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Shamanic Astrology Reading

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Shamanic Astrology Reading

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A personal Shamanic Astrology reading involves your birth date, time of birth and your birthplace. I provide you with an in-depth look at who you are, astrologically and provide you with an awareness of the timeline of your life, including a brief look into the future. Having the information can give a person a set of clues as to how he or she is moving down the path set forth by your natal chart.

Think of your Natal Chart as a schematic of a vehicle (astrologically speaking) of your being. Within the schematic, there is the framework, the wiring, the fuel lines, the computer hardware and software, the original inspiration (and/or evolution of the original design), the sensory devices and the type of path or road the vehicle is meant to travel.

With this schematic, astrologers can get a window into your life, general decision-making processes, relationship parameters, underlying current of your work and the purpose and direction of your life. Each astrologer has their own interpretation, even those who are Shamanic Astrologers. My purpose is to deliver the information to you with clarity, compassion, without judgment and with as much accuracy as I can. The information is meant to offer insight, awareness and opportunities for you, but not to predict the future. In all, my goal is to empower one’s self to reach your greatest potential through a shamanic astrology reading. But it is up to you to take advantage of the information.

There are 4 parts to a reading:

  1. Your lineage or what skills you mastered born into this world. This involves your Moon sign, phase of Moon and the south Node of the Moon.
  2. You present ‘Tools & Equipment’. Within this section is your Sun sign, Mars & Venus archetypes (your “gods & goddess”), Mercury and where Jupiter was located at the time of your birth.
  3. Your life purpose project. These are the ‘angles’ of the chart. They include your Rising Sign/Ascendant, your Midheaven, Home & Roots (bottom of the chart) and your Descendant (Relationship project). This section also includes “strategies” of the outer planets (Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune).
  4. Current and future astrological cycles going on affecting your birth chart.

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