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Upgraded Crystalline Star Body 5D 

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2 Personal Upgrade Sessions

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Be the Master of your Reality by Vibrating at 5D Consciousness with the Ancients and the Galactics

  • Is your body feeling out of alignment?

  • Is your life in disharmony?

  • Are you confused about your path and purpose?

  • Do you feel emotionally, mentally, and physically drained all the time?

  • Do you feel misunderstood or alone?

  • Are you receiving that inner nudge that you have more to share with the world than you are currently living?

  • Are you sick and tired of living in pain and feeling out of whack?

  • Would you like to receive clarity and start taking the right steps towards a fulfilling life?

  • Do you need that extra guidance and push forward to take a chance on a new life?

  • Are you tired of your current reality and are ready for a major change?

  • Are you depressed or anxious because you feel inadequate or unworthy?

Ancients on these sacred sites are here to align you to awaken to your inner calling

Activate inner knowledge within your DNA to bring in Ancient gifts from past lives knowledge

Activate your sacred geometry within your chakras to vibrate at LOVE Consciousness.

Elevate your frequency to health, wealth, abundance, and bliss.

  • Balance your chakras, change your life

  • Using your creative energy to transform your life

  • Your sound vibration creates your inner and outer life

  • Align with your personal power within when living your Divine Destiny

  • Acturians and Pleiadians are here to help us Evolve and shift into 5D Reality

  • Clear chakras will bring in high energies to guide you along your path, alignment with your soul’s purpose when living in 5D energies

  • Awaken your creative life force energy

  • Desires will unfold effortlessly and synchronistically

  • Magic flows into your life daily

  • Having your cells vibrate at 5D Conciousness

  • Connect with the Angelic Realm, Ancients, and Star Beings

  • Ask & Receive on Speed Dial

  • Telephatic communication increases, spiritual gifts open, power comes from within

  • Remember universal knowledge, remember your purpose and passions in life

  • Gain rememberance of your past lives knowledge through connection with your Higher Self and Chakras in Balance

  • Healing in the sacred sites

  • Get into alignment with perfect health, happiness, harmony, and balance.

  • Connect with Nature, Connect with the Divine

If you are living out of alignment within your sacred temple your chakras are blocked which then creates disease, pain, emotional imbalances, mental imbalances, and physical issues.

Working with the Galactics and the Ancients will bring you back into alignment with perfect health, happiness, and purpose in life.

I am truly blessed to be chosen to work with the Star Beings that are here to awaken you to your full potential. I am here to clear all those blocks that have been standing in the way of your happiness. You can have any life you dream of. You are the ONE who is visualizing it into creation as you are a piece of Source Creation. We came to Earth to create and live in alignment with our paths using our God Given gifts to help one another expand to that of Divine LOVE.

Offer 1 Includes:

ITEM 1: Activating your crown Chakra – MP3

In this meditation I take you on a journey activating and balancing your crown chakra. I activate your Sacred Geometry Shape, The Star of Life, as we go on a magical sacred journey to The Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. You will feel the sacredness of you while being upgraded by the Masters, Arch Angels, and Star Beings who are assisting me in your healing and upgrade of your Light Body to hold higher frequencies of LOVE LIGHT. During this healing activation we clear old programming and outdated patterns from your lineage. I take you back to ancient time where you remember that you are universal and transcendent. I clear all blocks to feeling alone, confused of your purpose or path, depression, or pain in the body. I bring in the new upgraded 5D energies of YOU for you to come into alignment with the true Magnificence of YOU. For you to know that you are LOVE and WHOLE. That you are a Divine Light being truly magical and sacred to be all of you. To show all aspects of you and be proud of who you are.

ITEM 2: Activating your third eye – MP3

In this meditation I balance and activate your Third eye chakra by using the sacred energy of Stonehenge. I activate your sacred geometry shape, The Knowledge of Life, to help you make a connection with your ancestors and help you gain access to information from the distant past. It is said that amazing Stonehenge monoliths were brought to where they are now located around 2100 BC by Merlin who used his magic to bring them to where they now stand in Wiltshire. In this meditation I assist you in discovering what is holding you back in your current life. I help you travel back in time to Stonehenge and visit your past lives to where you were a healer and light worker to where you will remember lives where you healed others and the earth. The energy from this MP3 will boost your spiritual energy and power your connection with the earth and the center of our galaxy. Stonehenge has an unusual electromagnetic charge, and is said to anchor you into to the core of the earth. I will take you on a journey to learn more about your past lives as well as learning more about yourself on all levels to help you transform into your highest self ever.

ITEM 3: Activating your throat chakra – MP3

In this meditation I open up your throat chakra and clear any imbalances with activating the sacred geometry shape, The Fruit of Life. I take you on a journey to The Great Pyramid in Giza for this healing. Thoth had a book that survived Atlantis, he founded an Egyptian colony that was based on Atlantean wisdom. He is here to teach you of ancient times in Atlantis, when he was a priest king. He is here to remind you of ancient times when we lived in peace, harmony, balance, no war, no competition, healthy bodies and minds, in tune with the universal energies, in tune with nature, and received healing through natural remedies. Isis, the moon goddess, is here to remind you of your divine magic, life purpose, and psychic abilities. Isis embodies femininity, motherhood, magic, healing, and power. She is the high priestess of magic. Being inside the pyramid benefits you by upgrading your system with high positive frequencies due to the shape of the pyramid and sending in tones of sound healing brings in major healing and transformation. The ancients built the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau in Egypt because it is the precise center of the Earth where energy is at its most powerful. It is where we will attune with Mother Earth. The pyramid will balance your throat chakra bringing it into harmony with your expression of sound so when you speak your creative energy will transform your outer world. As you speak in your authenticity and your truth this then will guide you to living your ideal life full of love, happiness, and bliss. You are just remembering what you already know. You are remembering who you are. The pyramid is perfect for meditation because it focuses on harmonious energy while deflecting distractive energy or thoughts getting you to go deeper into a meditative state to create all that you desire.

ITEM 4: Activating your heart chakra – MP3

In this mediation I open your heart chakra and activate your sacred geometry shape, the Flower of Life. I take you to the magical Big Island of Hawaii to do this healing on such a sacred island where the ancient Lemurians lived. Hawaii is all about the Aloha Spirit and is heart centered in love. You will feel connected to the Islands where time will seem to stand still, colors will be more vibrant, amplified, and you will truly feel the powers of your heart energy sending massive waves out for universal, galactic, global, and inner healing with yourself, your family, generational, ancestral, and future generations will hold this new energy within their open hearts. You will fall in love with Hawaii, feel the coziness of soothing mother energy, vibrating from her Heart Chakra and bringing in the magnetic resonance from the volcanoes and Goddess Pele’s fire energy to align you with your true potential by living in your heart space to turn all your dreams into reality. Releasing all that no longer serves you, healing yourself from the inside out, and returning you back home sweet home to self-love.

