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Complete Dental Health

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Complete Dental Health Clearings & Activations for Life

6 Sonic Audio Programs

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Power Health Session
30 Day Remote Healing with Dawn
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Experience Rapid Transformation in only Minutes per day!!!
It’s as simple as putting on your head-phones
and the Positive Changes start happening right away!

Imagine waking up Everyday with Perfect Healthy Teeth & Gums!!!

These are some of the reasons Dawn Crystal created these Energetic processes that are directly downloaded from The “God Creator” of all!!! They are pain free and are done for you in your home, usually while you are resting. These Energies are the Fastest and Most powerful frequencies to hit planet Earth!!!

Experience the Fastest proprietary processes done through Dawn Crystal’s voice from The “God Creator” for your highest and best good!!!

In This Program you will Experience:

  • Elimination pain & swelling
  • Clear plaque, tarter, bacteria & toxins
  • Seal your Amalgams, cracks in your teeth to prevent more damage.
  • Clear out Mercury or other in-organic matter
  • Heal halitosis
  • Repair and strengthen “roots”with intention of preventing root canals
  • Reduce stains on teeth
  • Reduce plaque and gingivitis over time.
  • Heal gum tissue and receding gums over-time.
  • Heal infections in your gums and mouth
  • Grow bone and tissue
  • Strengthen enamel
  • Repair teeth that are worn from clenching
  • Heal nerves associated with dental problems
  • Strengthen and heal old bone implants
  • Heal Cavities
  • Grow teeth
  • Heal decay
  • Plus more…

Benefits You Will Receive:

  • Save $$$$ on dental bills!
  • No drugs, X-rays, or Drills!
  • This program will heal mental, Emotional and spiritual issues associated with dental issues.
  • You don’t have to figure out what alternative medicines and topical formulas for your issues, it is Energetically done for you from “God Creator”!!! Saving you money and side effects from choosing the wrong medicines for your symptoms.

Item (1) Energetic Teeth Cleaning

  • Clear tartar & decay
  • Bacteria
  • Reduce plaque & gingivitis
  • Clear stains
  • Strengthen teeth
  • Extra whitening
  • Clear bad breath
  • And more…

Item (2) Healthy Gums

  • Strengthen gum tissue
  • Heal receding gums
  • Heal infections in your Gum & mouth
  • Reverse swelling
  • Clear inherited Ancestral family energy causing gum issues.
  • Strengthen bones
  • And more…

Item (3) Heal Root Canals

  • Clear emotional issues
  • Clear Inherited Ancestral family issues
  • Clear traumas that cause teeth issues
  • Clear Past lives contributing to Root canals
  • Clear Karmic contracts
  • Clear past lives
  • And more…

Item (4) Heal the Teeth

  • Heal Cavities
  • Grow teeth stronger
  • Heal decay
  • Clear Ancestral inherited family issues
  • Heal cracks & chip naturally
  • Heal Mercury contamination
  • And more…

Item (5) Clear Soul & spiritual Issues associated with Dental Issues.

  • Clear Miasms & distortions
  • Clear speaking your truth through your voice.
  • Clear Past life-times of Suppression & Anxiety
  • Clear suppressed anger and other emotions.
  • Clear old Soul Karmic contracts
  • And more…

Item (6) God infusion Dental Healing

  • Healing Wash of Light for the teeth & gums.
  • Turn back the “Clock” on premature dental damage
  • Energetic nutrients & frequencies for optimum dental health.
  • Energetic Anti-cavity “Wash” of light frequencies from “God .
  • Heal your children’s issues fast!
  • Healing for your Beloved pets!
  • Heal Bridges, Implants, and all past dental work.
  • Strengthen your entire mouth for optimum health!!!
  • And more…

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Offer 2 Includes everything in Offer 1 Plus:

Book your 30 Day Remote Healing Session with Dawn Crystal…

Over the next 30 days, you receive powerful quantum energy healing directly from the highest level of Divine energy from Source!

Dawn will specifically customize this quantum energy to rejuvenate your DNA cells to amplify your youth and vitality for ANYONE looking to live a Longer Healthier Life!

This is tailored to your unique needs so that your healing will be maximized.

Dawn will target and heal a specific body part, energy layer, disease, illness, or problem area that is causing your cells to deteriorate and age the wrong way!

The healing quantum energy is sent 24/7…

That means your cells are being rejuvenated NON-STOP, even while you’re sleeping!

You’ll wake up feeling invigorated, and looking into the mirror to find a more radiant glow on your face and more sculpted body.

Dawn works from the inside out by upgrading…

Your DNA…

The cells of your body…

Your complete genetic codes!

Save money & live a better life with a healthier and younger version of you, no matter your age!

With this AMAZING remote healing, you’ll not only look more beautiful…

You’ll feel more confident as you fall in love with yourself all over again.

With this vitality solution, you’ll have friends, families, and colleagues complimenting you and dying to know how you look so great!

Best of all, you don’t have to do a thing…

…just sit back and receive this potent quantum energy healing.

Dawn uses remote healing techniques so you don’t have to lift a finger.

The more open you are, the greater the results – and you can start seeing it in MINUTES!

Are you suffering from a long-standing issue that you can’t seem to resolve?
Are you tired of having to put up with pain and suffering but don’t know what to do?
Do you want to take your quantum energy healing to the next level?

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Read what some participants have to Say:

“Dawn Crystal is a pure channel, meaning she is egoless in her work. She fully allows God to move through her to client unobstructed and unaltered by any human ego mind distortions. I found myself fully able to trust and therefore open fully to God Energies. The next morning I was able to walk down the stairs with absolutely no pain in hips or knees. Not only is my body healing, but the healing ripples from body up through my human mind, clearing out distorted thoughts, beliefs, mental constructs that caused the physical ‘dis-ease’ initially. I loved working with Dawn. She is so True and Pure in her work, her intentions and heart. I am so grateful for her assisting me in finding the ‘light’ I could not identify alone.”
Thank you so much, Dawn.
Love, Kathy Kirk

Hello Dawn!

I got the new dental package as well & the coolest thing about that is that my teeth feel cleaner after I listen to it. I also had a tooth that had a fill that hurts & it hurts a lot less now. I still can’t floss behind it but I have started chewing on that side of my mouth.
– Marjorie

I lost my back right, my third molar, more than ten years ago while eating corn nuts. I couldn’t tell what was tooth and what was corn nut at the time. OMG. With Great hope I bought Dawn Crystal’s Dental Care package. MY TOOTH GREW BACK!!!! It’s once rough, jagged edges smooth now as a normal tooth should be! What Just Happened!?? THANK YOU Dawn!! You Are a Rock Star in sound healing m’dear!! TY TY TY TY TY!!!!
– Karen Boda

I purchased your dental package after hearing your interview with Eram on FHTJ. Thank you so much for your powerful and beautiful work. My teeth issues feel like they are being addressed and I am even more grateful for the release of some emotional issues I had been previously unable to move. I am very grateful and humbled by what I have received and the 21 days of remote healing has not even begun!
Much love to you,
– Shannon