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Trilogy – Moving into the Organic 3D & 5D Worlds

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3 Home-Study Workshops

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These 3 workshops were compiled to help better understand our role in navigating, integrating and activating the organic 3D & 5D world within us. The first workshop focuses more on understanding this ongoing shift and how it can support us in a different way. The second workshop is about your role in integrating and experiencing the 3D and 5D worlds. The final workshop is a more in-depth look at how and what you need to do to activate and integrate the organic 3D and 5D world within you. In these workshops you will be guided through different processes and given tools to accelerate the process while gaining a more in-depth understanding.

Item 1: How To Utilize And Navigate Our Organic 3D & 5D Worlds

September 2019 brought in some interesting changes that further defined the direction and nature of the reality we are ready and willing to play in. This brings a new level of playing power to the table requiring conscious consideration in how we want to create with it. Embracing these shifts and changes will take us to yet another stage in our growth where we can fully release the illusions and programs of the inverted 3D matrix (Ego) and recreate from a higher perspective.
Explore how we can individually shift our operating system and how the current energies are supporting us in a way that has never been felt before!

During this one-day workshop Franco looked at:

  • What was the impetus behind this relocation
  • How to connect with 3D and 5D
  • Utilizing the energy of 3D & 5D
  • The process of letting go of the old inverted 3D
  • Not playing with the old reality as it was, but playing with the upgraded version
  • New way to play life – letting go of Traditions
  • We won’t experience new up-grade if we keep playing with the old stuff
  • What is it that we need to let go of?
  • It’s up to us to direct our life
  • Will we still be involved in or see the inverted 3D or 2D?
  • People will receive whatever frequency stream they are ready for – 3D or 5D
  • It’s about choosing what you do in this moment regardless of circumstances and situations
  • Do you have to let go of religion to go to organic 3D
  • What does organic 3D and 5D look like and how do I integrate and use it to shift my reality?
  • Being conscious of who you connect with, what you watch, how much power you give to the environment you live in
  • Expectations = limitations, blocks and disappointments
  • Processes
  • Meditation/Activation

Item 2: Your Role In Integrating And Fully Experiencing An Organic 3D or 5D World

As most of you know, we have entered a time where we need to walk in alignment with our authentic self. The journey into organic 3D or 5D requires our attention and some fearless action.
Those of you reading this are being called to action. You very much understand the importance of creating from a higher perspective and not from the illusion of the inverted matrix.

Every one of us will need to look at how we are going to embody these higher dimensions and what that entails in our everyday lives.

We have gone through the changes that would allow us to reside and experience our true organic 3rd or 5th-dimensional World while also being supported. However, many of us are still very much experiencing the same reality as before these changes took place. The reason for that is we now need to include OUR involvement in creating and living on these new platforms/worlds.

The quicker and more effective we make the necessary shifts within us, the more our world/playground and reality around us will reflect the organic 3rd or 5th-dimensional World.

Many of us are feeling ready and pushed to experience this journey of life on this playground in a more aligned way with our true selves.

Can you imagine how an organic 3rd or 5th-dimensional World looks and operates?

What is required to be able to embody these higher dimensions truly, and what will it feel like? Ultimately, we are the ones that will be the living examples of what is possible by releasing the old aspects of self and stepping into the new. By doing this, we will be giving others permission to do the same. We are the creators and the shifters! We are the ones that have the power and can decide which World we want to play in and how to shape it!

In this 1-day live stream workshop Franco continued the exploration into the organic 3rd and 5th-dimensional World where all possibilities exist, and our role in it all!

Some of the things Franco looked at:

  • More details on the organic 3D & 5D worlds and what are we seeing and experiencing now and moving forward
  • Details of how it was organized to support us and the roles of the people we are involved with
  • Movement between the two worlds and having versions of us in both worlds
  • The people who have chosen to create the organic 3D World
  • It’s just a platform we are working from – what it is going to look like is up to us – we are shaping it! i.e. creating a reality that doesn’t require money
  • Our responsibility and role in shifting our reality
  • Your role in shaping the 3D & 5D world
  •  How fighting against a system keeps it in place
  • Process – everyone imagines and designs what their new World would look like – but first, look at judgments and programs that say we can’t do it
  • You want to live a different experience – you are the only one to shape it
  • How to truly activate creation ability
  • Anything you want to manifest has to be created
  • The necessity of going into creation mode
  • Not being afraid to upgrade your life
  • Letting go of the fear of change (Process)
  •  Letting go of “what is” and “what has been” to embrace the unknown
  • The unknown is an illusion – What is the Unknown – where does it reside?
  •  The role of the Matrix, Ego, Mind & Body
  • The difference between Mind and Ego
  • The mind can take over for the Ego
  • Change in chatter without the Ego
  • The mind would require deprogramming
  •  As long as you are fighting the system, you are still in the inverted matrix & Ego
  • Accentuation of distortion so we can see the distortion within us and see the program that created the distortion
  • Understanding how these new energies work and utilizing them
  • Giving your power away to a Story…which can bring you into victim state
  • Question & Answer – Franco recorded separately answers to questions people asked during the workshop.
  • Meditation/Activation

