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Total Body Advanced “Organ” Regeneration

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Total Body Advanced “Organ” Regeneration Program

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Total Body Deep Healing Renewal Session
30 Day Remote Healing with Dawn
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Experience the Rejuvenation of “Source” Healing Frequencies to Heal and Turn back the “Clock” on the Aging process of our precious Vital Organs.

Dawn Crystal Founder of Sound Energy Pain Relief Therapy, has worked with clients in over 150 countries and have reported complete healing from Chronic pain, Chronic fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Binge eating, Burnout, Trauma and more, even when nothing else worked!

Discover a Leading cutting edge method, backed by Science, that gets 100 times the healing results than other methods including Acupuncture!

Dawn Crystal channels through her ” Voice” the Highest “Source” healing Frequencies. Bring back your “Organs” to Health and Function in the most Easiest and Effortless way!!!

This Program Helps

  • Heal your organs after surgeries.
  • Help any areas of concern heal Faster!
  • Turn back the “Clock” on aging organs.
  • Helps your organs function at optimum levels.
  • Your body get rid of toxins Faster & Easier!
  • Your systems work in perfect harmony.
  • Naturally lose “Weight” easier.
  • Feel more Energized & Alive!
  • Gives you a more youthful vitality and appearance.
  • Heal any”Gut” related issues.
  • Better digestion & Elimination..
  • Your Brain function at optimum performance.
  • Rebalance all organs in perfect Alignment.
  • Stop premature Aging of your “Organs”.
  • Brings healing frequencies and rebalance any areas if you had any Organ Transplants.
  • More Life Force daily without taking in coffee or stimulants!
  • Get rid of headaches Fast!
  • Live a Longer Healthier Life!
  • Feel more Inspired!
  • Heal your pets!
  • Sleep better Every night!
  • Long-term Pain Relief!

Item (1) The Lungs Deep healing

  • Clears Inflammation
  • Clears blocked stagnated energy
  • Clears after surgeries
  • Clears Right/Left lungs
  • Clears belief systems
  • Maximize function at optimum levels.
  • Heals & Repairs both lungs.
  • Open to receive more Oxygen.
  • Clears Ancestral energy.
  • Clears Asthma
  • Better Athletic Performance!

Item (2) The Liver Deep healing

  • Clears Inflammation
  • Restores complete liver health
  • Clears after surgeries
  • Clears belief systems
  • Clears Ancestral energy
  • Stops premature damage
  • Heals & Repairs liver
  • Helps detoxification of harmful Toxins.
  • Clears Anger
  • Function at optimum levels.

Item (3) The Bladder Deep healing

  • Clears inflammation
  • Restores complete bladder health.
  • Clears after surgeries
  • Clears Ancestral energy
  • Stops leaky bladder.
  • Strengthens & Repairs the bladder
  • Helps bladder function at optimum levels.
  • Clears low vibrational energy.

Item (4) The Kidneys Deep healing

  • Restores Complete kidneys
  • Clears after Surgeries.
  • Stops premature damage
  • Heals & Repair kidneys
  • Clears Ancestral energy
  • Maximize function at optimum levels.
  • Maximize body’s chemical balance.
  • Clears low vibrational energy.
  • Helps to maintain proper function of excreting urine out of the body.

Item (5) The Heart Deep healing

  • Clears inflammation
  • Rebalances the complete heart.
  • Clears heart walls
  • Clears after surgeries.
  • Clears Ancestral energy.
  • Clears low vibrational energy.
  • Clears belief systems
  • Heals & clears arteries & valves.
  • Helps heart function at optimum levels.
  • Optimize proper rhythmic contractions

Item (6) The Stomach Deep healing

  • Clears inflammation
  • Clears full area
  • Rebalances Organs
  • Clears & Heals digestive track
  • Clears after surgeries
  • Clears low vibrational energy.
  • Clears Ancestral energy.
  • Clear belief systems.
  • Helps function at optimum levels of production of gastric juices to breakdown food intake to a liquid easier.

