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Golden Age Energetics

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Golden Age Energetics

7 Day Video Course

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Awakening Human Divinity Online Retreat: Golden Age Energetics

Dear Beloved,

Did you know that humanity is at the dawn of a powerfully transformative, global energetic shift?

Beloved, we know that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, confused and out of control in these uncertain times. The truth is, fear and anxiety is only a result of where you choose to look- and what energy you choose to listen to.

It’s your choice right now whether you close yourself through fear and judgement, or open yourself to your internal light, intuitive gifts and the Universal light energy that surrounds us all. We are here to prepare you for this incredible, positive, Universal energetic shift by helping you to identify and embody your Highest Self so that you can thrive in current and future times of uncertainty now and forever more.

 The time is now.

Imagine Living With
Greater Calm, Abundance, Clarity And Joy

The changes that lie ahead offer the potential for the most potent spiritual experience imaginable

We are here to help you prepare for it and embrace it!

If you’re feeling out of sync and disconnected from others and Self, you are not alone. Beloved, we see you.

Right now, it is imperative to find the grounding required to tune into your innate wisdom and Divine Energy. Which is exactly why we have designed the most potent, transformative and uplifting Program for you. Experience the deeply effective, holistic spiritual evolution you seek together with us during the Golden Age Energetics Program.

What Will Life Look Like When You Remember Your Divinity?

You know when you meet one: A Divine Human. You can see it in the eyes.

Divine Humans are those who have tapped into their own divinity – they hold a beautiful, light energy field that uplifts others and brings them closer to their own light and spiritual evolution.

They radiate joy, deep wisdom and a powerful trust in all that unfolds. So often, society teaches you to distrust what is happening, and is why Fear-mongering has become the norm, and its hold over you can be strong.

That’s why you are here, now. Yes, Now.

Now more than ever, the teachings offered through Golden Age Energetics will help you tap into the rich, transformative abundance of your own divinity. Your wisdom. Your intuition. Your power.

Are You Ready To Embody The Divine Truth Of Your Own Power?

Golden Age Energetics is a powerful, online program that enables you to reveal and embody your own divinity. Join many hundreds of other people in our community and start today, as you partake in this transformative retreat from the sanctity of your own home, all the while connected with your guides, Sananda and Shekinah. You’ll finish with a new community around you and all the support and wisdom you need to align and live with divinity, today and beyond the transformative phase that is unfolding through us all right now.

For many, this Golden Age Energetics forms the most transformational experience along the path of spiritual awakening, because in essence it is a shift, not merely a step.

Throughout this supportive, transformative Golden Age Energetics program, we will teach, support and guide you to embody this wisdom and live from it every single day.

Enroll Now & Enjoy All The Benefits Of This Life-Changing Retreat

Here’s What You Receive When You Enroll Right Now

It’s about remembering your innate divinity and then building the body of light that maintains a high consciousness! As you dispense with negative beliefs and behaviors, you relinquish judgment, negativity, suppression and restrictive ideology and naturally move into a space of deep calm, with a focus on spiritual advancement and evolution of consciousness.

The impact of this transformation on every single aspect of your life is incredibly profound:

  1. Complete spiritual journey with support from the Twinray Luminaries and access to private social media groups and video hangouts
  2. Instant access to abundant, fun and potent materials delivered directly to you by email, for you to unpack and work through as part of your retreat experience
  3. Videos, written materials, presentations, exercises and missions to facilitate your own multi-faceted 360 learning
  4. Lifetime access to these materials and our community updates and insight throughout the transformative period as it unfolds ahead
  5. Start the program today together with many other spiritually-minded people that will connect and insipre your journey
  6. Exceptional support from our team, both practically and spiritually, to ensure you attain the absolute maximum benefit from the retreat

Bonus #1
Seven Golden Seal Energy Transmissions that awaken and upgrade the personal charka system.

Bonus #2
Wisdom sharings with questions and answers to profound insights for your life

Bonus #3
Light Body Mp3 Audio Meditation and Inner Cultivation Technology

Bonus #4
Emotional Healing practice and technique that clears unconscious traumas and woundings

Give Yourself The Gift Of A Deep Spiritual Awakening

Profound change is afoot. You may have already felt the rumblings as the waves of this energetic shift have already started impacting our planet.

Honestly, it’s hard to avoid!