ITEM 5: Activating your solar plexus – MP3

In this meditation I take you on a journey activating and balancing your Solar Plexus. I activate your Sacred Geometry Shape, The Seed of Life, as we go to the sacred location in the Northern Territory of Australia called Uluru-Kata Tijuta. It rises 1,100 feet above the Australian desert, the red sandstone monolith, is where the ancient Aboriginal people Anangu lived for thousands of years living a nomadic hunting and gathering way of life where they have a spiritual relationship with the sacred land. You will feel the power of this sacred spot amping up your energy field and aligning you with your personal power. It will give you direction in life and support your action steps to take in order to reach all your dreams and goals. You will have the new found wisdom that will open up for you like gifts from the Universe. These energetic downloads are within your DNA that are being brought back online by your healing and ability to hold higher frequencies of Light Energy that is being upgraded within your body as it is turning more crystalline and you are tapping into your super powers as the new upgraded being that you are.

“Iona is an amazing intuitive healer. The healing session I had with her was over the phone and the energies I felt were intense. She helped me release some blockages I had in my solar plexus’s. I at first felt this burning pain coming up and I could feel the energy releasing from my solar plexus and the pain subsided. She helped me retrieve my power back. I felt light and confident. People around me noticed that I was happier and different. Iona has a beautiful presence and energy. She’s truly gifted and I am honored to have worked with her on my healing journey.”

~ Rosie Gutierrez

ITEM 6: Activating your sacral chakra – MP3

In this meditation I activate and balance your sacral chakra, turning on your sacred geometry shape, The Portal of Life, we go on a journey to a sacred site, Lake Titicaca, Peru- Bolivia in South America where the ruins of an ancient temple lie in the bottom of the lake. I call in the Shamans and Inca Priestesses to perform a healing on you as we will clear you of co-dependence, emotional trauma, feeling lost or numb inside, and moodiness. I will reprogram you to feel sensual, creative, full of life, energetic, emotionally stable, grounded, happy, joyful, and full of laughter. Bringing in healthier, happier, fulfilling relationships to yourself and to others. You will learn to enjoy yourself again with a full mind, body, and soul connection with your current partner now or new Divine Partner that can come forth when you learn to open up and receive the Love of your Life. We also upgrade your body in the healing waters of the fountains of youth.

ITEM 7: Activating your root chakra – MP3

In this meditation I activate and balance your Root chakra clearing all blocks and dense energies that have been stuck there creating disharmony in your body. I activate your sacred geometry shape, the Container of Life with the help of the ancient Lemurians of Mount Shasta. The mountain is a mystic power source for this planet. It is a sacred mountain and is an incarnation of the Great Central Sun of this universe. It is a focus for angels, spirit-guides, spaceships, Masters from the Light Realm, and the home of the survivors of Ancient Lemuria, which sank under the waves of the Pacific Ocean a little over 12,000 years ago. Mount Shasta is surrounded in a gigantic, etheric purple pyramid whose capstone reaches far beyond this planet into space, and connects us inter galactically to the Confederation of Planets for this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. This awesome pyramid is also created as an inverted version of itself, reaching far down to the very core of the Earth. Mount Shasta is the entry point of the Light-Grids of our planet, where most of the energy comes first from the galactic and universal core before it is disseminated to other mountains and into the grids. We go on a wild ride to this subterranean city, Telos, underneath Mount Shasta where you will receive healing so you can feel safe in the world and really ground you on the Earth Plane to create your reality. Feeling fully supported by the Universe, the Lemurians, Adama, The Pleiadians, and the Arcturians. They will upgrade your body to feel the energy of abundance in all aspects of your life. Abundant in love, health, happiness, joy, financial, harmony in the home, and harmonious relationship to self and others. We will activate your root chakra, your Kundalini Serpent Energy to reawaken your creative life force energy to assist you in creating your outer reality. All that you desire will start to unfold synchronicistically and effortlessly. When you’re in flow magic happens.

BONUS 1: Opening your Star Heart with the Pleiadians – MP3

Opening & Activating your Star Heart with the Pleiadians to access 5D Living. We will be working with the Pleiadians to help you activate your sacred portal to the ONENESS of all that is. YOU. They will be clearing, shifting energies, removing blocks, giving you upgrades of the LIGHT you carry within to evolve and grow into 5D Consciousness. You will realize your GOD SELF is within your STAR heart. They will be gifting you with a multi-dimensional Pleiadian crystal to use here on Earth. Get ready to feel the omnipresence of YOU.

BONUS 2: New codes of light with the Acturians – MP3

Accessing and receiving new downloads of your codes of Light with the Acturians to living 5D Consciousness and beyond any reality of your choosing. We will be accessing your highest potentialities in this life and aligning you with being able to hold higher codes of LIGHT. As the Acturians put you into their chambers of healing light you will feel the immense LOVE and remembrance of who you are and sense of purpose. You will be receiving telepathic communication with them during this mediation and downloads of higher energies to support you on your path.

ITEM 8: 14 days Remote Healing (Starts the day you sign up)

Iona, her God Healing Team, and your Higher Self will work on your issues whether it be physical, emotional, mental, health, body image, loving yourself, career, family issues, relationships of all kinds, your pet’s needs or issues, finances, addictions, pain, sexual dysfunction, and all of that and then some. Your higher self and Iona’s God Team already knows what you need and desire. It’s all taken care of once you decide to sign up. So if anything is not mentioned here don’t worry just set the intention and BOOM its done. Just think of the genie and the lamp except you get an unlimited amount of wishes granted the universe has no limitations the only limit you have is yourself. So stop, let go of the reigns, and jump in, get in the FLOW, stop resisting, just let GO…
Transmitting healing energies once a day for 14 days to work through the negative energies.

Enjoy Iona’s playfulness and light heartedness as she and her God Team heal negative energies, old programming, generational, ancestral blocks, heart walls, hidden heart walls, and negative entities. Iona and her God Team will be working 24 hours for 14 days for you, your home/living space, those living in your home including pets, personal and/or business banking accounts, and/or your primary business.

