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From 3D to 5D with Money
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From 3D to 5D with Money – a complete energy clearing Audio Series


We create our lives from our beliefs. This means your money situation is a result of the beliefs you were taught and conditioned with at a young age. We receive our conditioning (values, beliefs, thoughts, what we believe about the world, ourselves, relationships, money etc) from our parents or from whomever our primary caregivers were growing up. We receive approximately 80% of our conditioning by the time we’re 4 years old, approx 95% by the time we’re 12 years of age.

We then go out into the world with that conditioning and we focus on that which we believe to be true. Our conscious mind can only focus on 5-9 things at a time while our subconscious mind processes approximately 20 million bits of information per second. If  you grew up believing it’s hard to make money, there’s never enough money, that it’s a struggle to make enough money to survive etc, those money beliefs are going to play like a tape recorder in your unconscious mind and you’ll end up creating more of that. This is why positive thinking alone doesn’t work. Until those beliefs are cleared at an energetic level, you’ll continue to create from the tape recorder of beliefs that are playing in your unconscious.

If you experienced any trauma or abuse as a child and or your parents were constantly worried about having enough money to pay rent and bills, you absorbed that at an energetic level and it’s become encoded in your cellular memory. Any high impact emotional traumas or experiences we went through as a child are stored within us. That’s why, even though we are a completely new being at a cellular level every 7 years, we remember and are affected by trauma and abuse that happened when we were of a young age. The energetic memory of the trauma and abuse stays within us until we release it. If you’re in fear of running out of money and having enough to survive plus you experienced any kind of abuse or trauma  as a young child, that fear and anxiety needs to be released at a cellular level so that memory can be released.

From 3d to 5D with Money – Part 1

Part one releases and transforms four core beliefs that can prevent us from allowing greater abundance into our lives. As an example, you’ll release the belief “Not enough” and Activate the belief and consciousness of “Having Enough”. Following the Core Belief Release audios are two audios that will strengthen your Field with the energy and consciousness of Expecting and Receiving Money.

In part one you’ll receive 6 audios – 2 hours 36 minutes

  1. Transforming Not Enough to Having Enough
  2. Not Worthy/Deserving to Worthy and Deserving
  3. From I Don’t Matter / Not Important to I Matter and I Am Important
  4. Not Safe to I Am Safe
  5. Expecting Money and Amazing Experiences
  6. Receiving Money

Transforming Not Enough to Enough
When your unconsciousness mind is constantly playing the tape of “there’s never enough money” “I never have enough” etc you’ll be stuck in creating from that place of ‘not enough’ and that’s what you’ll continue to receive. Transform the stuck energy of ‘not enough’ to ‘Having Enough’ so that you’re  creating from an energy of Abundance

Not Worthy/Deserving to Worthy and Deserving
It’s time to let of not feeling worthy and deserving. We know you’re worthy and deserving of more, now it’s time for YOU to believe it!

From I don’t Matter, Not Important to I Matter and I Am Important
Activate the knowing that You DO Matter and You ARE Important!

From Not Safe to Safe
When we’ve lived all or most of our life from a place of lack and limitation, we can tend to not feel  safe having more, especially when that means being seen and heard in a bigger way. Let go of the beliefs and fears that have been keeping you stuck in lack and limitation and embrace a life of knowing you’re safe to create more in your life!

Expecting Money and Amazing Experiences
We receive what we expect. If you’re expecting lack and limiation, to never have much, that’s what you’ll get more of. In this audio you’ll create an energy and consciousness of Expecting Abundance and having more!

Receiving Money
Be pro-active in creating an energy field that actively supports you in receiving an Abundance of money or whatever else your heart desires.


From 3d to 5d with Money – Part 2  Quick and Easy Energy Clearings

These next 13 audios are designed to thoroughly cleanse you of any resistance to receiving as much money as your heart desires. You can listen to them in any order you choose and as many times as you like. “From 3D to 5D with Money” is designed to take you deep into your money worries and resistance and to clear that out at all levels. Your energy Field will then be activated with the frequencies of expecting and receiving money. When your Field is expansive and receptive to receiving money, you’re in the Flow of Money!

