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Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening

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Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening Activations
7 Audio Downloads
PLUS Live Mastery Empowerment Course Sunday, May 24

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Personal Activation Session 

PLUS Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening Activations
7 Audio Downloads

Special Offer Option 1 Includes:

Living a life aligned to your Soul, requires getting every part of your life on board with your Soul. Receive the highest frequencies to bring mind, body, heart and soul in harmony with Source Energy. This powerful program supports you coming home to you. Home to love, peace, freedom and joy.

Item 1: Awakening is a Whole Body Experience

We will activate Divine Love at the cellular level and through all levels of the body. Stress, tension and frustration cause contraction in the body and it shuts the body off from the higher frequencies.

Release old ideas of what awakening should look like.

Receive downlight of light to begin building your body of light.

Receive a powerful activation to shock awake ‘same old, same old’ energy and anchor in the energy that life is meant to be experienced.

Item 2: Energetic Preparation for the Physical Body to Awaken

Energetic preparation for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to shift to the next appropriate level of spiritual awakening. Activating unconditional love, and it’s safe to feel and receive love.  It’s safe to feel and express all of your emotions. Clearing the physical body to hold more light.

Item 3: A True Sense of Worthiness

This potent activation will get self-love and self-esteem activated in the body. God made you perfect just being you. You are worthy of everything good.

Item 4: Shining Your Light in the Presence of Darkness

There is a dark force energy that does not want love and light on earth. Learn powerful tools to help you when you are feeling stuck.  Move forward in the light even when dark energy is around you.

Remember your inner knowing that you can be your light and command love into presence now.

Item 5: Releasing Ego Identification

When you focus on love, fear disappears

When you are fearful, healing can’t happen.

Releasing fear of the future, fear of awakening, fear something bad will happen.

True love lands when you are willing to step the ego out of the way.

Item 6 Activating Your Divine Soul Blueprint

You are here to love and live your soul’s mission.

Learning to serve the essence of your Soul.

Seeing through the eyes of your Soul.

Soul doesn’t know the future. Soul knows what to do in the moment.

Item 7: Creating and Sustaining Your Love Based Reality

Opening and expanding your heart center.

Experience Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Anna, the grandmother of Jesus flooding you with unconditional love.

Strengthen your connection and communication with other Souls here on the planet.


BONUS: Mastery Empowerment Course: Renewing Your Commitment to Your Soul

Sunday, May 24
12pm Pacific / 1pm Mountain / 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern / 7pm GMT

2 hours

Purchase this course only for $33


Renewing your Commitment to your Soul

Denise’s work focuses on aligning your life to your soul’s calling.  Denise’s guides took her beyond the illusion of time and space. She visited the higher realms and then brought those higher frequencies to earth to help all of humanity awaken.

In this course, we will be bringing your Soul’s light to planet earth. Your soul wants to rest in peace in your physical body. The body has to be prepared to hold and anchor in the frequencies of heaven. Your soul is ready and waiting to live heaven on earth in your physical body.

Healing your heart scars and finding your heart expanders

Energetic cleansing and purification

Embodying inner peace and calmness

Serving your soul instead of your ego

Learning to listen and trust your inner reality

Renewing your commitment to your soul and your spiritual path

Activating the joy frequency

Feeling and sensing the essence of you

Engaging life from a higher consciousness

Allowing the formless energy to live your physical form

Living Heaven on Earth Now

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Special Offer Option 2 Includes Everything in Option 1 PLUS:

Enjoy a 1 Hour Minute Private Session with Denise

It’s part of the Divine Plan that we need other people to help us on the Spiritual Path. We’re not meant to do it all on our own. Support comes from other humans.

Denise offers Spiritual nourishment and support to bring your mind, body and emotions into alignment with Divine Love. Her Soul’s mission is to be Consciousness for individuals. Loving, spacious kindness for transformation and awakening.

She holds a space of deep Presence and a field of unconditional love, where many people have a direct experience of their Divine Soul.  You will be guided through the internal shifts to your energy and consciousness. She can feel and sense where your energy is blocked and will guide you to release any blockages so you can embody more love and light. You will feel more relaxed, energized, and more connected to your body and Soul.

Denise Marie channels Divine Love and facilitates deep cellular activations, alignments and attunements to help you move into a Fifth Dimensional energy stream.


Here’s what people are saying about Denise’s sessions

“Being with Denise always feels like coming home to myself”

“I was just one with love. I felt bathed in love. I was in a state of joy that couldn’t be changed”

“I felt my heart open and I am finding joy in all the little things”

“I felt happy, light and full of joy”

“I had the most powerful session, I experienced myself as Divine Love’

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Here is what people have to say about Denise.

o! it is sooooo delightful to play with denise! where do i start? being with denise always feels like coming home to myself, & remembering myself, always more fully, brightly, joyously, & pleasurably, as illusion falls away. denise always holds a beautiful safe space, as she invites me to experience more & more of my embodied soul, & to know heaven on earth. i have found denise to be a channel of peace, grace, unconditional love, & clear insight. since beginning sessions with denise, my life has transformed in subtle & profound ways, only for the best. denise has helped me fall in love & acceptance with my soul’s journey. to all who feel called, enjoy your sessions with denise!!
sarah, playmaker, brooklyn, ny

Discovered how wonderful, loving and magnificent I really am.
“My body just started to shake, jerk, heave, sob and move in ways that were completely foreign to me. Then came this experience of expansive openness, sense of love and peace and all the pain was replaced by a calmness. All the tough stuff from my childhood seemed relieved, and replaced with this open, spacious light feeling. A sense of love really. I am so much more at peace, no longer limited by my experiences but thriving in my new awareness of how wonderful, loving and magnificent I really am! To really feel it in every part of me! I can call up and experience my own self-love at any time – – and feel it! Thank you, Denise! What a blessing you are!”
~ Pat, MA

Truly is on the forefront of physical, emotional and spiritual awareness.
“I worked for decades on my deepest issues including extreme physical abuse and trauma, that I could not completely transmute. I tried everything including therapy, body modalities, energetic modalities, plus hours a day in my own healing. I spent tens of thousands of dollars on myself. Denise’s gift of finding these toxic energies in me and helping me transmute them is unparalleled. Her abilities are revolutionary, she truly is on the forefront of physical, emotional and spiritual awareness. She is a rare find and I recommend her without question to friends and clients. I don’t know anyone living today, who can go to the deepest and darkest spots within and let buried trauma go faster, more efficiently and with more empowered love. Do not settle for someone identifying or categorizing your pain, get someone who will assist you to be free of it. You could finally have what I found with Denise’s help, your best life ever.”
~Sherry Phillips Swatek, CA

So many miraculous things are happening on a daily basis
“I can be myself for the very first time in my life, I feel unconditional love. I don’t need to reject myself any longer. I can be fully present in my body. So many miraculous things are happening to me on a daily basis now. I am so grateful and feel so rich and blessed and the most amazing thing is, this is me, this is who I really am. Not in my wildest fantasy have I expected this. It is time to shine brightly and be the bright star that I am. Woo-hoo! Yippie!”
~Joy, Norway

Found childhood wonder and awe
“Denise is an absolutely magical energy coach. She has innate intuition: her energy is very healing which makes for an easy release of my old stuffed energies. After each session with her I feel that my world has become a much friendlier and happy place to live. If you are looking to repair your childhood damage, Denise is the person who will walk you to the light. Denise incorporates many healing modalities in her practice. You will learn how to play and you will find your childhood wonder and awe.”
~Galina, NY