Iona and her God Team already know what you truly desire so get ready to shed your old skin and step into the new you. Think about how good you will feel when your truly authentic and living your purpose. You are meant to succeed and be happy. You don’t need to suffer anymore. It’s your choice so pick health and wellness. Love and Bliss. Abundance and Empowerment. It’s all possible

Item 9: 90 Days Sacred Temple (Starts the day you sign up)

Iona’s healing “Sacred Temple”, is an energetic supportive energy focusing on LOVE the highest vibration out there. We are all connected so when more people are encased in this Sacred Temple of LIGHT CODES the more positive higher frequencies we can all enjoy. With the help of Iona and her God Team, she will travel into your past, present, and future to clear all that no longer serves you or your loved ones. Just think of this as you heal so does your family and everyone else in your presence. Think about how this world will benefit as you heal and shift to that of LOVE the world will raise its vibration with you to that of LOVE. Iona and her God Team will clear and heal all negative programming, old tapes running, ancestral, generational, negative entities, heart walls, trapped emotions, physical, emotional, and mental. You and those you love who you included on your list will be cleared off too.

Item 10: FB Private Community

Living in 5D with the Ancients

In this Facebook Private community we will be supporting one another on 5D living. I will be sending out downloads and upgrades so we can live in the Higher Vibrations of LOVE Consciousness with the Ancients and Galactics.

Bonus Activating your Higher SELF-LOVE – MP3

Lifting the veil of illusion of separation from SELF. In this MP3 I channel your connection back to when you were tuned into the energies and were confident in yourself. I reconnect you to your HIGHER SELF-LOVE where you feel the support of GOD and the universal LOVE within. All you need exists within yourself. Look within for the answers. They are from your Higher SELF-

How do these MP3s work?

These MP3s are highly encoded with high vibrations of healing light codes to activate the listener to 5D energies as we clear the old energies and blocks within the chakras. Listen to these MP3s daily for maximum benefit.

Start from the first MP3 #1 and work your way down. You can listen to each one for one week before starting on to the next to let the energies align with your new encoded light bodies. If you feel you can start the next one sooner, do so as we are all vibrating at different frequencies just listen to your Higher Self. You can also listen to these MP3s on silent.

YES! I want Iona’s special offer Option 1 for $97

Offer 2 Includes Offer 1 Plus:

ITEM 1: 30 minute 1 on 1 session with Iona
Value: $150
Length: 30 min each

  • Clear all blocks and imbalances in your chakras
  • Activate your DNA and ancient gifts with the Star Beings, Arch Angels, Masters, and Magical creatures
  • Clear all traumas from all lives in the Quantum to align you to your true potentialities
  • Working with the Pleiadians as we do a healing activation and bring forth a multi-dimensional crystal to use on Earth
  • Open up your sacred star heart to pull in new light codes from the Pleiadians
  • Download the new 5D energies as the Pleiadians upgrade your light bodies

Aligning you to the best possible outcomes as the Pleiadians structure your 5D bodies to align with your spiritual gifts to use here on Earth. You will receive this in layers as it’s too much to take in on one session. This healing session is set up to happen for 30 days as your body is customizing to the new frequencies its able to hold.

Iona vibrates at a very high frequency of LOVE ENERGY. Iona is a very powerful sound healer and has been in many past lives. She will chant and activate your energy field to clear out anything that isn’t serving you. Feel the vibration of ancient frequencies enter your body as it moves from head to toe, you will receive healing that your higher self has called into this life. This all knowing energy has no limits. It will travel into all lifetimes, past, present, and future realities, clearing and deleting all that needs to be cleared in this life. This energy is so intelligent it knows what to do and where to go. This is a healing modality that Iona has been so blessed and honored to share with the world that is from the high vibration of Christ Consciousness.

You will feel as if your speaking to a close friend who truly can get to the core issue and zap it right out of your system. You will cry tears of JOY from all the LOVE you feel from Iona and her God Team working with you to change your life forever. Iona has a special gift to really connect with people. She is a powerful healer and so connected to the Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings and Divine Celestial Light Beings. Iona will clear all negative energy that is in your body, move you out of old programming and blocks, return you to your authentic self, empower you to shift your life and never look back. Change your story. Change your life.

Tell a different story. You are the author of your life. Many of Iona’s clients experience profound shifts in their life after having a session with her. They see massive improvements in all areas of their life, such as pain leaving the body, emotional pain gone, receiving clarity in their life, changing professions with ease and grace, getting into the flow of life instead of fighting it, being Blissful, being Happy, falling in love with yourself again, healing family patterns, healing any relationship, clearing negative energies. Finding your soulmate starts with loving yourself whole heartedly first. When you truly love yourself you will find someone who will love you the same. Iona will help get you on track with how to manifest your soulmate, perfect health, wealth, and career. Iona’s God Team works with her to change your life to the life of your dreams

Your Higher Self knows what you crave this life and it is all possible to have it all…

ITEM 2: Zoom call : Healing and Divine Love activation with the Pleiadians into your 5D Heart

On this call I will be channeling with the Pleiadians as we do a healing and Divine Love activation of your multi-dimensional heart. We are preparing you to remember your path and purpose here on Earth. We are going to align your chakras to hold higher codes of light as we upgrade your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and etheric bodies. As we activate your sacred codes within you will awaken from the illusions and step out of the Matrix of FEAR. When you are able to vibrate at LOVE frequencies there is no lack, no fear, no imbalances, and no pain… It’s all love and light when your HEART space is vibrating 5D energies. You’ll notice your life will start to transform very quickly as we release all that has been holding you back from living your divine destiny. AS you become aware its brings realization into your life that causes you to awaken from the Matrix. Awakening then brings you into an in-lightened state of mind and in this light you find your truth. This causes you to realize your power is within and always has been there. Your mind is energy and it has the power to change matter. Matter is the physical manifestation of energy. Open your mind to all the possibilities that are happening and align with the best possible outcomes because you are worthy.

Many of you have forgotten why you are here and who you are. I am here to remind you of your brilliance so you can stand strong on your chosen path as the Pleiadians are working with me to awaken the healers and Light Workers to their destinies. I will also be doing mini healings on the call and Q &A.

