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New Earth Weight Loss

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New Earth Weight Loss 4 Week Course

OMcodes Weight Loss Monoatomic Gold Elixir:

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Everything in Option 1
PLUS  1 Monoatomic Gold Weight Loss Cellulite body Serum
& 1 Weight Loss Activation

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Everything in Option 1 & 2
Personalized OMcodes bio-coding session with Jewels to recode your DNA

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Weight loss no longer has to be hard. It is a pathway to ascension and is a NEW Earth/ New Human experience!  Did you know your cells hold old frequency patterns that hold memories of how much you weigh? If they are holding onto these patterns and resonate in an unhealthy weight your cells will continue to move back into this frequency because it is what it knows to do! It is only playing out what it was told through the environment it lives in…. You.


Are you ready to change your environment and start losing weight in the most cutting-edge weight loss treatment? This is Weight loss of the future today! 


Weight loss isn’t changing your diet or exercising. It is changing the genetic coding and frequency of intelligence of your CELLS! Through these changes the rest of your life changes with it! Your cells control the communication of your body… they divide and recreate in the intelligence they are programmed to hold.


Are you ready to reprogram your cells to hold healthy gene codes and the frequency of your desired weight?  Can it be that easy?  If you are ready to step into your empowerment and become the Master of your Molecular Creation THIS IS FOR YOU!  You are limitless and this is a pathway to creating the NEW YOU!

Offer 1 Includes: Access to past workshops will be sent at time of purchase so you can start the process Right Away!

We have Advanced and Amplified the DECU Body for Weight Loss Program!  Find out what everyone’s talking about!  Weight Loss will never be the same!

New Earth Weight Loss Program – 8 WEEKS of Live processes and Cellular Reprogramming!

Immediate Online Videos

PLUS LIVE 4 Week Workshop Starts February 18

2:15 pm PT / 3:15 pm MT / 4:15pm CT / 5:15pm ET

OMcodes Weight Loss Monoatomic Gold Elixir:  This Elixir holds the frequency pattern of cellular reprogramming that works with your intentional creation of the weight you want to resonate in!  YES! You CAN!

8-1 hour workshops teaching you how to change your cellular intelligence to lose unwanted pounds and start living in Vitality, Limitless and Beauty!

Starts February 18th at 5:15pm EST.

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Offer 2 Includes Everything in Option 1 PLUS:

1 Monoatomic Gold Weight Loss Cellulite body Serum:  This serum is designed to melt away fat and bring in the frequency of health and vitality!  It radiates I love my Body!  My Body is Beautiful!  Love your body and allow your cells to move into the frequency of Self Love as the pounds melt away!  This is The NEW Earth Weight Loss Body Serum!


1 Weight Loss Activation:  Reprogram your cells to your desired weight with this Weightloss activation!  Recode the intelligence of your cells with cutting edge technology that is held in the frequency patterns of this powerful activation!  There is nothing else like this!!!

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Offer 3 Includes Everything in Option 1 & 2 PLUS:

Get a personalized OMcodes bio-coding session with Jewels to recode your DNA to hold the frequency of your desired healthy weight.  These codes will then be transmitted into your Monoatomic Gold Elixir  so that your cells are being fed this frequency on a daily basis.

Find out what intentional Molecular Creation can do for you!

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Someone asked me if I do Botox on my face yesterday…Absolutely not… was my response & I showed them why!!!! Amazing and great results with all your products.” ~ Mary Rose

“OMG!! IT works! I have to say I didn’t think it would and it does! This is New Earth Skin Care! All my friends are asking what I am doing different! One asked if I had a face lift! I am glowing!” ~ Rhroda, San Diego CA

“I can’t say enough about your products! I walk by the mirror and have to do a double take! Is that really me? I stop to really Look and don’t even recognize myself! I look so beautiful!” ~ Ami KC, KS

“The energy I get from your products is amazing!!!! I’ve been using the Stargate activation oil along with the Carrot and vitamin c serum as well as the eye cream. There is definitely something to these products beyond just making you more youthful.” ~ Steven G

I love the energy in the products and the limitlessness of the expansion it brings my consciousness! I truly look 10 years younger! Keep creating!”

~ Sheri, NY, NY


Pictures Below are After Using the Product For Just 7 days: