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Vibrational Alchemy Within You

7 Week Online Course

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Vibrational Alchemy Personal Online Session

& Offer 1

Special Offer 1 Includes:

7 weeks online Course with Dorota Rozmus  – mp3 and video recordings 

Name of the Course : “ I am channeling vibration of Love” 

Include :

7 sessions form live group online classes

7 video recording of Dorota’s teachings

7 mp3 recordings – “ Practicing”


“Channeling Vibration of Love “

In this Mp3 course you will receive  recordings  of 7 online calls with Dorota . You will also receive 7x mp3 recordings to practice with your awareness of vibrational tools and 7 video recordings of Dorota’s teachings.

Live sessions are channeled by Dorota with light- sound language activations, initiating your vibrational connection to Your Light Team and Your Higher Self.

Together we are  activating for you new codes of Light and Love coming to you with sound and vibration . It is going to help you to build strong field of light around your Human Self to easily receive more awareness, more love, more clearing and powerful support from Divine Universe and from Gaia in 2020 .

All sessions are activations with Dorota’s voice toning. Activations are 45min – 60 min each. Practicing sessions 15-20 min each. Videos-  10min each.  All Course is About 10 hours transformational material 


Week 1

  • “Sound of You “ Live call with Dorota

Awareness of your sound . Your breath , your words, your smile You are creating , you are  activating new higher vibration.

  • Video recording 1 from Dorota
  • Mp3 recording 1. “ Practicing with your vibrational tools”


Week 2

  • “How to feel your vibration “. Live call with Dorota

Activate translation – using your imagination as the tool to awareness of how your LIght Beings are talking to you.

  • Video recording 2 form Dorota
  • Mp3 recording 2.  “ Practicing with your vibrational tools”


Week 3

  • “Vibration of Love  within your cellular body”  – live call with Dorota

How to activate Love vibration and allow  healing and shifting with the light codes.

. –  Video recording 3 from Dorota

  • Mp3 recording 3. “ Practicing with your vibrational tools”


Week 4

  • “ My Space – My pure Ether “

Creating with your awareness – loving light within and around you. Crystal purification. Gaia’s love . Getting stronger within the Light around you.

  • Video recording 4 from Dorota
  • Mp3 recording 4. “ Practicing with your vibrational tools”


Week 5

  • “Connecting you to your Higher Self “ – live call with Dorota

In 2020 you will be ready to really feel this amazing , loving Oneness .

In this session we will be creating vibrational alchemy and the light bridge .

  • Video recording 5 from Dorota
  • Mp3 recording 5. “ Practicing with your vibrational tools”


Week 6

  • “Sound of the Dimond Light “- Live Call with Dorota

Activating Cristal vibration with Colors of Creation , Gaia and your body.

  • Video recording 6 from Dorota

–   Mp3 recording 6. “ Practicing with your vibrational tools”


Week 7

  • “Your Divine Self is ONE with YOU” – live call with Dorota .  Creating Oneness.

Angels are talking to you with the vibrational Light Language. You already have tools within you to remember how powerful you are. Your power comes with deep peacefulness .

  • Video recording 7 from Dorota
  • Mp3 recording 7. “ Practicing with your vibrational tools”

Also in the package 1 : 

CD – mp3 files – Dorota Rozmus – “  Harmony of Light  “  – newest recordings – 40 min. of energy healing – voice toning music

Including :

  1. “ Pure Ether “  18 min
  2. “ Blue Crystal “ 15 min
  3. “ Heaven on Earth “  5min

Invitation to Dorota new 2020 Project – “ Space..s”   

 “ Space of Harmony “ with selected activations . To BE in the Space includes invitation to the group session online. 


In this “ Space of Harmony “  you will receive : 

 3 activations form the 3 Days event :

  1. Golden Door to 2020 –  session 1 – “ 

Loving remainder how importent you are – clearing last few years of your ascension work  

  1. Golden Door to 2020 –  session 2 – 

 Universe is making adjustments  .. allow by relaxing and loving yourself  

  1. Golden Door to 2020  –  session 3  

Opening Gate to Divine Gaia in Oneness with You Body .. New Divine Human activated  withn you. , 

   + invitation to the live online session 



YES! I want Dorota’s Special Offer for $111

Special Offer 2 Includes:

All from package A + Personal online session with Dorota  + :

Personal session with Dorota 60 min  ZOOM video meeting:

includes our talk and 45 min personal activation. You will receive recording mp3 of the session .

It is deeply transformational Session with voice toning activation .

Whatever your challenge at this moment..  it is possible to transform . You are inside Alchemy of Love .

YES! I want Dorota’s Special Offer for $144

What People have to Say about Dorota

“The first time I heard Dorota’s voice I got goosebumps and I could sense there was something really powerful in her voice! I’ve never experienced something like that before, as I could feel the energy move in my whole body.”



“I can highly recommend Dorota. She is IT!I have had several sessions with Dorota and each time she takes me to a space where I feel the purity and innocence of who I am.

My spirit soars as I release the density stored in my body; as my mind trusts the knowing that all is well. Dorota’s voice activations feel like pristine water softly and gently showering me with love and raising my vibration to my highest possibility. If you are looking for your beautiful self, for beauty and contentment in your life, I can highly recommend Dorota. She is IT!”




“My kitty cat loved your singing! As I listened to your video and your singing began, my sweet kitty cat came running to the phone and purring. She loved the vibrational sounds you were singing! Repeated it 3 times …and she responded the same way each time.”