Bonus: Rejuvenating in 5D Energies with the High Priestesses

In this MP3 I take you on a journey back in time with the ancient priestesses who perform a sacred ceremony healing your physical, mental, emotional, astral, spiritual, and etheric bodies to vibrate in 5D energies. Soak up the powerful healing codes within your God cells as we activate you and have your body vibrating at maximum levels. We return you to spiritual times when you were so in tune with the universe and your spiritual connection to your temple. We rejuvenate all aspects of you and return you to a youthful state of being as we turn back the hands of time. Where we go there is no time or space in the Quantum field where you will be repaired in soothing love frequencies as you fall in love with your body once again.

YES! I want Iona’s special offer Option 2 for $247

Offer 3 Includes Offer 1 and Offer 2 Plus:

Item 1: Second 30 min session:

  • Activate your Higher Self – awareness to the super consciousness of all that is
  • Clear all that is holding you back from all timelines, space, dimensions, realities, and planes of existence.
  • Working with the Acturians to bring forth higher consciousness within your DNA strands
  • Tapping you back into your ancient knowledge and gifts to use in this life
  • Downloading your 5D super body with the Acturians healing chambers of light
  • Upgrading new Light codes to align into your chakras for optimum flow
  • Turning you back online holding higher frequencies of your inner light and true essence

Remembering your purpose and path this lifetime with the downloads you receive as this activation is for 30 days. I release multiple layers and create a sacred space for new layers to come forth in your new 5D crystalline body.

ITEM 2: Second Zoom call: Downloads and upgrades of your light bodies 5D energies with the Acturians

On this call I will be calling forth the Acturians who are working with us to elevate our light bodies and awaken the codes within to reach higher states of consciousness. You will notice more ancient gifts coming in, telepathic communication is going to be amped up to the next level. When you think about creation it happens at warp speeds you’ll be amazed of how turned on your super powers are after this call. Trust me it’s truly amazing as I have been blessed to work with them. They are here to remind you of your inner powers as we unlock your past and the illusions of self- imposed fear. We tap into all that is. You at your highest source and magnificence. We upgrade your light codes within. All you need is within your DNA. Your Higher Self is a Master of all realities of all lives you have previously lived. We work together to tap into the unlimited possibilities of YOU.

I am here to help all the Healers and Light workers come back online to spread the DIVINE UNIQUENESS of each one of you coming forward to be of service and be Leaders and Masters here to help others wake up as well. As you awaken to your full power you heal your family. As you transmit the higher frequencies your outer reality starts to shift to all manifestations happening very quickly. I will be teaching you what I have learned over the many years I have been doing this work.

You are a multi-dimensional being having a human experience. We will be traveling in the Quantum to the Milky Way Galaxy as we enter the Acturian Chambers of Light to receive your downloads and upgrades into 5D Living. I am an intergalactic Highway able to hold high codes of light energies that will be channeled and transferred from my light body to yours. These beings work with me to reach you and activate your DNA so you can evolve and live a happy, healthy, and abundant life. I will also be doing mini healings and Q&A. You don’t want to miss this call as the Acturians have asked to work with me to help get you ready for major transformation and growth that is happening at this time as the new energies on EARTH are here to support the LIGHT WITHIN.

YES! I want Iona’s special offer Option 3 for $327

Here’s What Even More Clients Say…

“Iona’s a Quantum Healer”

“Iona can hold high frequencies of energy. She is an open channel for the highest form of Divine Love energy to transmit this powerful healing to occur. You can feel the energy as she chants this sacred sound to open your chakras, clear all blocks, she blows this energy out through her powerful voice, and help you awaken to your ancient knowledge. She is clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clear knowing. She taps into your energy field and really feels what’s going on with your emotions. Once she gets to your core she will move the energy through all dimensions, time, and space. She works with her God team of Arch Angels, Masters, Star beings and goes Quantum to help you ascend and unlock your dormant DNA to remember who you are and your special gifts. Anything is possible with this healing she will guide you to clear old programming and lift the veil of fear from you to know you can have anything and everything be it money, health, soulmate, new career path, self-love nothing is off limits everything is energy so let Iona shift your energy to that of Divine Love and see what transformations will occur. I highly recommend Iona. She is so easy to talk to very compassionate, inviting, warm, like an old friend.”

~ Andie De Pass

“Saw my future and I am open to receive it all”

“I am in awe of what just happened to me after my session with Iona. I felt so open and ready to receive. During our session I felt my whole body shaking and I could feel my body buzzing. I saw amazing lights and felt the presents of the light beings with me that I had met years prior when I was sick with cancer and I had one week left to live. After their visit or I should say my visit with them as I was taken to their space as we spoke telepathically. They let me know I was not going to die even as bad as it was going to get I would survive it all. I got to a point that I felt very nauseous but stuck it out when I returned back into my body the nausea went away.

I have had times were I could see the future as if I was watching a movie. My husband and daughter would always tell me that it is because I was a medium. I would immediately get upset and say “No I’m not” everyone can do this. It was always something that I would experience and see but it was never a message for me, always for others that needed this message. I never had control of it so I never knew when it would happen. But after my session with Iona this time I was able to see MY future. And it looked BIG! I all of a sudden turned on my gifts to open up even more because before this I didn’t realize what I had as my spiritual gifts.

I had shared with Iona how I was bummed that my book had been passed on that was based off my life beating cancer through natural means after having only one week left to live, because as they put it their audience wouldn’t like to read a book that has the template of a Q&A. I had no idea it came off that way. All I had done was put my husband’s name in when he was speaking and my name in place when I was speaking as my husband and I wrote it together. We wanted it to be conversational. Every part of my life felt like it would only go so far then stops. I would be up for a big role and then…NOTHING!

In my life as an actress though I have had many successes it all seemed to come to a full stop. Every time I would go on to an audition and went as far as going ALL the way up to networks for final decision on who would get the role between me and the other person I would always feel immediately as if I wasn’t going to get it and then I wouldn’t. I never could stop myself from feeling like I wasn’t going to get it. As much as I tried I just would feel the rejection. Even when I went to a red carpet, I would have to walk it and many times I just didn’t want to do it. I felt I wasn’t worthy enough. I kept feeling strongly that I needed to do something big for the world. I felt it would be inspiring others to reach for their dreams no matter what just as I was doing knowing I grew up in the projects and in poverty. I learned anything was possible. I even had a holding deal with a big TV Network. Then as always something made that all come to a STOP!

I was diagnosed with cancer. I was clear this is what I need to do for now until I get better. I will help educate others through my experience. I will be the guinea pig. I picked up a camera and knew this story needed to be made as I wasn’t going to do chemotherapy. After this whole experience I have done some acting here and there but nothing concrete to push my goal as an actress to the next level.

