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12 Ascension-Activation Meditations

PLUS 3 Live, Online Classes with HiRa

Access 12 Ascension-Activation Meditations plus 3 of HiRa’s online & live RIDE YOUR LOTUS© classes. These meditations & classes will set in place all the spiritual requirements needed to fully activate all participants to their highest ascension potentiality.

Special Offer Includes:

Item 1 : 12 Ascension-Activation Meditations

These 12 totally different Ascension-Activation Meditations (12 MP3’s) were created during HiRa’s RIDE YOUR LOTUS© classes, and take about 40 minutes to 1 hour. The shortest MP3 is 20 min, the longest MP3 is 1 hour 45min.

We connect with our inner Source and go in a deep meditative state. We work with the inner & outer ascended masters, ascension columns (pillars of light), ascension flames, core-fear-matrix removals, cosmic ray activations, inter-dimensional healing chambers, karma cleansing, cosmic mother initiations, and much, much more…

When we raise our vibrational frequencies & signatures, we are allowing deeper activations to take place into our energy fields, so you can listen to the MP3’s many times over. Every time another aspect of your Higher Cosmic Self will be integrated into your daily life.

Item 2 : Three online & live RIDE YOUR LOTUS© – ASCENSION CLASSES

With all the spiritual electricity now becoming available on our planet, we are invited to come together as groups to channel, stream and spread this clear Source light.

In these 3 online & live RIDE YOUR LOTUS© classes, HiRa will guide all participants into deep Ascension-Activation Meditations.

Classes take 1 and a half hours, max. 2 hrs. For those unable to attend in real time, you’re free to skip class beforehand, or have the replay sent to you directly after class. The replay will be in streaming video and in downloadable MP3 format, and will be available without time limit.


For this special New Earth gifting occasion, HiRa is enchanted to offer You a healing transmission from Egypt, called the “Great Pyramid – Light Code Activation” Meditation. This healing transmission MP3, is a Source meditation which HiRa guided from within the King’s Chamber in Oct’18. The resonance of the healing sounds have the potential to move through blood & bones, activating our deep light codes within the subatomic levels in our DNA in a graceful, smooth and easy way, individually as well as collectively. In-Joy 🙂

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