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Nature Communication Session & Light Language Program

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Nature Communication Session with Bonus Guided Meditation to Connect with the Trees

Plus Personal Copy of Conversations with a Tree

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Freedom Release Technique Session

Includes Personal Light Language Sound Essence Recording

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Seven Day Light Language Empowerment Program
(delivered as over 70 minutes of downloadable MP3)
Live Online 6-Hour Workshop – Dis-cover Your Light

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All 3 Offers

This Special Offer #1 Includes:

Item 1 Nature Communication Session

In this session I connect with a tree, shrub, or even a plant in your home that is special to you. It may be on your property, in a park that you visit, or in your favourite forest or hiking trail. You can ask about the health of the tree or plant, such as what it needs to improve its conditions, or information such as whether it needs to be cut down because it seems to be at risk of falling in a storm. You can inquire about its environment, such as soil conditions, or the park or forest where it resides. Time permitting, you can ask about more than one tree or plant.

Most importantly, your Nature Communication session also provides information about your relationship with the tree or plant and what your presence means to it. You can ask the tree to offer advice and wisdom on your life’s path and how to enhance your connection with it so that your relationship can develop more fully.

Larger, older trees have more wisdom to offer because, just like humans, they are more mature. Younger trees will have a more child-like or adolescent nature. It is best to choose older trees for life guidance questions. Trees develop a sense of purpose, based on their location. Trees on one’s property often serve as a protector of the individuals living there. I will share more about this in the session.

Your Nature Communication session will be a 30 minute Zoom call. The information can come very quickly, so come to the session with lots of questions.

The trees are waiting for us to wake up, and remember the symbiosis of our existence together. They hold much love for humanity, for they remember a time when we lived in harmony, with mutual appreciation and respect for each other. It’s time to come back nature, which is a path back to our own hearts, and return the love that the trees so generously offer.

Your Guided Meditation will be delivered as an MP4 when you purchase this Special Offer. Your book will be delivered after your Nature Communication session.

Item 2 Guided Meditation to Connect with the Trees

In order to enhance your ability to connect with your favourite tree, this guided meditation will lead you into your heart space where you can attune more with your intuitive self. It then leads you to connect and communicate with a magnificent tree. This meditation is to prepare you for being in the forest, or in your yard, connecting with trees that you feel drawn to. By practicing first with this meditation, you can bring those skills into the environment, by dropping into the heart before beginning your communication with a living tree.

Item 3 Your Personal copy of Conversations with a Tree delivered at the completion of your Nature Communication Session

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This Special Offer #2 Includes:

Item 1 Freedom Release Technique Session

Do you know you have limiting patterns and beliefs that you just can’t seem to change?

You’re not alone. Because our deepest fears are the most deeply buried, it can be difficult to dig them up and release them – a requirement for ascension. Whether they are from childhood, or past lifetimes, or cultural programming that we all carry, my Higher Guidance has made it very clear that lift off cannot happen when we are holding the weights of the past.

Of course, if you were aware of your hidden subconscious beliefs, you would have a better chance of making the changes you yearn to see in your life. For most of us, our deepest fears and hidden programs are so buried that we have no awareness of how they play out in our lives. That’s why the Freedom Release Technique is so effective in bringing about immediate change for people.

The Freedom Release Technique (FreedomRT) is a unique, cutting edge technology that I developed in 2013 that allows me to go directly into your subconscious to reveal, release and restore the limiting beliefs that keep you from creating the life you desire.  My intuitive abilities lead me to the source event where the fear or limitation was created. Clearing at this level is significant in creating lasting change. The clearing works on a cellular level, creating immediate results. Some would describe this work as jumping timelines. In the session, I rewrite the core event to a more positive event that was available to you at the time the initial event occurred. As a result, it is as if you have been living your life from the perspective of the positive replacement event instead of the original negative event. This allows a completely new perspective to arise going forward in your life.

When you book a personal session, I use many of my skills in meeting your needs as they arise. This may include soul retrieval, past life clearing, mediumship, talking to your internal body systems … The possibilities are endless, as I am guided by your Higher Self as to what needs to be included in the Freedom Release session.

Most clients experience significant change in just one session. That’s because, once a core belief is changed, what a person expects from the world also changes. Since our lives are a reflection of our beliefs, releasing and clearing limiting beliefs results in positive changes in one’s daily experience.

In the one-hour FreedomRT session we will clear and release any patterns, behaviours, or limitations you are ready to work through. You can work on relationships, health, prosperity, life purpose, career. There are no limitations. Please come to the session with 5 – 10 issues or concerns that you would like to work on.

At the time of your Freedom Release Technique Session, I will ask what it is you would like to focus on for your Personal Light Language Sound Essence. There may be something that arises from the session that you would like to support with the Sound Essence or it can be unrelated to the session. Your Sound Essence will be completed after the FreedomRT session and emailed to you as an MP3 for you to download and use at your will.


Item 2  Personal Light Language Sound Essence

Light Language speaks directly to your Soul. It bypasses the cognitive mind to speak directly to your cells. Because of this, shifts happen very quickly. The sound goes to the core of your essence, shifting you on a vibrational level to bring about an immediate shift in your awareness. Some are moved to tears as the sound touches their soul. Others are lifted into states of altered awareness. Whatever your experience, the sound is working and the more you listen, the more will shift within you.

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This Special Offer #3 Includes:

Item 1 Seven Day Light Language Empowerment Program

Our greatest task, during this time of our evolution as a species, is for us to remember our Divinity, and return to the state of being fully empowered in our abilities, and in our autonomy. Ironically, it is our autonomy that will bring us back to unity. We have to come back home to ourselves in order to become one with all.

