What if I Told you there really is a SOLUTION???

What if it’s “Not” another diet?

What if there’s absolutely “No” Surgery involved?

And what if once you lose the weight it stays off?

Let me tell you What Does Work!!!

Destructive energies of the subconscious mind and patterns that are holding on like “Crazy Glue” to the toxic self-talk, the crippling emotions, the malevolent beliefs. Until they are eliminated there’s basically no chance you’re going to be able to let go of the weight and keep it off.

Once you clear the energies that are causing you to hold onto fat. It’s like breaking out of Prison and being free to be, to act, and experience whatever you like!

This is clearly something the Multi-billion dollar Weight Loss industry doesn’t want anyone to know about.

  • Experience what Energy Work is!
  • Experience what Energy Work can do!
  • Energy Work is very Powerful!
  • Energy Work really Works!

And that’s why “YOU” are going to get RESULTS FAST!!!

Clear your Blocks Fast!!! It only takes as little as “10 Minutes” Per Day!!!

It’s as simple as putting on your Head-Phones & Feel the Positive Changes Start to happen Right-Away!

If you have tried Every healing Modality out there & Nothing has worked…Try this Program, it works Fast & Easy!!!

See what is included in this Program below:

Item (1) Get Skinny Fast! (Perfect Weight)

  • End the “Plateau”!!!
  • End Binge Eating, Emotions & Stress Eating.
  • Clear Unhealthy food choices
  • Clear family genetics & Belief systems
  • Stay Motivated!!!
  • Clear your Un-Conscious mind
  • Clear past lives in the way of your perfect weight!
  • Thyroid-gland Rejuvenation

Item (2) Clear Stagnated Energy Out of the body!

  • Ground in your personal power in your body.
  • Clear low vibrations out of the body
  • Bring in High Vibrational “God” energy to Rev-Up your complete system!
  • Clear out everything from your Past that is slowing down your metabolism.
  • Clear the Un-Conscious mind.

Item (3) Cravings Control Clearing!

  • Clear the Un-Conscious mind.
  • Clear Self-Sabotage.
  • Clear Un-healthly belief systems.
  • Download & Upgrade your brain for a happier healthier body!
  • Clear Family genetics & belief systems
  • Clear past-lives

Item (4) Clear Self-Sabotage!

  • Clear the Un-Conscious mind.
  • Align the body, Mind & spirit together as a balanced team!
  • Clear Family genetics.
  • Balance Right & Left Hemispheres of the brain.
  • Clear past lives up the present moment.
  • Activate Happy & Healthy belief systems.

Item (5) Energy System Reboot!

  • Ground in your personal power in your body.
  • Clear Low Vibrations (entities).
  • Balance the (7) main chakras of the body.
  • Cut all cords from past toxic relationships.
  • Feel a “New” Complete You!
  • Re-Energize & Align your Complete Energy System!

Item (6) Perfect Nights Sleep!!!

  • Clear Anxiety
  • Clear the Un-Conscious mind chatter.
  • Clear depression
  • Clear out everyone’s energy from your day.
  • A Complete Divine energy cleansing!
  • A Complete Energy Detox!
  • Rejuvenate & Recalibrate your metabolism for your next day!

Item (7) Create A Perfect Self-Image!

  • Clear all negative belief systems
  • Clear out your old Defeating Stories.
  • Clear out all traumas
  • Clear past lives contributing to a negative Self-Image.
  • Create a positive connection with food.
  • Create a confident feeling & acceptance in your own body!

Item (8) Upgrade your DNA & Cells to your perfect Body Now!

  • Upgrade your DNA to your perfect body image.
  • Upgrade your cells & stem cells to youth frequencies.
  • Set a “New” thermostat of youth hormones!
  • Balance progesterone & Testosterone levels.
  • Clear Family genetics.
  • Clear past lives that are contributing to Un-healthy hormone & cellular function .
  • Full Body over-haul to your optimum healthy & youthful body!

Item (9) Mini-Liposuction!

  • Liposuction the right & left upper arms
  • Liposuction the abdomen.
  • Liposuction the thighs & inner thighs
  • Liposuction the Buttocks
  • Liposuction the calves
  • Slim you down to the “New” Slimmer you!
  • Complete Tightening & Toning!