After my session with Iona the next day I had the surge of energy that allowed me to see the whole picture in my life…what I came on this earth to do. So here is what happened. I wrote back to the publisher and asked if I changed the template to their satisfaction would they be interested in my book. I then put on a song as Iona suggested I should play a song and feel them saying yes, what happened next was something I didn’t expect to happen…I saw my story like a movie as I do when I get a message for others but this time the message was for me. How my story needed to be told. The feelings were so strong I contacted a producer friend of mine that I would have never thought of contacting, I told her my idea and what I felt strongly to do. She responded with “Let’s meet up with my partner and have you give him the movie pitch idea” It was so clear to me how I would impact the world in such a positive way and how I will be able to help billions of people turn their health around that it just flowed right through me. I kept seeing more and more of the story unfolding right before my eyes. I quickly started writing everything down and taking notes on all that was transpiring and just stayed on a high note the whole time.

I watched this movie play and I was so moved and happy. I was connected again. I could feel the light beings present with me. It was beyond words that I could describe. I had this joy that expanded across the world and into the universe.

I am still on a high that is something I haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you sooo much Iona, I will be forever in gratitude for your work that opened me up in ways I didn’t know were possible. You are amazing!!! I will definitely keep you posted on the progress of my film.”

~ Lourdes Colon

“Clearing Deep Ancestral Patterns”

“Dearest Iona this was again a wonderful session.

First much heavy dark energy left my body from the left side and my 3rd eye. Then there started to come a soft peachy color spreading in my body. It was a wonderful supportive feeling of love and safety. She did a second time around. It then went from my higher heart and straight up and out my crown chakra. This time the color was pale turquoise. I felt it went out into both my ears and neck area ( mouth of God ) and opened up. Then I started to see the image of the Staff of Hermes, containing both of these colors, activated within me, moving energy in my whole body. The chakras in my hands and feet were powerfully activated. I saw the snake coming up on the top of my head as you see in the Egyptian Pharaohs. This heavy energy that I have been carrying for eons of time was released. It was ancestral and it was my Divine Feminine energies of being shut down of expressing my self-worth. The old energy that was released was Women holding back their power and creative self-expression. I also released old energies of the disbelief that we could create and have anything of value to say. A wonderful, powerful experience with Iona using her singing bowl and her voice. Thank you, thank you, Iona. I am so grateful you are in my life.”

~ Bjorg

“Received past life knowledge”

“Iona brought me to remembering my past lives gifts, bringing it back to use now. The morning of my appointment with Iona, I already felt the quantum universe opening up for my antiquities’ amusement. I was taken to a past lifetime of an apothecarian where I knew the frequency of plants, trees, and flowers. I would use these frequencies to assist people with natural medicine. During the session Iona called the life times of when I did this type of work. I could feel the remembrance of who I had been and I also could feel it merging with my current state, and a new state of knowing seemed to emerge. I could see stars as this was happening as well. I could also see my energy strands as a golden light throughout the universe which was spectacular. I could see quantumly within my being that morning; like I had my own Merkabah around me and I knew it. I also would unilaterally focus on one thought and it would totally quantify into the universe, basically meaning, I would think something and it would come true. During the session, I could literally see my DNA strands turning gold, then rainbow as Iona led me into her session, her words were magically fortified with great strength, resonating the literal presence of god in my belief. Her vital work will be a constant magnification of the world to come as she is a literal quantum caller. I feel her calling is to break down you’re dis-ease and grant that your wish be deemed allowable. Her constant or consistent grade of magic flows directly from her light being and allows you to join in her journey. She is amazing.”

~ Andrea

“Met my Star Families and opened my inner knowledge”

“I would love to thank you and share my experience from DNA activation session on Monday. When we started talking I would like to say that I was alone in the room with doors closed, you might find it strange that I am starting off with this but there is a point. When you started talking to me the sound of your voice calmed me down immediately, and I was quite anxious. While talking to me and guiding me I felt shivers down my spine, my hands were cold but my palms were very hot. On the way to astral projection, while you were guiding me the I did not feel like I was traveling, what I experienced was that my feet were tight on the ground I looked up the blue skies and a big portal opened and I saw space, it looked like 3D cinema, and instead of “traveling” experience it was more like the images were coming to me and I would see the moon first and then one by one planets were closing in like having a TV remote and pressing forward button. Now the reason I mentioned I was alone in the room with closed doors is because when you were cutting cords with my ancestors and guiding me to meet other Star Races and Spirit Guides, I saw them, with my eyes closed entering the room and the doors were open, I felt connected with more than just one Star Family. There were some words coming to my head which have been repeatedly appearing even before we met. Now those words are the questions, and now since I know the right questions I can get the right answers. What I can say I learned from all this is that nothing is impossible, but also I need to keep my feet on the ground, which means I can imagine the imaginable and not feeling there is something wrong with it and still be realistic enough knowing that you do not need to “fly”, “travel” or do anything or experience anything physical it is all inside of me and inside of you. The experience and knowledge is within. Thank you once again”

~ Emina S./>

“Iona emits pure love and light”

“I had a session with IONA on Friday- IONA holds such an extraordinary Vibration of PURE LOVE – which creates an unbelievably Safe Nurturing space. I’m very grateful I came across IONA. There were Beautiful colors- Royal Blue Green & pinks I was able to understand on a deeper level by ” seeing past lives why I can’t have anything tight on my neck- why I hold my thoughts – don’t speak up. I had Flashes of feelings of being a witch – being hung- having my head chopped off. As IONA was clearing these past life Energies in this area I started coughing and it got deeper & STRONGER It went on for a good 5 min. or more– it was so raw & deep so raw my throat was hurting but it felt good & a relief to finally move this out of me!!! Then we went higher in the COSMOS were AA METATRON, AA Michael, St Germain, LORD Gansha, Blessed Mother Mary were around me. – There were Golden Sliver Strands Of DNA streaming all around & going in me. Also a Golden Bubble- I then saw My MOTHER FATHER & NANA smiling and clapping for me as these BLESSINGS flowed down all around me & in me. Then I took them in my arms and we shared the most loving embrace. I got to see and hold my little baby self- that was so in need of deep loving hugs- which I was able to give her while grasping the deeper meaning of this for me. The depth of that was beyond the beyond. There was so much more. There was a lot of deep clarity & awareness of DIVINE ROLES. IONA SAID I WOULD BE RECEIVING THIS ENERGY for another 30 days!!!! This was a most POWERFUL session. IONA is a BEAUTIFUL GUIDING LIGHTWORKER-HEALER-MAGIC GODDESS. I GIVE MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION TO ANYONE SEEKING TO KNOW THEMSELVES ON A DEEPER LEVEL CLEAR & HEAL THEMSELVES TO RUN NOT WALK & and set a time to have a SESSION WITH HER.”