Ask Empowering Questions – 9 minutes
Do you sometimes feel that no matter what you do, how much inner work you do, that nothing really seems to change? My question to you is, what’s your Self talk like and what kind of questions are you asking yourself? We’re constantly asking ourselves questions and the mind always gives us answers. If we aren’t asking ourselves empowering questions, we’re going to feel stuck and as nothing really changes in our life. Start asking yourself questions that support your dreams and desires.

Fire & Bridge – 17 minutes
Create a fire that will transform the density of your doubts into a higher vibration and create a Bridge to your desires through the Power of Emotions, Energy in Motion

Taking Action – 12 minutes
You’ve released core beliefs that have kept you stuck in lack and limitation and you’ve created an energy Field of expectation and the willingness to receive money. Now let’s create a bridge to your manifestations and that is ACTION!

Freedom – 10 minutes
Let go of limitation and restrictions in your energy field and create the space and expansiveness for Freedom

The Early Years and Money Beliefs – 14 minutes
We receive approximately 80% of our conditioning by the time we’re 4 years old and approx. 95% by the time we’re 12 years of age. Your money beliefs and beliefs around abundance we’re created during your childhood and then you created your money story from that place. This audio takes you deeper into how your limiting money beliefs were created and allows for a deeper transformation to Abundance.

Strength and Alignment – 10 minutes
Strengthen your energy Field by aligning with the Abundance of Money.

Forgiveness – 10 minutes
Do you have somebody that you need to forgive but, even though you know it’s keeping you stuck and in limitation, you just can’t seem to forgive that person (or group of people/organization)? Yes? Then you need to listen to this audio to find out what forgiveness is really about and set yourself FREE!

Reframing Your Story – 11 minutes
As Human Beings we give everything that happens in our life a meaning. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we’re constantly interpreting through the lens of our conditioning what the events and experiences in our lives mean.  The meaning you’ve given to events and experiences in your life, are they supporting or blocking your Abundance?

Self Love – 12 minutes
Transform your life by looking through the lens of Self Love. When you fall in love with yourself, that’s what you’ll radiate out and that’s what you’ll receive back

Happiness, Gratitude, Joyfulness – 22 minutes
When you navigate through life radiating the high vibration and frequency of happiness, you’ll be in the flow of ease. In this audio, we clear any blocks to happiness from the seven main chakras / energy centers. The more you’re able to stay in the high vibration of happiness, the easier it will be to enjoy life and allow Abundance.

Being the Field of Receptivity – 11 minutes
Receiving is a state of Being, not doing. Let go into Being the space of Receiving.

Communicating with Money – 2 minutes
How do you talk to money? Are you talking to money in such a way that money will want to be in your life in a more Abundant way?

Money Blessing  – 3 minutes
Send Money a Blessing that that will open up the flow of financial Abundance

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Offer 2 Includes:

YOUR PERSONALIZED REMOTE FREEDOM CLEARING, 18 -23 minutes – Value $794 – 84% off                     PLUS EVERYTHING IN OFFER A

Each of Joy’s Personalized Remote Freedom Clearings is as unique as the individual receiving it and can range from a simple tune-up to a life-changing awakening. Your Freedom Clearing will consist of a powerful laser-focused scan of your entire being based on a single issue, question, or area of your life where you feel stuck or limited. You can focus on creating financial abundance or any other area of your life that you would like to have cleared and activated.

Joy will tune in to your specific frequency and speak with you on the etheric level to address and clear deep-seated, limiting core beliefs, blocks, programs and or relationship dynamics so that your true Radiance can be activated as you move into a state of renewed Freedom & Expansion!

