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The Diamond Template Activations

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Graduate Program for Old Souls

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Both Offer 1 and Offer 2

Offer 1 Includes:

The Diamond Template Activations

The Diamond Template Activations program is an invitation to step up, to engage with your multidimensional Self and literally ‘plug into’ the Divine Matrix.

It is a journey and a sequence of activations that pulls together the strands of all that you are and have been, and provides the infrastructure to anchor and realise the amazing power of your own best and Highest Self.

These special template Activations were conducted live as community webcasts, as the power of a group working together in the Diamond Matrix serves to greatly amplify the impact and effects for all participants.

This is a powerful new consciousness experience that is expansive, heart-centred and deeply enriching!

The program with guide you through a sequence of five new template activations :

Activation 1: Deconstructing redundant patterns and Reconstructing your Diamond matrix for activation of the templates
Activation 2: Activating your templates for Cosmic Heart Merge and amplifying the radiance of your heart field.
Activation 3: Activating your DNA Informational Templates and opening to receive cosmic information through Diamond Light Codes
Activation 4: Balancing polarities and activation the inner Alchemical Marriage
Activation 5: Activating your inner Cathedral of Light

Bonus 1: Emotional Body Purification

A webcast and special diamond process that clears, realigns and harmonises your emotional body. It supports your ability to release outdated patterns and become the witness of your emotions without become embroiled in the dramas.

Bonus 2: Awakening your Inner Diamond Child

A mp3 download. An uplifting and light-filled process that encourages creativity, adventure and opens inner doorways to living a life that flows with joy.

Bonus 3: Aligning with the New Planetary Human

A webcast and diamond alignment to begin the process of embodying the higher frequencies of your Future Diamond Self. Allow your future Self to light your path and support you each step of the way as you experience the liberation and heart-centred freedom of your own transcendent Self.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Graduate Program for Old Souls

Old Souls are Lightworkers and Starseeds are the embodiments of the ancient ones, the spiritual masters called to be the ‘Living Bridges’ between the old and new worlds. Your role as an Old Soul in supporting the transition of society and guiding its destiny through this shift cannot be over-emphasised.

However there are some ‘unique’ Old Soul challenges that may be impacting your ability to fully step up and into your grand multidimensional, masterful Self.

This is not just another activation or transmission program. There will be elements of this, however,  this exciting new graduate programme is for those souls that have been searching for something special, that brings things into focus, helps you  to maintain balance and answers some of the challenges we face in this grand evolutionary cycle. It is an invitation to wholeness, a regeneration of ancient wisdom and a process of honouring YOU and the special role you play and have played, on this extraordinary expedition we think of as Life. It is a multidimensional process of healing, building self-worth and recognition of the Truth of your divine destiny.

Here’s an idea of what we will be working with during the course of this epic program:

  • Generating your own access codes to the Akashic Records to access your stored library of lifetimes of wisdom and draw down new skills
  • Become a master of symbolism as we explore ancient manifestations and new light encodings. Symbolism is the universal language of the unconscious ‘mind’ and assists in both healing and bringing forth your personal wisdom.

You will learn to trust in the language of symbols and create your own personal power symbol.

  • Understand the gifts that you as an Old Soul Bring to the World.
  • Moving from Faith to trust and direct knowing
  • Working with the Sacred White Animals as the totems of the new consciousness and guides for this transition
  • Becoming a 24/7 conduit for the flow of Love
  • Holding and transcending polarities and paradoxes

This program is for you if :

  • You have ever been heard to say “Beam me up from this insane world”, “Take me home”, “Stop the planet, I want to get off”- or anything in a similar vein.
  • You have struggled with low perception of your own value or self-worth
  • You have or had a tendency towards depression or inner anxiety over the state of the world
  • You find that the ‘fake it till you make it’ mode is not working for you
  • You are still questioning what your purpose or destiny is on earth (but know that you do have one!)
  • With your deeply empathic nature, you feel the pain of mother earth and all of her life on your shoulders at times
  • You prefer to isolate yourself and find yourself often removed from family (you were born into your family with very good reason!)
  • You have a vague sense of guilt about being joyful when there is so much suffering around
  • You have or have had a conflicting relationship with external authority figures
  • You are still not sure what Love really is.
  • You are uncomfortable with power, both your own, and the misuse of it you see around the world.
  • You find it challenging to fully surrender and trust, your intuition and your own guidance.

(There are many more I can add to the list, but it would probably keep you reading for a couple of days!) ___________________________________________________________________________
You experience all of these things and more because you are a very old soul who has lived through many, many lifetimes, in virtually all cultures, through the rise and fall of civilisations, planetary and cosmic cataclysms and through embodiment in all the polarity manifestations of life. The ‘old game’ rules from previous evolutionary holograms still reside deep within your unconscious. However, we have been gifted with a new set of guidelines, the new game is on and YOU, old souls are the ones helping to guide others into this new game.
This is your graduation from the school of earth into the heaven on earth.
You will feel joyful without guilt, relieved of perceived burdens, move from belief to knowing, and build your core essence with Trust and Love.
In the course of this program, we work with a number of adaptive approaches to gently release you from the old game, to elevate you into the confident, masterful, purposeful, guiding, loving, trusting, wise Old Soul that you are.

This program was co-created with a number of Old Souls over 5 webcast gatherings, and was allowed to unfold in a very organic way.

Each week of this program comes with exercises to provide Self validation, enhance trust in your ability to create, build empowerment, and strengthen your core value.

Bonus 1: Aligning with the Ninth Wave (webcast and ceremony)

Recorded on 24 May 2017 , this special webcast provides you with a context for understanding the frequencies of the Ninth Wave of evolution, and how it relates to the energies we are currently experiencing.

Our diamond community shared sacred space as we joined with the oldest surviving original culture on the planet, the San people of South Africa and experienced a powerful ‘virtual’ fire ceremony as the Ninth Wave frequencies were anchored in.

Bonus 2: Sacred Mirrors

This powerful 3 part course assists you in creating deep healing in your life as you learn to identify the meaning and purpose behind the mirrors that others present to you. Each mirror holds a gift and an opportunity to restore wholeness that we can find if we look deeply enough within ourselves.
Sacred Mirrors helps those who wish to identify hurtful ideas and eliminate them, work through a tried and tested process that will lead to a better life and improved relationship with Self. This work can be performed on different levels. One individual performing this work may simply want to improve her current circumstances, and another may feel a deep impetus to expand his insights into Life itself, and discover the secrets of the soul. Whatever the motivation, the Mirrors Concept will give you what you are looking for.

The 3 web-classes cover the following:

  • Introduction to Sacred Mirrors
  • The Story of the True Self and the nature of pain
  • The 10 Principles of Existence
  • Identifying the reflections in your personal mirror
  • The Quest to uncover your Life Theme
  • Understanding and working with mirror statements
  • Identifying and substituting ideas and beliefs that create your life theme
  • Connecting with and healing your relationship with your True Self

The web-class series comprises 3 sessions (approx. 90 minutes per class), and includes

  • a comprehensive workbook
  • exercises to conduct between classes
  • a free mp3  “DNA Re-programming” to support the healing process

Access your unconscious aspects and bring them into the light of your heart!

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Offer 3 Includes:

Everything in Offer 1 and Offer 2 for only $197

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