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Aligning with the Frequency of Money & Abundance

My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®
online starter kit and more!

This exclusive special offer includes the My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® online starter kit and also “Spiritual Healing Techniques: Essential Methods for Creating a Healthier Life” an ebook & audiobook which not only explains My Liquid Fish® and “the power of three”, but shares tips on using pendulums, dowsing rods, doing surrogate sessions for others plus the key fishing “plug-ins” that can create the most profound changes.

Additionally there are three (3) specially recorded MyBeliefworks™ audios that were put together to help align you with the frequency and currency of money so you can be in divine flow with universal abundance. All designed to help align you toward creating greater financial outcomes in all forms including gold/silver, crypto, digital and paper money, investing, savings, retirement plans, trading Forex, stocks & bonds so you can live life abundantly and co-create it with universal support.

Special Offer Includes:

Item 1 The My Liquid Fish® Starter Kit

In this instructional kit, you will be learning the healing technique given to Jimmy after his near death experience (NDE) that Spirit showed him and asked him to bring out into the world.

This simple technique, called My Liquid Fish®, allows each of us to create fast and profound energetic changes in people, places, things, pets, and situations. This divinely given technique is fast and easy to learn and integrate into your existing clearing/releasing routine or healing practice.

It will profoundly increase the positive results you will achieve as a change seeker, spiritual intuitive or healing practitioner by reversing and clearing belief patterns AND you can actually SEE and FEEL the changes on the spot using applied kinesiology.

The My Liquid Fish® Starter Kit includes the free eBook “Take Action Now!” as well as easy to follow audio and video instructions from Jimmy plus access to many hours of his healing work.

Item 2 “Spiritual Healing Techniques: Essential Methods for Creating a Healthier Life” Digital PDF & Kindle ebook

This is the quintessential technique for creating profound changes for yourself as well as others. Whether you are a novice or considered an expert or experienced healer, this technique will greatly increase your skills. Most of us in this realm have always pondered that, “there must be a simpler, easier and more complete way.” By utilizing a simple consistent strategy, you can create changes and make a difference in your life and that of others and it’s especially recommended for healing professionals to incorporate into their practice.

Item 3 “Spiritual Healing Techniques: Essential Methods for Creating a Healthier Life” Audio book format recorded by Jimmy

Here’s what people are saying:

“This book is a gem! While still readable and interesting to the layperson, you can feel it’s deep healing technologies and frequencies. Perhaps the best one yet!”

  • G. / Seattle

“Using simpler and profound examples from clients and his own experiences, Jimmy gives clear instruction on how to restore the human body, mind, and soul to wholeness.”

  • P. / Virginia

“Jimmy Mack, brings a unique and steady voice in the healing and self-help world, he has written another refreshingly practical guide to healing and change.”

  • M. / Los Angeles

“This book is the latest of his spiritual downloads (I’m sure from spirit!) that will actually give you the checklist of what to do and how to accelerate My Liquid Fish.”

  • J./ New York

“This is a refreshing simplistic way to change everything! No more tedious week long courses or dumping thousands in to complicated healing methods with questionable results. Once you get your head around this, you won’t need anything else., oh and get the Audio version too, there is something about Jimmy Mack’s voice reading it that seems to change everything and take you in to even deeper waters!”

  • J./ Atlanta

“This book seems simple, but goes DEEP! I read it several times and by about the 3rd pass I really x3 got it. Now a lot of things are just plug and play like he said in the book and it is fast, simple and dare I say fun!”

  • M. / Chicago

“Jimmy has taken the deepest subject of spiritual healing changes and turned it into a handy, easy to read and apply guide that once implemented should take you well on your way to actually making, real, measurable progress that you can feel. This book knocks it out of the pond and in to outer space!”

  • S. / San Francisco


MyBeliefworks™ audio recordings clear negative energetic weakness and strengthen positive belief statements so you can accelerate the speed of change and smooth out the bumps of life.

When you listen to these statements that Jimmy has recorded which come from divine guidance, your beliefs will be changed on a conscious, unconscious, DNA, past life history, soul and all known, unknown, named and unnamed levels.

There are 4 main levels and areas that we work on:

  • DNA level – which is just what it sounds like, cellular level down to your DNA, cells, bone .
  • Core level – which is from this life, starting at conception and continuing to the present day
  • History level – which is from all of your past lives
  • Soul level – which I call the spirit inside of each of us that connects back up to God

There are a multitude of others that can include parallel universes, parallel dimensions and other worlds along with all known & unknown, named and unnamed levels. Ideally we want to create changes on all of these levels so that it is deep & long lasting.

Listening to the MyBeliefworks™ audio clearings is like having a 3 hour private one on one session with Jimmy Mack because changes will be facilitated for you on over 100 positive and negative belief statements for each specific topic just by listening to each 30 minute recording. Each statement comes directly from divine guidance and are encoded into each recording and will in fact change for you as you listen.

The first time you listen to the audios, I suggest you be fully engaged and aware as you are laying down or sitting quietly listening. You can then choose to listen multiple times at a low volume or even while sleeping as a reinforcement or refresher. The negative beliefs will be extracted and the positive beliefs will be strengthened and reinforced to balance you out in a healthier way.

Item 4 MyBeliefWorks™ for Being in Divine Flow with Universal Abundance

The Abundance audio MP3 is part of a series focusing on Money and increasing your good fortune

This particular MP3 has been simmering for over a year and goes deep to combine your abilities to create wealth while still keeping you grounded on this earth plane. Several listeners, including myself, have noticed tremendous increases in production and income after listening to the audio one time! What magic have we uncovered? When we asked spirit there Are 6 key sentences in this audio that could super charger your abundance. Let me know if you figure out which ones they are! Asking for a friend lol. This audio could be the crown jewel in our theme quest of creating new found wealth for you.

Includes over 200 clearings and is a 40-minute MP3 audio with written PDF transcript Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

Item 5 “MyBeliefworks™ for The Gold Coin: Creating Financial Increases in All Forms” MP3/PDF

The Gold Coin audio is about being in vibrational frequency with MONEY in all forms including gold/silver, crypto-currency, digital and paper. Creating an energetic alignment for experiencing increases in all financial forms of investing, savings, retirement plans, trading Forex, stocks & bonds and increasing luck and favorable odds in lottery and games of chance – this would include of course casino’s, gambling, and betting — it’s all in here! You may even hear words or terms you’re not familiar with and those are for private traders who will gamble on the stock market from their homes!

Includes over 120 clearings and is a 30-minute MP3 audio with written PDF transcript Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

Item 6 “MyBeliefworks™ for Having a Positive Money Mindset” MP3/PDF

This audio is a popular staple from the library of MyBeliefWorks™ which aligns your energy with being more open to receiving, and being deserving of and worthy of more money. Money, receiving, and abundance are just some of the topics in this MP3. Just by listening to these clearings and belief changes can only help/contribute to you! They are unusual and could be the final piece you need to remove the negative blocks in your way. You know which ones I am talking about, the ones that have kept you from realizing all that you know you can be.

Includes over 100 clearings and is a 20-minute MP3 audio with written PDF transcript
Instantly playable on any computer or mobile device!

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