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Goal Attainment Intensive

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Special Offer: Goal Attainment Intensive

The Goal Attainment Intensive is the pathway to creating more time, freedom, and success when achieving your goals. If you want to MANIFEST, this is your course!

The biggest reasons why most people don’t achieve their goals and quit are because:

  • You lack a clear pathway to making it happen.
  • When you run up against roadblocks you lose motivation, self-sabotage or get stuck.
  • You haven’t looked at what may be in the way of you achieving your goals.
  • Overwhelm and distraction cause you to pause or pile on things that aren’t going to move your goals forward and what you care about most gets put on the back burner.
  • Negative self-talk, and patterns that keep popping up and preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Walk Away With:

  • A clear road map to achieving your goals with ease and grace over the upcoming 12 months.
  • Confidence knowing that on a deep level you have cleared out old patterns that have blocked you in the past from achieving your goals are no longer in the way as you’ve cleared them.
  • A pathway to success that is broken down so you never need to second guess or ask yourself the question “what should I be doing?”

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What People Have To Say About Deidre

I got way more from this intensive than I expected! I now have a clear roadmap for the upcoming year and have moved through any limiting beliefs I had in the way of achieving my goals. I feel really energized and can’t wait to put this into action in my business.
Deidre’s energy and passion are so tangible that it makes doing this work fun and I look forward to working with her again in the future!

– Moneca

That was amazing! We created a roadmap of all our top goals for the year and the steps on what needs to come next as well as some powerful manifestation techniques she brought us through. This intensive is very specific with actionable steps whereas some other workshops can leave you feeling energized but you may not know where to go afterward which is what makes this different.

– Shine Kelly

Specificity! This intensive allowed me to drop into having deep clarity, coupled with specific actionable steps and a bulletproof path.

– Kyle Hamer

“This is profound at how clear my goals are and how comfortable I now feel on stepping into them and achieving them!”

– Tom Birch

“This Intensive gave me radical clarity on the exact steps I need to take to achieve my goals this year. I’m walking away with a map, strategy, and a step-by-step map to success! This is a powerful process, and I got a lot more from this than I expected!”

– James Lam

This workshop was amazing! The knowledge I got on how to structure my goals on where I am now and where I’m going and how to close the gap is priceless! This went by so fast and the knowledge that was delivered was incredible! I really like the combination of the science of getting things done, blended with the emotional side of achieving goals as well as the Universal Laws approach to it. This roadmap is going to make me more efficient and allow me to execute everything for the year.

– Juno Parlange