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Multidimensional Soul Light Healing 

Remote Session with the Angels of Grace

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Self-love, Self- Reflection, and Self-Empowerment are always the keys to stepping into unconditional love. While this is always the case, we are multidimensional in nature. It is because of this that Kara has downloaded various energetic healing modalities to assist in returning to the true divine nature that has always been within no matter the level of consciousness the individual is residing in.

What can you expect? After an in depth consultation, Kara works by invoking the Angels of Grace to ask permissions from your higher self and your I AM presence and creating a sacred space. If we have permissions to move forward, we will. Please understand that there are times when we are told “no.” In that case, you will be issued a full refund.

All sessions will work directly with you and your Higher Self, ensuring that each healing session is done in accordance to divine law and for the highest and greatest good of all. All sessions are different and based on your unique individual needs.

Some or all of the following practices may take place in your Multidimensional Soul Light Healing Session:

Energy Field Clearing/Vibrational and Energetic Healing: Strengthening your energy field is an important step to your journey back to well-being. All levels and layers of the energy field will be examined to look for holes, rips, tears, leaks, astral debris, hooks and cords, stuck emotions, belief structures, entities, and more, that are that are keeping you from reaching your soul’s highest purpose. We will then work with our teams in spirit to remove, restore, repair, or replace anything that is needed.

Cord, Hook, Ribbon Cutting: It is important to understand that etheric cords are two-way cords. It will still be possible to reattach cords until the situation is fully resolved within you. However, cutting cords can clear the energies between the two points enough for you to be able to bring this level of healing into your awareness. Cords can leave you literally tied to another person, place, or situation. Cords never serve your soul’s highest purpose. Even if they are connected to people that you love and adore. Mental and emotional energies are passed through cords. In addition, entities can also be passed through cording. Cords can also be linked to past lovers, places, and situations, allowing for a constant exchange of emotional and mental energies even if you are no longer connected to the person in the physical world. You and I will work together to cut or dissolve cords, hooks, and/or ribbons.

5D Soul Light Check In: As we all move into the 5D Matrix and the 3D structures fall away, the chakra system needs updating. This portion of the session includes checking your chakras to ensure that they are open and properly aligned with the Five-Dimensional energies.

DNA Activation: Your Divine DNA Template is encoded with 12 strands. Activating your Divine DNA Template advances your spiritual growth and development and is key for the evolution, of not only the individual, but for all of humanity.

Ancestral Clearing: A critical part of the healing process- ancestral clearing removes all vows and contracts made by your ancestors that are currently blocking your ability to move forward with your soul mission in this lifetime. We also examine aspects of dark force, black magic, and ET manipulation within the bloodline and work to clear all aspects, keeping only the ones that seek to serve you in moving forward with wisdom.

Revert System Breaking Through to 5d: This is a frequency portal that is used for individuals who keep hitting the glass ceiling of ascension, being knocked back down into the 4th dimension. There is what is called a “frequency fence” that can keep a person from getting through to the other side. This is a tool that was given to me for my own ascension, and then cleared to assist others with breaking through the frequency barrier.

Activating the Seal of Source: We will direct your conscious awareness out to the Rishi body of the 5th Harmonic Universe, link up to the Trinity of the 13th, 14th and 15th dimensions of Mother, Father Source and Christ Consciousness. We then activate the three-fold flame within the heart and pulse this out and flood your body with the True Golden Ray of the Christ. This allows you/us to begin to examine your fields and find any unresolved energetic patterns that need addressed. Patterns may include, a variety of programs, implants and other low energy frequencies. Once identified and removed, we then search for any dead light and begin to funnel this back to the tri-wave rather than a bi-wave system, so you can return all of your soul light and prana back to you, restoring your energy body if damage has occurred.

In addition to these services, Kara is also a medical medium, and Master level Reiki Practitioner.



Activating the 15D Spherical Seal of Source

In this recorded Webinar, we will be exploring a new modality for clearing and connecting your energy fields to Source through all dimensions and timelines. This helps neutralise the intereference that many experience in the 3D Matrix. This webinar is recorded and you will be sent the audio of the technique to use as often as you wish after the webinar.

Activating the Seal of Source: “We direct your conscious awareness out your Rishi body of the 5th Harmonic Universe, by connecting with each dimensional space individually. This ensures that a conscious connection is being made to all 12 levels and layers of the DNA and energy fields. Next, we link up to the Trinity of the 13th, 14th and 15th dimensions of Mother, Father Source and Christed Consciousness. Once connected here, we run the trinity wave back down through each level of your divine being, neutralizing any and all interference patterns. We then activate the three fold flame within the heart and pulse this out and flood your body with the True Golden Ray of the Christ. This illuminates the structures that are to be removed, and together we examine each frequency band in depth for unresolved energetic patterns that need addressed. Patterns may include, a variety of programs, including things such as mirrors governed by any AI forces, dark archon forces, metal rings and seals, metal objects, parasites, false light, false darkness (which is another type of implant used to amplify the energies of pain and separation), and other implants or alien technology that may reside in the frequency bands.  Once identified and removed, we then search for any dead light and begin to funnel this back to the tri-wave frequencies of source. Doing this allows the return all of your soul light back to you, fully restoring your divine organic template with living light and divine flow.” Kara Goss

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What People Say about Kara

I have been on a spiritual path for many years, but never found the ‘right teacher’ until I met Kara. She is by far the best healer I’ve worked with and one of the greatest gifts the universe has sent me. Not only is she extremely gifted, but is truly the most genuine, kind hearted and extraordinary person I’ve ever met. I’ve always struggled with money and she helped me remove a block I’ve had for ages. I’m not joking, but within days I received an offer for the exact job I was looking for, that pays more then I’ve ever made in my life. Kara told me miracles happen instantly and now I have proof that they do 🙂 If you want to transform your life, there is no one you could trust more to help you on your journey.

Chelea B., USA

“Kara, I thank you so much for this. You are a truly amazing gifted woman. The work you did on me was completely astounding. I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt after you were done. No doctor or pain pills could offer me complete relief of not only my pain, but my stress. I would definitely recommend…”

Dawn, United Kingdom

It’s hard to find the words to describe how wonderful my experience with Kara has been. When I first stepped into her office and saw her smiling face, it was as though I had met a long lost friend. But she has been so much more than a friend to me. She has been my spiritual guide as well as my teacher and a healer. She has always had time to listen with an open heart and gently guide me through many of life’s obstacles. She has helped my entire family on their own healing journeys. Kara is kind and loving. Her energy is like walking into the best hug you have ever experienced. May you be blessed enough to experience this for yourself one day.

Rebecca M., USA