Item (7) The Intestines Deep healing

  • Clears inflammation
  • Clears full intestines.
  • Rebalances intestines.
  • Clears & heals small & large intestines.
  • Helps absorption of food nutrients
  • Helps better absorption of water.
  • Helps maximize excretion of solid waste out of the body
  • Heals after surgeries
  • Clears Ancestral energy.
  • Clears low vibrational energy.

Item (8) The Brain Deep healing

  • Clears inflammation.
  • Balance Right & Left brain
  • Clear unconscious mind chatter.
  • Clears & heals physical trauma.
  • Clears & heals arteries.
  • Clears belief systems.
  • Clears Ancestral energy.
  • Clear low vibrational energy.
  • Clear after surgeries.
  • Clears full Brain.
  • Clears the Pain Body.
  • Strengthens Brain communication between the Organs for optimal function.
  • Helps optimize coordination sensory reception and integration , speech production, memory storage & elaboration of thought & emotions easier.

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Book your 30 Day Remote Healing Session with Dawn Crystal…

Over the next 30 days, you receive powerful quantum energy healing directly from the highest level of Divine energy from Source!

Dawn will specifically customize this quantum energy to rejuvenate your DNA cells to amplify your youth and vitality for ANYONE looking to live a Longer Healthier Life!

This is tailored to your unique needs so that your healing will be maximized.

Dawn will target and heal a specific body part, energy layer, disease, illness, or problem area that is causing your cells to deteriorate and age the wrong way!

The healing quantum energy is sent 24/7…

That means your cells are being rejuvenated NON-STOP, even while you’re sleeping!

You’ll wake up feeling invigorated, and looking into the mirror to find a more radiant glow on your face and more sculpted body.

Dawn works from the inside out by upgrading…

Your DNA…

The cells of your body…

Your complete genetic codes!

Save money & live a better life with a healthier and younger version of you, no matter your age!

With this AMAZING remote healing, you’ll not only look more beautiful…

You’ll feel more confident as you fall in love with yourself all over again.

With this vitality solution, you’ll have friends, families, and colleagues complimenting you and dying to know how you look so great!

Best of all, you don’t have to do a thing…

…just sit back and receive this potent quantum energy healing.

Dawn uses remote healing techniques so you don’t have to lift a finger.

The more open you are, the greater the results – and you can start seeing it in MINUTES!

Are you suffering from a long-standing issue that you can’t seem to resolve?
Are you tired of having to put up with pain and suffering but don’t know what to do?
Do you want to take your quantum energy healing to the next level?

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“Dawn Crystal is a pure channel, meaning she is egoless in her work. She fully allows Source to move through her to client unobstructed and unaltered by any human ego mind distortions. I found myself fully able to trust and therefore open fully to Source Energies. The next morning I was able to walk down the stairs with absolutely no pain in hips or knees. Not only is my body healing, but the healing ripples from body up through my human mind, clearing out distorted thoughts, beliefs, mental constructs that caused the physical ‘dis-ease’ initially. I loved working with Dawn. She is so True and Pure in her work, her intentions and heart. I am so grateful for her assisting me in finding the ‘light’ I could not identify alone.”
Thank you so much, Dawn.
Love, Kathy Kirk

Dawn Crystal’s healing energy is amazing! The first time that we spoke it was unrelated to her gift. At the conclusion of our call, I told her that I felt so much positive energy pouring through the phone and that I’ve never experienced that before. That’s when I learned of her gift and I immediately booked a session with her. She helped me clear and shift blocked energy that kept me stagnated in certain areas of my life for more than 10-years. In less than 2 months of working with Dawn Crystal, my life was transformed with ease and grace! Dawn is a gifted healer. Step into her world and prepare for your transformation.
– Sandy O.