Item 3: Activating & Integrating Our Organic 3D & 5D World Within Us

Are you ready to embody, experience and redesign your reality? Are you ready to experience your natural human expression and world? Are you ready to live your authentic self in alignment with your soul’s purpose? More than ever, we are in a collective position to create and experience what was only a dream and beyond our imagination.

We have entered another phase of our self-evolution, one that is more consciously aware of who we are and our capacities. One that realizes that we are more than this body and collection of past experiences. Where we sit now is primed to experience the most powerful transformation ever experienced in our human journey/history! Are you ready to take advantage of this self-bestowed opportunity?

We just moved into a new year and decade, leaving behind the inverted 3D matrix and its distorted version of our operating system. We have now set ourselves up for the opportunity to engage in life in a new way and from a new level! It’s now our responsibility to let go of the distortions of the past to free ourselves to create an authentic future based on the foundation of our divine truth.

This is an exciting time for humanity, as we have the ability to redesign the life we live and the way our world operates. We are in full control and have the guidance within us to steer us to our highest calling, enabling us to embrace the organic 3D and 5D world. It’s time to let go of the distractions, stories or programs that hold us away from our true essence and away from creating from an aligned and clear state.

At this workshop Franco looked at:

  • We are no longer in the world we adopted as our playground
  • We no longer have to play the game of life as we once did
  • We are free to move between worlds to take full advantage of expanded possibilities
  • It is not as easy to get lost in our ego projected world
  • We can now take advantage of our multiple journeys & timelines to progressively expandourselves
  • What took place with our inverted matrix and how it affects us
  • The ego will rely more than ever on other egos to maintain stability
  • Egos are feeling confused and acting out
  • Connecting to our organic matrix
  • The merging & interacting of individual timelines with other people’s timelines
  • A look at how our reality changes when more light and conscious comes into play
  • Shifting from continually moving to seeing and experiencing more
  • A change in our multi-tasking abilities
  • A closer look at the shift from manifesting versus creation (Process)
  • DNA coming more online and us having more access
  • Letting go of judgement and our old viewpoint
  • Process for clearing the past
  • A process in connecting with our higher aspect
  • Distractions in life – letting go of what is no longer needed
  • Our attachment to the way things are and people in our lives
  • Embracing change in a more powerful way (Process)
  • Giving up your old ways of doing things – can’t do things the way we use to.
  • Living in the moment – allowing your inner guidance to guide you
  • Creating your new world and letting go of your old roles
  • The collapsing of timelines
  • Traditions and cultures – letting go of the boxes they create and our attachments to them – the program of not wanting to disappoint
  • Paying attention to what your body wants – the changes our bodies are going through
  • A process on how to tune into the body
  • How to utilize the opportunities that play out for us
  • Interactions/communications with people – Being honest and being yourself in all circumstances
  • Energies around us and how they may affect us and how to step out of it
  • Healing, transforming and shifting our current experience
  • Human entities reincarnate to continue its journey and to accomplish what it has agreed to do
  • Stepping into a different place/state when addressing certain experiences
  • A stress response is part of the programmed inverted 3D
  • Our addiction to our polarized life and stresses
  • Emotions are part of your past – most of our emotions are artificial
  • Reviewing the idea of shadows and what it is
  • Review the wounding idea and healing
  • A powerful tool to reset ourselves, taking the current stage and utilizing it to our advantage
  • Understanding and utilizing our current position and journey as for what it is as an opportunity experience what would not have been possible otherwise
  • Meditation/activation

People talk about grounding; we are now starting to realize that the grounding is ground ourselves with our source essence within. More than ever, it is essential to access your own inner stability as you adjust to these changing times and start shifting your operating system to reflect the organic 3D or 5D world. The responsibility lies within us individually and as a collective to initiate and cultivate these changes to bring forth a higher level of creation and Beingness.

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