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Green Mother Activations & Illumination Codes

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Green Mother Activations & Illumination Codes

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The GREEN MOTHER ACTIVATIONS are being transmitted specifically at this time in our evolution as a way to offer support to seekers throughout the current global paradigm shift.

The Green Mother is a collective of Goddesses and Ascended Masters that assist us to activate divine qualities and perceptions that allow us to experience ourselves as visionaries with the capacity to birth Heaven on Earth. Through the Green Mother Activations, we will ground into an archetypal foundation of unity consciousness and power that will support and sustain us through times of uncertainty in our world.

Throughout this series of Green Mother Activations, we receive deeper understandings and practical tools that dissolve fear and resistance to the ascension process. We awaken to our unique gifts and talents, authentic forms of expression we may not have had access to before. We can then move forward with ease and grace, navigating challenging emotions and experiences from an inner place of strength, clarity and alignment with Gaia. Instead of disconnecting from ourselves, which often feels like we are falling apart, we will choose to come into alignment and resonate with our own Divine Source.

  • Awakened Neutrality
  • Authentic Voice
  • Divine Co-Creation
  • Resonance


The ILLUMINATION CODES will transmit and activate key codes, etheric temples of light and shamanic technologies to connect with the multidimensional Beings of Light that reside in these sacred places. You will receive Light Language transmissions that will assist you to raise your frequency throughout the current global paradigm shift. Choose freedom and shift from the natural tendency to focus on what’s not working to a default position of New Earth Alignment with Gaia and the Inner Divinity.

In the Illumination Codes, you will:

  • Dissolve internal discord and separation consciousness as you embrace your inner being as fully human and divine.
  • Receive potent Light Language transmissions that will bring you into balance and alignment with Gaia and the Cosmic Light.
  • Eliminate judgement and resistance to the ascension process and collective transformation.
  • Activate a wellspring of Inner Peace and Clarity that naturally arises to support you in challenging situations.
  • Receive Divine Codes that open your visionary capacity to experience the Divine Presence in everyone and everything no matter what is occurring in the outer world.
  • YOU become a Sacred Temple of Light, infusing love and grace into anything that you observe or engage with, creating a ripple effect of healing and alignment all around you.

Pachamama’s Blessing

Journey on a virtual pilgrimage to Peru to offer our gratitude and blessings to our beloved Gaia in her sacred expression of Pachamama the Earth Mother. Pachamama is revered in Andean culture as an ever-present living entity who embodies mountains, rivers and caves. In between the ancient Inca city of Cusco and the majestic archeological site of Machu Picchu lies the Sacred Valley, a region that contains numerous sacred sites and energy vortexes that are known for their power to uplift and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. We will shamanically journey into the mystery of these sacred places and receive the gifts your own soul has left for you to find!

11:11 Cosmic Starchild

The Cosmic Starchild transmission is an evolutionary Starseed offering aligned with the 11:11 Ascension Stargate. We will deepen into our Embodied Sovereignty with the divine balancing of inner polarities. Deeply nourish your own precious heart with high frequency activations from Ascended Light Being Sarah, the Cosmic Starchild of the Galactic Magdalene Lineage and Yeshua Christ. We will journey to her etheric temple in Glastonbury and receive her darshan.

12:21 Rainbow Heart Activation

Activate your Rainbow Heart amidst the stunning red rock formations of Sedona with the Christed Light, Star Nations, Inner Earth Crystal Beings and the Aboriginal Elders of Uluru. Come into alignment with the Ascended Gaia, your Inner Divinity and the Rainbow Serpent Vibration of the New Earth. Bring forth the new vibration of 2021! Amazing opportunities to embody our Divine Birthright of Sovereignty and Freedom!

12:24 Star of Wonder Transmission

With the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn shining as a bright star in the heavens, raw chaos comes into alignment with Divine Will and the Christed Light. Receive a Light Language transmission from this powerful conjunction. The Venus Beings of Light, Mary Magdalene and the Aboriginal Elders come forth to activate and recalibrate visionary capacities and MAGIC!