Hi Dawn, My testimonial in support of your Get Out Of Pain Forever Program. I listened to your Mp3 for Ankles, Feet & Knees for knee pain which just flared up, don’t usually get that. I listened once a day for just over a week. By the 2nd day it eased somewhat and continued to ease. By day 6 it was hardly noticeable…it’s almost 10 days now and the pain is gone. I didn’t take any medication or use balms or anything else, just listened to your Mp3 once a day…I’ve moved on to the other Mp3s in this program and am also on the Anti-Aging..thanks for sharing your divine healing gift of sound. You are blessed.
– Wendy

I love the sleep deeper into peace!! It has saved me so many nights..it worked most every time! During a very stressful time going through the breakdown of a marriage that wasnt working.
Hailey Cohen

WOW! I woke up this morning thinking about you and your incredible work that you do. I had a private session with you about a year ago. It was only 30 minutes but it was without a doubt very, very powerful. It made me a believer in what you do, I was a total skeptic before the session. Not now, I knew within 24 hours after our session that something was shifting, physically, in a good way. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with listening to the MP3’s that were included in the package that I purchased and now I’m back to where I started. The package was purchased from Eram Saeed’s webcast called From Heartache To Joy. FHTJ.com. I truly wish that I had recorded our session so that I could replay it over and over. Dawn, you’re a remarkable woman. Thank you for changing my life for the better! I pray that you are showered with Blessings everyday of your life You certainly deserve it! P.S. I have no affiliation with Eram Saeed what so ever.
– Jen

I lost my back right, my third molar, more than ten years ago while eating corn nuts. I couldn’t tell what was tooth and what was corn nut at the time. OMG. With Great hope I bought Dawn Crystal’s Dental Care package. MY TOOTH GREW BACK!!!! It’s once rough, jagged edges smooth now as a normal tooth should be! What Just Happened!?? THANK YOU Dawn!! You Are a Rock Star in sound healing m’dear!! TY TY TY TY TY!!!!
– Karen Boda

I have sought out and have paid so many sound healers and nothing shifted for me.

Until I heard a radio show Dawn Crystal was doing. Something shifted for me by just listening to the replay of this radio show. Dawn Crystal is the real deal and definitely sent to us by the Divine. I booked a session, I was somewhat skeptical but my intuition said do it, loud and clear.

It was amazing. Dawn shared that the process would be working for awhile after my session. It’s been two weeks today and I have not felt this joyous and free in 20 years. Give yourself the best gift ever, work with Dawn Crystal, I will continue to work with her as long as she is doing this work.

Bless you Dawn. Your healing is a miracle.
– Michele

Dear Dawn crystal,

Your sessions are a great help for me, a very positive transformation is going on!
I always believed in the healing capacities of sound, and now you give me the opportunity to discover by your beautiful and powerful voice the incredible benefits of it.
I am very grateful for this magnificent present I received from you!

Thank you so much!
You changed my life!

– Anita from Belgium

My first private session with Dawn Crystal had a profound impact on how I feel. I’d had other energy clearing before her, but none got to such a deep level. She restored the energy that had been drained away from me and I could sense and feel my own energy for the first time. Since then I’ve been using the Whole Body clearing meditations every morning. When I had the flu I used the “clearing the throat and lungs” module and I believe this really kept my symptoms manageable. It’s a beautiful, easy, and relaxing way to start my day!

Thank you!

– JM, Maryland

I believe you have a unique gift, and that you should share with the world. A while back, I added your sound healing to my chiropractic, and physical therapy to my healing protocol that I believe has helped me deal with pain that is a result of years of athletic endeavor as well as a few childish disregard. Since then, my mobility has improved, in addition, the pain that I experience now is very, very minimal and flare ups are few and far between. I sleep better, and I have been more productive at work, I have noticed.

Thank you for sharing your gift of healing with me.

– Jeffrey

Thank you for helping me release pains when you were on webinar on Tue, October 29th. I was miserable, not feeling well with having some physical conditions, and I was in bed when I was joining the webinar.
I am feeling much better and did restart a small exercise on the next day even 30 min walk, and I realized whose work is very helpful to me. I could not do exercise about almost one year til I got help from you.
I am responsible for my life, and I don’t intend to create dependency with or to anyone. But it is ok for everyone to get help as necessary. Dawn is the one I would ask for help or buy product when I need to boost my energy.