~ Betsi

“My prayers were answered”

“Oh, Iona, I cannot adequately express the deep gratitude I feel for you and your gifts I needed help with the Kundalini Awakening Journey. I am currently in the “dark night of the soul” part of this journey (close to the end) and I am having an EXTREMELY difficult time. I feel as though I am losing EVERYTHING. I know part of this journey is “liberation through loss” but I am having a very difficult time surrendering. I am NOT ok with this! I feel so very raw inside…every cell of my being is raw, lost, disconnected, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally ill. I can’t do anything right…regardless of my choice the results are exactly the opposite of my wishes or goals. I have been in so much emotional pain I have asked God to take me during my sleep on many occasions lately. As I understand, many people commit suicide at this point. If it weren’t for my wonderful husband and 2 sons, I would probably be contemplating suicide myself. I would never let my sons live with the fact that their mother took her own life. My husband has been working 24/7 (LITERALLY) just to keep our heads above water financially but the water is rising quicker than our heads can stay above. This doesn’t affect just me, it affects my husband and my son that is in college and living at home. What if we lose our home??? I have purchased so many healer packages lately (on my credit card that is amazingly still open!) but they just are NOT helping with what I am experiencing… I feel so very, very desperate. you were more than willing to help me (and at NO cost to me!) within MINUTES of me reaching out to you, we were connecting. I don’t even know where to start! You have INCREDIBLE GIFTS! I have never felt as comfortable with anyone as I felt with you. From the moment we connected, I felt at ease. You knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it and how I needed it. You immediately identified with me and took me through a 30 minute journey that healed me body, mind and soul through many lifetimes. During our time together, I vibrated, I shook, I sweated, I shivered, I released (I actually felt things being taken OUT of my body, I cried tears of sadness, then joy, then gratitude. I can honestly say that after my session with you I TRULY TRULY, TRULY feel alive again. I no longer have feelings of hopelessness, desperation, or confusion. You are an amazing being of light, an amazing healer and I have the most profound respect, love and gratitude for you! I honestly cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me (AND my family!). I love you, Iona! Love and Blessings through eternity”

~ Karen

“Sense of Self realized”

“Hello Iona. It is important for me that you know a little of how you have changed my life. I understand that all happens in perfection. And, my journey to you, began many years ago. I have learned throughout the years that the brighter your “light”, the tougher the trials you live, are. My life changed drastically when my parents were divorced. They were a wealthy couple part of the elite in society. As the divorce happens when I was ten, my mother decides all she wants is me; no child support, alimony etc. So, I went from having a thousand dollars pocket money, to sleeping in an empty apartment on the floor. Now, she has 3 jobs to support us and I am basically alone. The inumerous negative experiences began. These included various attempted kidnappings, beatings, robbery, bullying, groaping and psychological, verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. The array of abuse at all levels ended when I was 27 when I was actually kidnapped for 3 days. The tortures I endured were horrific. I almost lost my lucidity and my life. The desperation and unworthiness became unbearable. I began working on healing myself (my past) for 3 years now. I understood that nothing that happens to me will ever change the love in my heart. Although, being honest, I would try coaching myself to not care. But, it didn’t work. I have worked with therapists and spiritual healers. And, although they all contributed somehow to my healing, none like YOU. The healing and relief I felt in each occasion has been instant. YOU have brought joy back in my heart. The doors to just “BE” , have been opened by you. You have given me permission to release all the darkness and experience who I TRULY am; an unlimited light being, one who IS love. I continue to heal the smaller hidden energies and traumas as days pass, because of the MP3’s I listen to every night. So, what am I saying, the gift you have given me is not only priceless, but it is one that continues giving. I feel that saying “THANK YOU”, is literally nothing in comparison to the level of gratitude I feel. However, it is all I have in this moment.”

~ Liz

“Transported to spiritual places”

“When I first tried Reiki, I knew this was going to be my go-to energy spa treatment. I mean, all we have to do is lie back and receive! It is something I return to on and off so when I saw that Iona was going to be doing Karuna Reiki, I just had to have it 🙂 I also knew that she would bring her own uniqueness, power and wisdom to it, but what I didn’t know was that she was also going to be adding in the Singing bowls and her voice to it.

When she speaks, she speaks with the authority of someone who’s been there, done that and knows what she’s talking about. But when she chants with the bowls, it is a totally different energy – like it is her, but more than her. The first time I heard it, I was immediately transported to a time when we would have nightly prayers in my ancestral home in Northern India (Jagraatas) and it was just heavenly to revisit that time… The second time I heard her do the sequence a couple of days later, her voice and the bowls just carried me away and when I returned I saw that my teeth were mildly chattering and my upper torso moving from side to side – I was experiencing another spiritual moment and by god, I didn’t want to break the moment!

There is a purity and a lightness from Karuna Reiki that she channels into you that leaves you feeling cleaner inside. Thankyou, Iona, for the quiet awakening, the soothing sounds and the sacred re-connection with the universe. I am looking forward to more!”

~ Nidhu Kapoor

“Found my Lyran Roots”

“Iona’s channeling has really helped me to understand my origin as a starseed and to further connect and engage with the energies of my constellation. I knew this when i heard her on a show and she was channeling energies from Lyra and my body started to vibrate and i got goosebumps all over. When I signed up for her service and we did a personal session, this happened again along with some personal confirmations that really helped me in my life direction. She did a special singing bowl meditation for me (she told me she was guided to pick out a bowl during a festival weekend she attended, which was very thoughtful and added a very personalized touch). This transported me into a deep meditation where i saw geometric shapes passing and morphing. This is when i know i am connected and this is Iona’s gift, to bring these energies through for you. She can take you to that distant place and give you messages and insights that are personal and important to your life direction. I am truly grateful for her work and recommend her to anyone wanting to benefit from this advanced connection or wanting to dive deeper into their ‘galactic’ side.”