The wonderful news is, that you are being presented with a powerful choice – to react to circumstances out of fear and from beliefs steeped in scarcity and limitation… Or learn how to ground yourself in your own innate divinity, and trust in the endlessly abundant, powerful energy the Universe offers at every single moment.

How would your life look if you fully expressed your divinity, starting now?

This choice is exactly why your participation in the Golden Age Energetics is so crucial – for you, as well as those around you.

Golden Age Energetics offers the deepest wisdom available anywhere as well as practices, activations and healings to allow for the necessary metamorphosis to happen within you.

And as you become a master of your energy, and understand the templates you were born with, you will see your life uplevel profoundly.

Using the practices and techniques you will energetically download during the retreat, you will learn to tap into the powerful Universal Energy which shifts you…

  • From pain and suffering to bliss and joy
  • From limitation to abundance
  • From the small self to the Greater Self

As you undertake the Golden Age Energetics program along with many others, the group energy you create starts raising the greater vibration collectively. And this enables you to cultivate energy, embody your divinity and understand your role in this transformative time.

Moreover, you’ll start to thrive and live at your highest potential.

  • You’re No Longer Just Getting By. You Know How to Manifest and Experience the Highest Level of Joy and Abundance Any Time You Desire
  • You Experience Such Surrender And Connection To The Universe And Your Divine Self That You No Longer Entertain Fear Or Doubt
  • You Have Conviction And Alignment And Trust Implicitly What Is Happening Through You, As You

Delve Into Your Own Divinity

Each day over the course of the Awakening Human Divinity Retreat, you’ll receive by email a fresh, unique package containing informative video lectures from your guides, Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji, as well as written materials and beautifully prepared presentations to help you harness a deeper understanding of the topics delved into during lectures.

You’ll spend 2-3 hours daily, experiencing powerful teachings, practices and exercises from Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji. And you are given special “missions” each day, to start experientially learning the profound teachings so that these are integrated with immediate, energy-shifting effect.

You’ll also receive profound, intimate heart shares and insights from Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji in video format to give a fuller energetic familiarity with the nuances of each teaching.

  • Video lectures
  • Written coursework materials
  • Presentations and exercises
  • Techniques and insights
  • Daily mission for experiential integration
  • Plus support from our TwinRay team

Wherever you are on our magnificent planet, make yourself comfortable and at ease in your own space to facilitate swift and transformative progression through each day of the retreat.

Throughout the Golden Age Energetics program, our team of TwinRay Luminaries will be available to fully support and embrace you through the process of integrating the wisdom teachings and unique activations.

We also encourage you to share the support, love and compassionate connectivity of the entire Golden Age Energetics program group, in our private Facebook Group and Facebook Live hangout video rooms. These interconnections help strengthen your own insight and give an opportunity for joy and recognition, fortifying the global change we’re making together.

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Here is what people have to say about this course…


I just did the Closing Ceremony myself. And oh my goodness gracious! Wow…wow…wow! My whole body is vibrating, I had a few energetic releases, and I am filled – through and through – with LOVE. I feel like I have embodied it in this moment. Sooooo very blessed. Soooo honoured. Sooooo held in the Sacred Arms of Pure Divinity itself. What an incredible experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you – to the Beloveds and all the Sacred Beings of Light held safe in this sweet container of Divine Grace. I am moved beyond any further words.

-Susan. L. C

“I keep coming back to the extraordinary Closing Ceremony phenomenon. A totally transcendent moment. I felt we were ONE, ONE LOVE, ONE WHOLE bursting with BLISS. In that moment, I experienced what Sananda spoke of – It doesn’t matter if you are the teacher or student – what matters is the BLISS. I felt in that moment we were ONE in BLISS. It was so beautiful with each and every one of us contributing and receiving as ALL. … Sananda and Shekinah – so profoundly grateful to you for this course, this journey, this LOVE.”

-Wendy M. PhD

“It was the most incredible teaching experience of my life!
Today during class I knew in my heart that I had planned pre-life entry for this amazing Divine initiation with Beloved Sananda and Beloved Shekinah.

It is the Most Perfect and Holy Beginning for Golden Age Preparation. Thank you 🙏 for your generous sharing of your magnificent Love and Wisdom. These gifts are unprecedented. Thank you with all my heart. I am just so grateful to be in the retreat.

– Becky. B