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From Starseed to Stargates
Sessions with Cynthia

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Enjoy these teleclasses recorded this November 2018 with Babaji and the Great Logos’ of the Solar System, Galaxy, and Universes beyond as they envelope you within cosmic diamond plasma energy streams of enhancement to help lift you into your Higher Bodies of Consciousness and activate your 12-strand crystalline bliss- enlightened DNA needed for ascension. Each teleclass is a profoundly deep and transformative journey an hour long each.


From Starseeds to Stargates- Riding the Cosmic Wave Home

Session 1- The Template of your Transcendent Self

In this journey you are greeted by Gaia, our 5th dimensional Ascended Earth Mother and taken to the Diamond Temple in her newly activated stargate within her crystalline core. You are gifted with the Crown of your Divinity and the Template of your Transcendent Self. You are enveloped in diamond plasma light streams of photonic light to help uplift you to your Higher Bodies of Consciousness. You travel through the first stellar gate of Ascension to your Star of Origin and are anointed with the return of your Source Memories. The journey culminates at the Emerald Temple of Pure Creation with Sophia where you create the highest vision of your life. The Ascended Masters from All Creation then merge their light with yours to help fulfill its manifestation, and together with the Star Beings of light, you sing a New Song of Creation into being.

Session 2- The Anointing of your Cosmic Heart

In this journey you are taken to the Temple of the Solar Heart where you receive the gifts and codes for the embodiment of the Crystalline Solar Cosmic Christ Consciousness that you are. The Great Mahavatar Babaji, the Immortal One, then anoints you with the codes to expand your crystalline light body into your new diamond light body.  In a collective merkabah, you then journey to the Temple of the Galactic Heart to anoint your Galactic Heart, and then travel to the Temple of the Universal Heart, to anoint your Universal Heart as well. A new star system is created within the sacred centers of your body.  The Great and Mighty Creator Gods and Goddesses, the Elohim, then take you to The Temple of the Diamond Heart to anoint your Cosmic Diamond Heart as you come back home to the Cosmic Womb of Creation.

Item 3: Private Session with Cynthia

Receive the codes to activate the Golden Spiral Stargate within you through living  transmissions of cosmic diamond plasmic energy streams of enhancement from the Higher Beings of Light to help you become All That You Are.

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