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Energy Transmissions

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Offer 1


4 (60 min) Light Language Energy Transmission/Activation

4 Sundays

Offer 2


Energy Signature Recording (20-30 Minute Recording)

These Special Offers Include:

Offer 1: 4 (60 min) Light Language Energy Transmission / Activation

Length of Program : 4 zoom calls or recordings on Sunday  @ 9.30AM PST

Calls are on: October Sundays or November Sundays – (to be arranged – can be there in person or receive recording)

4 Energy Transmissions/Activations 

Energetic transmission from: Source, Divine Cosmic Mother, Crystal Energy, Dolphin Collective, Unicorn, Fairy, Elemental/Nature beings, Gaia, Pleaidian, Angelics

Four powerful 30 minute calls in which you will be releasing conditioning and karmic patterning from your energetic field and bodies through the different energetic frequencies of these different high vibrational beings/cosmic sources.

These are an intense 4 calls/recordings which you can listen to over and over in a recording and work uniquely with yourself; as the energy is love-intelligent.

In these calls a lot is transmitted, released, received and rewired.

Step into your Sovereignty and amplify your field and radiance. Receive your Spirit and activate your true Essence Crystal being.

(Recordings will be sent post-session – the energy keeps working. You can listen to it as much as you feel




YES! I want Barbara’s Special Offer #1

Offer 2: Energy Signature Recording (20-30 Minute Recording)

Receive Your Energy Signature recording.

I connect to your Energy Signature (your Original Frequency) once you send me your name and date of birth and create your personal energy transmission.

This recording is specifically for you and non-transferable. It contains your energy signature or Spirit frequency, so you can listen to it over and over to integrate in the body, cells, and Earth.

It is a beautiful process which I love doing as I am able to feel your Spirit energy and you will be able to feel your Spirit energy and integrate it through listening to the recording.

It is an absolutely amazing process and it is my honor to serve in doing these.




YES! I want Barbara’s Special Offer #2

What People Have to Say About...

Barbara, Your channeled transmission was so all encompassing.  I felt changes throughout my body but especially from my knees down where a profound feeling of coolness occurred.  Your beautiful light language message brought me to tears as you ended the transmission.  Thank you so much for this gift of healing and enlightenment