Only products from others working for me are entity clearing and ancestral karmas.

I didn’t do energy work on my own, but also did start belief clearing again after few weeks break.

I appreciate if you have a class like learning strategy course you regularly offers bi weekly for 6 months. I can afford to join the course or do wait for
any discount sales sometimes you inform via your email newsletter.
Two products I bought from purelight especially stomach one …I keep playing it when I can play without tech distruction.

I wanted to express sincere gratitude to you, Dawn, who helped me tremendously and the results what I got from this week’s webinar was just beyond words.
– Nicole

Hello Dawn,
I had to write to thank you for our phone time together (part of Eram’s package offer) on Oct 7th.
Where you led us in that conversation was truly insightful; to a place haven’t been able to go and examine with anyone before (including myself!). It had to do with extreme vaginal dryness for years and your insight to a mother/son relationship for 37 years of marriage to a man I dearly love! husband being a son in another lifetime. I struggled with that for over a week but allowed the reality and healing and shift to happen. After several days I felt a very large physical vaginal opening to receive him (although still sore and dry). He picked up on something as well and he started to talk more about this. So that healing opened that other door to communicate better about our sexual life, and how frustrated he has been feeling for years that I may to want to receive him. Wow!

And chronic head pressure!! For years! It has lessend and I’ve improved so much! No where near as intense. I’m thrilled that your love, care and sound truly lifted that pressure!
I know you receive a lot of letters so you may or may not get to read this which is OK ..LOL I just had to write you! You are truly a gifted healer, and I send my love, gratitude and deep appreciation to you, dearest Dawn.

love, Frances

Hi Dawn,
This is me, dancing with Joy. I had deliberately waited to get my Pupp’s bloodwork repeated to give his Healing time to process. I Knew we would get Good News and we Did! His white blood cell count & lymphocytes are Normal! His blood platlet count went from 75,000/80,000 (low) to 305,000, gloriously Normal! It feels to me that our bond together has deepened as well.
My hip and lower back pain are Gone ! I have now found an affordable Handiman that I believe will do a great job, allowing me to (finally!) put my home on the market. The fatigue persists, which makes me wonder what Lesson I have yet to learn or remember, or, what past Life issue may be raising up for healing. I may be making another appointment with you .
Your humbleness, clear Intent and Focus on Only that which is to the Highest, Greatest Good, and determination that no ego only Source is what is are Inspiring and humbling. I So Appreciate and am Grateful to you and Source. I hope your Pupp’s leg is All Better! Congratulations on & many Blessings in your new Home!
From Zorro & my Heart’s to Yours,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Love, Bonnie

Hi Dawn, Oh My Goodness!

Thanks to You and Creator, I FEEL SO Much Better about my Daughter’s moving to Heaven! WHAT a Gift that is! Also, I feel like I’ve come back to Life. There are things that I’m interested in and will pursue. I’d thought of something that has been a challenge for me and both the phrase, “I am Strong!” with the feeling to match, just suddenly bloomed within. Every day I’m noticing something else that is Better. I am so Grateful to you for having offered a session with you as a part of your package with Greatest You Summit. That was an extremely Generous offer and I Do Appreciate it. From my Heart to Yours,

Love, Bonnie

I discovered Dawn’s work when she was the featured guest at an online telesummit, and after feeling drawn to her unique ability to heal with her voice. I purchased a package that included a personal phone session with Dawn and was immediately struck by her ability to quickly and accurately intuitively hone right in on challenges from my past without my having given her any details whatsoever. Included with the package were MP3 audio files that don’t take up a lot of time to listen to—in fact, I listen to them during the night while sleeping. I’ve also purchased a couple of Dawn’s books since our session. I’m glad to have learned about Dawn’s fascinating healing abilities and highly recommend both her audio files as well as a session with her for anyone wishing to receive emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

– T Koenke