~ Tim

“Stepping into my purpose and path”

“Iona has enlightened me about my starseed connections and this has re-awakened gifts within me and brought a magical clarity and passion into the work that I intend to do. I was compelled to buy one of Iona’s wonderfully constructed packages after a very powerful channeling on Eram’s telesummit in which her power as a healer and channel were very evident. It was a truly beautiful experience in which I was profoundly touched by these amazing star beings. Our work is continuing through consultation and sound healing and my experiences have been one of awe, release and connection. While listening to Iona’s sound healing MP3, I have felt dense energies releasing from my body each time I have listened to it and have felt powerful shifts; her words and the ancient sounds she makes trigger deep release and rejuvenation. I am truly grateful to Iona and am excited to continue our work together.”

~ Rachel

“Cleared fear so I could stand in my full power”

“Iona has taught me so much and has made such a huge difference in my life! Last year I was working with other healers, packages, workshops and I wasn’t getting anywhere. On one of my sessions with Iona I was reunited with my star family from Lyra. I was downloaded with so much healing & light language, and star codes. I became a Reiki Master last March. Iona did an amazing class. She is a wealth of knowledge & experience! I love how real she is just like talking to one of my girlfriend’s I’ve known forever! The healing frequencies in her voice & her sound bowls removed, dissolved, uncreated old patterns and behaviors. She balanced my chakras instantly. Working with Iona in sessions cleared my fear of ” being seen” I got my website made, Facebook page & I post my light language videos. There is no more fear of being seen. I feel so powerful knowing who I am. Listening to her MP3 on clearing addictions, old behaviors, and patterns have helped me to stay positive. I feel like I’m removing layers daily! I love my new found self! I highly recommend Iona to anyone who is ready to take the next step to hold higher frequencies, vibrations of love, light, truth & wholeness!”

~ Brandy

“Everything fell into perfect alignment”

“I did a few sessions with Iona about a year ago. I had fear and doubt about how to manifest my move to Hawaii and starting my own business. Then after my two sessions things started to change within my field. I had clearer direction, full trust that everything would happen in divine timing. I was able to manifest my dream home in Hawaii, we moved and then I knew I would find the perfect people at the perfect time to help me launch my business. Everything I asked for I received. She cleared my fear programs during our sessions. Fast forward to present time. My website is up and running! And, I’ve been selling my lightweight hoodies that are perfect for warmer weather in Hawaii. I have the full trust and confidence in myself and know that anything is possible now! Thank you Iona and many blessings to you.”

~ Kim

“Met my Star Families and Released the OLD”

“When I first listened to Iona during a tele summit I was completely drawn to her voice and her work. Deep inside of me a kind of wisdom starts to resonate. So I had to buy the package including the private session and it absolutely blows me away!

When I connected to my star seed families I literally could see them lining up in front of me waiting patiently to get in contact with me. They filled me up with unconditional LOVE and a lot of different downloads which are still going on.

First every group took away things from my several bodies which no longer served me. I felt completely empty but very peaceful and relaxed then they filled me up with a lot of things conscious and unconscious which I will have to explore further. Can’t wait to dig deeper.

Thank you Iona for this wonderful present 🎁

Much Love from Germany 🇩🇪”

~ Carina

“Sold my home a day after my session with Iona”

“I have been trying to sell my house for over a year now. The sale was supposed to go through but then last minute the deal would fall through several times on different buyers. I had a session with Iona. She was doing some activations on me to clear out my old patterns and habits of fear and worry. She told me to stop worrying about past experiences because it was keeping me from selling my house. She was teaching me how to change my vibration. She said all I had to do was stop worrying about past conditions of why the house isn’t selling and just use my imagination to see myself in my new home already living in it. To use my emotions of being excited and feeling truly blessed. She said mom really hear me this time when I tell you to use your creative energy and feelings it really works that fast. Instant manifestations are happening to all of us if we can just be in high vibration. This time I listened to my daughter and really took to heart what she said and right after we got off the phone I started to visualize myself in my new house. The very next day the realtor called me and said your house is SOLD. I was so ecstatic I called my daughter and told her the good news. She is truly a blessing to others and I am so happy she is helping so many others really step into their true powers. Every time we talk she is teaching me new tools to use. I learn so much from her. I can’t wait to see what else I can manifest with my new learned super powers.”

~ Tal Nam

“Felt years of negative stuck energies release in just one session”

“As Iona placed her hands on my head I felt my crown chakra open and a surge of energy came in that was so powerful my head had so much movement in it as the bright white light poured into my head moving through my entire being. My body continued to vibrate as I released years of stuck energies from past lives and childhood trauma. As she continued to work on my throat and heart chakra I felt Mother Mary come in to support my healing. This was my birthday gift to self and the most money I have ever spent on myself. Trusting my God Team I released so much anger and resentment it was worth every penny. I feel like a whole new person feeling lighter, happier, and clearer. I highly recommend Iona she is truly powerful. “

~ Martha
Karuna Reiki Practitioner, Sound Healer, and Intuitive Channel

“Negative situations cleared out of my life”

“Since using the mp3 sound meditation for clearing old habits I’ve noticed several shifts in my life. First was I was at a women’s expo and decided for fun to speak to a psychic there. The lady I had immediately had me very uncomfortable although she was fairly accurate in her readings I just felt weird in my body and instead of just pushing it away like I would in the past I decided to explore the feeling I continued to talk to her & I realized she was trying to use fear to get me to purchase more session w her… in the past I would have gone ahead and done that cause I would have been afraid to say no but this time I listened to her and just said thank you and I would be in touch knowing I wouldn’t and did not feel an ounce of guilt or fear at having said no and trusting my gut. Another was a mean girl situation I was having at the gym Iona did a session w me where we took her out of my field so that we would not have any interactions w each other and sure enough one day I started noticing that the gym class that I had been attending didn’t feel so heavy & dense anymore & it hit me that she & her friends had stopped coming to class! Yay! I’ve noticed so many changes in my day to day life and just using the mp3 daily just makes me feel better I feel like things just run smoother and my reactions are so much more peaceful and not so tense and fearful. Thank you Iona!!!!”

~ Maria S.

“Truly standing in my power”

“Iona’s MP3 works on progressive layers of holographic fog and counterproductive connections, memories, habitual reactions and automatic pilot self-sabotage. I am a few weeks in listening and I was able to have a new stance, more supportive of the new strong me, when an ex came back to town. No matter what happens with that relationship, with the new me supporting me the only access to me is one that supports me in the ways that I now require. The changes are subtle. The MP3 allowed me to not be pulled along a former emotional thread in my response. Anyone in my life will find access at the point of my new self- value.”

