Special Offer


Personalized Business Strategic Session

60 min private session

Special Offer Includes:

In order to serve you best, I offer my undivided personalized strategic attention for 60 minutes, so you on how I can help inspire and empower your business and life.

This Personalized Session will assist you to:

  1. Optimize Your Business Potentials: Success Trajectory & Business Acumen to make IMPACT.
  2. Discern: How to carefully choose partners, colleagues and team members.
  3. Prioritize: Internal guidance for business decisions.
  4. Communicate: Your innate truth creates effortless abundance.
  5. Stay: Balanced through equanimity
  6. Remain: Flexible, fluid, plastic.
  7. Discover: the ONE thing everybody has in common that is blocking them from making 6-7 figures.


  1. 15% off the 3-month Breakthrough-or 3-month Acceleration Package (~value $ 300)
  2. Scientifically & psychologically drafted stipulations and questions for your subconscious to surface so you may accelerate. (~value $ 100)
  3. From the Wounded Child to the Magical Child Podcast. ($30)

YES! I want Dr. Eivor’s special offer for $125

What People Have to Say About Dr. Eivor G. Johansson.

  • I highly recommend Eivor. She’s got the answers and is truth serum par excellence. Hire her right now! No regrets. —Michelle Smith, NYC NY (Artist)

  • Your unique expertise, knowledge, & wisdom are unmatched for any organization. With you the sky is the limit Eivor. —Robert Morgan, GFX Global FX. NYC NY (CEO)

  • I feel such gratitude to you for telling me the truth about my business blind spot that got in the way. I didn’t see the threat coming. —Howard Finkelstein, NYC NY (CEO)

  • Your leadership skills are unmatched and excellent for businesses on the cutting edge. —Jack Schwartz, Gains Inc. NYC NY (CEO)

  • You lead with absolute accuracy and deep intelligence. I admire your personality. —Hermann Schnabel, Helm AG. Hamburg (CEO)