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Years ago Ginny experienced two Near-Death Experiences and her life and perspectives have been significantly impacted by these events. As a result she expressed multiple intuitive abilities including the ability to communicate with plants and animals.

Throughout her career Ginny has successfully blended animal communication and her intuitive abilities to mitigate confusing behavior issues and the energetic traces of trauma caused by abuse and/or neglect.

Ginny’s primary focus is to assist people, as well as animals, in the energetic release of cellular memories and emotions attached to past traumas. She seeks to support the owner/caretaker and the animal in the formation of a closer bond through the development of a deeper understanding.

A session with Ginny will not only provide you with an opportunity to better understand your animal, it will also open a space for you to grow, heal and form new mindsets as well.

Often times clients make requests to work with more than one animal in a one hour session. Although it is common for a person’s deceased animals to come forward and share messages which she is happy to relay, her policy is to honor ONE living animal at a time.

Most of the animals Ginny works with have experienced trauma at some point in their lives and this approach ensures we allow time for an authentic connection between the animal and Ginny. This facilitates trust, emotional healing, and meaningful conversation which provides answers to questions from the human caretaker. Therefor, the minimum session offered is 50 minutes. This affords clients an experience they will always remember and allows adequate time for intellectual/situational validation as well.

Your experience with Ginny will most likely challenge the “norms” of other traditional animal communication and healing professionals that you might be aware of.

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What People Have to Say about Ginny and Animal Communication

“During the session, I could feel his fear and the struggle he had to allow us to work with him, but he stood and gave up his fear as Ginny spoke softly and allowed him the time he needed to release years and years of stored trauma. By the end of the session, Monk was yawning, then he actually nodded off while standing directly between two humans who were only a foot away from him on either side!” – Sally S

“I am very grateful for this past week’s visit from such a kind and loving animal communicator. I was touched by the conversations she shared with the herd. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Rango so at ease. I cant remember the last time I’ve seen him lay down and just rest his legs.” -George B.
“Ginny told me to give him a day to settle and that I would see a difference. The next day I immediately contacted Ginny, he was a different horse. Since that day his eyes have brightened and his ears perked, always attentive and finally happy looking.” -Maggie H.
“My connection with my 7 year old pup has never been stronger, and I’m grateful that I have another tool to work with to keep both of us safe, communicating and happy. I’m grateful for her and highly recommend her to anyone looking to make peace in their homes and allow their companions to continue to grow deeper into our lives and hearts.” -Meg S.
“I have thought about how to put into words the trans-formative experience of Ginny’s visit. The visit was astounding for me because it provided so much clarity and information to my lifelong questions, all the while healing my soul. Her unique talents create an opportunity to heal, to release the negative and embrace the positive. She creates a sacred space that eliminates confusion, doubt and frustration.” – Lynn H.
“I met Ginny over the phone and she was able to identify with my horse immediately. The funny thing is that another horse that Ginny had never met, interrupted and came through to her. She was able to work with both horses, and was accurate in her knowledge and so insightful. It was truly amazing to see what gifts Ginny has, and her love for healing. I had an immediate connection with her.” -Lyn M.

“Ginny is an absolute gift. I consider her a colleague, friend, and mentor. We met several years ago and share the same the love for horses, health, truth, and authenticity. Ginny always delivers, 110% of the time. She is a wealth of knowledge and expertise that disseminates correct information in a manner I have yet to find another person to be able to do.” -Rebekah J.
“I haven’t met anyone more willing to share their knowledge and abilities simply for the greater good than Ginny. I count her as a close friend, one that teaches and loves deeply, and honors each of us on our path. It’s rare to come across a teacher who doesn’t work from their Ego. Ginny is the exception.” — Linda G

“I want to thank you so very much for your work with our dog and cat. Before you met us our dog was terrified of the car and was afraid to go outside so he would do his business by the front door on a daily basis. He will now ride in the car without having to drag him and he consistently asks to go outside to do his business. Additionally, we have owned our cat for 10 years and she never once slept in our bed, in fact the only time she would come into our bed would be to swat me to tell me she needed food. She actually slept in our bed last night for the first time and she is much more affectionate after having only one session with you. I’ve spoken to many animal communicators to solve problems with my pets in the past few years and you were the only one that was able to identify the root of the problems and bring true resolution to our issues. Your holistic approach to looking at both our human energies in the home as well as the animals’ was freaking amazing! Our life is so much more peaceful and calm — you are a miracle worker! This has been truly life changing and I would recommend you a thousand times over! Thank you! Thank you! –Kris M.

“Ginny was spot on — and not just about (our) Daddy’s health. Sammie has never jumped on my husband’s abdomen since that day. And the minute the conversation was winding up, he went to look for his toy. It’s like he knew he was heard and had all his questions answered. I know there are many people in this industry that may take advantage of people, but Ginny is not one of them. I highly recommend her.” -Charlotte M.

“I would recommend Ginny to anyone with a pet relationship issue. It could be the difference between a successful relationship or a failure leading to finding that pet a different owner which usually ends up with a sad ending. Angelo is a sweet bird again and now we can enjoy life together without fear.” -Rosayn W.

“I was recently having lunch with Ginny and we were chatting about my mare, Aurora, who had recently passed away. Ginny asked, “Why would she say that Aurora is not her name? She is saying that her name is Angela.” I was surprised that she would know this and shared that when we got her we were told the previous owner changed her name from Angela to Aurora.”
-Antoinette M.