~ Laura

“Feeling more self-love and calm”

“I have been listening to Iona’s meditation MP3S for the last five months. I love listening to her because she makes me feel very calm after. I have noticed that after listening to her that I have let some of my anger and self-worthlessness go. I have tried 2 of her sound bowl MP3S. I did see some colors and I noticed that when she was doing the bowls the colors would pulsate. It was cool to watch. I recently moved and I feel like she has helped me with the start of my new transition. I feel more open than I have ever felt. Thanks Iona!”

~ Jessica

“Loving myself being more positive”

“I have been using Iona’s new soundtrack for releasing patterns and habits for a week know. I had some abuse when I was younger which led to a lot of self-hatred and self-sabotage. My body loves the soundtrack. Every time I listen to it I have felt my heart and throat expand and the first night I heard my throat singing to itself! I have noticed now that there is a lot more self-love coming in and I am being a lot kinder towards myself. I love Iona’s work. She comes from her heart and is incredibly nurturing and supportive. “

~ Sarah Emma

“No longer have a charge when dealing with my ex”

“Aside from very powerful experience I had the first few times of listening (started to speak the light language, tears of release, feeling very loved and supported), I have also noticed my pattern of “engaging an argument with my ex” no longer has power in me! And I know that for sure because I was able to calmly and clearly state my point of view without the charge and he fell silent. It felt very empowering! Thank you so much again, chicka!!”

~ Missy x

“Clear and strong connection to source”

“I have listened to your magic words now for over two weeks from your MP3 of clearing old behaviors and patterns. I must say that I feel as all obstructions that I was unaware of have come to the surface and I was then able to let them go. As I continued to listen after the clearing I began to receive clear, pristine information from Source, and able to read another’s energy very clear and feel a strong connection to their heart; this all, of course, has been a tremendous asset to my work as a Reverend and a Medium.

Thank you so much”

~ Rev. Marilyn Latham

“Instant manifestations are possible”

“After my session with Iona, I simply feel like a clearer version of me. Somehow she removed some clutter inside, I feel more peaceful. I had been dreaming, yearning, longing, and wanting to catapult myself to San Diego for years to a conference that would further my beginning business. After my session with Iona next thing I knew everything fell into place and I was there. And all went smoothly. Iona is great for helping with next steps towards getting to your dreams even though she talks about relationships and alignment. I guess those are the two factors that allow us to reach our dreams. I plan to stick close to her. She is a sound healer so much of what she does is not easily translated into words. Thanks so much.”

~ Laura

“Felt sense of peace and calm overcome me”

” I would like to share some of my experiences working with Iona Flores in a private session. I felt calm and expansive the whole time. Just FYI I normally feel tight and rush once I am on the call with anyone. Also, when she called the names of other beings, I felt a strong sensation on the top of my head with a warm feeling around me. Even though I am sensitive to electricity, I do not sense what others do easily with subtle energy. Thank you Iona for helping me have an amazing experience with subtle energy. I love Iona’s work and her soothing voice. I felt so comfortable talking to her. :-)”

~ Linh

“Self-confident once again”

“I want to express to you my gratitude on helping me release all that I AM in life and on this earth. For years I have snuggled with a few gifts and talents. However, I have always been a giver and hard to receive. After, taking your course. I know the possibilities that live within me. During our reiki sessions the feeling of “new birth” came upon me. I felt the energy that lives with in me. A feeling of calmness, gratitude and love. I visualize the vibrancy of colors that lives within. On days that I felt lost, confused and unbalance. You were able to teach me the feeling of balance. Using my masculinity and femininity energy to find the balance throughout my day. Your gifts and talents have helped me to understand my own gifts and possibilities. You taught me that I AM in Divine presence and that it lives within me. You have helped me to help me and my family grow. Now I have the confidence to help others, in knowing my purpose upon this earth. I AM a Healer, and I have a lot to give. Yet, us healers need a little TLC,too. 🍃 Mahalo nui for delivering the power to heal me. You are an incredible spirit that keeps on giving. Aloha Mai my sweet friend. “

~ Rebecca Kai

“Had a real smile on my face felt so blissful”

“My session with Iona was incredible! She worked at the soul level looking for the patterns I was holding onto and calling in my spirit guides, angels, masters healers to transmute all fears as they helped me in my path to acension. I felt like I had a warm blanket wrapped around me and though I participated I felt as if I was an observer and being observed and healed by beings all around me. It was a completely unique healing experience. I was spinning but in a good way! I was having that smile I’ve been looking for and that peace of mind and could feel my inner child jumping in joy, as I could wear a real smile on my face and know I’m supported and always was. Iona is the type of person once you meet it’s a not letting go as a confident, friend but also someone you can trust as her voice, her presence itself, is healing.

Thank you Iona, I am deeply grateful. You brought me down to earth in the most heavenly way after a beautiful travel to the realm of pure love and transformation!”

~ Zakee
About Iona Flores

I am a Karuna Reiki Master, Quantum Healer, and a New Life Coach. I work with the Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, and magical creatures. I use colors, frequencies, patterns, vibrations, crystals, and sound healing. I heal all emotional, mental, and physical pain in your bodies through all aspects of you in all dimensions, time and space. Your mental, emotional, physical, astral, and spiritual bodies through all timelines and realities that are all happening now. I clear all negative programs, old tapes playing, limited thought patterns, generational, ancestral programming, genetic lineage, balance your masculine and feminine energies, all chambers of your heart, father and mother healing,past lives healing, inner child healing all lives, past toxic relationship healing, karmic entanglements, vows, curses, black magic, poverty consciousness. I heal all timelines past, present, and future for all generations on both sides to be cleared of old energies. This is huge for your family lines to be cleared of all the old and making space for your new life in the new world. I then bring in your Akashic Records for you to remember your God given gifts, remember your souls purpose, remember your Star Family, and live your life using your passions and creating your new dream life that can become a reality once you’ve done these activations. I then activate your dormant DNA Strands to connect you back online to ancient time so you can reconnect with your inner wisdom and really connect to the higher dimensions, realms, seeing and feeling your spiritual family guiding you along your path. It’s time to create your new life, be the author of your magical story unfolding, you have a new canvas to paint, a new life to live, it’s time to be happy, it’s time to live your passions, it’s time to fulfill your life purpose, it’s time to stand in your light and power of your Higher Self Awareness.

You can have anything you believe you deserve. Anything is possible. The
Universe is trying to gift you with so many blessings so get into the flow of your true divinity and let your magnificent light shine so bright for the world to see you and all of you. ” Manifestation time is playtime.”