Sacred Sites in Your Own Backyard

Live your life as a Visionary when you see and experience Presence in all that you do and all that you feel. Activate and cultivate Divine Sight with special places in your everyday world.


Ask a question and receive Crystal Clarity in a customized Light Language Transmission.

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Offer 2 Includes Offer 1 Plus:

Item 1: Private 90 minute Quantum Light Channeling and Alignment Session

Enjoy an in-depth 90 minute personal session with Ana by zoom or phone where she will open a portal to the Quantum Light frequencies that arise in the form of sound vibrations, number codes, customized light language transmissions and messages from your own unique team of Ascended Masters and Light Beings. As an initiated guide, Ana will assist you to recalibrate your inner quantum field by clearing obstructions and activating dormant gifts and divine qualities. Align with the Divinity that is YOU in this evolutionary offering!

Item 2: The Virtual Goddess Trilogy (3 videos)

Virtual Goddess MADRECITA

Virtual Goddess TRIDEVI

Virtual Goddess SEKHMET

In this trilogy of Virtual Goddess Channeling and Alignment Circles, you will work with shamanic technologies to connect with multidimensional Beings of Light and raise your vibration throughout the current global paradigm shift. We will tap into the Quantum Light frequencies emanating from 3 sacred places: the Amazon jungle and the visionary plant medicine of Madrecita Ayahuasca, the sound vibrations of devotion and ecstatic self-love from Tridevi in India, and Sekhmet’s infusion of courage and self-worth from the Karnak temple complex in Egypt.  Each of these Virtual Goddess journeys will activate divine qualities within your own precious heart that will support you in profoundly transformative and empowering ways.

Item 3: Lemurian Virtual Pilgrimage:

The Goddess Pele & Her Dolphin Devotees

with Lauren Galey and Ana Estrada

Mastery Empowerment Course

Sunday, September 6

12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET / 7pm GMT

A Virtual Pilgrimage using shamanic technologies to visit Ancient Lemuria and the islands of Hawaii (the Big Island, home to the active dwelling place of the Goddess Pele) and the divinely feminine vibration of Kauai.

The current global paradigm shift continues to release the raw chaos of transformation, the Divine Feminine life force, an inner illumination that brings all our shadow tendencies into view. As our inner world becomes more and more transparent, we can no longer hide the beliefs and mental patterns that escalate our confusion and feed our suffering. We are lovingly invited to receive assistance from the volcanic fire Goddess Pele and the joy-infused Dolphin Beings of Light to live beyond the patterns of the body, mind and emotions, fully choosing our Sovereignty and the 5th dimensional frequencies of the Ascended Gaia.

In this Mastery Empowerment session, we will:

  • Activate and integrate the Ancient Wisdom of Lemuria
  • Deepen into our connection with the Ascended Gaia
  • Journey to the Big Island where deep seeded ancestral patterns that burden us will be unraveled and recalibrated through channeled Light Language transmissions and shamanic initiations
  • Rebirth our awareness into divinely nourishing energy streams that support our collective transformation
  • Immerse ourselves in the high frequencies of Kauai with a powerful Visionary 3rd Eye Activation generated by the Orchid of Lemuria
  • Fully activate our individual quantum fields with the Divine Qualities of Love, Beauty and Grace that will sustain us throughout the next phase of our Ascension Process in Alignment with Gaia.


Come into Alignment with GAIA & THE NEW EARTH

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Item 4: Embodied Sovereignty:

Inner Labyrinths and the Magic of Gaia

with Ana Estrada

Mastery Empowerment Course

October 25, 2020

12pm PT / 1pm MT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET / 7pm GMT

The Labyrinth is an ancient form that represents the soul’s journey of embodiment. The sacred geometry of the labyrinth is not only visually appealing, but the soul recognizes it and is drawn into this form as a symbol of its human initiations upon Gaia.