Item (10) New Sexy Happy You!

  • Update your Un-Conscious mind to your “New” Look!
  • Bring in more “Happy” endorphins to update your New feelings of feeling good!
  • Bring in more Youth Hormones!
  • Bring in more Youth Stem cells!
  • Amp up your Energy levels!
  • Natural B12 Energy Frequencies Elixir!

Free Bonus:
Rev-Up Your Metabolism

Energize your Metabolism with the Highest Frequency of Life Force Energy to Accelerate Natural Fat Burning and Awaken more Energy Flow for Optimum Energy Production &  Nourishing & Healing Your Complete Energy & Physical Body.

(A $200 Value Free!!!)

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Experience Rapid Transformation in only Minutes per day!!!
It’s as simple as putting on your head-phones
and the Positive Changes start happening right away!

Imagine waking up Everyday with Perfect Healthy Teeth & Gums!!!

These are some of the reasons Dawn Crystal created these Energetic processes that are directly downloaded from The “God Creator” of all!!! They are pain free and are done for you in your home, usually while you are resting. These Energies are the Fastest and Most powerful frequencies to hit planet Earth!!!

Experience the Fastest proprietary processes done through Dawn Crystal’s voice from The “God Creator” for your highest and best good!!!

In This Program you will Experience:

  • Elimination pain & swelling
  • Clear plaque, tarter, bacteria & toxins
  • Seal your Amalgams, cracks in your teeth to prevent more damage.
  • Clear out Mercury or other in-organic matter
  • Heal halitosis
  • Repair and strengthen “roots”with intention of preventing root canals
  • Reduce stains on teeth
  • Reduce plaque and gingivitis over time.
  • Heal gum tissue and receding gums over-time.
  • Heal infections in your gums and mouth
  • Grow bone and tissue
  • Strengthen enamel
  • Repair teeth that are worn from clenching
  • Heal nerves associated with dental problems
  • Strengthen and heal old bone implants
  • Heal Cavities
  • Grow teeth
  • Heal decay
  • Plus more…

Benefits You Will Receive:

  • Save $$$$ on dental bills!
  • No drugs, X-rays, or Drills!
  • This program will heal mental, Emotional and spiritual issues associated with dental issues.
  • You don’t have to figure out what alternative medicines and topical formulas for your issues, it is Energetically done for you from “God Creator”!!! Saving you money and side effects from choosing the wrong medicines for your symptoms.

Item (1) Energetic Teeth Cleaning

  • Clear tartar & decay
  • Bacteria
  • Reduce plaque & gingivitis
  • Clear stains
  • Strengthen teeth
  • Extra whitening
  • Clear bad breath
  • And more…

Item (2) Healthy Gums

  • Strengthen gum tissue
  • Heal receding gums
  • Heal infections in your Gum & mouth
  • Reverse swelling
  • Clear inherited Ancestral family energy causing gum issues.
  • Strengthen bones
  • And more…

Item (3) Heal Root Canals

  • Clear emotional issues
  • Clear Inherited Ancestral family issues
  • Clear traumas that cause teeth issues
  • Clear Past lives contributing to Root canals
  • Clear Karmic contracts
  • Clear past lives
  • And more…

Item (4) Heal the Teeth

  • Heal Cavities
  • Grow teeth stronger
  • Heal decay
  • Clear Ancestral inherited family issues
  • Heal cracks & chip naturally
  • Heal Mercury contamination
  • And more…

Item (5) Clear Soul & spiritual Issues associated with Dental Issues.

  • Clear Miasms & distortions
  • Clear speaking your truth through your voice.
  • Clear Past life-times of Suppression & Anxiety
  • Clear suppressed anger and other emotions.
  • Clear old Soul Karmic contracts
  • And more…

Item (6) God infusion Dental Healing

  • Healing Wash of Light for the teeth & gums.
  • Turn back the “Clock” on premature dental damage
  • Energetic nutrients & frequencies for optimum dental health.
  • Energetic Anti-cavity “Wash” of light frequencies from “God .
  • Heal your children’s issues fast!
  • Healing for your Beloved pets!
  • Heal Bridges, Implants, and all past dental work.
  • Strengthen your entire mouth for optimum health!!!
  • And more…

Free Bonus:
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