SO Jeilene Tracey Vibrational Genetics Package

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Vibrational Genetics Package
Videos & MP3s

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45 Minute Private Energy Healing Session
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Offer 1 Includes:

Item 1: Video guide with Jeilene demonstrating how, when, and how often to practice the 5 movements with toning for maximum effect.  The purpose, affect, and message behind each movement will be explained and shown to get you started on your own practice.  (this will be a digital download)

Item 2: Meditation and tones connecting you to your PRIME State of Being. More than ever it is vital that we connect to our PRIME energetic state and the Earth in order to allow our higher self to inhabit more of our experience here.  This will not only help us stay grounded and aligned with our soul’s path of intended experience, but will also supply much needed resilience and fortitude for our bodies, minds, and spirits while we witness the swiftly changing human experience.  (recorded mp3)

Item 3:   2-month subscription to the Light Vibes Learning Community which includes 10 months of channeled materials, tones, guidance, and resources for your health and well-being.  New information is added each month with a live webcast and QnA session on each month’s topic.

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Offer 2 Includes Offer 1 Plus:

A 45-Minute private energy healing session with Jeilene

During your private session with Jeilene, she and her guides will scan your physical body and energetic field to identify areas for adjustment, release and realignment to your Prime State of Being. This can include clearing influences from other lifetimes, previous current-life experiences, aligning to future potentials, and adjusting physical factors such as genetic, epigenetic and cellular factors.  Using channeled light-infused sound frequencies, Jeilene will then make adjustments and upgrades to your system bringing you into a state of alignment, health, and well-being. Jeilene will also give suggested exercises to continue your healing and expansion and identify if there are any specific foods, herbs, or supplements you should be incorporating into or removing from your diet to maximize your health.

If you would like to extend your session to 75 minutes in order to deepen the work and allow for more items to be addressed, please do so when you book as her schedule fills quickly.  Extended sessions are particularly useful for first time clients in order to allow time for a full overview of your background and requests, a comprehensive identification and understanding of each item, and its subsequent adjustment.

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What People Have to Say About Jeilene

Jeilene has helped me balance my overall health by helping my emotional, spiritual, and physical self.  Her sessions go beyond any other therapy I do and after her sessions, I feel light, rejuvenated and obstacles that seemed impossible to deal with disappear and I know I can do what I need to do!

I have struggled with my weight for 14 years, always trying to lose that last 14 pounds.  After a few sessions, I am losing those pounds and I am no longer sabotaging myself.  Jeilene helped me switch some of my old beliefs so that I am becoming the person I always dreamed to be and she has been a big part of that process and I am eternally grateful.

These are the things I used to experience that I no longer do since working with Jeilene:  Anxiety, panic attacks, hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, depression, allergies/intolerance to many foods that I can now eat, judgmental, and food-obsessed, inflexible, and afraid of dying.

~E. Jones


I have had many physical and emotional changes since our session, but the one thing for sure I wanted to share was that my ear is better, it changed immediately. I would describe it as drier and overall, not uncomfortable. This has been hugely helpful. I can’t thank you enough!

Also on my walk I shared my appreciation to the Mantids for their attention to the Earth, it’s been absolutely exciting to work with you!!

~C. Soubasis


I received a lab test in Dec confirming info from our session  – cortisol levels were elevated just you as said (too high in the morning and in the evening). The HPA supplement you recommended has been working wonders and an added bonus I lost 6 pounds that I’ve been trying to lose for five years.

~N. Bates


How grateful I am to have experienced the incredible, one-of-a-kind, “other-worldly” expertise of Jeilene Tracey. In the process of major transformation, I’d made sweeping changes across every single aspect of my life (seemingly all at once…I’m an Aries. Can’t help myself!). That left me feeling frazzled, anxious and so uncertain of the future. And my physical body was reacting, big time. I got sick. Change can be scary, even if it’s good change! Thankfully, I met Jeilene in February of 2018, right in the heightened, super-cookoo part of this shift. I’ve worked with TONS of energy medicine and alternative practitioners over the past 18 years, and have to say the work I’ve experienced with her in the last year has been truly game changing. Her insightful, enlightening, third-eye-opening, compassionate, empowering and grounding sessions have super-accelerated my personal growth and evolution for sure, and helped me deeply understand and have compassion for myself. Her sessions shed so much light on…my light!! What more can a gal ask for? For me, working with Jeilene was like pressing a fast-forward button to living in JOY and in embracing my TRUE purpose!