After doing hundreds of Freedom Clearings, Joy has found that it takes approximately 20 – 24  minutes to deeply clear the specific block or limitation which you’ve identified and would like cleared. You’ll receive an audio recording that you can listen to anytime and as many times as you like. Each time you listen to it energies will be cleared at a deeper level and you’ll receive even more value from your recorded Freedom Clearing. Clients have frequently reported new insights and deeper revelations with each review of their session.

All Joy needs to do your personalized Freedom Clearing & Activation is an email with your issue or area of concern and your picture. Joy will then be able to read the energy signature within your words and the energy contained within your picture to identify what is no longer working for you and that is ready to be released at an unconscious level.

As stagnant emotions (emotions = Energy in Motion) are cleared out, emotions such as happiness, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, etc. awaken within you and are brought to your conscious awareness to initiate the Activation.

Since your session is done from your picture and specified issue, it is not necessary for you to be present or to set up a time to have this done. An audio recording of your session will be sent you to you via email, which you can then listen to at any time…the ultimate in convenience!

YES! I want Joy’s special offer Option 2 for $127

“I had purchased Joy’s Freedom clearing a few months ago and had her clear issues around financial abundance. OMG, the clearing is awesome! I had been trying to buy a house for about 5 years. About a month ago I made an offer on a house and they accepted! It looks like my loan will get approved! Thank you so much Joy!!!” – Anne Bennett, Powell, Wyoming.


“Joy! Thank you so so so so much for this beautiful session. You gave me so much to work with and I will be doing some healing around the solar plex/power struggle and the throat. I’m so grateful you are now offering these sessions and I just know they are going to help so many people. Thank you thank you!!” Emmanuel Dagher, Holistic Healer, Best Selling Author


“Oh my gosh Joy, I am speechless after listening to the clearing you did for me! How on Earth could you know something about me that happened 63 years ago?! Amazing! Not only was the clearing specific and precise and not just some general information, it confirmed and RELEASED the blocks I had suspected around receiving. After listening to the clearing, I literally fell to pieces (in a good way!), overjoyed, laughing, crying and feeling as last, there is HOPE!”

– D.B., Chicago


“I just wanted to let you know how much my life changed after listening to the Freedom clearing you did for me.  My biggest frustration at the time was that my husband and I were having trouble getting financed for a house. Without going into details – we are closing on a brand new home next week and it all started from your clearing message. The nicest surprise of all is that my husband seems to have benefited from it as well – even though I didn’t share any of the details of it with him. We both now use your ‘What if it’s possible’ statement when we think there is a roadblock and I know it makes a difference. I am so grateful to have found you and I wish you all the best.” Lisa  A., Washington

“Wow, Joy! This is amazing! Everything you said was spot on! Thank you so much.”

Karina Rule, UK

“I’ve been addicted to sugar most of my life. Yesterday, we bought some cookies and I did not have the irresistible urge to eat them immediately. In the past, I would eat my share rather quickly while my husband ate his over a few days. I was able to eat two with dinner and then leave them alone.  Before, I would have seen them in the kitchen and gone ahead and eaten another one or two. Last night when I went into the kitchen, I saw them and realized I didn’t need to eat another one. Thank You so very much Joy, for the clearing you did for me!!!!!!” Diane, Albuquerque, New Mexico



“I just wanted to let you know how well our family’s frequencies have worked out for us. It did take a little bit of time but my son is a completely different person now. He’s back to being my little loving boy again. There was seriously so much anger in him that it was affecting the entire family on a daily basis. I ended up playing his recording for him as much as I could over a one-month period (all night long, many times), and his anger seems to have just melted away and dissipated. Every once in a while, I feel compelled to bring out his audio recording but nothing like before. We are truly so grateful to you.” – Deborah Puku,  Livermore, CA

“OMG! I’m just BLOWN AWAY by how spot on you were with everything you picked up! Finally, someone understood what was going on. I know it’s going sink in more and I’ll be wanting to write more about how AWESOME you are!!!! In grief work, we know that people want to be heard and know what they are feeling is normal. YOU HEARD ME!!! THANK YOU!!!” Kristine, Seattle, WA