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Vibrational Alchemy Session & Activations

Personal Online Session & 8 Audio Activations

Special Offer Includes:

8 Mp3 activations with voice healing 1x live group event online

Personal online session with Dorota Value of $297

This is a transformational energy package. Vibrational Alchemy with Dorota’s talking and singing voice.

You can listen to these recordings many times and each time the vibration will help you transform more.

These are MP3 products – recordings are created during live sessions.

Item 1. From the Mind Healing category “Forgiveness Frequency”

Mp3 session with voice activation. We are working from Soul level going into patterns of your mind to transform them into love. Through awareness of your choice within your mind you can transform some old programs connected to your ancestors and DNA. Dorota is using her singing voice to help light to “melt “old thoughts” creating vibrational energy field to help you transform back into love.

This is 15 min mp3 with Voice Activation recorded from a live group session

Item 2. From the Mind Healing Category “Creating peacefulness within “

Dorota is connecting you with Light Beings and your own Higher Self.

Sound and vibration of loving thought are created and is shifting you into peacefulness.

This session is a loving reminder that you already have frequency of calmness in you.

Helps you to remember how you can create your own peacefulness in just 15 min

This is 15 min mp3 session with Voice Activation

Item 3: From the Body Healing – category – “Activating Light Within”

Mp3 session with voice activation 25min

You are activating the Light within cells and spine. You will work with your Higher Self and vibration of Dorota’s voice to wake up light within body, DNA, up and down through chakras.

Dorota is activating Light and Love helping you to tune in to this vibration.

It is safe to be within body , within love .

25min – Recorded during live group session

Item 4: From the Self Love – category – “Giving your human self-love that you are” Guided group session and voice activation.

With your awareness you can remember that your power of love is here in the “now”.

In this life and in this body you are bringing back to love all of you.

Bring back All parts of your Being that are sad , lonely , judged , separate from God.

So… love yourself , create love vibration , wake up light within.

30 min. Mp3

Item 5: From Self Love category “Returning to Love – Inner Child”

20 min mp3 session to help you love your inner child.

Dorota’s Voice activation is creating vibrational alchemy.

Allow new information of love for you as a child and activate vibration that has been forgotten.

Recorded during live group session

Item 6: From the Soul Connection category “Shifting into the Light Body” mp3

This is a 30min guided voice activation.

It is deep and loving sound – singing session, channeled vibration of divine light.

You are transforming yourself starting from your breath.

Sound of your breath can help you with your conscious creation and activation of love within.

Light vibration will be activated inside your chakras.

Light Beings are assisting through sound of Dorota’s voice to help you to remember your light.

You can relax and feel safe within the Light and Love.

Item 7: From the Transmissions of Love category “Breathing with the Angels” – mp3

30 min. Mp3 session with voice activation.

Tune in your breath with the ones that are always breathing with you. Universe is supporting you lovingly.

This is loving and peaceful activation bringing you support from the Angels.

Mp3 recording from live group session

Item 8: From the Music category “Heart Breathing” mp3 music

This is mp3 recording of Dorota’s music with full production of sound, vocal and keyboard.

Recorded and created by Dorota Rozmus.

Produced by Face2Face Recording

10min Mp3 activation.

Item 9: Personal Online Session with Dorota

Included in this package price is a Special 45 min. Personal Online Session with Dorota (Value of $170)

Dorota works with Light and Love frequency, channeling energy vibration using her singing and speaking voice.

She is helping you to clear and transform your emotions, your distorted mind information, density of your past, stress, family problems, DNA and cellular body. It is vibrational work on many levels of your Being helping you to embody light into your 3D life. Your ascension within Divine Love

After purchasing special offer package you will receive the link to book this session.


Group online session. You are invited.

Regular Energy healing and voice activation classes with Dorota Rozmus are happening on Sundays.

Sound alchemy will be making changes and shifts in many levels of your Being.

You will receive mp3 recording of this activation


You will receive link to this meeting.

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Bonus: Your Free Mp3 Gift

A voice activation from the latest

session – event: “Connecting to Your Higher Self” This 27min session is recorded live during online class.

You are Loved.

This activation is helping you to energetically activate this truth in your body, mind and heart. Cosmic information of the light is coming via Dorota’s light encoded transmission and singing voice.

Your Higher Self is shining into your 3D field.

What People have to Say about Dorota

“The first time I heard Dorota’s voice I got goosebumps and I could sense there was something really powerful in her voice! I’ve never experienced something like that before, as I could feel the energy move in my whole body.”



“I can highly recommend Dorota. She is IT!I have had several sessions with Dorota and each time she takes me to a space where I feel the purity and innocence of who I am.

My spirit soars as I release the density stored in my body; as my mind trusts the knowing that all is well. Dorota’s voice activations feel like pristine water softly and gently showering me with love and raising my vibration to my highest possibility. If you are looking for your beautiful self, for beauty and contentment in your life, I can highly recommend Dorota. She is IT!”




“My kitty cat loved your singing! As I listened to your video and your singing began, my sweet kitty cat came running to the phone and purring. She loved the vibrational sounds you were singing! Repeated it 3 times …and she responded the same way each time.”