This Seven Day Empowerment Program uses the Language of the Future – Light Language – to remind your very core cellular structure of the Divinity within you. The Light offered through this sacred sound bypasses the analytical mind, and the subconscious patterning, that habitually keep you connected to the past. In so doing, it speaks to your true essence and builds each day to awaken the sleeping giant within you that is your mastery.

The Ancient Ones who speak through Jane with her Light Language bring through such heart-felt wisdom and clarity that many are moved to tears as they receive the gift of this high-frequency sound. In this Empowerment Program, the vibration builds each day to bring you to the frequency of ‘I Am the Light’. It is inviting your cells to become a match to your greatest potential – the latent abilities that lie within you to be brought to life at this very important era in the evolution of humanity. The more of us who step into this empowered state of Being, the sooner we will all lift into the ascension energies.

Each day, for 7 days, you will receive a new MP3 recording. Light Language works very quickly and efficiently, because it speaks directly to your cells without any mental processing required. Each MP3 is approximately 15 minutes long, which is all that is required to achieve the shift in your energetic system that will then filter into your physical body and finally your mental/emotional awareness.

The more you listen to the Light Language Empowerment Program, the more you will see your life shift as you integrate more fully the increased frequencies of Light that this work offers.

Using this Program is not only a gift to yourself, it is a gift to all of humanity. If you are ready to shine your brightest Light, and walk in your magnificence, then this program is for you. I’m delighted to be able to share this with you.


Item 2  Dis-cover Your Light Online Workshop

In order to become fully empowered, we need to uncover and release all the old thought forms and deeply buried subconscious beliefs that keep us from walking into our greatest potential. Dis-cover Your Light is my signature workshop. Arising from my deep awareness of the limitations of our subconscious beliefs, this workshop is a journey of self-discovery. Come prepared for change!

Why attend? More than ever before, we are the creators of our reality. When we are not fully aware of the subconscious beliefs that lead to our thoughts and thus, our creations, we keep repeating the past while wishing for something new. In order to become all that we are meant to be on this Earth, it is vital to identify and release the subconscious belief patterns that are holding us back from the fullness of our soul expression.

You will experience:

  • A group channeling
  • Sound healing and Light Language Activations
  • The discovery of the source of your limiting beliefs
  • Greater insight of the Mirror Effect and how it reveals your limiting beliefs
  • Clearing with the Freedom Release Technique
  • Tools to manage your emotions and why it is so important to be present with them

Here’s what one person said after attending:

“I am a workshop-aholic. In all honesty, Jane’s Discover Your Light Workshop was the best I have ever attended. Her facilitation skills are flawless. The information she presented was insightful. The sounding and clearing were powerful. She could easily present at Omega and Esalen. Thank you!” Terry Choyce, Bedford, NS Canada

If you are frustrated with life never changing – if you are in a relationship that is stagnant and needs resolution – if you keep dreaming but never realizing your dreams – if you are ready to live your highest purpose – then you are the right person for this workshop.

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This Special Offer #4 Includes all 3 Offers!

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What People Have to Say about Jane

“I have had the privilege of being on the receiving end of many healing sessions, but none has compared to the one I received from Jane. Her calm and grounded nature made me feel relaxed and she wasted no time in helping me pinpoint what I most wanted from my session.

Jane was able to fluently and with ease, access her higher wisdom and guides as well as my own, in order to assist in uncovering some of the blocks to my personal success and happiness.

Jane was polite and calm and handled my time with extreme professionalism and grace. Within only one session she was guided to access the wisdom of my Akashic records, the Elementals, and Soul Retrieval, among others. Jane’s connection to these modalities is second to none and I left feeling as though my every question had been answered from a multi-dimensional perspective.

One of my greatest experiences with Jane was when she fluidly eased into speaking Light Language. Her channel is crystal clear and flowing and I sat mesmerized and in awe.

Jane has a gift for being able to access this beautiful and poignant language of the “past, present, and future”, with radiant fluency. A session with Jane is akin to a poetic dance with the wisdom and song of the Omniverse.

I left with exceeded expectations and a full heart.”

Jen Verscheure, Victoria, B.C.

“My journey with Rashana was one of the most supported journeys I’ve ever been on. I always felt warm, content and full of trust no matter where they took us. I experienced session after session of a heaviness get lighter and lighter, as my energetic field lifted. I found out so much about my childhood and my past that was holding me back from my authentic self and she was able to help me release this baggage. She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out and I would recommend her to anyone who has the courage to live their fullest life! When I look in the mirror now I love what I see smiling back at me, I’m so happy to look at myself now and love myself. Not because I’ve lost weight or changed on the outside, but something so intense has shifted inside of me! I can just tell this next chapter is going to be amazZing! I am forever thankful to you Rashana and you will always be one of the pivotal people along my journey!
Much Love and gratitude.”
Nicole Hall, NS, Canada

This testimonial came to me after doing a presentation on Sound Healing at an Esthetics School. This young woman had a test the next day, and explained that she often failed her tests due to test anxiety. “Thank you so very much for blessing me last week at MBC school with what you do. You have changed my life. I have been so calm and positive like never before. I ended up getting 97% on my test and 100% on my test today. This is a big deal to me as I had learning disabilities all the way through school. When is your next sound circle in this area going to be?” Thanks again, Lori, NS Canada

“You did a channeled reading for me back in November 2012. Just going back and listening to it now. What an accurate reading….so much insight…although I was self involved and worrying about the wrong things since this reading and didn’t follow all advice, my guides were right about everything, but still never let me hit a complete rock