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Divine Order Cosmic Clean Up Meditation, Transmission & Activation

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Special Offer Includes:

PART 1: Cosmic Clean Up Meditation and Transmission

-Available as mp4 and Mp3 audio available for download

We shall begin with uncovering and releasing the energy of

  • Unworthiness
  • Guilt
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Helplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm
  • Pride
  • Negative ego patterns: reactivity, insecurity, resistance, intolerance, conditioned love, loneliness, abandonment, comparative energies, competitiveness, domineering, judgment and pessimism
  • Unearthedness
  • Inability to execute with clarity and precision

Ancestry patterns:

  • Karmic wounds
  • Bindings to other dimensions of lower vibration
  • Spiritual viruses
  • Physical viruses
  • Nano bacterias
  • Toxic shame
  • Fungus
  • Parasites of any kind and dimensional existence


  • 12 systems of the body
  • Nadis
  • Chakras: subtle and main

High-level blockages

  • 144,000 sun imprints
  • Life pathways
  • Light pathways
  • Soul phases
  • Past lives
  • Breaking of veils
  • Releasing anger at all levels

Holy spirit body


Part 2: Divine Order Activation and Transmission

-Available as mp4 and Mp3 audio available for download

Expanded Universe

  • Meditation
  • Activation, recoding, re-aligning, rewiring, upscaling Higher Self Committees and councils.

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