Within the labyrinth, the twists and turns of the path guide our way to center which may be momentarily obscured at different places. We may doubt our choice to turn as we appear to move away from center and then feel relief when we can sense that the center is near even if we can’t see it. Understanding this rhythm inside ourselves serves as an imprint that teaches us to pause, to trust and to be strong in the midst of the tremendous collective uncertainty we now face. The labyrinth symbol contains knowledge of the inner quantum field that is composed of various layers and dimensions of consciousness. It serves as a portal to the inner realms and the magic of Gaia.

The key to Embodied Sovereignty lies within our grounded and unshakeable connection to the crystalline grid of the Ascended Earth, our alignment with Gaia. This alignment strengthens as we learn to navigate the purification processes that naturally occur as we raise our frequencies and embody our physical vessels as Temples of Light. As we learn to unconditionally trust ourselves and the process of expansion throughout all the twists and turns of the multidimensional inner labyrinth, we are blessed with courage and grace, joyously claiming our place in the circle of Ascended Beings of Light, holding space for Divine Transformation.

In this Mastery Empowerment Course, we will:

  • Enter a multidimensional labyrinth and navigate the purification processes of the inner quantum field.
  • Access quantum light frequencies and divine codes that will unravel deep-rooted unconscious tendencies that obstruct our Embodied Sovereignty.
  • Receive a Light Language Transmission from the Earth Goddess Brigid and her sovereign expression of Gaia.
  • Excavate and transform mental patterns that still appear to disempower us as we embody our most courageous self.
  • Deepen our alignment with Gaia when challenging emotions come forth to be revealed and processed.
  • Nourish the Inner Child, that version of ourselves who suffered most in our past, with the quantum light frequencies.
  • Bring all our past selves into present time, completing and collapsing old templates as we come into alignment with Gaia and natural frequencies of joy and fulfillment.

Claim your Place in the Circle of Embodied Sovereign Beings of Light!

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Item 5: Starseed Nation: Activations for Global Transformation

Audio & Video Download

with Ana Estrada

Mastery Empowerment Course

While the mind may cling to the hope that things will return to normal, the spirit is exhilarated by the infinite possibilities and magical transformations that come through letting go of what is familiar and leaping into what has never been experienced. That human part of us that wants to know, that wants to feel in control, no longer holds the reins in the current evolutionary climate on our beloved Gaia. Anything that gives us the illusion of control is simply falling apart before our eyes.

Starseeds are Beings of Light who have been “seeded” onto the Earth from other galaxies and star systems. We have chosen to incarnate specifically at this time of human evolution to support the global paradigm shift from separation consciousness into unity consciousness. We no longer perceive ourselves as separate from the Divine. We can fully experience ourselves as embodied and sovereign Beings of Light incarnate.

As Starseeds, we have the capacity to navigate an infinitely expansive multiverse. We can also receive guidance and support from our galactic family at this time as we activate our multidimensional communication in this Mastery Empowerment course.

Now is the time to find each other! We can support ourselves by joining other Starseeds as we recognize each other and acknowledge all the amazing internal work we’ve all done throughout our lives up until this NOW moment of inevitable change. Powerful Starseed circles are arising all over the world as we come together to hold space for global transformation.

In this Mastery Empowerment course, we will:

  • Dissolve any internal discord between being human and your galactic identity.
  • Experience a potent Light Language transmission that will call forth into greater awareness your Galactic Lineage and Starseed Mission.
  • Eliminate judgement and resistance to the Ascension processes and collective transformation.
  • Activate a wellspring of Inner Peace and Divine Support that naturally arises when you embody your Starseed Heritage.
  • Receive Divine Codes that open your visionary capacity to experience the Divine Presence in everyone and everything no matter what is occurring in the outer world.
  • YOU become a Sacred Temple of Light, infusing love and grace into anything that you observe or engage with, creating a ripple effect of healing and alignment all around you.



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