~Janet Podleski, Best-selling Canadian Cookbook Author

I’ve been seeing Jeilene Tracey for healing and psychic guidance for a number of years now. I have gut issues and she’s always been able to tell me the reason for my problem and how best to remedy it as well as doing her vibrational healing. Her work is very thorough and accurate. I walk away feeling better and continue to feel better as her work integrates into my body and energetic field. Her psychic work is spot on and her guidance gives me a deep understanding into whatever is going on in my life. Jeilene is a master healer.


~Rachel Pfotenhauer, M.A., LPC


I have had the most amazing experiences each time I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeilene. I feel so blessed to have been guided to her and the Mantis and all the other wonderful guides that she channels.  Every time I connect through Jeilene to Maree, the Mantis mother, she is able to open up a fluidity of energy, so sweet and light, that runs through my being for a few days afterward.  I know through this experience that there is a transformation happening from within.

I came to Jeilene with a major digestive problem, and within just a few days after my session my problem was under control.  There is a clarity of intention, truthfulness, compassion, and sensitivity in Jeilene’s work. As I am a multidimensional being, I am being healed in a multidimensional way.  The loving energy alone that comes from the Mantis is so healing on its own.

I am so grateful for the beautiful clarity and energy that Jeilene brings forth as a Light Being!  I am so thankful to have found her.


~E. Starbuck

Jeilene is a wonderful healer. Her work is clear, unique and very powerful. I came to her extremely symptomatic after surgery on my endocrine system. Immediately after my first session with her I felt relief and a deeper understanding of my healing process. I benefited greatly from several sessions with her which allowed us to work through the layers as they were ready to be released. I highly recommend her amazing work.

~Laura Torpey


I went to Jeilene to experience her healing work, mostly out of curiosity for the practice, and to talk about a current, pressing issue. Little did I know that one session would change my life.  Jeilene is phenomenally intuitive, and her empathetic, supportive and kind nature, inspire immediate trust and confidence. After being led through a very calming meditation, and a series of questions which can only be described as divinely perceptive, I came to a state of deep connection with myself. I ended up saying things and expressing thoughts about past events that I’ve never said out loud to anyone before, not even to myself. Since then, there has been a palpable shift in my life. A letting go. Jeilene’s insight helped me move through and come to a different understanding of an issue that had been plaguing me most of my life. One which I never intended to talk about. Since then, I’ve felt my life open up joyfully in new ways. I’ve attracted new people, amazing experiences and even greater abundance with work since then. I wholeheartedly recommended Jeilene and her work to anyone interested in living a happier, freer, and more connected life. Working with her is transformative and I will be forever grateful for the work we did together.

~JoAnn T.


In her healing sessions Jeilene offers profound insight and guidance along with pristine sound healing. On a health journey of multiple years, I have worked with multiple energy healers, and Jeilene is among the most talented I have ever encountered.  Along with being personally compassionate, kind, and professional, Jeilene has access to extraordinary guides and energy healing modalities that I believe are new and unique.  Our sessions have been pivotal in my healing and spiritual discovery.  While also consulting other healers during a particularly difficult time in my life, I repeatedly discovered that Jeilene offered the greatest depth of information into the causes of my challenges, and the most meaningful and effective ways of moving through them. In addition to providing sound and energy healing in each session, Jeilene also often teaches techniques clients can work with on their own to continue the healing process with independent empowerment.  What Jeilene offers to her clients is extraordinary and sacred and I recommend her most highly.


~Chara Armon, Ph.D.


Jeilene has been an integral part of both my spiritual journey as an energy practitioner and my personal health journey for the past several years.  She offers a very sacred, safe space for her expansive work, whether it is Theta Healing, Body Talk, a psychic reading, or her beautiful, healing vibrational tones.  Jeilene has an authenticity and compassion to her that immediately bring you in and comfort you.  Her knowledge of the body and the microbiome along with her intuition and guidance have been invaluable to me and I always leave her presence with a deeper level of clarity, lightness and self-awareness.  I know I will continue my work with Jeilene and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking physical healing or psychic guidance.

~E Denise Sutter