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Evolution Packages

Offer 1


Evolution Immunity Process

1 PDF of the Coded Evolution Symbol

Offer 2


Everything in Offer 1
PLUS 1 hour Live Workshop

Offer 3


VIP 3 Day Evolution Retreat

$15 Shipping in USA

Offer 1 Includes:

Evolution Immunity Process:

Recording of an immunity process to support your body in holding frequency patterns of Health and Vitality.

1 PDF of the Coded Evolution Symbol: print and put on water bottles, under your pillow, or post
everywhere you want to raise and shift frequency. “It’s like a Magic Wand!” -Anonymous

YES! I want Jewel’s and Charan’s Special Offer 1 for $77
($197 Value)

Offer 2 Includes Everything in Option 1 PLUS:

One hour Live workshop with Jewels and Charan

Doing processes to change the DNA expression to neutralize collective consciousness of the Vaccine and COVID-19.

YES! I want Jewel’s and Charan’s Special Offer 2 for $177
($375 Value)

Offer 3 Includes:

VIP 3 Day Evolution Retreat: These 3 days will change your LIFE!

Move into the frequency of The Evolution of the DNA Expression. Enter a Sacred space created to evolve your very existence. Words cannot express the transformation available to us at this time. Jewels and
Charan have broken the barrier and are bringing the NEXT to you in the NOW.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 3pm EST


April 16, 17, 18,  2021 (Dates and Times Subject to Change)

FREE Bonus – Two 1 hour Integration Calls

1 Crystal Grid Coded Plate that holds the Evolution Coded Symbol to create Magic during the 3
day Evolution Retreat. Wave the wand and step into the Miracle!

YES! I want Jewel’s and Charan’s Special Offer 3 for $444 + $15 Shipping
($1875 Value)